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Kandice Cole

Kandice Cole

Richmond, Texas

Kandice Cole is a self care guide, wellness teacher, and writer. Her writing has been featured on Thrive Global and

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About the author

Kandice Cole is a self care guide and wellness teacher who facilitates spaces for busy women to develop their own self-care practices. She graduated from the University of Chicago with degrees in Psychology and Teaching. Kandice has worked in the education, nonprofit, and government sectors. After having experienced burnout, she became committed to taking better care of herself and exploring self care. Kandice's work is now centered on the intersection between self-care, wellness, creativity, and play. She is currently training to be a Chopra Certified Health Teacher. She lives in the Houston area with her husband and children. Learn more about her work at
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Update #2 - At 10% or 27% of goal depending on how you look at it! June 16, 2021

When I first started the campaign the goal was 500+ pre-orders, which is the number that gets you access to all of 99 publishers in Publishizer's network. Right now, I am just at 10% of that goal with 17 days left in the campaign. First want to celebrate the 53 pre-orders because that is amazing! 53 copies of my book will be in you (and your friend's) hands which is something I am so grateful for. 

Sometimes self care looks like shifting expectations. Instead of getting stressed out about 500 pre-orders, I am focused on getting to 200 pre-orders. I decided this for a few reasons. One: I have 3 publishers already interested in my book! Yay! Two: I have an infant and 5 year old at home, which mean my time is allocated differently when it comes to promoting this campaign. Three: 200 books is still a worthwhile goal that feels aligned with what I want.  

This is the constant practice of checking in with yourself and adjusting along the way. 

So with that being said, I am at 27% of my goal! 

I have been doing some reading on self care and burnout focused on how it presents itself in careers like teaching and law. It is really illuminating so much about structures that are no longer working for us at work. 

I have also been thinking about how rushing is often a mindset we have been conditioned to believe rather than the actual state of things externally. This constant pressure to get things done "right now" is so ingrained that even when that isn't requested, we still feel this invisible pressure to add more to our plate. 

Excited to share more in my book! 

Thanks for your support!