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Seif Eddine Moussa

Seif Eddine Moussa

Monastir, Tunisia

Seif is a leader of two culture clubs in Monastir, Tunisia.
He's a very controversial thinker who has no issues standing out for what he believes in.

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About the author

Seif E. Moussa writes interesting and controversial quotes making his thoughts clear towards any subject related to social life, psychology and philosophy.

He's leading a cultural Club in Monastir, Tunisia such as IC club organizes events and meetings regarding several cultural subjects, psychology, social life.

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Sunday Afternoon

The Useless Compass

28 chapters and a simple letter to understand philosophy charged with passion, dreams and a realistic way of facing life.

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Mind & Body
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How far can you go, if you’re running in a circle?

That’s what has became the summary of our life: going to school, graduate, get a job, work from 9 to 5, get a family,... living your life each day as same as others bringing an other half copy of yourself to this repetitive world. It keeps running in the same routine, in the same circle.

Sunday Afternoon shows the ideas that crosses our mind and all the feelings of blankness and emptiness mixed with attempts to escape, not only  from life or society, but also from ourselves. The book approaches the problem of this life: humans going through the same day over and over again, without noticing any new changes. Society goes through different standards while killing any attempt to be different.

A research to escape from all the routine that has been taking over our lives and the mainstream patterns that has turned out to become our everyday routine. A book full of codes and hidden messages and songs references with a unique, different and a bit of vague dark style, where YOU will find yourself easily shifted in the journey of the book - lost between the lines of each chapter searching for the right question hidden within each paragraph. 

Why someone would buy this book:

  • An easy and simple book to follow through with a deep meaning of hope, pain and reality behind every line.
  • An enjoyable book full of hidden references that will lead you to understand where your ideas and wishes really come from.
  • A useful gift to introduce a friend to another form of reading or to start following the path toward a bigger vision of individuality.
  • An essential guiding map to find inner peace in individuality.
  • A good book about self express and search for identity.


This book is dedicated to people who are prone to read Self-Help or Literary Fiction regarding consciousness and mindfulness. Usually, ranked above 18 years old.

Sunday Afternoon is a book targeted to Millennials and +18 years old fans of reading and self-exploring, interested in existentialism and newborn philosies. Anyone who enjoyed a book like The Madman by Gibran Khalil or On the Heights of Despair by Emil Cioran.

A stat by Pew Research Center shows in his last survey on book reading 2016, that the age range of 18 to 29 (which this book perfectly targets) are the heaviest readers. Reading for a specific purpose, such as work, school, or research. Thus, it proves they search for a certain type of books to fit the needs of their mindset, since they are the ones who suffer the most of the new life patterns during the last few decades.


During the past 2 years Seif has been socially active. Building a small network on intellectual friends who shows interest in books and building a good digital marketing plan for the book.

The author was the leader of two cultural groups in his country and an active member in few others groups.

With a wide social network in Facebook and being a public face on the platform on intellectual and cultural events. 

Seif is an active member on few book groups in Facebook, in Monastir city and Sousse city, that are contributor to books, culture and social improvements.

And Currently The leader Of the Club 'Step' (Monastir Department) which is a Club contributed to social Improvement and free thinking 


The Subject of Experience by Galen Strawson, published by Oxford University Press (April, 2019)

The Subject of Experience is about the self, the person. It takes the form of a series of essays which draw on literature and psychology as well as philosophy. Galen Strawson explains and discuss the simple basic rules of understanding  the self and awareness of its existence.

While the two books talks about the self, Seif’s book takes a different direction on identifying the self describing it as two separate parasites that can only merge to be a real person during a moment of self express, with more of an artistic vague touch than an academic point of view.

The Lies that Bind: Rethinking Identity by Kwame Anthony Appiah, published by Liveright (August, 2018)

"The Lies That Bind" is an incandescent exploration of the nature and history of the identities that define us. It challenges our assumptions about how identities work. We all know there are conflicts between identities, but Appiah shows how identities are created by conflict. "Sunday Afternoon" discusses a major idea where we are labeled by society without being asked and we are forced to accept those labels.

The Rebellious Slave: Breaking the Matrix by Mike Bhang, published by BBP (April, 2019)

Society can be divided into two dominant groups: the rulers and the ruled ones. The philosophical expressions within "The Rebellious Slave" attempt to briefly address the deficiencies in the rule of shepherds, and the feelings of those they herd.

“The Rebellious Slave" presents a different way of viewing the world, popular ideas, and an individual's place amid them. Seif’s book motivates the readers to reevaluate why they want what they want, why they know what they know, and why they believe what they believe. "Sunday Afternoon" shows the manner in which a person's mind is trained, and the substance readily available to the mind cages an individual to an untrue reality.

Letters of Shama: Letter one - A Manual to Self-Preservation and Divine Conscience by Rofe. Shama Talmeed Shel Ha'Chayeem, Independently Published (April, 2019)

"Letters of Shama" shows how people are part of a strategically, systematically, and socially engineered world where probably “self-preservation” becomes non-existent.

While "Letters of Shame" tries to understand why we are losing ourselves and how that has turned to be more of a common thing, "Sunday Afternoon" makes clear that there’s still hope on rebuilding human’s mind to set inner peace. 

Wish I Were Here: Boredem and the Interface by Mark Kingwell, published by McGill-Queen's University Press (April, 2019)  

Offering a timely meditation on the profound effects of constant immersion in technology, "Wish I Were Here" draws on philosophical analysis of boredom and happiness to examine the pressing issues of screen addiction and the lure of online outrage. Without moralizing, Mark Kingwell takes seriously the possibility that current conditions of life and connection are creating hollowed-out human selves, divorced from their own external world.

When you read some chapters of "Sunday Afternoon", you’ll notice the book makes a clear reference to social media and how it impacted our lives. Both books tend to share the same opinion and idea where social media has a huge impact on human’s live. Nevertheless, "Sunday Afternoon" choses self expression and self awareness as the escape from the loop.

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