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Dr. Pam Denton

Dr. Pam Denton

Manlius, New York

Fitness expert, international speaker, and coach Dr. Pam Denton is founder of SuperCORE Fitness. She is author of numerous books and is a contributor and co-publisher of Influential Woman Online.

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Fitness expert, speaker, and coach Dr. Pam Denton is the founder of the revolutionary SuperCORE Positive Motivation Fitness Technique. Developed from Dr. Pam’s 20 years of experience in fitness leadership, creation, and instruction, the SuperCORE program delivers stress release, positive motivation, and core leadership power through breathing techniques and intentional movement.

Dr. Pam's intensively researched mind-body approach to revolutionized fitness and well-being has helped thousands of people and businesses plug into their innate power and activate supercharged energy and health for accelerated success. Author of She Means Business and On the Other Side, Dr. Pam speaks globally about leadership and trains leaders to release negativity and embody positive motivation for their businesses, teams and communities. She is co-publisher and contributor to the groundbreaking new magazine Influential Woman Online.
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Hillary Welles

Hillary Welles is a SuperCORE Fitness instructor, positive motivational speaker, and a founding member of the SuperCORE Positive Motivation Fitness development team. A Black Belt Nia instructor and Nia MOVE it™ instructor, she brings nearly two decades of holistic fitness experience to her work with SuperCORE.

Hillary holds an MA in Shakespeare Studies from the University of Birmingham, England and a BA in English Language and Literature from Smith College. She has ghostwritten and edited many books in the field of personal growth and is passionate about sharing the benefits of integrative fitness through a powerful blend of strength, humor, spiritual presence, and positive communication. She is a contributor and editor for the new groundbreaking magazine Influential Woman Online.





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