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Lee Constantine

Lee Constantine is Head of Growth at Publishizer, a crowdfunding platform that's helped hundreds of authors raise funds and land publishing deals.

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Lee Constantine

What's The Sauce?

Lee Constantine in Cookbooks

Has great looking food ever turned you off by it's promiscuous flavors and made you ask, "What's the sauce?" Here's how to make your dinner a stressful event.

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Lee Constantine

The Book Sales Rollercoaster

Lee Constantine in Self-Help

96% OF BOOK PROPOSALS ARE REJECTED— This book is designed for those who have wished to join the all-time bestsellers but are held back by fear or lack of know-how.

Lee Constantine

My CEO My Peer

Lee Constantine in Lifestyle

Great CEOs don't force people to follow. They invite them on a journey.

Lee Constantine


Lee Constantine in Business

Pivoting is not failing. It's a change in strategy without a change in vision. It's the first step to determine if your idea is significant, and if it can successfully ...

Lee Constantine

The Book Entrepreneur

Lee Constantine in Business

The most lucrative books are backed by entrepreneurial authors who treat them like a startup. This is your guidebook to save time, hack sales and land a traditional publishing deal.