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Monique Diplock

Monique Diplock


Monique has been writing for most of her life that she hasn't. Monique wrote Stand Tall so long ago she feels it's time to let it into the wild.

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About the author

As a teenager, Monique Diplock never felt at peace unless she had a pen and a piece of paper by her side. Now with a mountain of paper and a million pens, Monique continues to immerse herself into her world of creativity. Monique endeavours to create and inspire herself and others as much as she can. 

Now as a student studying in the field of Mental Health, Monique loves to find new ways of using creativity to help others who find solitude in similar ways. 

Monique has been slowly growing her online following over the last couple of years with her blogs, her personal blog, Monique Diplock, and her book reviewing blog, The Book Mystress. She put her name in the minds of authors and publishers alike. 

She has previously published two short stories. Dark Light Two has a 4 star rating and Dark Light Four has a 4 1/2 star rating. 

Aside from official publications, Monique has been a part of a couple of Mental Health publications through her school of study that were donated to local libraries as resources, which also gained local knowledge and praise of Monique's work. 

After each of the above mentioned publications the publishers have offered to work with Monique on a longer text basis. Although the offer hasn't been completed yet,  Monique took this as positive feedback that keeps her motivated and working toward her goals.

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Stand Tall, They'll Break Your Heart

Can Zacky be the support Emily needs to get through the unmentionable events that were inflicted on her by he who was supposed to love her most?

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YA Fiction Realistic Fiction
56,000 words
50% complete
9 publishers interested


After being missing for a small period of time Emily's parents assume she is dead and move on with their lives. Not so much for Emily's best friend Zacky. Don't ask him how he knew Emily was still alive, he just did. Call it a gut instinct. 

Eventually she was found, but the Emily they found was a shell of the person she used to be. She had been abused and broken beyond anything imaginable. 

With the help of those who love her, and even some she'd least expect, Emily's story is one of friendship prevailing and standing against the hardest of times.


Author's note: Chapters and outline subject to change overtime with editing and editorial advice

Chapter 1 - Instincts: 

This chapter begins with a sample of Emily's relationship with her friends and the inner hate toward her boyfriend.

Chapter 2 - Painfully Alive:

Emily is found on the street, scared, lost, and confused. 

Chapter 3 - Realisations:

Emily has growing anger and confusion with the pain in her body and the lack of answers. 

Chapter 4 - We'll leave the same day

Emily and Zacky have some time alone where Zacky expresses how frightening the time without his best friend has been. They both rehash a promise that was made earlier in their friendship. 

Chapter 5 - He's not worth it

Emily gets visited by some of her friends, including Charlie who appears to be struggling with Emily's trauma. The group realise that Emily's attacker is in the same hospital. 

Chapter 6 - While I was gone

Emily asks to be alone for the night. After watching footage taken from her memorials she ends up spending the night wandering the hospital, finding herself staring at the man she previously held so much respect for. Until Zacky finds her and ushers her back to her room where she is given the news she can return home. 

Chapter 7 - Homecoming

Emily returns home to her friends throwing her a welcome home party, where else than the beach.

Chapter 8 - Little things that count

Beach party continued. When Emily is greeted with stares and a panic attack, Emily and co. realise this isn't going to be as easy as they thought. 

Chapter 9 - Not to blame

A week has passed since the party, Zacky won't leave Emily's side, and Valery is being overly caring. Charlie and Emily come up with a plan that the three of them are happy with in order for Zacky and Charlie to continue their education. 

Chapter 10 - Emily Duty. 

Day one of 'Emily Duty,' the plan made up by Emily and Charlie to assure Zacky that Emily would not be alone. Charlie helps Emily to doctor's appointments while Zacky attends school. 

 Chapter 11 - Closer

(Charlie's POV)

With Zacky away for a week with his family, Emily and Charlie grow closer and closer. Eventually Charlie makes his feelings for Emily known suddenly in a moment celebrated with a lustful kiss. 

Chapter 12 - It hurts to breathe. 

(Emily's POV)

Emily has a flashback just as Charlie kisses her, the pain and guilt all over her face. Charlie was something she spent most nights wanting before the attack but now he had kissed her, everything felt completely opposite to what it should be. Knowing this she held on to him to fight against the pain caused by flashbacks and voices in her head.

Chapter 13 - Torn in two. 

The aftermath of Charlie and Emily's first kiss. Zacky doesn't react too well, eventuating in Charlie and Zacky butting heads and Emily slipping further into her pain. Overwhelmed by everything, she leaves, getting lost in a bush-land to be found hours later by a friend. 

Chapter 14 - A nightmare full of sorrow

When taken back home Emily is told of the fact that Wade, her attacker, has been let out on bail due to the lack of contact to the police by Emily and her family. Wade makes contact in a horrific way. Zacky and Charlie agree to leave their differences aside, agreeing that if Charlie was what helped ease Emily's pain then it didn't hurt anybody. 

Chapter 15 - Sometimes life is altered. 

After an evening full of nightmares Zacky and Emily spend a lazy morning catching up on the events of what happened while Zacky was away. 

Chapter 16 - Run to Paradise. 

Emily and Charlie go on a date. 

Chapter 17 - Stand Tall, They'll Bruise Your Ego

Emily and co. agree that it would be a good time for her to attend school but with Emily's trauma and the progression of her relationship with Charlie, this don't quite go as well as they'd hoped. 

Chapter 18 - Through my eyes. 

(Zacky's POV)

Emily legs it from school and disappears only to be found by Zacky in a place that was special to them both. They talk of memories, some recent, some not so much, as Emily tries to get a grip on her mind a little.

Chapter 19- Is there no standard anymore

(Emily's POV)

Emily agrees to buy all her friends dinner at Ruby's restaurant on the pier where Wade shows up, eventuating in Zacky and Charlie in handcuffs. 

Chapter 20 - Whatever will be

After being let go by the police, they all get sorted out at a friend's place before Charlie and Emily end up back at Charlie's house where Charlie gives Emily a little more of a glimpse into his life and how he coped with her loss and everything since. 

Chapter 21 - Take Her Away

(Charlie's POV)

Emily and Charlie spend some time together. Charlie's feelings for Emily grow stronger as she begins to fight against her fears and nightmares. When Zacky arrives Charlie becomes slightly jealous of the relationship they have. Zacky eventually tells Emily that the police are running out of time to keep her case open against Wade if she continues to do nothing about it. 

Chapter 22 - Pay you to take these feelings. 

(Emily's POV)

Emily is ready and waiting to go to the feeling overwhelmed with the slew of people in the room arguing about what's best for her in the situation she was about to walk into. She eventually took control enough so they could leave. 

Chapter 23 - A hardship no one should know 

Emily makes her statement!

Chapter 24 - Just like walking into a dream. 

Charlie takes Emily on a cute ice cream date. Emily tries to progress their relationship, to which Charlie doesn't reject but insists she talks to Zacky. Emily proceeds to do so but Zack's reaction is less than favourable. 

Chapter 25 - Through my eyes Part Two

(Zacky's POV)

Emily leaves a note for Zacky and Charlie and runs away with an unlikely ally.

Chapter 26 - Through My Eyes Part Three

(Zacky's POV)

Charlie and Zacky find Emily in a motel room in LA.

Chapter 27 - Never be the same, but we'll try. 

(Emily's POV)

Emily confides in Valery about sex and other intimate things in order to try to get some unbiased advice. Emily and Zacky patch their relationship a little. 

Chapter 28 -

After three days Zacky suggests that they go home. Charlie and Emily both agree to stay for a couple more days and spend the rest of the nights watching movies. 

Chapter 29 -

Charlie and Emily's relationship progresses.

Chapter 30 -

Charlie and Emily spend some nice time in LA before eventually returning to Huntington beach to find Zacky messed up on drugs.

Chapter 31 -

Emily tries to sober Zacky up to no avail, eventually letting him sleep it off. Charlie tries to convince Emily that what Zacky did wasn't really that bad considering what everyone was going though. 

Eventually Zacky wakes up and tells Emily why he was so stressed out at the party he went to.

The trio eventually comes up with a plan that could save Emily the trauma of a trial but puts her in harm's way in the meantime. 

Chapter 32 -

Emily and co. go through with the plan. 

Chapter 33

Zacky and Charlie leave Emily alone, upon her request. She wanted to get the tapes to her lawyers as quickly as she could. She got in her car when a dark shadow appears ahead. She's convinced it's nothing but her head, showing her things that weren't there, like it had been or months now. Only it wasn't. it was real. 

Chapter 34 - 

A number of days later Emily is in a courtroom full of people of all kinds, lawyers, therapists, family, her friends, her best friends. The judge was to review the footage Emily, Charlie and Zacky had obtained and hand down his advice. 

Chapter 35 -

Emily is told of another piece of pleasing news and ends up kissing the wrong person, or was he the wrong person?

Chapter 36 - 

Charlie sees Emily kiss her best friend. Emily's world implodes once again, right in front of her. Both her Zacky and Charlie are to force her to make an impossible decision.



Stand Tall, They'll Break Your Heart is aimed at the more mature side of Young Adult. 

It's not an easy novel to be in the world of. However, I feel this novel touches on important topics for teens and adults. 

I would suggest readers 14+.


In the past the idea of publishing Stand Tall, They'll Break Your Heart was put it onto Goodreads to view who was interested. In doing this unexpected hype for next to no marketing the novel was put onto the 'to be read' lists of 452 people. 

I would capitalise on this by subjecting myself and my book to blog tours that will include and not be limited to, guest posts, excerpts, and giveaways.

To accompany this of course would be Twitter and Facebook campaigns. 

Through my own book review blog the opportunities and ideas on how to get my book out there and seen are ingrained in my mind. 

Connecting and relating to my audience is at the forefront of my mind, and it is of the utmost importance to me to have myself available on every outlet should they need to reach me.


 1. Speak - Laurie Halse Anderson, Puffin 2001
"Speak up for yourself--we want to know what you have to say."

  2. 13 Reasons Why - Jay Asher 2006 Razorbil
You can’t stop the future. 
You can’t rewind the past.
The only way to learn the secret . . . is to press play.

3. Identical - Ellen Hopkins 2008 by Margaret K. McElderry Books

Do twins begin in the womb?
Or in a better place?

4. I heart you, you haunt me - Lisa Schroeder 2008 Simon Pulse

Girl meets boy.
Girl loses boy. 
Girl gets boy back...

..sort of. 

5. A blue so dark, Holly Schindler 2010, flux

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 Chapter1 - Instincts

I grabbed on to the bar to help me
stand still then turned to see my friend’s faces. We managed yet
again to get in to Johnny’s bar, under-age, again.

The boys were standing there talking.
For me, the room was just spinning.

“Who wants another shot? It’s on
me!” a velvety voice asked and I looked in that direction.

Charlie Sanderson one the most
beautiful guys in the world. He has a smile that could light up both
sides of the equator. He has hazelish green eyes like the colour of
the trees at the end of summer. He knows exactly how to cheer you up
he knows how to tell a good joke. There are very few people who are
more themselves then Charlie. His body is perfectly buff he could
snap a medium sized tree in half, I swear! He can hold his own in a
fight, and is the first to jump in and help his friends in a fight.
Even his bad points are good, every one who doesn’t know him
personally thinks his bad news. He has a good heart, just with bad

Even though I have my own boy friend
who makes sure I know I can never get Charlie, I know more than any
thing that he has nothing on Charlie.

known him and the rest of our group including my best friend Zacky
Babion since freshmen year my family moved down from LA to Huntington
Beach because I was getting in too much trouble in LA, ironically and
I get in more trouble with my friends in Huntington Beach.

“Emily… Emily.” I refocused to
see my best friend Zack clicking his fingers in my face.

“Arr yeah a shot would be great
thanks!” I slurred out focusing on Zack’s face then shifting my
eyes to Charlie who had already made his way to the bar.

“Are you alright?” Zack asked
stroking my face playfully

“Yeah, lets dance.” I said
grabbing his hand trying to drag him to ward the dance floor, which
was unsuccessful.

“Don’t be stupid.” He laughed
pulling me back to the bar were I was standing, holding on again as
the room spun.

I turned to Ben who was sitting in a
chair talking to Owen

“Ben come dance with me.” I said
resorting to my charm to try and get him to dance.

“No Emmy, I think you should sit
down sweetie.” He said pulling a chair in between him and Owen.

“No I don’t want to sit down.” I
said grabbing his hand. “I’ll make you a deal, if you dance with
me, I’ll have sex with you.” I said sitting on his knee, I heard
the three of them combust in to laughter.

“What? I will have sex with who ever
dances with me.”

“Who wants to have sex?” Charlie
asked as he stepped back in to view holding out our shots on a tray
with a 2 bottles of beer.

“You’re aware you have a boyfriend
right?” Owen said.

that point I froze. I have a boyfriend that cheats on me because I
don’t want to lose my virginity. Zack is the only person in this
room that knows how it’s all going down, but my friends know I’m
not ready for that. That’s why it’s treated as a joke when I
bring sex up.

“You know I’m joking Owen ole
pal?” I said standing up and scuffing his hair, then walking to
Charlie taking mine and Zack’s shot and a bottle of beer.

handed Zacky his shot and downed mine looking to the roof as a
followed it with a beer chaser.

The roof was tin spinning and spinning
getting further away. Suddenly everything was above me.

“Emily!” I heard from behind me
then Zack’s hand was on my shoulder and he was bending down.

I realised “I’m on the ground.”
I started laughing,

“Em, get off the ground.” Zacky
said trying to pull me up.

“Ha-ha, I can’t, ha-ha” I told
not being able to control the laughter.

“Come on dude.” Charlie said
leaning down to my level.

“What’s going on here?” An
authority voice asked.

“She’s just tripped.” Some one

“Ha-ha I did! Ha-ha, I’m not
sober.” I laughed “I’m not sober I’m drunk.” I stopped
laughing to hear my friends had started. “Wait, I mean, I’m not
drunk I’m sober. Ha-ha woopsie.” I said taking Charlie’s
offered hand and standing up, stumbling towards the bar guy.

“I think its time you all left.”

“No! I’m not sober I swear.” I
said trying to see reason, failing some how.

I opened my eyes to the darkness of
the sky. The chilled air hit my face like it was a blessing sent from

I notice a hand going over my eyes
then resting on my forehead. I looked up to see piercing blue eyes
looking down on me.

“Hey, you wake up?” Zack asked.

“Yeah, are we in the park?” I
asked sitting up noticing Ben and Charlie wrestling over towards the
play equipment.

“Yeah I got some water here.” He
said pulling a bottle up from beside him. Zack unscrewed the lid and
handed it to me.

I put the bottle to my mouth and
closed my eyes. The cold slide down my throat and in to my organs
that felt as if they were as shrivelled as prunes.

took the bottle down I put my head back to its proper position and
opened my eyes to see hazel eyes staring in to my eyes, eyes that
made my stomach turn, eyes that I used to long to look in to every

jumped when I realised it was Johnny I grabbed Zack’s arm and
lightly dug my nails in.

“Hey sexy,” He growled kissing me
so violently it hurt.

I pulled back. “Hey you weren’t at
the bar.” I spoke softly.

“I know but I’m here what do you
want to do?” He asked taking my hands.

“I want to hang with Zacky.” I

“No Zack’s busy.” Johnny said.

I peaked to the side and noticed Zack
staring ferociously at Johnny. I looked back at Johnny who was
waiting for my answer.

“No his not, are you Zacky?” I
said giving him a pleading look.

“No I’m not sweetie.” He smiled.

“Come on I know you don’t really
want to stay here.” He scoffed.

I looked back at Zacky he looked me in
the eyes and shrugged giving. I knew that if I said no that I would
stay and there was no way that Johnny could make me go.

I looked back at Johnny.

“We’ll go watch a movie?” Johnny

“Alright,” I sighed reluctantly.

2 - Painfully Alive

I opened my eyes and felt pain rush to
my head. I went to touch it but my hands where tied to the head of
the bed.

I tried to move my legs they were tied
to the other end of the bed. I looked to my side and saw a rancid
poster and a bass sitting on the floor.

I knew I was in Johnny’s room.

I thought back and tried to remember
how I got here, the last thing I could remember was Zack’s face
when he shrugged his shoulders giving me a way out.

I tugged on the bed head trying to
slip my hands out of the ties.

How could he do this to me I started
to panic. He was supposed to love me how could he treat me like this.

As the tears hit my face, the pain hit
my whole body making me almost scream.

I heard foot steps out side the door
so I forced myself to be quiet.

The door opened and I felt eyes on my
body, it was only then when I felt those eyes stare at me I realised
I was naked.

“Emmy you’re awake.” Johnny
growled as he walked into sight.

“What did you do to me?” I said. I
was struggling to recognise my own voice.

“You don’t know?” he snickered.

He sat on the side of the bed rubbing
the said of my face.

Just the soft touch of his hand made
me whimper in pain.

His hand started trailing down my

“It didn’t have to come to this
Emily.” He said kissing my neck. “I’m going to untie your hands
but you have to promise to behave.” He smirked.

I knew this was my only way to escape.
I didn’t know how long I had been here if I didn’t play along I
don’t know when I might get free.

“I promise.” I sobbed letting his
hand slide down my body.

He undid my right hand it dropped
straight to the bed I looked as the pain shot up my arm. There were
purple marks witch appeared to go right around my wrist. What has
this asshole done to me?

His lips trailed further and further
down my body.

I looked up from my hand to notice a
baseball bat sitting right above my head.

I stretched my hand and grabbed hold
of it screaming with pain I smacked it across Johnny’s head. He
fell to the floor.

I quickly untied my hand sat up and
untied my feet. I searched the floor for my cloths finding my jeans
but no underwear or top; I put the jeans on with out thinking and
grabbed a random shirt from the bed.

With out thinking about the pain I ran
through the door out to the kitchen then out the front door to the

The street was dark and the cool air
stung I couldn’t see any thing I turned right and tried to run but
ran in to some one.

I screamed and looked up.

When I looked up I seen Ben’s face
looking down on me.

“Emily?” He yelled. “Were have
you been?” He asked pulling me back so he could look in my eyes.
“What happened you’ve got blood all over you?”

I couldn’t speak my mouth couldn’t

“Come on, we’ll take you in to
Johnny’s.” He said putting his hand on my back and nudging me

“No!” I scream hugging in to him.

“Hey, it’s ok we don’t have to.
You can come back to mine.”  He said dragging me in the
opposite direction.


When we got back to Ben’s house his
parents weren’t home. We went up to his room and said for me to sit
on his bed. I sat on the edge of his bed and wrapped my arms over my

Ben walked out of the room and came
back in on the phone.

“Dude I don’t even know she won’t
even move, I don’t know if she can even hear me.” I heard him say
in to the phone. “Yeah man, get over here.” He hung up the phone
and came and sat on the bed.

“Zack’s on his way over.” Ben
said smoothly.  “Are you going to tell me where you’ve been
for the last two weeks?” He questioned.

Two weeks? I was in Johnny’s room
for the last two weeks? I couldn’t begin to think of the things
that had happened to me. My image of Zacky shrugging his shoulders
seamed like just hours ago.

As the possibilities of things that
happened filled my mind my bottom lip started shaking.

“It’s alright you don’t have
to.” He laughed slightly brushing my face.

thought of things before my last thought. I remember getting kicked
out of the bar and waking up in the park feeling like a prune. I
wondered when the last time I ate was my mouth was dry I wondered
when the last time I even had a drink was.

Ben suddenly got up and left the room
I heard him talking then Ben, Zacky and Charlie walked in.

“Yeah I went to Charlie’s to get a
lift.” I heard Zack say trailing off as he saw me.

Before I could even realise he was
sitting in front of me on the bed.

“What happened?” He growled.

I couldn’t bring my self to look up.

“Emily, look at me.” He said
putting a finger under my chin.

I looked up and Zacky flinched. He
turned his head slightly to Charlie and Ben.

“Go get something so I can clean her
up.” He said coldly.

Charlie and Ben left the room with out
a second thought. Zacky looked back at me.

“Where have you been, I have been
going out of my mind.” He said rubbing my face. I knew he was
touching as soft as he possibly could but it still hurt like hell.

The possibilities of what Johnny could
have done ran through my head again my lip started shaking this time
I couldn’t stop it.

Zack pulled me in to his arms and sat
my head on his shoulder.

“Don’t ever disappear on me
again.” He whispered.

“I won’t.” I said lower then a

He pulled back and looked at me.

“I think we need to take you to the
hospital.” He said ripping my arms from my stomach. “You’re a
fucking mess.”

I tried to speak but couldn’t
instead I just gave him pleading eyes.

“Em’ you’re all bruises there’s
scabs through your hair.” He touched the part of my head that has
been throbbing since I woke up. I flinched.

I heard the door open.

“Zacky I need to talk to you.” Ben

“Alright,” He said pushing him
self up.

He walked to the door and motioned for
Charlie to come and sit with me.

Charlie sat down and went to put his
arm around me I cowered away from him.

“Sorry, but I missed you.” He

 I glanced at him out of the
corner of my eye and saw something in his eyes changed when he seen
something in mine.

“It’s ok now Em, I am not going to
hurt you.”

We both heard the door slam open and
Zack stormed in.

“Did he do this to you?” Zack
growled. “Did Johnny do this to you?” He grabbed my hand and pain
shot up my arm. “Emmy tell me and I will go kill him right now.”
He snarled.

“I…don’t kn.” My own voice box
cut me off

“I’m going to fucking kill him.”
Zack yelled pacing back and forward.

“Zack calm down worry about Emily
for now.” Charlie said.

“No he fucking cried with us at her
memorial, he has been grieving with us and all the while.” Zack cut
him self off.

“Look lets just get Emily to the
hospital then we’ll worry about that son of a bitch later.”
Charlie said putting his hands on Zack’s shoulder.

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