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Kai Teo

Kai Teo

Malmö, Sweden

Kai is the founder and writer of and contributor of Ozorian Prophet. He has written numerous high-profile festival reviews, psychedelic and spirituality commentary, and has been an activist in the underground psychedelic movement since 2012.

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About the author

Since founding in 2012, Kai has been writing high-profile festival reviews, initiating discussions in psychedelics and entheogens, while exploring concepts of spirituality such as reincarnation and enlightenment. He also contributes to The Ozorian Prophet, the official newsletter for one of the world’s biggest psychedelic gatherings, Ozora Festival.

Through Buddha Mag, he actively promotes psychedelic activism through his articles, ranging from social commentaries to exclusive interviews with various festival organisers such as Mukti Gathering in Palestine and psychedelic electronic musicians including Marcus Henriksson, Mr.What, and Loa.

His article, "Weird Hippie Shit and Why They Might be Right", which explores the possibility of mainstream society tuning in to psychedelic lessons, has been published in Sweden-based contemporary art and culture magazine Little Finger in 2015.

Singapore's online lifestyle magazine "Hype & Stuff" has also published his article "5 music festivals that would change your life more than Tomorrowland"in 2017, which promotes the openness to entheogenic exploration and recommends the festivals that provide safe environments to do that.

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Update #2 - You've made my dream a reality! May 22, 2017

Dear Rainbow Warriors, 

I'm extremely thankful for your unwavering support during this period of crowdfunding. I'm very very proud to know many of you as friends, and together, we've achieved 292 pre-orders with 8 publishers interested in printing the book.

And the folks at Publishizer have extended the campaign indefinitely (until I decide to get in bed with a publisher)! So yes, the campaign is still open and your friends can still pre-order:

But to be honest, these weeks of trying to sell my pre-orders has been both fucking scary, and amazingly beautiful. I hated myself for messaging you after a year of not being in your lives and pushing my book in your face. I sincerely care for all my friends, and now, my readers. But sometimes, life, festivals, and sunshine somehow get in the way of me telling you how much I love you. And I'm sorry for being a pushy salesman, I didn't like it very much either. Please write me on Facebook sometimes and say hello, come visit, or send me your nudes. I do want to catch up with as many of you as possible. =)

All of you I'm writing now though, has shown me so much love and so much encouragement, it reminds me that I am indeed, a good writer, and hopefully, a good friend to you. Many of you have only known me briefly, or barely even know who I am, but still, you gave me your "vote" and let me know that I'm on the right track. Thank you! I am very very very grateful.

In the next days and months, I'll be working hard to deliver to you my promise, while not forgetting to drink my acid. I hope that in a few months time, you'll be able to hold your copy of Rainbow Warrior Handbook in your hands, and I'll be happy to sign my name on your tits. I love you. Thank you again my Rainbow Warriors. Seeya on the dance floor soon!

Your Author, Your Friend, Your Fellow Rainbow Warrior,