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Kai Teo

Kai Teo

Malmö, Sweden

Kai is the founder and writer of and contributor of Ozorian Prophet. He has written numerous high-profile festival reviews, psychedelic and spirituality commentary, and has been an activist in the underground psychedelic movement since 2012.

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About the author

Since founding in 2012, Kai has been writing high-profile festival reviews, initiating discussions in psychedelics and entheogens, while exploring concepts of spirituality such as reincarnation and enlightenment. He also contributes to The Ozorian Prophet, the official newsletter for one of the world’s biggest psychedelic gatherings, Ozora Festival.

Through Buddha Mag, he actively promotes psychedelic activism through his articles, ranging from social commentaries to exclusive interviews with various festival organisers such as Mukti Gathering in Palestine and psychedelic electronic musicians including Marcus Henriksson, Mr.What, and Loa.

His article, "Weird Hippie Shit and Why They Might be Right", which explores the possibility of mainstream society tuning in to psychedelic lessons, has been published in Sweden-based contemporary art and culture magazine Little Finger in 2015.

Singapore's online lifestyle magazine "Hype & Stuff" has also published his article "5 music festivals that would change your life more than Tomorrowland"in 2017, which promotes the openness to entheogenic exploration and recommends the festivals that provide safe environments to do that.

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Rainbow Warrior Handbook

The Underground Guide to the Psychedelic Revolution

How can psychedelics change the world? This book is a global call to all psychedelic explorers – Rainbow Warriors – to come together and start a revolution in human consciousness, thought, and behaviour, armed not with guns, but with love.

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Mind & Body Evolution and Psychedelics
40,000 words
25% complete
9 publishers interested


News: To put our philosophy into positive action, the author would donate 10% of his personal profits from Rainbow Warrior Handbook to MOAS – Migrant Offshore Aid Station Foundation to provide search and rescue assistance to migrants and refugees in distress at sea.

“Every drop of acid is Mother Nature’s teardrop, shed to help us flow back into Her embrace.”

Every time a psychonaut embarks on a psychedelic journey, it’s more than just hearing colours and seeing sounds. It’s an insight into our boundless minds. It’s a reconnection with our ancient origins. And it’s a humbling trip to the infinite universe.

On psychedelics, different parts of our brains become activated and connected in ways that they have never been – in other words, we’re maximising the physical potential of our brains, and tapping into the full potential of what evolution has given us – a potential we’ve always possessed, a potential to understand that we’re all part of something bigger, like we’re all connected, like we are all one. 

For thousands of years, in numerous cultures, the psychedelic state of mind is often seen as a sacred level of consciousness that allows us to see the world with greater clarity, understand our purpose, and reinforce our awe for Mother Nature. 

In modern societies however, in the pursuit of material wealth and power, combined with ignorance and fear, the psychedelic mindset has been dismissed as superstition, and the substances classified as illegal.

While the industrial capitalist system has worked so far, we also know that those who fail to keep up are left to fend for themselves, those in need are exploited by those in greed, and the planet has become a well to be milked for what it’s worth, at any cost. 

At the current rate we’re going, our technological advancements could possibly become a double-edged sword that could either be wielded to wipe out humanity through biochemical warfare or terrorism, or defend us all from the perils of fatal diseases, solve the energy crisis, and restore the ecological balance required for life to thrive on the Earth. Which direction we choose to go is entirely up to us.

It is therefore high time to relearn these psychedelic lessons, and once again call forth the Rainbow Warriors – a compassionate, empathetic breed of revolutionaries, activists, lovers, dancers, artists – a tribe that truly understands that our survival hangs on the delicate, perfect balance of Earth’s interconnected ecosystem, an army of love that genuinely wants to make the world a nicer place for all living beings.

The Rainbow Warriors believe that a global way of life built on peace, love, unity, respect, sustainability, and freedom, is the way forward. And today, you and I are invited to be the revolutionaries that would set this cornerstone for the future in place.

In this book, I would like to share the different concepts that I have understood from my psychedelic trips. We would, together, explore diverse topics such as the purpose of existence, the ego, gender, sexuality, environmentalism and capitalism – because every area of our lives can be reexamined and realigned with love to be at its core. And through that, may we inspire others and help every living being around us to the best of our abilities. Because if we want the world to love, we have to begin by loving the world. 

So let’s go, dear Rainbow Warriors. We’re off to start the next love revolution.



1. If everyone took acid, the world would be a better place

  • Why do so many of us feel like “we are one” when we take psychedelics? Is it a mere chemical reaction? Or is there something deeper behind it? How can we, then, take the best of what we have learnt from our explorations and apply them to our everyday lives? How can psychonauts actually make the world a better place?

2. Entheogens. Not drugs.

  • If psychedelics claim to teach us so much and help us become better people, why are they illegal? Are all drugs created the same? How can we, then, differentiate between a harmful drug and an entheogen that helps us develop ourselves? Is there a future where psychedelics can be reintroduced to the mainstream society as part of personal growth?

3. The first trip

  • An intimate insight into my first psychedelic trip, a journey into my thoughts and my sensations. If we’re taking acid for the first time, what should we expect? How can we prepare ourselves for it? What happens when the trip is bad? What can we do in such an event?


4. What does “we are one” even mean?

  • One of the biggest realisations from psychedelic trips, and the most quoted / misquoted one, is the expression “we are one”. But most of the times, we don’t even know what the we’re talking about. Let’s clear it up right here. How are we one? Why are we one? And so what, if we are one?

5. Earth is a single living being. We’re not too sure about the universe though.

  • Here, we’ll go into the idea that the entire planet Earth is one single ecosystem, in other words, a single, living being. How does the natural world so seamlessly function as a complete system where all living organisms in it are connected and interdependent? What does that mean for humans? What’s our place in this system?

6. Help! Why are humans such assholes?

  • So why are humans the only species that don’t seem to want to play ball with Mother Earth? Are we really special? If evolution is about survival, why does human evolution seem to be taking us towards our own destruction? What, then, would be the next stage of human evolution? 

7. Sentient beings – different, but equal

  • Carrying on from the concept of “maybe humans should stop being assholes”, in this chapter, we’ll discuss the celebration of the differences of all sentient beings, including you, me, all other human beings, animals, and plants, and how to see all living beings as our equal. Most importantly, we’ll talk about what we can do to restore this equality.


8. Keep asking why until no one can give you any more answers

  • In this chapter, we’ll give useful tips on how to be that irritating kid that keeps asking “why” to everthing you say. Because every “why” brings us closer and closer to the “truth”, except for the “truth”. Here’s when we find out about the interesting reasons we do what we do and really understand ourselves, instead of being told to conform to “This is just what it is”.

9. God isn't your God

  • Why do all lifeforms fight so hard just to stay alive and continue staying alive for generations? What’s the point? Why do we even have such a strong desire to live? Yes. Let’s discuss this mystery that has plagued humanity since we became self-aware. So what if there’s a higher power or purpose? So what if there isn’t? 

10. Enlightenment might not that fun

  • Buddha has always preached enlightenment as the end-goal. You know, the whole, freedom from the wheels of reincarnation and just “be”. But wait a minute, what if enlightenment isn’t that fun? What if the whole point is being reincarnated into different manifestations of the universe so that we can explore its possibilities? 


11. The problem with Ego. Or not.

  • The spiritual gurus always tell us to rid ourselves of our egos (see previous chapter). But what’s wrong with having a big ego? How does that affect our lives? And how does that affect those around us? Here, we’ll go deep into ourselves and understand what makes us feel unique as individuals, and whether that’s really such a bad thing.

12. Boys like blue and girls like pink

  • Is there really a divine masculine and feminine? What roles do members of different genders play in our society? What does it mean to be born with a penis, or a vagina, or both, or none? Gender has always been a highly debated topic in the media. But to the Rainbow Warriors, in our quest for freedom and equality, lines get very blurry.

13. Am I gay?

  • Well, maybe. There’s a side that argues that our sexuality is something we’re born with. There’s the other camp that says it’s more of a choice and people can change. Why should we care so much about who Bob’s fucking? Why is the society so homophobic? What would the Rainbow Warrior do?

14. Am I racist?

  • We really hope not. Here, let’s discuss skin colour VS culture. Often, what racists do is to associate certain skin colours with certain stereotyped cultures. We can’t say, “I don’t like Buddhists”, but can we say “I don’t agree with certain values taught in Buddhism, based what I know about it.”? How do we foster togetherness and yet celebrate the differences in our cultures?


15. Capitalism, socialism, communism and other -isms

  • It’s somewhat fashionable these days to post iPhone selfies of ourselves holding a “Fuck capitalism” sign on Facebook, while wearing Adidas originals and drinking Carlsberg. Do we really mean what we say? Why are we so caught up about destroying these -isms? Why are we still buying bullshit? Is there a better -ism we can look toward for the future?

16. Monogamy, polygamy, and everything in between

  • Because they love one another. And their love has to be confirmed by a ritual that would bind them together to their promises, so that they would be with each other until the day they die. Beautiful? Or a little… unnecessary? Here, we’ll discuss our conformity to monogamy and whether that comes naturally, or whether we’ve just been taught into it. Is there a better, more loving way, of approaching romantic relationships?

17. It's ok to eat a cow, but not a dog

  • If you’ve bought this book, you’re probably living in a country where you have a choice of what to eat for your next meal. What would you choose? Eat healthy? Or eat happy? Why not both? Let’s get ourselves uncomfortable with the whole idea of veganism and why we should all try to not eat another animal. In order to change the world, one of the first things we should all change is our diet. We’d also throw in a bonus nugget on why some vegans are so angry all the time.

18. New-age wisdom or pseudoscience

  • It’s common amongst people who are open to psychedelics that they’re open to many possible forms of “new age” stuff. This chapter wouldn’t proof to you whether crystal healing actually heals, it would instead help us explore the idea of openness to unfamiliar ideas VS gullibility. Since we’re questioning everything, why can’t yoga be questioned too?


19. Life is a miracle. Celebrate it!

  • If there’s only one idea that cannot be disputed in this book, it is this: You are a miracle. The fact that we exist, how carbon atoms are combined to make living, breathing, thinking systems like us, how we were the winning sperm that made it out of the millions that lost their way – we should spend all our lives feeling happy that we’re alive. Here’s where we take everything we have learnt, and move forward with purpose and power. 

20. Dance and the universe dances with you

  • Dance and music are present in all cultures, no matter how isolated they are. Even before words existed, humans were dancing. Something special happens when we dance together.  It’s our beings’ feedback to the heartbeats of the planet. Let’s journey to the festivals, and from the dust we stomp up from the ground, we shall build new societies. 

21. Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. Freedom.

  • World change begins with us, in us. We’re not sure where we’ll go from here. But universally, we could all agree that the five pillars of an advanced human society is built upon these five important pillars of peace, love, unity, respect, and freedom. We’ll examine how we can live and spread these values with our every breath, every action, every word, in every waking moment. And it is here, where we become true Rainbow Warriors


Today's psychedelic movement includes those who are professionally involved in the fields of medical research, psychology, and spiritual education. It also includes the first-time acid tripper, the psytrance raver, and those who enter a techno club every Friday evening to emerge victorious on a bright Monday dawn. These mad hatters would be the most avid readers, and the most powerful voices, for Rainbow Warrior Handbook.

Potential Rainbow Warriors:


Buddha Mag Facebook and Instagram promotion:

Author's Facebook promotion:

Facebook advertising:

  • 1,000 SEK (105.13 EUR) across 14 days, targeted to audiences in Europe interested in topics of psychedelics, shamanism, psychedelic therapy, spirituality
  • Reach: 27,000–72,000 Facebook users

Book promotion at psychedelic gatherings around the world:

  • The author would actively promote his book through the organisers of psychedelic gatherings and raves, including Andra Världen in Sweden, Ozora Festival in Hungary, Desert Dance Festival in Egypt, and Mukti Gathering in Palestine. Whenever possible, he would personally give speeches at these festivals to help promote the book and the movement.


The Politics of Ecstasy – Timothy Leary

Published September 4th 1998 by Ronin Publishing (first published January 1st 1968). Timothy Leary's most provocative and influential exploration of human consciousness, written during the period from his Harvard days to the Summer of Love.

Instead of covering only the political implications and ramifications of LSD, Rainbow Warrior Handbook would focus more on the positive actions we can take to change the world's perception of psychedelics and its current condition.

The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of The Dead – Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner

Published October 12th 2000 by Citadel Underground (first published 1964). A detailed guide on psychedelic trips and how to identify certain experiences and learn from them, through the ideas presented in the Tibetan Book of The Dead.

Rainbow Warrior Handbook would only cover a chapter of the actual psychedelic trip. Most of the book, instead, would be dedicated to providing guidelines on life and perception after the trip itself.

Food of the Gods: The Search for the Original Tree of Knowledge – Terence McKenna

Published January 1st 1993 by Bantam Books (NY et al.) (first published 1992). A revisionist look at the historical role of drugs in the East and West, illustrating the human desire to partake in "the food of the gods", and the powerful potential to replace abuse of illegal drugs with a shamanic understanding, insistence of community, reverence for nature, and increasing self awareness. 

Though similar in their premises, Rainbow Warrior Handbook would be tuned towards a wider, possibly less academic audience, to affect their relationships with themselves, their communities, and the world, taking into account modern developments in social media, feminism, veganism, and gender.

Moksha: Writings on Psychedelics and the Visionary Experience – Aldous Huxley

Published April 1st 1999 by Simon & Schuster (first published 1977). A collection of Huxley's writings highlighting the dangers modern culture was creating through explosive population increase, headlong technological advance, and militant nationalism, and how he saw psychedelics as the greatest means at our disposal to "remind adults that the real world is very different from the misshapen universe they have created for themselves by means of their culture-conditioned prejudices."

Similar to Terence McKenna's book, Moksha's premises would not all apply neatly to today's world fuelled by "likes" on social media, Trump as a president, and mankind's encouraging foray into renewable energy, increased awareness of psychedelics through the internet, and the issues faced by today's generation of misfits – which would be taken into consideration, and examined, with a fresh pair of eyes, through Rainbow Warrior Handbook.

9 publishers interested
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Chapter 1 – If everyone took acid, the world would be a better place

As I sank deeper and deeper into the sofa, I could feel an immense amount of swirling energy emanate from within my core. I felt like the entire universe was within me, gently, yet violently, pushing its way out through my every pore to once again be reunited with my surroundings. 

There was no holding back. There was no control. The immense pulsating force gushed out like an exploding dam, as I surrendered myself to its might. It was incredibly comforting, like I was cradled in the warm embrace of all existence. I felt the borders that separated me from my environment fade. There was no “me”, there was just the universe, and I was one with it. The breathing trees, the soaring birds, the floating clouds, I could feel that we were made of the same stuff, but just manifested in different forms. We were one. And we are one.


Why do psychedelics do this to us all the time? I’m pretty sure you’ve experienced it too. I’m just sitting in my room, minding my own business, when huge eureka moments and chunks of grand realisations are suddenly thrown in my face. Did that come from my brain? Is it a message from the universe? Is there a deeper message? Or is it just a chemical reaction? 

Yet, how can something so personal be so universal? Experiencers from all across the world, at one point or another, have experienced the loss of egos during our psychedelic trips, many of us reaching very similar conclusions about existence and feeling a particular closeness with Nature. 

The recent revelations by Imperial College London from the brain scans of subjects on LSD showed that compartmentalised areas of the brain usually work independently in processing functions such as vision, movement, and hearing. However, on LSD, “the separateness of these networks breaks down and instead you see a more integrated or unified brain.”

In addition, the brain scans also revealed that the alteration of a particular neural circuit (RSC/PCC) is highly correlated with the sense of “ego-loss”. The study also presents substantial evidence that psychedelics reduce the stability and integrity of well-established brain networks, which would suggest why users often experience “unlearning” of stubborn habits such as addiction and question well-learnt “norms” in the prescribed way of life in today’s societies.

The areas that contributed to vision were more active under LSD (right), revealing a more “unified” brain. Picture courtesy of the Beckley Foundation.

While future studies may very well help us better understand the effects of psychedelics, what still remains a mystery is why our brains contain such potential. It’s almost like the power of a more “unified” human brain has always been there, waiting for us to discover and learn from – one, when activated, triggers a high level of compassion for other living beings, reveals to us enlightening insights about ourselves, and sheds light on our own purpose in life.

Of course, human evolution, so far, has somehow hidden this potential of our own brains from us, simply because it would be difficult to perform everyday tasks such as eating and commuting to places when the floor is a raging ocean of moving colours. It’s only through the influence of psychedelics that the brain allows itself to dissolve the borders separating its different regions, giving us the psychedelic experience that many of us are familiar with.   

Across numerous cultures throughout history, our fellow human beings have been recorded to tap into the “wisdom” of psychedelic plants and fungi, and those who have managed to infer deeper, existential meanings from their “trips” have been revered as teachers, spiritual guides, shamans, doctors and even prophets. 

Modern societies, however, dismiss many of these ancient teachings as superstition and those who attempt to preach them to a wider audience tend to be ridiculed, persecuted, or worse, immortalised in internet memes. The compassionate being who cares deeply for the natural environment, plants, animals, and other humans, is seen either as a weak nobody, or a Youtube star to be marketed as the new face of coconut water. The lover who celebrates life and rejoices in the delight of the colours of the wind is called a crazy hippie who doesn’t contribute to the community. Even yoga has been turned into a commercial opportunity for the masses to “get a spiritual body”, but not before you own a $80 pair of 360-degree-ultra-dry-air-flow-breathe-free-naturale yoga tights.

But in a world rife with apathy, myopia, and an endless pursuit of material wealth and power, humanity has inflicted upon ourselves an unprecedented level of low self-worth, victimisation of minority communities, senseless violence against one another, and widely accepted exploitation of other sentient beings and the planet’s resources. 

Our technological advances in nanotechnology and biotechnology has become so powerful that we would soon be holding the most powerful double-edged sword in human history, equally capable of wiping out the entire human population, or saving us from fatal diseases, solving the energy crisis, and restoring the ecological balance required for all life to thrive on earth. 

It’s really up to us how we want the world to look like for our children, and our children’s children. Would humans be seen as a compassionate, loving, peaceful, united species, or do we have to teach our kids of be wary of these dangerous animals that would shoot someone for their skin colour, stab someone for loving a partner of their own gender, and slaughter masses for believing in a god that has a different name from theirs?

How many innocent lives have to be sacrificed before we finally come to realise that we’re all the same – beings who just want to be loved, and who are capable of giving tremendous love? How many more homes have to be bombed before we understand that peace and cooperation would bring us further? For how many more years are we going to exist for before we realise that for the world to be a nicer place, we need to start being nice to the world?

Let us all call forth the Rainbow Warrior in us. Let us tap into the ancient psychedelic teachings of oneness, compassion, and appreciation to see what we can learn from the altered state of consciousness. Let us awaken the lover, the activist, the dancer and the artist within ourselves so that we can go out there and inspire our friends, families, communities and leaders to simply, love. 

Chapter 18 – Crystal healing or crystal bullshitting? (Excerpt)

Crop circles are the result of intelligent alien life coming to Earth to send a message to us. There are indigo children born with special abilities and they will change the world. Crystals have the power to channel out bad energy from our bodies and can even cure chronic diseases.

You believe in all of the above statements? How much of that is actually true?

There has been loads of pseudoscience in circulation across the internet, and many claim to be telling the truth, including alien abductees and false messiahs who turn their personal beliefs into religions for the gullible masses. 

As a disclaimer, none of the stuff that you’re reading here is to be taken as absolute truth, just as everything in life. I mean, our whole existence is merely an endless loop of information received and processed by our brains, and what we deem as “truth” today is merely a widely accepted consensus of opinions.

Psychedelics have taught me that our reality exists only in our brains. When I was absolutely convinced that last evening’s laser light was a piece of solid living fabric flapping its wings across the blueprint of the universe, Peter, who only had two beers, might not agree. I see a green table, you look at the same table and tell me it’s red. Who’s actually right?

So could crystal healing be effective? Possible. But unless I actually get a chance to be treated by a crystal doctor, I would stick to “I don’t know”. By the way, who mined those crystals? Like, is it all like fair-trade and sustainable? That’s more important to me for now.  

Do aliens exist? Very possible. Considering that there are 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (that’s 23 zeros by the way) planets in our universe, it’s a little myopic to think that our mighty planet Earth is the only planet supporting life. And even if we don’t see them, they might exist in a completely different form that our five senses can’t detect. Pretty sure it isn’t what Hollywood is showing us though. Oh, and your anus is probably not something they’re interested in.

We all like to describe ourselves as “open minded”, so in the pursuit of ultimate open mindedness, we often dive head-on into stuff without doing our research. 

Yes! The mercury retrograde would open up new doors for our lives and it’s time to take these opportunities and carve a new path for ourselves! No! Every day opens up new doors and every second is a new opportunity to make a positive change, don’t wait for some planet to do shit before you start getting your shit together. 

This new blood supermoon would be a chance to cleanse ourselves from our past transgressions and start anew! No! The moon wouldn’t cleanse you if you spend 8 hours watching Gossip Girls and eating McDonald’s. Go meditate, take a walk, hang out with good friends, open up to them, that’s cleansing. Leave the moon alone. 

I’m Scorpio and my moon sign is Aquarius. This means that next week, with the alignment of Jupiter and Mars, I’d be experiencing something big and I should take it as a sign for me to move on from my failed relationship. We experience something big everyday, for fuck’s sake. We wake up, alive! How is that not a big deal? Download Tinder, start swiping away your attachment issues. The planets don’t revolve around you.

I mean, fuck yea, it is, of course, possible that earthlings like you and me and my neighbour’s dog could be affected by the movement of the planets and the moon. About 65% of the human body consists of water, so if the moon’s gravity is responsible to the changing tides, why wouldn’t I be affected in some way? But are we gonna plan tomorrow’s schedule around how close the moon is to Earth? Probably not. 

I guess the point here is that being “open minded” does not mean we should be gullible, or even superstitious. Question everything. Try everything. If something works for you, it might not work for someone else. And if the moon ritual you performed last night dancing naked around the barbecue pit has worked for you, it doesn’t make it a universally viable treatment for depression. Sure, get your friend to try it as well, but please don’t try to convince them to stop seeing their therapist. 

Life can suck sometimes. We get ourselves into stupid situations sometimes. And sometimes, it might seem easier to blame it on the moon and wear a crystal, rather than actually getting out of our slump and doing something real about it. 

Going through a tough time in our relationships? How about opening up to our partners and talking it out properly? Going nowhere in our careers? Maybe consider switching jobs or talking to the boss about it? Woke up feeling like shit for no reason? Try drinking some tea, binge watch cat videos, ask a friend over, then binge watch more cat videos together. 

I honestly want to be open to everything. Because if wearing a rose quartz actually helps to calm me down, give me ten of those! But if a hungry beggar asks you for food, don't feed them a fucking crystal. 

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