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Abdo Magdy

Abdo Magdy

Dahab, Egypt

Entrepreneur, Remote Worker, The Founder of Egypt's #1 Online Business Network, and The Recipient of The 2020 US States Department ProFellow Global Impact Award

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About the author

Battle-hardened Entrepreneur, Executive Coach, and the founder of Egypt's #1 online business network. Abdo brings 14 years of entrepreneurial guidance to the table of autonomous workers.

Recipient of the 2020 US States Department Professional Fellows Global Impact Award for facilitating access to knowledge, instructions, and coaching on what to do next to reach your goal for entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, small business owners; Abdo knows how to package knowledge in a digestible program that transforms lives while pushing businesses forward.

Bringing you the passion, energy, and skill in picking, merging, and reproducing diverse human-knowledge into a holistic step-by-step framework. The writing style provides you with the human intelligence interface upon which relevant artificial intelligence tools are built.
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Update #1 - Day #1: Embracing Wabi Sabi while working remotely Oct. 27, 2020

Especially at the age of #WFH and #RemoteWork, keeping a perfectionist mindset gives everyone hard time!

Wabi Sabi is the japanese concept of embracing the beauty of life as imperfect, impermanent and incomplete as it comes.

Products are never perfect, you can always spot the top three imperfections in any service. You go choose to go into war with the world or just take it as it is while doing what you can to offer the best experience.

But can you tell that to my client? Can you tell that my CEO or HR Director?
Actually, yes. I would love to.

Now, would be a good time to pre-order them a copy of Remote Work Confidence and get them to Wabi Sabi as well.

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