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Brett Merrill

Brett Merrill

Ubud, Indonesia

Brett Merrill is an Entrepreneur, Music Producer, and writer currently based in Bali. He's the co-founder of No-Location and is the mind behind AZimmick, a psychedelic music project.

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Brett Merrill is an American author, Entrepreneur, Music Producer, and Traveller. As an Entrepreneur he is the co-founder of No-Location, a location-independence project. As a music producer he is AZimmick and is soon to release his debut album which is, of course, a psychedelic chill out album. As a writer Brett Merrill has been published in various places around the net such as and

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Psychedelic Spirit World

A New Framework for Understanding the Psychedelic Realms of LSD and Psilocybin Mushrooms

Clearing up misconceptions about LSD and Psilocybin Mushrooms: X-Ray Vision, Demons, Auras, Oneness...What if it isn't hallucination? Then you would need a guide to understanding the psychedelic "spirit world".

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Mind & Body Psychedelics, LSD, Psilocybin, Spirituality, Philosophy
65,000 words
25% complete
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While interest grows like wild fire in Ayahuasca and other entheogenic substances used by indigenous cultures, there is a growing body of people quietly cultivating the extraordinary experiences possible of other entheogenic substances such as LSD, Psilocybin, and 2CB. I am one of those people. 

I've never taken Ayahuasca, but I've had profound life-changing spiritual experiences with LSD and Psilocybin. Over time I've sought to understand my experiences with these sacred tools and after many years of careful experimentation I feel I can finally, with confidence, lay out a basic framework for understanding these tools that anyone can use.

A vision is based in something that is real - in this framework, the psychedelic worlds of LSD and Psilocybin are not considered hallucination - they are treated instead as gateways to the "spirit world".

This isn't a collection of trip-stories run through a gamut of scientific investigation, psychological probing, religious examination, anthropological observations, or philosophical musings. This isn't about shamans, indigenous cultures, or ceremony. 

This is a guide to the "spirit worlds" of LSD and Psilocybin - it details phenomena you can expect to encounter, under what circumstances, and what you can do when you are in different situations. It is the book I wish I'd had when I entered the spirit world for the first time, full of information that is sorely needed in the world today - simple, direct, and useful.


Part 1 - The Psychedelic Experience as a Whole

  1. Clearing up misconceptions about LSD and Psilocybin Mushrooms– propaganda vs. actuality
  2. Is it Real or is it Hallucination? - Why (it’s ok to assume that) the psychedelic experience is in fact the spirit world and not hallucination
  3. Abandoning Science, Religion, Shamanism, and all other Authoritative lenses (for a bit) – Looking at the Psychedelic Experience in a way that is beneficial and empowering to the user
  4. Our ancestors believed sickness and ailments were caused by demons and bad spirits – Why they weren’t crazy, backwards, or misguided
  5. The Importance of Logic and a brief introduction  – The only tool you get to take with you to the spirit world
  6. The Semantic “Referent” and why it’s so important when talking about spirituality and psychedelic experience
  7. LSD in a phrase - Become Love or Become Oblivion - unique aspects of the LSD experience not shared by psilocybin mushrooms
  8. Psilocybin in a phrase - The knowledge of Good and Evil - Unique aspects of the psilocybin mushroom experience not shared by LSD
  9. The experience itself – more than just a good or bad trip – A basic layout of the entire experience - Why I consider Psilocybin and LSD to be (functionally) similar experiences
  10. Child-like quality – "adults" cannot exist (comfortably) in the sprit world - Ego Death
  11. Making friends – the (often inexpressable) depth of personal connections in the spirit world - take acid with strangers
  12. Your five senses and your hypersensitive "super powers"
  13. Total body awareness – experiencing yourself from two perspectives at once.
  14. The importance of Dancing and movement – “we all go a little crazy for a bit”
  15. Crystals, gems, and stones – what to take with you to the spirit world ( you can take a bit more than logic).

Part 2 – Becoming Love, The “Good Trip” Aspects of the Journey

With Open Eyes

  1. Quality of Light – A new perception of light, enhanced colors, night vision, brightness
  2. Awareness of the Air
  3. "Divine/Demonic" Patterns that scale – The construction of the world
  4. A living world – everything breathes, clouds that tell stories, cities in the sky, spirits in the clouds, a UFO 
  5. Seeing energy – power lines, sound, biological energy, lightning living in the sky
  6. X-ray Vision – Seeing into the body, using sound to detect deep tissue problems
  7. Seeing Auras and Body Energy
  8. Holding your hand against the "heavenly light" – seeing your “state”
  9. What music does to the sky - interference patterns under enhanced perception

With Closed Eyes

  1. Telepathy – communication with the total self
  2. Closed-Eye Visuals – a useful indicator system to compliment the other senses

Part 3 – Experiencing Oblivion, The “Bad Trip” Aspects of the Journey

With Open Eyes and Closed Eyes

  1. The Big Clean – What it is and why it needs to happen, freeing oneself of indoctrination, what to expect when you have your own big clean vs. when someone else has theirs
  2. Demon and Spirit attachments in oneself – hallucinations caused by demonic attachment and how to handle them, ending addiction, ending the cycle of suffering, a short demonology
  3. Demon and Spirit attachments in others – guiding people to understanding their attachments, the importance of love, and “entering” someone else’s “bad trip”, exorcism 
  4. Important things to remember when you or someone else is having a bad trip

Part 4 – What to Expect After a Major Psychedelic Breakthrough

  1. Seeing Demon and Spirit attachments in others outside of the psychedelic trip – Physical facial morphing with aging – Becoming more demonic or more angelic over time.
  2. Food sensitivity – the rise of veganism, vegetarianism, and health conscientiousness.
  3. Sound Sensitivity – Change in musical taste, chucking the television
  4. Things people typically give up after deep trips
  5. Marijuana – No longer a way to unwind but now a “small” psychedelic trip in and of itself
  6. The quiet in one’s mind – silence
  7. Feeling the world from the heart instead of the head.


This book is for those who have had or know someone who has had a psychedelic experience, wants to have one, has experienced a "good or bad trip" they need to understand, are interested in psychedelics as medicine, suffer from an addiction they want to break, or believe or suspect psychedelics are spiritual in nature and want to know more about what is possible "in the spirit world". 


Supernatural: Meetings With the Ancient Teachers of Mankind by Graham Hancock, Published September 1st 2006 by Disinformation Company

Graham Hancock is one of my all-time heroes and Supernatural is hands-down the most useful book dealing with the psychedelic experience I've ever encountered. My book differs from Hancock's wonderful work in several key aspects - my book doesn't deal with Ayahuasca, Anthropology, Archaeology, and dispenses with academic language. It's far more accessible to those not attempting to become shamans, more direct in terms of the experience, and is specific to LSD and Psilocybin mushrooms, which are arguably more commonly used than Ayahuasca. While Hancock spends a good deal of the book discussing how a shaman is created I spend the entirety of my book talking about how the average person can be transformed - in fact I dispense with shamanism entirely for practical purposes.

Breaking Open the Head by Daniel Pinchbeck, Published August 12th 2003 by Three Rivers Press (CA)

Daniel Pinchbeck is a psychonaut to be admired. His honesty regarding his experiences and his enthusiasm as a guide through various psychedelic subcultures is unparalleled and probably always will be. His work provided me with courage in times of uncertainty and for that I will always be grateful. Unlike Breaking Open the Head my book doesn't deal directly with my "trip-reports", which means I'm not weaving together my experiences to tell a story. Breaking Open the Head reads like an incredible novel that is stylistically based in skepticism. My book dispenses with skepticism, taking the line that the psychedelic experience is actually "the spirit world" and is a non-fiction guide to that world, presenting a framework anyone can use to understand their experiences as well as providing tools to get out of the darker "alleys" one may find themselves wandering down. 

The Psilocybin Solution: The Role of Sacred Mushrooms in the Quest for Meaning by Simon G. Powell, Published June 23rd 2011 by Park Street Press

Simon G. Powell is very much a psychedelic philosopher, he's a welcome update/change to the Terrence McKenna psychedelic philosophy legacy and I enjoy both his writings and his music. Unlike his book, my book is not in any way philosophical - it doesn't deal with the world and how it can be saved through psychedelics and it doesn't use academic language or formats. Instead my book chooses to ignore the "why" of psychedelics and the wider philosophical issues they raise.

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INTRODUCTION (excerpt) - Is it Real or is it Hallucination? - Why (it’s ok to assume that) the psychedelic experience is in fact the spirit world and not hallucination

There is a lot going on in the exploration of psychedelics by science and other explorative disciplines. I am not a scientist, nor am I a psychologist, nor do I participate in any other sort of formal institutionalized discipline. I am, simply, a human being born of the earth living upon the earth. Our ancestors were not scientists or psychologists either (the overwhelming majority at least) – they, like myself, were human beings.

As a human being outside of an institution I am free to explore the psychedelic experience in any way I like – I am not looking for data to fit a theory of consciousness nor am I looking for a revolutionary new therapy to present to a board of my peers. I am simply a human being looking to understand, for myself, what the world is and what I’m doing here. I have no peers, no higher authority to appeal to, and no career to advance.

Because of this I can take what I see, hear, taste, touch, and smell and describe it how I experience it – so if I see a demonic entity I will describe it as a demonic entity instead of describing it as an archetype lurking in the collective unconscious which has been, by mechanisms unknown, materialized by my subconscious due to the hallucinatory effects of a substance poisoning my nervous system.

This is important – by not explaining what is happening in terms of the edicts of a discipline I can be in the experience and explore it in the way a child explores the world; in the way nomadic man explored the world. By letting go of ideas like “hallucination” I am free to test the boundaries of the reality with which I am presented and discover what is possible.

It is for this reason that I have written this book – I’ve been exploring and observing for a long time now – I’ve moved beyond observing and naming phenomena, I’ve learned to interact with phenomena and show others how to interact in the same way with phenomena. I’ve discovered that the psychedelic experience is a place, it has operational laws and it has inhabitants. I’m not interested in analyzing my experiences through the institutional lenses of religion, physics, or science, at least outside of my own personal curiosity.

I know many people, some much more experienced than myself with psychedelics, who are interested in or even prefer to view their psychedelic experiences from scientific or other institutional viewpoints. I’ll leave it to them to examine the psychedelic experience with the various institutional disciplines. For myself I'll examine the world through the psychedelic viewpoint and see what happens when it is declared referential.

With that said it is important to note that this work is meant to deal with the experience directly. For example, instead of saying that someone who is experiencing a “bad trip” is having a hallucination caused by violating set and setting, this work describes, from the viewpoint of the “bad trip” itself, methods by which one can understand for themselves what is happening and determine how best to deal with it.

This is why, for the duration of this book, we will take the stance, whether it is ultimately true or not, that the psychedelic experience is actually a/the spirit world. I will not attempt to explain phenomena encountered in this world from any standpoint other than that of direct observation as well as descriptions of how one can interact with said phenomena.

CHAPTER (excerpt) - Demon and Spirit Attachments in Oneself

The infamous “bad trip” is steeped in lore and misinformation. Misinformation accounts of the bad trip range from a guy who permanently thought he was an orange to people who thought they could fly and jumped off tall buildings – neither of which bears any resemblance to actuality (outside of that one infamous CIA mind-control experiment that resulted in a guy jumping out of a building).

The accounts of lore on the other hand involve mysterious talk of demons and hell, causing some to think the psychedelic experience is pure hallucination or even a satanic act. All this conflicting info begs the question…what exactly is a bad trip?

Traditional wisdom states that set (meaning your mind set) and setting (meaning where you are) are the most important aspects of avoiding a “bad trip”, but as any experienced tripper can tell you – this just isn’t the case. One can and often will experience a bad trip, for a range of time, during any trip – despite set and setting. A trip isn’t an all or nothing experience that is either “good” or “bad” throughout (though for various reasons we’ll get to later it can be). Because of this the term “bad trip” itself is not a useful or correct term. A more appropriate term, from the perspective of the overall timeline of a psychedelic experience or from a spiritual perspective, would be “lesson time” or “unveiling”.

Traditional psychedelic wisdom states that nightfall is the “time of spirit” where the sun and it’s bright light have gone away, leaving the eye free to see more subtle illuminations and energies. While many say that benevolent and healing spirits can be perceived at this time, the typical user is more likely to encounter what can only be described as demonic entities which are dark and malevolent or spirits which are simply unpleasant – what defines them as such is that they cause suffering – anything that causes a person to be unhappy or at risk has a demon or spirit attachment as it’s root source.

Demons and spirit attachments have the ability to affect the physical body but seem unable to outright control or kill it, opting instead to have a person harm themselves. It is unknown at this time whether demonic entities can lie freely or are confined merely to twisting an existing truth. It is known, however, that they manipulate one into self-destruction by twisting or perverting one’s perception of actuality. They also distract the host from obtaining information that will result in their expulsion. Once seen and understood though, an attachment of any kind has no power and will eventually go away.

Many people refuse to use the terms “demon” and “spirit” in regards to their experiences of a bad trip and instead opt for the term “negative energies”. While we could think of bad trips as one experiencing negative energies I prefer not to – mainly because the use of such a concept provides an extremely limited framework from which to understand one’s psychedelic experiences and carries the risk of one writing the experience off as mere hallucination and therefore missing an opportunity to grow in terms of conscious perception. I am of the opinion that a “bad trip” is actually the point of “tripping” in the first place due to the enormous personal growth and personal power that is attained through them.

I avoid the term “possession” when discussing demon and spirit attachments. The internet is a flooded with comments such as “using psychedelic substances opens you up to demonic possession and negative energies”. To most people, the idea of taking a psychedelic substance and discovering a demon is attached to them means that the substance opened them up and a demon took the opportunity to possess them. This is not the case but once can understand why an attachment would present this perversion of the truth which is that the substance hasn’t opened one up to becoming "possessed", it has exposed a possession/attachment which was in place long beforehand and, more importantly, is providing one with an opportunity to understand and be free of the attachment.

Exposed: Understanding an Attachment is Present

Demonic attachment to oneself and the subsequent “unveiling” of this attachment is what a "bad trip" is – it’s one’s “lesson time” where one learns a truth that has been hidden or twisted. This is the time where one must “face their demons” in order to be free of them, this is the time where one will “do battle” with an "evil" or "malicious" entity and must find their way out of the tricks, deceptions, and fear tactics a demon or spirit will use to keep the truth hidden.

A “bad trip” could also be thought of as an exorcism or cathartic release.
When “lesson time” begins, it is unmistakable. Everything turns from blissful wonder into a hellish nightmare. One will begin to feel a numbness or intense pain/discomfort somewhere in their body, often the feeling is as if an electric current was running through it, though people often experience other types of unpleasant sensations.

Usually the unpleasant sensation will be located throughout the dominant hand/arm of the individual but occasionally it will encompass the entire dominant side, another specific bodily location, or even the entire body. This sensation will often, but not always, be accompanied by other physical “symptoms” of demonic or spirit attachment such as feeling cold or having a cold sweat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, clenching of the jaw, grinding of the teeth, dulled hearing, inability to listen, and muscle twitches. It’s important to note that these are the body’s way of attempting to eliminate a demonic or spirit attachment and will cease the exact moment one has truly understood the nature of the attachment and “lesson time” comes to a close. Depending on the severity of the attachment and the experience and ability of the user, “lesson time” could take seconds or it could take hours. The most appropriate term I’ve found for this process is “purge”, borrowed from indigenous Amazonian medicine.

Our focus should begin with the sensation of numbness or pain, a sensation I’ll call “attachment indicator”, as it yields the first clues to understanding the nature of the demonic or spirit attachment, how long it has been there, and how deeply embedded it has become. It is important to note that some attachments are not accompanied by any purge symptoms, only the attachment indicator sensation.
These are, in the author’s experience, the most common attachments i.e. the first attachments to be purged, with the most intense symptoms and longest “lesson times”:

“Attachment Indictor” in the dominant arm is usually a demonic attachment manipulating one to use that arm in harmful ways such as smoking a cigarette. These kinds of attachments are almost present as substance addictions, though they can also be present in non-substance addictions that require the use of the arm such as shoplifting addictions.

“Attachment Indicator” on the dominant side of the body is usually a spirit attachment manipulating one into social isolation and ill health via not using the body for activities involving movement such as dancing, running, and sports.

An “attachment Indicator” over the entire body is almost always a demonic attachment manipulating one’s sexuality, sexual demonic attachments are usually also violent.

It’s important to note that this is no way an authoritative list – people encounter many different types of attachments with many variations in terms of physical sensations and internal experience, so please use the above list as very generalized idea of demonic attachment.

Because each attachment is different, and because some have no accompanying purge symptoms, there are therefore some attachments that can be “faced” in the time of spirit or at any other time during a trip, often within a matter of just a few minutes, due to their lack of severity. These kind of attachments are often silly manipulations of one’s thoughts such as one thinking they are a prophet, savior figure, genius, or anything else that “separates” them and places them “above" or "apart" from "the rest of the world” – one could call these kinds of spirit attachments “identity archetypes”.

Freedom: Removal of Attachments

Knowing that a “bad trip” is the revelation of a demonic or spirit attachment during the “time of spirit” and that our “lessons” ends once we understand the nature of the attachment, it is now time to ask – how do we arrive at an understanding of the nature of our attachment?

The internal experience of a demonic attachment is much worse than the physical symptoms it’s unveiling may bring – indeed one will learn that “ineffable” has both positive and negative definitions. The internal experience provides one with fantastic and terrible visions, both behind closed eyes and with eyes open, that are more than just visions – they are experiences. The more powerful and deeply rooted the attachment the more hellish and horrible the visions will be.

From a spiritual perspective, the universe or a divine essence is communicating to us the consequences of our behavior – a behavior that will physically kill us is almost always accompanied by visions of death and personal oblivion with symbols that most appropriately drive home a specific point: stop what you are doing or die.

One is incapable of “looking away” – behind closed eyes lurk the horrible experience in it’s fullness. With eyes open the world is a nightmare. The physical body becomes a difficult thing to pilot – one could never drive in this state and walking through the night holds too much danger. One is, essentially, stuck where one is and this “lesson” will continue until one musters courage and decides finally to “look” and to understand. This means surrendering to the experience and accepting that one has done wrong. When one understands, one is usually inclined to say aloud the what the lie was as well as the truth it concealed – a kind of confession though not in a religious sense.

The change from “lesson time” back to “bliss” is fare more abrupt than the initial shift from “bliss” to “lesson time”. Minor attachments will "lift off" at this point leaving one feeling lighter and more free than before.The “attachment indictor” sensation will still be there, though, if the attachment is demonic - such attachments take time to be rid of.

For example, when one finally understands the nature of the attachment responsible for cigarette addiction one will find that it takes 30-40 days for the attachment to leave. During that time one will be “tortured” by the attachment – only now one will be able to observe its methods of manipulation, disregard them, and eventually be free of the attachment as it loses power hour by hour. What the world calls “withdrawal symptoms” one can observe as demonic attachments throwing tantrums.

Every “bad trip” is in actuality a single experience – understanding that one can become oblivion or one can become love. “Bad trips” show us which behaviors, ideas, and values are causing us to become oblivion so that we may instead choose to become love. Each demon and spirit attachment is going to do it’s best to deceive and cause terror – they will twist and pervert the truth, starting with the idea that the substance one took was rotten, bad, cursed, etc. or that the people one is with don’t love them, or that they are a damned soul. Every move it makes to keep one under it’s power also reveals its nature. In this regard logic is one's best tool to discover the truth an attachment hides.

Notes, Tips, and Tools to Help You

It is important to note that demonic and spirit attachments can talk to you – one can hear the voices within one’s own head. When one is free of them one finds that one’s mind is empty unless one chooses to “speak” to oneself. Demonic and spirit attachments talking within one’s mind can be noticed even outside of the psychedelic experience – it’s much more difficult to discover their nature outside of the psychedelic experience but it can be done, and with practice, after the psychedelic experience, it’s actually quite easy.

During the "time of spirit" one can look into a mirror and see with their own eyes the demon or spirit that is attached to them – they will be able to see how it affects their bodies, their radiance, and their face. Under special circumstances a person may even see their spirit body and how it is affected by the attachment They will be able to watch it talk while they hear it in their mind. It, being seen, will then do everything it can to scare them so badly that they never want to enter the spirit world again. They will show one hellish visions of one’s own face in the mirror – one will watch in terror as their face appears to melt or look like the face of a corpse – one will see oneself age and wither, seeing deviants and murderers looking back at them through their own eyes.

Needless to say most people avoid the mirror, and many are too afraid to even look in the mirror. But if one finds courage, one can literally “face their demons” and come to and understanding of the nature of them rather quickly with a mirror…and then when the lesson is over one can see one’s own divine beauty shining back at them – this is achieved because attachments have only so much in their arsenal to scare you with. In the same way that a surgeon becomes, over time, unaffected by the sight of blood, so too can one become unaffected by the fear tactics of demon and spirit attachments.

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  • Anthony Merritt
    on March 31, 2017, 4:06 a.m.

    Looking forward to the read and hopefully help me on my journeys.

  • Seth Edwards
    on March 31, 2017, 3:29 p.m.

    We've taken the first steps together, but we have much further yet to travel...

  • Janet Chang
    on April 2, 2017, 7:23 a.m.

    So glad you're doing this Brett! ~Janet

  • Guy Vincent
    on April 3, 2017, 1:33 a.m.

    Go Brett! Keep up the amazing work. I'm looking forward to reading Psychedelic Spirit World :)