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Kandice Cole

Kandice Cole

Richmond, Texas

Kandice Cole is a self care guide, wellness teacher, and writer. Her writing has been featured on Thrive Global and

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About the author

Kandice Cole is a self care guide and wellness teacher who facilitates spaces for busy women to develop their own self-care practices. She graduated from the University of Chicago with degrees in Psychology and Teaching. Kandice has worked in the education, nonprofit, and government sectors. After having experienced burnout, she became committed to taking better care of herself and exploring self care. Kandice's work is now centered on the intersection between self-care, wellness, creativity, and play. She is currently training to be a Chopra Certified Health Teacher. She lives in the Houston area with her husband and children. Learn more about her work at
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Update #1 - Thank you for helping jumpstart my book! June 7, 2021

I want to thank you again for supporting my book campaign. For the past three days, I have found myself holding my hand to my heart and whispering thank you every time I see new pre-orders from all of you. 

Honestly, I almost gave up on this book. Rewind about two years ago: I drafted an outline for a book that was about self care and creativity. I was writing down my stories and wisdom that I was learning on my journey.  I ended up having some major doubts about why I was writing this. I doubted if I had anything to share that would be helpful. I was comparing myself to other more established wellness/self care thought leaders and of course, feeling deflated. So, I  abandoned the project and let the file sit in my Google drive unattended.

 During the pandemic, I renewed my commitment to doing wellness work again. I started to offer micro-retreats, which are specially curated workshops that make space or people to practice self care and cultivate creativity. I felt the spark again. I realized that I had a unique voice and story to share that could serve others. I shifted my focus on being of service and things began to flow different. I became less wary of making mistakes. I became more receptive to opportunities. 

Imagine my surprise when an agent from Publishizer reached out to me about finishing the manuscript of my book about self care is wellness!  I knew this was time to renew my interest in writing this book. This was a sign that I was moving in the right direction. 

And your support of my book is yet another signpost on this journey that I find myself taking right now. 

Thank you for being the village that is helping me raise this book and grow it into something that is going to be pretty special.