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Adonica Shaw

Adonica Shaw

Los Angeles, California

Named as one of the top 136 Black Innovators in STEM + Arts by Wonder Women Tech, Adonica is the founder of the health-tech company Wingwomen.

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About the author

As a wellness and mental health change agent, Adonica is the Founder of Wingwomen, a start-up that champions health and wellness for professional women.

She is the author of the popular self-help book, “Depressed to Daring”, which serves as a resource tool for professional women guiding them to grab the reins of their mental health and gain control over their life and career. In the book, Adonica discusses her experiences as a Division 1 scholarship athlete, weather broadcaster, pageant contestant, candidate for city council all while sustaining success as a highly decorated marketing professional.

Through her popular podcasts “I Surrender,” and “Self-Care Saturday,” she interviews guests like former White House official Bonnie St. John, and Renowned Psychotherapist and NYT Bestselling author Barry Michels, on topics about mental agility, overcoming adversity and finding balance in high-pressure environments.

As a 3-time TEDx Speaker, Adonica has incomparable messaging and speaking ability and is powerfully unique at helping others define and craft the role of self-care and mental and emotional health while achieving professional success.
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Shatter Your Own Glass Ceiling

Break The Self-Care & Mindset Habits That Are Holding You ( And Your Career) Back

Most women know wellness and self-care are integral to long-term success in life and business, but they don't always know how to effectively use them to get ahead.

This career guidebook by Adonica Shaw shows women the ropes of career fitness, and how to break through their personal ceilings to achieve success through self-care.

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Career & Success
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Most women know self-care, mental health and wellness are integral to long-term success in life and business. But what they most likely don’t know (or won’t admit) is that they are the largest factor for why they haven't achieved the level of success they seek in their lives.

Understanding their role in personal self-care as well as their behavioral patterns of these different personality types can be the missing element in shattering habits that hold us back. This book from Adonica Shaw on the eight self-care personality styles and leveraging them for professional success will guide readers into deeper insights about their subconscious patterns, self-care style, and intrinsic views about how women are allowed to care for themselves.

Adonica believes women can have anything they want and can live a healthier, balanced life once they understand their commitment to self-care and a wellness mindset is the missing piece in their 5-year plan. No one is better equipped than Adonica Shaw, founder of Wingwomen Inc. and Surrender Circle, and creator of the self-care personality assessment to help women break the glass ceilings that lay dormant within themselves.

This book is perfect for women who often ask themselves:

*What are my beliefs around how women should take care of themselves? As mothers, professionals, women?
*What did self-care look like for me as a child? And I'm perpetuating outdated norms?
*What is self-care anyway? And what kind would suit me best?
*How does my own commitment to self-care pave the way for other exceptional women leaders?

This self-care manifesto for professionals not only answers these questions but gives women multiple ways to reconsider how they are showing up for their life.


Why Women Need This Book Now

1. The pandemic has had a significant effect on people’s mental health, with 51% of women and 34% of men saying that worry or stress related to the pandemic has affected their mental health. Readers are looking for practical ways to improve their health and wellness moving forward.

2. Research indications illness, disability, and overall poor health make it difficult for women to thrive at home and in the workplace.

3. Practicing preventive health care and maintaining good health behaviors are important components of women’s health and overall well-being - now more than ever.

Sales arguments

  • With 29% of executive roles held by women globally expected to rise, now is the time to publish a book that supports their long-term success in roles of leadership and power. *
  • Adonica's first book "Depressed to Daring," (pub 2/20), was picked up and distributed by Target and Walmart
  • Adonica is an influential public figure with a combined social media and email imprint of 25,000 followers, with additional professional network reach of roughly 500,000 people.
  • Adonica is an established speaker and executive trainer with more than 10 years experience. She’s delivered 3 TEDx talks, held roles on television, has moderated live events, and has experience with executive level coaching to established professionals.
  • According to the CDC, employers, workers, their families, and communities all benefit from the prevention of disease and injury and from sustained health.

Similar titles

  • Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder (March 17, 2015 by Arianna Huffington ). In Shatter Your Own Glass Ceiling, Shaw makes the argument not for just one or three pathways to balance, but eight areas that must be addressed to achieve balance in life and career for professional women.
  • Your Time to Thrive: End Burnout, Increase Well-being, and Unlock Your Full Potential with the New Science of Microsteps ( Mar 23, 2021 by Marina Khidekel) In Shatter Your Own Glass Ceiling, Shaw leverages data about how these types of micro-shifts and micro-steps can ultimately support the women's global workforce. This book also include practical information on how to mentor the next generation of women climbing the “ladder of success” in their industry.
  • You Are a Badass', & You Are a Badass at Making Money ( by Jen Sincero series) Known for her vulnerable, yet-informative style, Shaw’s book will consolidate the work of a series into one manifesto, and give readers “approachable and practical”methods to empower change in their life. This book will also include short narratives from it’s author, but is likely to resonate with additional audiences given the increased demand for books written by credible authors of color, authors of color and millennial voices


This book is for the emerging ceiling breaker in all of us. It is for any woman who desires to break through the norms in her field, and defy the odds through strategic self-care and wellness. From a content perspective, we believe it will appeal to three sub-sects of women readers globally which are:

1. Emerging Ambitious Professional Women (Gen Z - Millennials)
2. Established Professional Women and Thought Leaders (Millennials - Gen Y)
3. Ceiling Breakers - Exceptional Women Around the World Who Are on a Trajectory to Lead or Disrupt their Industry (likely Millennials to Xennials)

Advance praise

Reader Reviews from Shaw's first book "Depressed to Daring" (pub 2/20)

1. "Depressed to Daring was a bit of an odd choice for me to review; at this stage in my life, I work for myself and didn't think I needed help overcoming the glass ceiling at this stage in my career and life. But, upon reading this book, I realized that not only do I wish I'd read it in my 20s but that the concepts outlined in the book are just as usable and relevant for me in my 50s as they would have been earlier.

Shaw argues that women often miss out on opportunities because of our training. We're told to suppress our emotions, rather than confronting them and using them to propel ourselves forward. We often shut down because change is scary. We create our own glass ceilings, Shaw argues, and we become people-pleasers. Her solution? Reflection, understanding of our triggers, and building skills to respond to situations rather than reacting when we are triggered. In addition, the book forces readers to focus on their own emotions and to let go of the idea that we're responsible for what other people feel.

Shaw creates a tone here that is not unlike what you'd want your best girlfriend to take with you when you aren't treating yourself well or engaging in negative self-talk. While the tone is empathetic, Shaw doesn't hesitate to tell readers what they need to hear regarding radical self-care, how we've built patterns and behaviors based on years of conditioning, or how we need to turn to others at times to move forward. Part of what makes this effective is Shaw's willingness to share her intensely personal experiences, including near-death experiences, personal relationship failures, and work problems." - Angelic Rodgers (Professional reviewer)

2. "Good Information about Emotional Health. Though I don't agree with everything the author shares (due to differing worldviews), the practical tips about how to acknowledge and work through emotions and triggers was really useful. I agree that women often view having emotions at all as seeming weak, and I hope that together we can all change that. We have emotions for a reason, and often they tell us when something is wrong. Also, it was a quick and easy read." - SNK ( Amazon Review)

3. "I was asked to give this book an honest review. I was very impressed not only by the message but also the honesty from the author. Not often do you connect so easily with a book on a topic, you weren't considered as yours. After the first chapter, I was thinking of myself and every ambitious woman I know and saw similarities. I learned a lot and that is what reading is for, right? I will highly recommend!" - Lauren B ( Amazon Review)

4. "A well-written book. The methodical way this book is laid out helps the reader pull information that can help them arrange their thoughts and see patterns they can change the way their lives are ordered. I believe the authors ability to infuse her personal testimony into this book was very helpful. For linear thinkers, those who deal in facts and truth instead of their feelings, it's helpful." T. Lindsey (Amazon Review)

5. "Inspiring Read. Great book focused on the importance of self-care. It really focuses on giving sound, actionable advice!" - David and Christine (Amazon Review)

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