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Andre Ellison

Andre Ellison

Connecticut, United States

Andre Ellison lives with his wife and 3 kids on the Eastern side of the United States. He enjoys reading about string theory, greek mythology and watching superhero movies.

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About the author

ANDRE ELLISON is an American author from the state of Connecticut. He often indulges in his love of watching Superhero movies and reading stories about Greek mythology. He frequently escapes the real world and travels to another dimension in hopes of finding inspiration for his dystopian writings.

His influences include his three children, Zaniya, Samira, and Ceasar and his beautiful wife, Yaritza. He has a degree in digital media, a dog named Gizmo and a collection of high
school love letters written to his wife kept safe inside an old school trapper keeper.

Raising Sera - Lineage is his first published book. Currently found on Amazon.
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Raising Sera - Lineage


An ex-soldier and a ten-year-old girl must learn the truth of her their relationship before a powerhouse, known as the Protogenoi, destroys the universe forever. Based on the Titan War

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Mythology & Folk Tales
100,000 words
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He lost everything. Gasping hard, Ethan wiped the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve. Resting his back against the wall, he collapsed to the floor. That one night repeating over and over again. There was nothing left in him. No reason to move... As the search team gradually closed in on him, he held his hands high above his head and stopped running.

Ethan McCall is a lieutenant for the Apex Innovative Manufacturing Corporation's private forces. But when a routine military deployment turns into an all-out fight for survival, Ethan must confront his stormy past and fill in the holes of his repressed memory. Exiled from his home for a crime he did not commit, Ethan travels with a restless mind in the hopes of starting over.

Learning new truths about his past, Ethan returns to his old life in an attempt to settle the score. But when he arrives back to the providence of New Gate, he gets more than what he bargained for when he meets a ten-year-old girl, named Seraphina - the daughter of the woman he swore to protect.

Harnessing the power of an ancient relic, Seraphina must reach her full potential before an archaic powerhouse known as the Protogenoi awaken and continue their war that could destroy the universe forever...

Only one thing stands in her way... She must first learn to trust Ethan.

Why support this book?

  • Alternate retelling of the Ten Year Titan War
  • Men and women, ages 13-35+
  • The age breakdown of viewers: 26.14% in the 13-18+ age group, 44.14% in the 18-35+ age group and 29.72% in the 36+ age group.
  • 36.2% Women 63.8% Men (Facebook Analytics)
  • The keys words for campaign have been: magic, occult, redemption, Titans, Mythology, Coming of Age and gritty violence.

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The writing style and plot are accessible to a Young Adult audience.

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Instafreebie downloads: Over 700 claims

Colby R.'s response: "This sounds BOSS as fuck. I'm putting it in the Military Sci-fi category. Thanks for your submission!"

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