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Thomas Vato

Thomas Vato

Entrepreneur and writer having background in business, philosophy and logic. For now in Brussels - helping to promote commerce and fair trade.

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Success! Questiology sold 2 pre-orders by Aug. 11, 2017, was queried to 28 publishers, and is in discussions with publishers.

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The structure behind questions

Questiology is the enlightening perspective making the mind much more effective. Take this weapon of logic and curiosity - pose a question mark to ignite the spark.

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Mind & Body Personal advancement & Innovation
60,000 words
75% complete
Brussels, Belgium
6 publishers interested


We ask questions every day, and you are curious - you have picked this book today. What did you hear about technology uniting thoughts according to the art of questiology? In your hands there is a book I would recommend to look. We go along with dreams and visions to become pleased with the consequence of our decisions. Questiology is the art and tool for curious, making their reality less spurious - a technology of question is a brave suggestion. 

Unfamiliar things and even the subject itself, may be cold and frightening. Way of it is opposite - the reality may be enlightening. Stepping into questiology as entering in any sort of undiscovered arena may feel like dancing as an obese ballerina. There is nothing to be afraid, because you will hold a wordy blade. The way along there is a mental bravery, strength and novelty what promises you the highest quality.

What is questiology? To make things clear, questiology is going to enrich your personal career. Sometimes we seek for various sort of answers in a way as if we were exhausted dancers. In short, this is a book about mental technology which appears in the unique terminology. You will discover a different architecture which is a part of our logical structure. Promoting concept of mental structure which stunningly replaces any stagnant culture. Flexibility of mind is something to be refined. Having the structure and foundation foster mind for the amazing innovation. We will build a confident city inside having nothing to hide. Mental city is a symbol, nothing there is so humble. Talks about own mental city - it tends to make you rather witty. Undoubtedly you are the architect who makes it more and more perfect. 

Why we need questiology? Look at evolution of history posing us a delightful symphony. World had witnessed Renaissance of culture - in the Mondial history it is a shining sculpture. Age of Exploration had caused a mighty transformation. Equally, the century of lights has built the bridge for Human Rights. Industrial revolution has tried to bring a positive solution. In the age of wars many empires have lost their scores. Eventually, in time of technology here comes the questiology - champion of logic, inquisitiveness and expansive thinking. 

The target of profession in this book is not a fundamental question. Today, the air of innovation and constructive thinking becomes a new progressive thing. No matter if you are pensive, active or creative - questiology is a good incentive. You might be a leader, whose thoughts and actions will inspire your reader; or a bold entrepreneur making complex things clear; why not a writer who wishes to transform your verbal skills to something lighter? For you as an executive who wants to be the most competitive; if you are an educator, it will assist you to discover human nature; or an artist who wants to be the smartest. For a member of society who might have been living quietly. The name of questiologist - a novel walk of life which has started to exist. 

Then, what are benefits? - I am afraid nobody will uncloak one’s tits. However, being grave, I must admit that it a source for being brave. Why is it so? Because questions allow for us to know. It makes mentality at least more active and personality - significantly more attractive. The art of posing questions in the end will make your mentality keener and transform into a state of being cleaner. Judgements and preconceptions are usually popular deceptions. Questiology wants to remove and dispel it to produce the enjoyment and pleasant smell. Because an absence of fresh air in the developed brain is a dramatically sinking flair.

First of all, questiology will broaden up your critical approach what will allow for you to be your own couch. Something like spotting a false order and start preparing your gunpowder. Then your mind employs a hostile logic to things mentality is quite allergic. A charming instinct to destroy, and liberate oneself from ghosts of Troy. Critical approach is for destruction allowing winds to prepare for a reconstruction. Lyrically speaking, achieving pleasant independence outgrowing to your personal transcendence.

Secondly, an independent thinking is success making you a member of noblesse. Like a moving up to another country having unfamiliar gallantry. The entrance is as beautiful as Florence where the entry will inspire for poetry and the mental infantry will protect from bigotry. It is shining architecture providing a basic structure where any new external light will provide a personal delight. Any new complexity will be managed with effective intensity. Thirdly, you will design you mental orders without establishing restrictive borders. The centre of rationality will dismiss unfit banality; Also, it will deal with facts and the general plurality. In other words, complexity will be transformed to the light with extreme velocity. It is our mental architecture we could trust as a super structure.

Fourthly, you will see the logic which acquires some properties and becomes more technologic. With the mental technology you are equipped with a fantastic strategy. As if setting sail for the Holy Grail. We do not know exactly how we go, but with questiology we sail better than people centuries ago. Mind then employs the explorative trilogy connecting dots into the exploring synergy. That is triadic function preparing mind for the construction. Fifthly, you will discover that your mind’s dictate will bring the power to create. Your creative mind will grow productive what eventually becomes seductive. Originality will become a force you could not mix for another source. Process of creation will bring for fantastic innovation. Then any new concept will always find its vigour to adapt.


§1 First step to questiology 

§2 Compass of questiology

          I Principle - Multidimensional point of view

a) Flower moment (Stability)

b) Going light (Mobility)

          II Principle - Rules of mental architecture to resist unproductive culture:

a) Rules of mental architecture 

Mind along with its mysteries illustrates cities. Villages and towns which have been built for glorious hours. Celebrating party or event - places are refurbished with the energy and money citizens have spent. This metaphor is a lively sample. Of the things which are happening in the mental chapel. Networks in the mind form a structure which is found in the city’s infrastructure. What important is the space delivering the sense of a single face - Mental shape that individuals had taped. Style of mind is a certain structure cultivated by tremendous culture.

  • Rule of first elements. Never accept anything for real if reality has something to conceal.
  • Rule of simplification. Divide each difficulty into as many parts as needed for the problem to be defeated.
  • Rule of complexity management. Conduct your thoughts starting with objects from simplest and easiest to know, walk step by step to the knowledge of more complex.
  • Rule of completeness. Make sure everything fits in the mind and nothing is left behind.

b) Logic as centre of rationality

c) Shaver of simplicity - rational tool for decision making and shaving the unnecessary.

          III Principle - Triadic Function 

a) Triadic Function:

Geometrical expansion due to

  •  Clarity questions
  •  Style questions
  • Reason questions

Main idea - triadic function supplies with more questions than we need answers. Problem.

b) Askability score - solution. Askability score determine which questions gain priority over the other.

          IV Principle - Learning the future (Under construction)

a) Learnability of future (Logic - statistics - imagination)

b) Learning things that do not exist yet.


Thinkers, problem solvers, creatives and innovators. 

Entrepreneurs who build new business from scratch.

Managers who govern and bring prosperity to the company.

Business owners who design the route of their companies.

Investors who need to reduce uncertainty regarding their investments.

Writers who work with words.

Educators and couches who deal with people.

Scientists who penetrate secrets of nature.

General public who are interested in developing the exclusive attitude to explore questions they care about and find answer in the end.


1) Linkedin account with 2000 connections 

2) Facebook personal account

3) Networking via Meetup (4 events per month)

4) Relevant groups on Linkedin & Facebook


  • "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions" by Thomas Kuhn 
  • "Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action" by Simon Sinek 
  • "Thinking, Fast and Slow" by Daniel Kahneman 
  • "The Innovator’s Mindset: Empower Learning, Unleash Talent, and Lead a Culture of Creativity" by George Couros 
  • "Invention: Think Different; Break Free From the Culture Hell-bent on Holding You Back" by Justin J. Camp 
  • "A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas" by Warren Berger 
  • "Ask More: The Power of Questions to Open Doors, Uncover Solutions, and Spark Change" by Frank Sesno and Wolf Blitzer 
  • "The Art of Problem Solving" by Sandor Lehoczky and Richard Rusczyk 
  • "Think Wrong: How to Conquer the Status Quo and Do Work That Matters"


Multidimensional thinking is a specific way of looking at the world. You may already met the saying “being in other person’s shoes”. It is nothing more but assuming that the world appears to you as if you were John, snake, or a piece of cake. It seems ridiculous at the beginning, but carries a high meaning in the end. Simple mental exercise. It is the fact - now you are reading this and looking though your own eyes. Imagine, how the world looks like from the book’s standpoint. Also, imagine how the world would appear from the eyes of the wall or window in your room if they had such. It is about imagination. No matter the position - if you assume and detach your personality from the body you are in now, it is a huge accomplishment of self detachment.  Albert Einstein, for example, imagined that he rides on a horse ahead of a persecuting light beam. You already aware of how it ended - E=mc2. So, separation from the personal point of view is like cutting off your mentality from the foundation and starting your own movement. 

Point of view is functional. Looking to reality in a particular way leads the mind to be incompetent in another one. Look, if the point of view is rational, then it is less emotional. Or if it is more rigid, it will be less playful. You know this already. Point of view helps to solve problems nonetheless. You could treat it this way. Treat your mentality as a function designed for a purpose. Similarly as products in the market mentality is for something. Regarding products, let’s say you want to rise up to the sky. There is a little problem which is quickly resolved by the hot air ballon. It helps you to achieve the sky, but is completely useless if you wanted it to use it for your diving adventure. The functionality is determined in there. Similarly the mind and its design. If problem is analytic, we need analytical approach; if visual - visual thinking is more in need. Holding the concept that point of view is a functional design, you can change it to another one, if there is a need. The question how - is a good start. 

You may look at the same case from the different point of view. Imagine your mental design is modelled as a specific program. If person looks at the world with an intense emotion, one will deliver care, empathy and joy. Only few emotions among many other working under a particular mental design. This of course will reduce functionality of analytic thinking, focus or alertness - what are features of a different mental design. Such mental functions are the attitude. We can change our attitude as long as we could manage the functionality of mind. The theory of multidimensional point of view wants to demonstrate that standpoint is the function capable of being applied to a specific issue. It is changeable without a doubt. Mental design is like a computer program which can be installed and replaced. It perfectly fits the definition - it is suited for a purpose. Look this way. If one needs to edit photos - person downloads photo an editing program, if listening of music is on demand, person downloads a music player. Functionality is fixed. I try to imagine how person would edit photos with music player, or listen music with photo editor. Some adjustments are needed to do so. Mentality is the same, if there is a purpose in front, special mental design begs to be adjusted accordingly. We cannot solve problems if mentality does not apply the right function there. Any negativity, unpleasantness or a problem are negative, unpleasant and problematic as long as we hold only one mental function and see world only through our eyes. Holding one's opinion only fails if problem requires different attitude - we need a multidimensional point of view.


Instead of learning certain subjects - it is more rewarding to develop the way how to think. Because it is a huge difference. The organisation for facts is more valuable than facts themselves - we may apply the same organisation for a different type of facts. Facts change more often than the structure to manage them. Imagine the table of elements in chemistry. It is considered a discovery to combine all known chemical elements according to the order discovered by Mendelejev. Despite people knew elements then, they did not understand much of how to integrate that knowledge into a complete system. Mendelejev made a discovery then. So far, we have this structure which combines known elements into a learnable structure. It makes our learning experience clear and conceptually well-organised. If we find new elements, we put them into the structure, but the structure remains relatively constant.  

The main thing is to stand for is the mental organisation. Intelligence is more important than facts themselves - that is the vital statement. We are capable of building structures as much as architects are capable of creating plans for construction. Plans and designs are useful for the real buildings we see in every city we go. Identical case is with the mental organisation. In order to have well functioning mind, structure should guide the process. Intelligence there is primary, knowledge - secondary. Intelligence is harder to form, while facts usually are accessible effortlessly. Intelligence is the mental architecture of our mind. 

Some people dislike mental constructions what is completely understandable. Mind is like an invisible ruler ignored by people because they trust their eyes more than anything else. Mind could be equally imprisoning. When behaviour depends upon mentality, then it appears vital to master its principles to go along. There are many things inaccessible to our eyes, but they are real. X-ray used in medicine or wi-fi for instance. Two forces that eyes cannot see directly, but we see how they behave in the environment. Scientific and technological advancement make our lives better and more comfortable. Discoveries sometimes happen by chance, but the initial design for such thing starts in the mind. Mind is the essential source where grand things start from. When it comes to the mental design I call it mental architecture. It is an inner logic of experience, emotions, wishes, inclinations and all other humane things. Mental architecture combine everything personal into a stylish mental design which is inside the person. Structure is the first, because it is the the shelf we put things we experience.


Facts, experience and logic usually stand for the personal city and point of view. As there are many individuals, there are many cities. Imagine two people are like two different cities with different buildings within. The difference is the distance between them. Such distance often appears relevant because cities are static. So, if we wish to discover another city, we need to move there. Otherwise the distance will remain. The question how to reach it is a good one. Compass of our mind leads for the direction. But awareness of such direction is not enough - motion is needed. Practically, you discuss with a person. Questions guide your way better than their absence. 

Cities are as separate and distributed as island. Before we set sail for understanding different humane islands that are in the wide ocean, we need something to guide our adventure. Compass there comes as a useful tool. Along there are reasons for exploration which leads nowhere but to prosperity. Take the illustrious historical reality. You may know flourishing Venice in 13th century. Reason for this was its exposure. In this way progress was due to economic trade what allowed developments in domestic affairs, culture, social and other areas. Trade was vital for prosperity. I picked Venice as an example of the city which developed rapidly because it fostered an exchange as the principal action. Exchange between other regions. Venice illustrates perfectly a historic city - being open in approach, it generated exceptional wealth which came as the result of exchange with others. 

Take another historic example. Japan had reputation of a closed island. Today, we notice Japan as a highly progressive country. Why is it so? Rapid development started quite recently when Japan changed the attitude. Historically, Meiji period which started in the late 19 century modernised Japan in the unprecedented pace. In the process Japan took the best practices European had developed in economy, culture, military and many other fields. We hold Japan as an example of the island which instead of being isolated - communicated with the world and took the best from learning. Now it is a supremely advanced country. 

Humans too, having representation of islands and cities - they own different kind of wealth. Wealth which comes as knowledge, style of mind, personal outlook and everything else. Closeness is a mistake harming the development. Venice and Japan would not underwent positive changes if exchange was abandoned. If we treat person as a city with the potential to exchange, we have huge potential of personal enrichment. We deal with learning. However, as we are islands, contact with other islands is inevitable for cooperation and exchange. Compass there proves being quite useful, because it guides in the journey. Not among people only, but also among ideas, things, processes etc.

By those examples I wanted to illustrate the usefulness and benefits of adventurous spirit. When we explore the unknown, we eventually find something new. Value comes from novelty too. Exchange is vital for new ideas. By exchanging knowledge with other people we could expand creativity and foster innovative thinking - it is known already. With questiology as a compass - it is approachable in a light and easy way. Mobility is the key for innovation. Mobility of mind is the first priority which leads to divergent mobilities after. Questiology goes for mobility with a compass in hand.

Logic alone is not enough - it is more mental than practical. To make logic functional, we need to apply it to life. Life is governed by logic. We talk about self management - it is the same thing. To hold control over own's mind is to navigate successfully. When we control our mind, we hold compass and our adventure is guided by it. Once we abandon our mind, we no longer control ourselves and the sea of uncertainty control us. For sure, it is better control oneself by logical design than having no control over oneself whatsoever. The truth is we cannot navigate our minds if we have no compass. Sailing straight all the time eventually becomes a circle because tides of uncertainty alter the route. When we hold the compass in hand, to sail straight means not always to sail straight. Navigation assist to adapt. We do not know how to do so, if we have no guidance. 


To explore new realms and oceans we use triadic function which guides in the form of questions. It comes like ship, compass and the map. Navigation is a tool with which one cannot be an artless fool.

What ? Begs for clarity 

How ? Begs for style 

Why ? Begs for reason

A clarifying aspect of triadic function - “what is it?” 

Some random examples:

-What is a marketing plan?

-How to create and manage company?

-What is the image of a better person?

-What is survival?

-What is a good piece of art?

-What does it mean to listen pleasant music?

-What is happiness?

-What is a good good book?

-What is creativity?

-What is sharp perception after all?

-What is productivity?

-What is a weight loss?

-What is the concept of human nature?

-What is a problem? 

-What does it mean to have life clear?

-What are  five countries to visit in a year? 

-What is the size of income after 15% increase?

-What is an exotic language?

-What is a card trick?

-What is the perfect dinner?

-What is it?


A single logical function could lead anywhere one wants. List simply goes on without any restriction as long as curiosity could provide energy. Not examples are relevant, but the function itself. Being something nonfunctional without personal experience, triadic function is metallic. Logic is metallic though.

It is only one part of triadic function. Another slightly different questiological function begs for plan, style or manner. If we do not know how something work - we ask. It is quite foolish to accept ignorance as the only remedy and adapt to it. By this I mean - if we wish to penetrate the process and complexities we need to dive deeper into the structure and look at how elements are connected with one another. Definitely, we could do this physically as well as mentally. Then we penetrate with the curious sword to understand complexities- “how?” is the question bringing the equal clarity for us. Under a single logical function we can generate many questions: 

-How to create marketing plan?

-How to create and manage company?

-How to be a better person?

-How to survive?

-How to create piece of art?

-How to compose music?

-How to be happy?

-How to write a good book?

-How to be more creative?

-How to be more perceptive?

-How to be more productive?

-How to lose weight?

-How to understand human nature?

-How to solve a problem? 

-How to make life clear?

-How to visit five countries in a year? 

-How to increase personal income by 15%?

-How to learn exotic language in a year?

-How to master a card trick?

-How to cook a perfect dinner?

-How to expand this list?


Reason questions. We can change function from “how?” To “why?” : 

-Why should one to create marketing plan?

-Why one need to create and manage company?

-Why do we need to be better people?

-Why we need to survive?

-Why art is important?

-Why music is pleasant?

-Why happiness is the goal?

-Why does a person need to write a good book?

-Why creativity is the source for creation?

-Why perceptive individuals are better learners?

-Why productivity is the reason for great results?

-Why people care to lose weight?

-Why some people wish to understand human nature?

-Why problems need to be solved? 

-Why people wish to live clear life?

-Why do you want to visit only five countries per year?

-Why increase in income really matters?

-Why we need to learn languages?

-Why card tricks matter?

-Why dinner matters?

-Why we need to expand this list?


What is your question...?

Will your order the book NOW or...

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    I love the idea of the book, as I was delighted to read some extracts. Looking forward to handle the final version. Best of luck, Thomas!

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