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Jennifer Rhodes

Jennifer Rhodes

New York, New York

Jennifer B. Rhodes, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist & relationship expert. She is the found of Ethereal Mind Wellness, a spiritual and energy based psychology practice where she teaches relational wellness and mind-body practices to enhance intuition and intimacy.

Dr. Rhodes is a frequent media contributor and has been quoted in the Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Women's Health, Elite Daily, Bustle etc... She has also been featured as an expert on FOX 5 NY and WPIX 11. She is the author of "Toxic Insecurity: The Path of Relational Spirituality and Our Search for Authentic Love."

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Sex and Awakening

Sex and awakening is the start of a journey through the fear of love and commitment into a world of deceit, life purpose and soul contracts meant to awaken a 35 year old's memories of what love is really about.

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Romantic Fiction
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Jacqueline is a woman in her mid 30s who has suffered heartbreak through a failed engagement that she attempted to heal through her tango dance lessons with, Tomas. As she begins to awaken to the idea she could love again, she meets Azaire - a man also in his 30s who makes her question the difference between love and sexual desire. Little does she know that her married best friend, Lauren, has been hiding a secret from her since childhood. Lauren and Azaire know each other and Lauren is attempting to push Jacqueline’s spiritual awakening through sex. Unbeknownst to Jaqueline, Lauren and her family have been running a secret organization that Jaqueline’s father bequeathed to them upon his untimely death. It is an organization that protects the secrets of divine feminine wisdom and it's time for Jaqueline to awaken and step into the role of its leader. Although Lauren wants what is best for Jacqueline, her jealousy threatens to destroy their friendship over 20 years in the making and leads the others to question her ability to put the best interest of the organization ahead of her own ego.

Upon meeting Azaire, Jaqueline’s previous pain and assumptions about Azaire’s background causes her to run. She starts a journey she believes is a spontaneous vacation to Paris and ends up enjoying the company of another member of the organization, Zane. After a very steamy date (that Azaire happens to find a way to interrupt), their time is interrupted by a death threat and Zane needs to take Jaqueline to the south of France for protection. He tells Jaqueline that no matter what happens, he loves her. It is here that Jaqueline learns the truth and she is told she is in the middle of an initiation process: She must learn to discern sacred love and choose a lover (man or woman) to continue her journey with all the while each man expressing their jealousy of the others and trying to win her affection.  Jaqueline protests the entire time with her anger toward Lauren for keeping such a secret readily apparent. While she is being told at dinner the truth of her past, Jaqueline acts out which invites in one more option no one was expecting. Liam, a man who has walked his healing journey but presents as a playboy no one takes seriously until they get to know him. He is the past lover of another member of the organization, Victoria, who is still angry with how their relationship ended.

Jaqueline travels with members of the organization to various places in Europe where she is asked to meet with her therapist, a priestess and a wise woman to learn about the secrets of the divine feminine and open up to the realization of Lauren’s darker side. She jokingly calls the meetings “woman classes'' and pushes against the awakening experience due to fear. It is not until the end, where everyone meets in Tomas’ home country of Argentina, that she falls apart and experiences her heart opening for the first time. Although she has dreams and memories throughout the book of her past she learns to question, it is not until the end that she realizes that the initiation is not about sex per se but about her soul’s journey to truth - that we have the free will to choose our life and it is simply the fear of love that stops us all from experiencing magic. It is at the end that she realizes that Tomas and Azaire have been with her soul for many lifetimes walking her to this moment when she realizes she has a lot to learn from the men who have walked the path before her. As she awakens to the truth of who she really is and steps back into her power, Zane attempts to kill the others and Tomas announces that the trials and tribulations will now begin. Jaqueline has decisions to make about her future and who she will walk the next stage of her journey with.

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College educated and/or spiritual women in their 20s

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