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Pam Barosh

Pam Barosh

Austin, Texas

Pam Barosh, the messenger of love, is an author, medium, speaker, spiritual coach, and energy healer who helps others connect to the healing energy of love.

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About the author

Pam Barosh, the messenger of love, is a medium, speaker, spiritual coach, and energy healer with training in chakra and crystal healing. She completed a master’s in psychology with a focus on mind-body-spirit wellness. She believes that everyone has the power to heal through love energy.

Pam awoke to her spiritual path while experiencing a serious illness. During her healing journey, she found the light of love and opened her communication pathways to the depths of her intuitive wisdom. Pam began integrating the concepts found within spirituality, psychology, and energy healing to help others find their own inner strength, peace, and unconditional love. She has made it her mission to help others align and balance their energy, understand how to connect to the spiritual realm, and find their own unique path to wellness.

As a medium and messenger of love, Pam shares with others the messages of peace and love through contact with angels and spirits. As their messages shine through her, she guides others to discover the energy of their souls, the energy of love. She helps others to identify and remove energy blocks, find a place of balance and peace, and awaken to their path in life by using crystals, colors, sounds, sacred geometry, affirmations, positive intentions, and mindfulness activities.

Pam writes for magazines such as Spirituality & Health and is a frequent guest on spirituality and wellness podcasts. She is a member of the Nonfiction Authors Association and Writer’s League of Texas. She leads meditations and classes online and in person and presents lectures at conferences and for group and organizational gatherings. Her belief is that everyone has the innate ability to heal their souls through the power of love energy!
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Shine from Your Soul

Magically Awaken Your Infinite Abundance Through Love Energy

Awaken to your purpose, heal your energy, and be the brightest version of you as you Shine from Your Soul through the divine power of love energy.

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Hi, I am Pam Barosh, the Messenger of Love, and the author of Shine from Your Soul. I am a medium, spiritual coach, channeler, meditation leader, and energy healer. I am a Reiki Master with a master's degree in psychology and training in energy healing, hypnotherapy, mediumship, and crystal and chakra healing.

I “feel” energy everywhere as I connect to souls and environments. As a leader in the positive psychology field, I embrace the interconnectedness of energy in thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and the larger collective consciousness as well as the significance of numerology and sacred geometry which create patterns of energy fields and energy flow.

Shine from Your Soul is an inspirational spiritual meets self-help book about healing through the power of positive energy flow. In the book, I guide you through the process of bringing more healing energy into your life by uncovering fear that has clogged your energy field and to embrace the beauty of who you really are. In doing so, you build strength, discover your soul mission, and transform the energy in your life.

My soul breakthrough happened a few years ago, when, lying on what I thought was my death bed, I heard angels speak, "we can help you heal." They began to send healing waves of energy through my body. This had a profound effect on me, sending me on a spiritual journey during which I healed my mind, body, and soul. In the aftermath of this near-death experience, I learned to love and forgive myself, to believe in the power of my soul, and to express my intuitive gifts.

Before this healing point in my life, I had never spoken to angels, and my life was a series of struggles with health issues for over 25 years, feeling mismatched with jobs, relationship problems, and not fully experiencing a state of wellness or peace. After embarking on a year-long healing journey, I began to awaken to the power within every soul to create a joyful life filled with unconditional love. Now, I guide others to find their own healing power and to shine their lights brightly to live in an energy frequency of wellness, peace, and love.

The audience for Shine from Your Soul includes over 40 million people across the world suffering from anxiety disorder, approximately 1.5 billion empaths worldwide who are sensitive to energy shifts, and those who want to improve their energy and release fear and thoughts that have prevented them from aligning with their ideal career path, healthy relationships, and life experiences.

Many women will find the messages in this book deliver a sense of empowerment and purpose at different stages of their life as they experience transitions while overcoming health challenges, divorce, and career shifts. Those interested in the greater influence of the collective consciousness and collective energy patterns will also find the information in the book enlightening, as will those who are drawn to books on the law of attraction, manifestation, creation, and abundance.

In Shine from Your Soul, you will learn how to:

· align and balance your energy to the frequency of love

· remove energy blocks, fear, trauma, and anything that is holding you back

· build a higher level of self-love, confidence, and positive beliefs for manifestation

· intuitively identify your soul mission and purpose and know who you are

· trust in your inner wisdom and strength and activate the connection to your higher self

· create healthy relationships and opportunities in life through sacred practices

· believe in the power of the soul to heal and visualize this healing process

· resonate with the highest frequency of love energy to bring in abundance and peace and connect to the natural flow of the universe

Shine from Your Soul is a practical inspirational guide. There are exercises at the end of each chapter to help you recreate different areas of your life and choose to stand powerfully in your light. Every word will intentionally inspire you to make changes and shift your energy towards love. You will develop a deeper sense of knowing how to choose what is right for you in your life and how to live every day from a place of unconditional love.

Shine from Your Soul Chapter Outline

Part 1 - Who Are You Soul?

Chapter 1 – You Are a Beautiful Soul - This chapter introduces the central concepts regarding soul energy including how the soul forms from beautiful energy constructed from thoughts, feelings, and experiences as well as the importance of shining positive light energy. The highest energy vibration of light energy is based on love rather than the energy of fear or guilt, and it is this energy which keeps your soul within the flow of the universe. As you release past experiences, forgiveness is the ingredient which creates the light of love. Your soul intuition is what leads your soul to your one true path and connects you to your soul groups and the collective universe.

Chapter 2 – The Energy of Your Soul - The power of your soul energy rests in the ability to create energetic pathways through thoughts, feelings, and actions which reflect your true self. These pathways lead to the empowerment of your soul and a surge of positive energy, resulting in more healing energy and an ideal environment whether at home, at work, or in relationships. Trails of energy and the connections created between people, places, and events build strong structures within the soul. The construction of energy and the specific types of energy patterns which may block energy flow or create energetic pathways of light are the focus of this chapter.

Chapter 3 – Your Soul History - The history of your soul and the influence of past events including challenging relationships and trauma within this life and other lifetimes affects the direction of your soul and may even hinder the progression and evolution. In this chapter, I reflect on the reason why you may feel stuck in past soul experiences and how to let go of negative events, create new memories, and improve positive energy within a daily routine. I take an in-depth view into how fear and pain affect soul expansion, how you may become stuck in negative energetic pathways, and the methods for breaking free and living fully in the present moment.

Chapter 4 - The Tapestry of Your Soul - The tapestry of your soul is the energetic composition of your soul including the music, colors, feelings, and experiences that harmonize the song of your soul. I reveal what makes your soul tapestry unique, the emotions which direct the soul tapestry, the concept of shared soul tapestries, and challenges and conflicts and methods for re-designing a strong soul tapestry through faith and love. I discuss how carrying around negative emotions and trauma within your soul tapestry shifts the direction of your soul and every part of your life. I present a process for designing your soul tapestry with positive thoughts and emotions and aligning your soul path through divine love and light.

Chapter 5 - Awakening Your Soul Identity - Knowing who you are as a soul leads to the deepest knowing of the self, other souls, the collective consciousness, and the energy of the universe. In this chapter, I guide you through an exploration of your soul’s identity and how this identity often becomes assigned while experiencing the ups and downs of life and believing in limited possibilities based on experiences, relationships, and fear. Awakening to your soul identity is seeing the truth of who you are at the soul level, the gifts ready to be discovered, and the development of soul passion leading to the creation of abundance, happiness, and peace.

Part 2 - Healing Your Soul

Chapter 6 - Soul Energy Flow - Stepping into the energy flow of life is like stepping into a powerful state of harmony. As each soul follows a soul mission, there is a balanced energy flow and a connection to the divine source of love. When your soul is not in alignment with this higher frequency of love and light and not connected to the truth of your mission or calling, then energy blocks and stagnation may occur creating difficult and challenging circumstances. Learn how to allow the soul to break free from these blocks, create improved energetic flow through soul connections, and allow the universe to guide your soul. I discuss how worrying about outcomes blocks soul flow, how happiness is the secret to vibrant energy, and how to resolve energy conflicts through focused soul intention and gratitude.

Chapter 7 - Unlocking Your Precious Soul - When your soul has a tremendous backlog of energetic blocks and negative thoughts, doubts, and fear, there is a need for more intense soul work. I discuss how identifying these blocks, including your emotions and thoughts connected to these blocks is necessary to begin healing the blueprint of your soul. Releasing the blocks, allows the soul to begin to shine a brighter light and open the flow of the universal energy of love. When your soul releases these heavy burdens, there is an alignment to abundant possibilities and there is a natural flow to connecting to divine wisdom.

Chapter 8 – Release Fear and Heal Your Soul - When energy blocks are removed, this illuminates the layers of fear buried within your soul. Once your soul becomes aware of the energetic chaos caused by carrying fear forward in life, the energy of fear effortlessly breaks free. Through this release, your mind, body, and soul accept positive thoughts and emotions, and shines awareness on the unlimited potential of your soul. The healing energy of love and light further mends your soul and raises the energy vibration of the soul away from fear and to the frequency of love. Every soul can heal even in the darkest challenges of life by believing that the soul is the healer. You are the healer of your own light.

Chapter 9 - The Strength of Your Soul - Building strength in your soul is the energy that carries your soul through obstacles in life and creates resilience and the drive to accomplish your soul’s mission. Although your soul may experience hard times, know that you do not need to remain within the energy of suffering. Strength comes from knowing the correct path for your soul and from sharing the energy of love to other souls. I further discuss the power of soul freedom, how the universe acts as a bank of strength, how to communicate with love to yourself, how to keep faith within love, and how to fight for love to build greater resilience.

Chapter 10 - Soul Forgiveness - Forgiveness is the biggest healer of your soul. Letting go of emotions and heavy energy which create feelings of shame, guilt, anger, and regret are part of the soul forgiveness journey. When these negative emotional patterns are no longer part of your soul story, your soul becomes free to experience divine connections to love, happiness, and peace. Receive guidance in this chapter on how to connect to the path of forgiveness and build the simplicity of finding peace in everyday life as well as how to grow unconditional love, forgive the enemy, allow for imperfections, and choose love rather than anger.

Part 3 - Transformation of Your Soul

Chapter 11 - Connect to Your Soul Intuition - The development of your soul’s intuition is like plugging in a dormant lamp to find the guiding light, the messaging system from the divine, and the voice of your own heart. Tapping into the intuition of your soul leads to making the best choices for you and shows you how to remain true to your soul's calling in life. Discover your soul truth hidden within the walls of your soul by becoming aware of feelings, listening through your divine heart frequency, and trusting your gut instincts. I highlight the energy of intuition versus consciousness and how to intuitively connect to your higher self and the collective consciousness of all souls.

Chapter 12 - Your Soul is Love - Every soul on the planet can connect to unconditional love, the highest frequency of light energy which is like food for the soul. The foundation of love develops from an awareness of self and a focus on self-love and acceptance. Once you love your mind, body, and soul, then the light energy of love harmoniously connects with other souls and spreads further across the world. The greatest gift of your soul is the ability to be love, send love, and receive love. I discuss how to love after trauma, how faith is courageous optimism, and how the equation of happiness equals the legacy of love.

Chapter 13 - The Wisdom of Your Soul - Your soul is more than the consciousness of what is present and known in the physical world as you have a deeper wisdom built from other lifetimes. As you connect to the spiritual realm, the wisdom from ancient gurus and higher energy frequencies awakens your soul to the power of light energy. As your soul awakens, you have the power to tap into the universe and this infinite wisdom. The power of this knowing is a part of your energy. I explore how age is not your wisdom, the presence of infinite wisdom within the soul, and how wisdom is built from universal intelligence.

Chapter 14 - Your Soul Has Magic - The magic of your soul is created from the energy of love. As the light of love shines for all to see, there is an illumination across the world and all universes. This magical light energy shines brightly from your finely tuned soul wisdom, strength, and from believing in the power of your soul to never lose your shine. The shine of your light is for you to claim. Once your soul awakens to the energy of love and to creating an energy flow that leads to inner peace, then magical transformations build a new reality. This path of magic is manifested by trusting in miracles, engaging in creative thinking or "magical thoughts," and being present in joy to open divine doorways.

Chapter 15 - One Infinite Soul - All souls interconnect in a network of love and light energy within the center point of infinity. Everyone contributes to this collective energy upon the earth and beyond. Through energetic connections, the geometric patterns of energy transform to vibrate and align with the intentions, beliefs, and desires of your soul, soul groups, and the collective. As every soul affects another, each wavelength of love energy sent to other souls, to the energetic signature of the earth, and to the universe, creates grids of light that produce a greater resonance of energy felt as love. You are one soul designed from unconditional love.

When I was in the last moments of my life, I chose to come back to the earth rather than transition so that I could write and speak about messages of love and hope. It matters not what you have been through in your life, anything is possible. Never stop believing! I believe that you have the power to heal and live your best life.

I speak and blog to an online community on topics related to energy, psychology, healing, and spirituality. I guide souls in connecting to love energy, improving energy flow, and discovering the power within the soul. I also deliver classes, meditations, lectures, and workshops on spiritual and healing topics such as chakras, trusting your intuition, learning to communicate with your angels and spirit guides, manifesting abundance, and bringing awareness to positive thoughts, intentions, and signs and synchronistic moments.

I post positive messages inspired by spirit on Twitter and Instagram including audio recordings and channeled messages:
-Twitter: Over 2,600 followers and growing
-Instagram: Over 1,800 followers and growing

Receive my SHINE newsletter and learn more about activating your soul energy by downloading my free e-book, The 7 Magical Steps to Activating Your Soul Abundance at

Listen to my podcast interviews at:

Are you ready to manifest through the energy of love? I BELIEVE that everyone can heal through the power of love energy and SHINE!

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  • I am a frequent guest on podcasts, radio shows, and live interviews covering self improvement, spiritual, and wellness topics.

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Shine from Your Soul was written for readers who are interested in a practical guide to understanding their soul purpose and how to shift the energy in their lives towards love. There is tremendous interest in manifesting from higher energy vibrations and connecting to a spiritual pathway as 73% of millennials identify themselves as "spiritual" and women compose a large population of those seeking spiritual transformations as 59% of spiritual book buyers are women. There are many articles, books, podcasts, and videos in the recent years that speak of elevating the collective consciousness from leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, and Paul Selig. Readers are seeking practical solutions to energy imbalances and how to manifest what they truly desire.

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  • Ifrain Alaniz
    on Feb. 10, 2021, 7:24 p.m.

    Pam -- here's wishing you much success and abundance -- on the spread of love energy -- all across the World! May this be the "first" of many many more books to come!

  • mayra angulo
    on Feb. 18, 2021, 5:11 p.m.

    i can not wait to read your book!
    You are a very smart and strong soul and i belive in your spiritual gifts.

  • `Linda McIsaac
    on Feb. 24, 2021, 3:34 p.m.

    Publishizer is a great tool. How can I post your book on Facebook?