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Andre Ellison

Andre Ellison

Connecticut, United States

Andre Ellison lives with his wife and 3 kids on the Eastern side of the United States. He enjoys reading about string theory, greek mythology and watching superhero movies.

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About the author

ANDRE ELLISON is an American author from the state of Connecticut. He often indulges in his love of watching Superhero movies and reading stories about Greek mythology. He frequently escapes the real world and travels to another dimension in hopes of finding inspiration for his dystopian writings.

His influences include his three children, Zaniya, Samira, and Ceasar and his beautiful wife, Yaritza. He has a degree in digital media, a dog named Gizmo and a collection of high
school love letters written to his wife kept safe inside an old school trapper keeper.

Raising Sera - Lineage is his first published book. Currently found on Amazon.

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Raising Sera: Lineage

A Novel

What would happen, if a single human, had the power of the universe in the palm of their hands - especially a 10 year old girl.

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Science Fiction & Fantasy Dystopian Dark Fantasy Adventure
87,000 words
100% complete
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Everything was lost. Gasping hard, Ethan wiped the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve. Resting his back against the wall, he collapsed to the floor. That one night repeating over and over again. There was nothing left in him. No reason to move... As the search team gradually closed in on him, he held his hands high above his head and stopped running.  

Ethan McCall is a lieutenant for the Apex Innovative Manufacturing Corporation's private forces. But when a routine military deployment turns into an all-out fight for survival, Ethan must confront his stormy past and fill in the holes of his repressed memory. Exiled from his home for a crime he did not commit, Ethan travels with a restless mind in the hopes of starting over.  

Learning new truths about his past, Ethan returns to his old life in an attempt to settle the score. But when he arrives back to the providence of New Gate, he gets more than what he bargained for when he meets a ten-year-old girl named Seraphina - the daughter of the woman he swore to protect.  

Harnessing the power of an ancient relic, Seraphina must reach her full potential before an archaic powerhouse known as the Protogenoi awaken and continue their war that could destroy the universe forever...  

Only one thing stands in her way... She must first learn to trust Ethan.


Instafreebie downloads: Over 500 claims

Colby R.'s response: "This sounds BOSS as fuck. I'm putting it in the Military Sci-fi category. Thanks for your submission!"


Prologue: Neoma - (formerly known as Gaia) returns home to the castle of Azure, after being banished from the kingdom for treason and adultery. Once home, she soon learns that everything has changed for the worst since her father - (Kaos) has stepped down as ruler and the new king - (Uranus) has other plans for her and her human family.  

Lost In The Abyss: Apex Alpha Team 6 is deploying into a routine mission to scout for clean water. Lt. Ethan McCall and Captain Hunter Belmont have a few choice words after discovering bodies have been missing back home and this new location could give a clue as to the fate of those that are missing.

Return To Chaos: After a brush with death and the loss of some, the rest of Alpha Team 6 returns back to the Providence State of New Gate after hearing information that the Apex Innovative Manufacturing Headquarters is under attack by a rebel terrorist group called 'Chaos'.

Damaged: After a horrific accident, Ethan is still alive ten years later and is left to pick up the pieces. After finding hope in the simplicity of farm life, Ethan gets drag back into his old life when a familiar face, threatens the lives of those he cares for.

Huntsmen: Force to infiltrate himself into the belly of New Gate, Ethan must acquire a relic in exchange for the lives of those he loves... but is the risk worth the trouble? 

Awakening: After acquiring the Occulus orb, Leonidas Megalos must access ancient knowledge to tap into the potential power of the orb. Finding his search futile, he resorts to the next best thing... an old lady named (Hecatan) who created it. 

When One Door Closes: After the start of a bad reunion, Ethan finds himself locked in a vault with his adopted brother Hunter (now President Belmont) and Hunter's daughter - Seraphina.

Wrecked: Showing signs of paranoia, President Belmont secures his daughter, Sera, in a high level isolation room. Meanwhile a plan to secure more land and resource go awry when an unfathomable catastrophe occurs that changes the pull of power.  Somewhere else in the world, Ethan escapes getting sent to a volcanic prison and learns new information from an unexpected source. 

New World Order: The Titans are free and they want the Occulus. Dr. Edward Belmont and Hunter have a discussion on the importance of legacy.

Egress: Leo finds himself in a new location of the world called Shangri La. After learning the origin of the location, realizes that he has demons inside of him that even he can't understand... questions himself as being a savior when Hecatan gives him the stakes. 

Quid Pro Quo: Returning to New Gate for answers again, Ethan is force to make a moral decision in the face of a social injustice. Hunter and Dr. Belmont meet Ethan for an unexpected reunion resulting in the lost of a life.

Arbitration: Getting their hands on the Occulus, Hunter and Dr. Belmont relinquish it to the Titans in exchange for a life... they receive a life... but not the one they ask for. 

Freed: After being in a perpetual state of hallucinations, Neoma finally is freed from her physical, mental, and spiritual prison from an unexpected ally.

A Debt Owed: After saving Ethan's life, Leo forces Ethan to pay back his debt by entertaining him and the rest of his Chaos gang members in the fighting pits. Hunter and his new associate track down Ethan for the Ultimate Showdown!

UnEarth: Learning the existence of two loves he thought were once lost, Ethan must navigate his emotion and learn the true nature of his past. His calling awaits!

Birthright: After receiving a false relic, Chronos, the new titan king decides to take a more hands on approach when it to getting what he wants.

Soldier: Escaping the devastation of New Gate, Sera and a new young friend, journey out into the world in hopes of finding answers. A random truck stops and Sera must tap into her strength and learn the meaning of becoming a soldier.

Soul Reaper: With Leo's absence, Hecatan must rely on new allies... unfortunately for her, they help she needs wants her dead.

Counterpart: Regaining a new perspective on life, Ethan reunites with Sera and a mutual friend... All hell breaks loose when a squad of Apex soldier surround their location and Dr. Belmont appears, in rare form, to tell Ethan the real reason why he HATES him so much.

Signify: After a night of fighting, Chronos has finally obtained the real Occulus and has Sera. His plan...? To send out a beam summoning a primordial creature from another universe to come and destroy this one.

Pendulum: Ethan wakes up after being unconscious all night and is surprise to see some unexpected faces are teaming up as allies. He must make a decision... Save Sera or search for her friend, an 8 year-old boy named Damien.

Into The Bog: The team splits up, Erebus and Osira go after Leo and Neoma. An ambush occurs.

Shroud: Chronos uses the Occulus to tap into the mind of his subject Osira to gain information about the origin of who she really is and what's her connection to the child Seraphina.

A Fate Worst Than Death: Teaming up with Hecatan's companion, Ethan is sent to the Northern part of the world to look for Sera and the Titans. Unfortunately, fate has other plans for him and the dog.

Shangri La: Using her wit and abilities, Hecatan makes a daring escape with Erebus and Leo from a horde of ravenous demons. Making their way back to Shangri La, they find the origin of the the creatures maybe more terrifying, than what they were ready for.

The Summit: Reconnecting at the Northern Crater, Hecatan, Erebus and Leo are force to deal with the aftermath of what's left. Triggering surveillance from a nearby radio transmitter, the group gets surrounded by Apex Soldiers.

Oracle: Learning about the location of an underground substation, the group finds comfort in the knowledge that Apex is under new order and is taking a turn in a new direction. Meanwhile, Leo and the dog exchange words and only one will make it out in one piece. 

Vanguard: Angela (once Osira) reconnects with her mom, (Reinstated - President Hera Mason). A new threat looms in the sky. After a line has been cross, Apex and the group take the fight to the Titans.

Zenith: The Final Showdown between Titans and the human race. Desires begin to unravel.

Quantum: After making the ultimate sacrifice, Sera becomes one with the orb. Faced with looming threats all around her, she unleashes the full power of the Occulus.

Epilogue: An unexpected ally escapes the conflict but instead finds a new threat. Saved by a phantom menace, he must now repay his debt by coming to the aide of his rescuer's apprentice. 


Men and women, ages 13-35+

The age breakdown of viewers: 26.14% in the 13-18+ age group, 44.14% in the 18-35+ age group and 29.72% in the 36+ age group.

  • 36.2%

  • 63.8%

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The keys words for campaign have been: magic, occult, redemption, Titans, Mythology, Coming of Age and gritty violence.

Readers of alternate world fantasy subgenres are curious, and sometimes attached to a certain culture, mythology or point in history. Ranging generally from young adult to middle-aged, they tend to be modern and tech-savvy.

The writing style and plot are accessible to a Young Adult audience.


Audience and marketing

Generally speaking, Andre would like to be able to release regular YouTube blog videos and Medium blog written articles, mostly talking about the writing process and probably offering up editorial pieces on topics that are relevant to The Sera Saga. 

Focusing my marketing to finding groups interested in my particular flavor, whether they are typically fantasy readers or not. Someone fascinated about Greek mythology, for example, would likely be interested in the ten-year Titan war.

These groups can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and blog sites such as Tumblr. Taken notes of the tags they use,  I could involve myself into conversations – and share the novel.


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Lost in the Abyss


"Today's the day," a familiar voice cried out from behind Ethan McCall. As he sat on a bench in the PCQ locker room, a plastic
vial filled with pills hovered in front of his face.

"You can thank me later. Carpe Diem!" the voiced continued.

Looking down at his wrist monitor, Ethan read 17:45 military time. As he stood up, he turned around and faced Private Gabriel Gonzalez.

"Seize the day, huh?" Ethan replied.

Dropping the vial into his lieutenant’s hand, Private Gabriel smirked.

"Yeah... but keep leaving your medication lying around... today’s gonna be the day I find you slumped down in a ditch somewhere."

Ethan held the vial high above his head. He gave the container a little shake. "I still don't know what's inside these things."

"Don't think about it too much," Gabe suggested, walking over to his locker. "I'm sure the President has more important things to worry about than detailing
Apex consignments. If I were you, I wouldn't want to know where my sausage came from anyways."

Ethan grinned as Gabriel passed him an unlabeled bottle of water.

"You're kidding, right?"

"All I'm saying is treat it like sausage, don't treat it like sausage... I don't care. Just take the damn pills... before I lose my freaking mind."

Ethan snatched the bottle of water from Gabriel's hand. Placing it on the bench, Ethan looked up at Gabe.

"Crazy vato! What’s the deal with you and these food metaphors... sounds like the misses isn't
feeding you back home."

As Ethan stood up and opened his lockers, he quickly glanced at a picture of himself as a child with his mom and dad. He tore the photo off the door and place it in his back pocket.
Glancing at a tiny mirror, he inserted in his ear wireless earbuds.

In his four years on the Apex Task Force, twenty-three-year-old, Lt. Ethan McCall started each mission with the same routine. After setting his wrist monitor to alarm every twelve
hours, he paid his respects to his parents then prepared for his operation briefing. As he prepared his load-out by his locker, he would always make it a point to prepare his gear in front of a photograph of her.

Old, severely faded, and at places creased around the edges, it was the only memory he had left to remind him she did exist. Among its flaws, Ethan saw it as perfection. Ambered in hair, curvy in figure, the woman in the photo laid arched back across his old motorcycle.

Angela, He thought. Today will be the day.

Peeling the photo off his locker, he turned it over and read the back: Thanks for the ride, Grim!

He endured this mental exercise for the past four years--ever since she disappeared. It gave him purpose. To him, success wasn't just completing the assignment, it was completing
the job and bringing everyone home. He knew someday, he would find her. Holding on to this routine made him feel closer to her... or at least until it was time for him to put her away.

Captain Hunter Belmont entered the Personnel Compartment Quarters aboard the Apex Carrier Delta. Ethan adjusted his ear-buds then sets the volume on high. He put the picture of Angela
in his back pocket.

"Alright fellas, you all heard the broadcast. We've been greenlit!" Hunter exclaimed as he stood in the center of the room.

Ethan continued to rummage through his locker until the locker door next to him slammed shut. Punching Ethan on his shoulder, Private Gabriel signaled him towards the captain’s
direction. Ethan pulled out his earbuds. Loud music saturated the room. Hunter shook his head as the music blasted.

"Change the frequency on that thing," he directed Ethan. "Act like you wanna be here."

Turning the headset off, Ethan held the earpiece in his hand.

"Listen up, you mutts!" Hunter directed towards Alpha Team. “Our orders are clear. We're descending the Abyss... Once we find the new water source, we test it out
and mark its location."

Using his hand, Hunter brushed the back of his short dark hair.

"As we all know, there have been reports of young boys missing in the Central District. HQ has received a tip that somewhere out in this area, they might be found. If we find
these boys... we secure them, take them back to HQ, then let brass handle the rest."

"You mean process them, right? Like us," Gabe heckled, turning his back on Hunter--still preparing his gear. "Not everyone was born into the high life of Advent City."

The rest of the team returned to their lockers in agreement. Ethan continued to look onward. Captain Belmont stared back at him.

"You with me, brother?" Hunter spoke.

Ethan said nothing. He put his ear-buds back in his ear and loaded his gun. He cocked the chamber then placed the pistol in his locker. Hunter walked up to him.

"Well, I guess my lieutenant is not communicating today!"

Looking in Ethan's locker, Hunter smiled as he glanced inside. "So tell me, brother... where is it? You got it hiding in the gun box, maybe?"

Ethan slammed his locker door shut. "You got something you want to say to me?"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Gabe interrupted, as he forced himself between the both of them.

Hunter threw up his hands as he walked out the personnel quarters. Ethan began to follow. Grabbing Ethan, Gabe held him back.

"He's an ass man. Don't get butt-hurt about it...” Flexing his left arm, Gabe continued. “Besides... the gun show is on tour and ready to pop off!” Holding
up his other arm, Gabe kissed his biceps. “She would have fallen for these cannon busters anyway!"

Ethan remained silent. Walking past Gabe, he went back to his locker. Picking up his assault rifle, he holstered his pistol at his waistline. Gabe approached Ethan and put his hand
on the lieutenant’s shoulder.

"I don't need your assistant, private."

Gabe shook his head.

"No problem, LT...” releasing his hand, Gabe continued. “Just looking out... No need to pull out the angry black man routine."

Ethan tensed up his muscles as he pulled his protective vest over his head.

"Is brooding the newest thing that’s poppin' these days?" Gabe sneered.

"Keep pushing it, private... and I'll show you an angry black man for real."

"My ass you will! Hunter got you beat in that department a thousand to one! Those baby blue eyes of yours ain't intimidating shit!"

Ethan stopped as he stared at Gabe. Simultaneously, they broke out laughing.

"Uh, huh... see what I mean." Gabe continued.

Ethan smacked him in the back of the head.

"Go on, go... Get outta here."

Ethan covered his mouth as he cleared his throat. Gabe looked at his wrist monitor as he started to walk away.

"Just a heads up too...” Gabe uttered. “there's no such thing as a little guy. We all need someone to watch our backs out there." He pointed down at his watch.
"Time for viejo to take his meds!"

Suddenly, an alarm rang off on Ethan's wrist monitor. Checking his watch, he reached into his chest pocket and popped two pills in his mouth. Putting the medication back in his
pocket, he reset the timer on his watch for 12 more hours. Looking around, he changed the frequency on his ear-buds: [Radio chatter. Landing confirmed.]

Hunter walked into the room and approached Ethan. Signaling the rest of the guys to prepare for exfiltration, he directed them to leave.

"Listen here, McCall, I need you to stay focus out there. I don't want any of your shit today."

Pulling away from Hunter, Ethan stepped back.

"If you think for one second I'm not aware of your thing with Angela..." Clearing his throat, he resumed. "Better yet, my wife... let me correct you on that. The
last time I saw her, the two of you were out here, doing who knows what, while I had my back turned."

Ethan didn't flinch.

"You remember that day, don't cha, brother?" Hunter continued. "Now... after all this time, here we are again."

Patting Ethan's chest pocket that held his medication, Hunter swung his shotgun over his shoulder. Ethan swatted his hand away and clenched his fist tight. "Get out my face,

Refusing to back down, they both stood in gridlock.

"It's been four years," Ethan protested. "The Abyss doesn't change anything. Angela's gone." Ethan gripped his fist tight. "We're doing this
the right way... with everyone going home."

Hunter put his shotgun on Ethan's chest next to his medication. "You've been listening in on my communications, haven't you? That's a direct violation of your
superior officer."

"Don't give me that shit, Hunter!" Ethan injected. "Our main objective isn't searching for those boys. We've been tipped about their whereabouts for weeks
now. The only reason we're out here is for that water... so your dear old man can look like a hero again."

"Fall in line, Ethan," Hunter demanded. "The fact that you're adopted makes this even easier. I will cut you down. As your Captain, I’m giving you an order."

Hunter headed towards the doorway. "Since there's nothing else to say... do your job like a good dog and locate that water. You're familiar with the area, right? So go
out there and figure it out."

Hunter left the PCQ as he proceeded to rendezvous with the group. Ethan picked up his last bit of gear and followed behind him.

Alpha Team Six exited the carrier and headed towards the edge of a huge canyon. As the sun beamed down on the barren wasteland surrounding them, the group began to set up their gear
for repelling. The transport took off.

Ethan looked around the canyon. He realized it's been years since he last been there. His eyes stopped short of a few yards ahead of him.

What a waste, he thought. Nothing grew from those seeds.

Ethan stood in silence for a moment.

"Snap out of it, McCall... you're up!" Hunter bellowed.


While riding his motorcycle through the dusty desert, Ethan looked through his dark shades into the bike's side view mirror. He glanced at Angela
as she sat behind him. Looking at their reflection together, he didn't stare long. Angela wrapped her arms around Ethan's waist as the air whipped around her face. The wind blew briskly, as strains of hair obscured
it. She smiled as the sunlight beamed off her designer shades. She looked back at Ethan in the side view mirror. Ethan's mind wondered. He questioned his actions spending the day with her. She was his brother's wife,
but he couldn't shake the feeling that she was in need. Being married into the Belmont family was inherited with secrets. Angela's pain-staking marriage to Hunter was no exception.

Ethan skidded his bike as the road ended. His massive chrome chopper came to a stop a few yards away from a massive canyon. Taking off his shades, he
looked onward beyond the wasteland and into the Abyss. As Angela and he both got off the bike, Ethan pointed towards a location a few yards ahead of them near a coved recess. Together, they continued to walk along the edge
of the canyon,

"Right here," Ethan uttered as he halted abruptly. Following close behind Ethan, Angela bumped into him.

"You wanted to see how the flower was grown, right?” Looking up at Ethan, Angela nodded her head.

“Well... Here’s as good as it gets!”

Removing a sack of seeds from his coat pocket, Ethan held it in his hands..

"How long does it take for them to grow?" Angela asked.

"A few months, maybe? It all depends on how much sun they get. We won't go too far down, or else they won't get any light. They'll survive
here... even without much water. This place is good, cause they won’t be disturbed."

Ethan reached for Angela's hand. Putting the sack of seeds in it, he closed his fingers over hers. Connecting her eyes with his, Angela smiled as
she held on to his hand gently. With a slight hesitation, Ethan pulled his arm back releasing himself from her grasps.

“What's wrong, Grim?”

Without responding, Ethan continued to walk further down along the canyon. Angela’s chest heaved as she bit her lip and scurried up along beside
him. Holding tight to her stomach, she followed Ethan deeper into the Abyss.

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