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Nnamdi Oranye

Nnamdi Oranye

Nnamdi is an afro-tech optimist and media contributor, and is passionate about promoting impressive African innovation. He has previously written a successful book, “Disrupting Africa.”

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Taking on Silicon Valley

How Africa's Innovators will Shape its Future

This book outlines Africa’s growth into a continent exploding with innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, and opportunity, and describes the steps necessary to capitalize upon and expand that incredible growth.

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Business Innovation
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South Africa
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When I launched Disrupting Africa: The Rise and Rise of Innovation in 2016, I included a manifesto on the inside cover of the book which I called the “Disrupting Africa” manifesto. The manifesto was simply a call to all Africans passionate about our continent to make a difference and act. 

2016 was a whirlwind of a year. Little did I know that in writing my book there would be so much attention and focus on it. Maybe it was my naivety in assuming that everyone was aware of the impressive African innovation on the continent. Having such feedback to my book from peers, investment houses and the media, made me realize that there was huge interest and thirst for African innovation. 

The Disrupting Africa Manifesto has matured significantly since then. Rather than just being a call it has developed into a strategy, one that I truly believe is needed on our beloved continent. Spending time with African Innovators and chronicling their journeys presented new insights that I hadn't previously thought of. There seemed to be consistent themes that emerged in speaking to innovators on my weekly radio show on Power FM, researching the various industries they were involved in and then presenting these themes at conferences and writing about them in various publications. The most fascinating industry that I didn’t know was being disrupted by technology was the health industry – with significant strides made in the space of biotechnology and early detection of malaria.

“Disrupting Africa” is a play on words that works two ways. 

One, Africa itself needs to be disrupted. We simply cannot go on doing the same things we’ve been doing for the last few hundred years – let alone the last decade. The world is changing and fast. We must not seek for change for the sake of change, but we need to see our future and grasp it ourselves, otherwise others will dictate to us (again) who we need to be and what our place in the world is. We can no longer afford to make the same mistakes we made in the past.

Two, Africa itself is poised to become a disruptor in this world. It is not the “Dark Continent” or whatever other label people want to put on it, but it has the potential to be the “Disrupting” continent. It is the “Disrupting [continent of] Africa” not “Disrupted Africa”. I hope you can see the subtlety here. This is my way of speaking about Africa Rising, that very popular (and yet also unpopular) narrative that some erroneously want to brush off as nothing but a lot of hot air; a bit of idealism to keep us thinking we’re making a difference; a nice phrase to throw around at corporate dinner parties. My own experience with young Africans in particular has led me to the firm conviction that Africa Rising explains what’s going on at grass-roots very poignantly. However, the current gatekeepers do need to make a bit of a move on… which gets back to the reason for why I’m doing what I’m doing in the first place. If we don’t move on, others will move us on, and the result could potentially be hazardous for us.

I love my people, I love my continent, I love where we are, and I love our massive potential. For this reason I’ve made Disrupting Africa something of my life’s work. 

Underpinning this is a bold vision statement: to leave a legacy of innovation for the generations to come. If we don’t shape and decorate our own home someone else is going to come and do it for us. History shows us that we have to take responsibility for the future and we must do that now, we can’t just let it happen to us. We’ve been there. I don’t want to go back there. I’m sure you don’t too. We can discuss the nuances and I definitely don’t blame the previous generations for all the hurt we’ve had to experience - I know there are socio-political reasons for why we ended up where we were, and a lot of it was out of our control. But despite this I also feel the weight of responsibility to build the right thing in the right way for the future generations of our continent. Who will build if we don’t? In 30, 40 years we need to be able to look back from a very different continent and be able to pinpoint those moments and those places where we fostered the right kind of change, where we triggered a shift in a positive direction, when we took down the giants that were rising against us in the land. That legacy is what I want to leave and I’m on a mission to invite others to join me. In the end, I’m not writing books and trying to do something for the sake of having another book in my name, but because the next generation deserves all my effort to build something for them that they can even take further. If you have the same mind and passion, we’re friends already. Let’s partner in moving African innovation forward.

The Legend of Africa continues.


This book is structured around themes I picked up when writing my first book "Disrupting Africa" and the intent is to provide concrete views on how Africa as a whole needs to be prepared to either collaborate with Silicon Valley or at the very least have a response for their impact on the continent.

1. Disrupting Africa Manifesto

2. Africa’s Working Population - An Asset or a Liability?

3. Is the Africa Rising narrative dead?

4. Why Africa is innovating more than you think - what we are actually doing

5. The Big Boys (Silicon Valley) are coming to town

6. African consumerism has arrived

7. What the African innovator looks like and how they would help us compete

8. The missing link for African Innovation

9. Borderless Africa

10. The African Girl Child

11. The Dark Side to Innovation

12. Africa at the Global Table


This book is for all Africans, both on the continent and the diaspora, as well as non-Africans, brave enough to contribute to leaving a legacy of African innovation for the next generation.

Of particular interest is the African diaspora desperate for an opportunity to participate in the booming African innovation landscape. The African Union defines the African diaspora as:

"[consisting] of people of African origin living outside the continent, irrespective of their citizenship and nationality and who are willing to contribute to the development of the continent and the building of the African Union." Its constitutive act declares that it shall "invite and encourage the full participation of the African diaspora as an important part of our continent, in the building of the African Union."

This definition in itself explains the passion I had in penning the Disrupting Africa manifesto. At a time where millions of Africans, who have emigrated from the continent now share a feeling of “Ubuntu”, - the South African term described as a specific kind of "African humanism", this book helps to present trends that both the African diaspora and Africans on the continent can do something about.

With over 60 million Africans in the diaspora*, it really is our responsibility as Africans to plug the ‘brain drain’ that’s plaguing our continent. It really is our responsibility as Africans to leave a genuine contribution for the next generation of Africans so that they can understand how impressive we were and how bold we were to disrupt Africa in our own generation.

I invite you to disrupt Africa.



Nnamdi Oranye, dubbed “The Innovation Guru” on Power FM 98.7's weekly innovation segment, is passionate about the power of technology and innovation to change the lives of Africans. He is the author of Africa's first book "Disrupting Africa" that chronicles the lives of innovators and entrepreneurs changing the African landscape.

He is currently a media contributor for CNBC Africa where he shares his views on African innovation trends that Africans both on the continent and diaspora need to be aware of.

His many travels and business experience across the continent have greatly contributed to his huge optimism for Africa and its bright future. He features frequently as a presenter and chairperson across various conferences in Africa, contributes regularly to media houses on the subject of innovation, and has been named amongst the 100 most influential names in Africa's telecoms, media and ICT industry by the AfricaCom100 Research Board.


Nnamdi’s speaking engagements, workshops, conference keynotes, previous radio show, and media contribution role (CNBC Africa, BBC, Carte Blanche, Mail & Guardian) are the main platforms through which new and existing potential readers would be able to access this book.

Larger orders have come from pre-existing relationships and new ventures, and would act as distribution points for the book during preorders.

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Previous Book: 
Disrupting Africa: The Rise and Rise of African Innovation

Upcoming Speaking Engagements/Conferences:

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Other Media Appearances
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    Well done Nnamdi!

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    Looking forward to this next edition of amazing innovations and let's keep disrupting Africa.

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    You are a beacon of light Nnamdi...continue to illuminate Africa's innovations for the world to see!

  • Muhammad Nana on May 23, 2017, 5:33 p.m.

    What an amazing individual, thank you for showcasing African innovation. You keep our African spirit and hope alive :)

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    Great stuff bro. Congratulations

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    Keep on taking ground. You are a true inspiration to those of us who dream of following your steps and telling the story of our amazing Africa. So proud of you Nnamdi!

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    Upwards & onwards!!!

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    Hey Bro! Nice job. I look forward to reading. We should catch up soon. Atlanta, Ga

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    EXcitingly waiting for the book boys

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    Let's keep Disrupting Africa Nnamdi!

    p.s. I would love to a get a mix of the new book and your first book if that's possible, I think they will work really well together. Planning to use it as the intro to prospective clients in the impact investment space.

    p.p.s. would still love to help work on getting this to the African diaspora!

  • Clara Amarteifio-Taylor on July 13, 2017, 10:59 a.m.

    My great friend. Congratulations - this is only the begining of bigger things to happen for you.

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