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Dean Plassaras

Dean Plassaras

Athens, Greece

I'm a high-performance men nutritionist. Alongside my nutrition skills and coaching, I have developed useful vitality plans for men, that include sleep regimens, breathing patterns and smart stress management!

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About the author

I'm Dean Plassaras, the Greek Nutritionist for high-performance men.

My mother thinks all this is a weird title, but I still love her. 

My father? Well, let's say when I market myself to relatives he is the first to laugh.

In any case, I may be a high-performance nutritionist, but most importantly I'm a an explorer of the human body in a holistic manner.

Like another 007, my mission is: 

"To explore and optimize the limits of human performance, while finding a way to prolong life up to 150 years old."

And that's why I dropped out of my engineering school, even if I had some of the best grades of the country to be able to apply there. 

It didn't fit with my ideas. And when the time came I shouted to my mom:  

"Mom enough! I don't want to deal with cement and steel all day long! I want to optimize the human mind, psychi and body while enjoying a strong vibrant and meaningful life!"

Ok it didn't went as poetic as this one, but you got the idea.

I had a fascination on the human body since I was a little bud. 

My first dream as a 5 year-old was to be a doctor. 

Just 15 years later I understood that going into this society can make you a pharmaceutical salesman with a white coat. So I said no, althou I could pursue this career with ease. 

Yes I'm a geek. I love studying human psychology & biology. Then I apply as many as I can. 

 With my fast reading skills in place, I decided in my early 20's to continue my biology, nutriton & wellness education where I left it (with honors) in highschool. I dropped the prestigious engineering school and that made my mom cry. 

But you know. Moms cry a lot, so it's a no-no factor in my mind (LOL). 

At around 21 yrs young I started my exploration on the human body and why it behaves the way it behaves when you eat X instead of Y...? 

Slowly but surely I started to gain an understanding on some foundational concepts of health.  It was hard to find the simple foundational truths of health, because the web is so full of .... let's say bad advice.

Now I'm 27,6. But I can say proudly that I have understand how to achieve 80% of your optimal super-health. This 80% of rules will take only the 20% of money and time, when compared to the other 20% of tools/habits that will take many years to establish, even a decade. 

So, in a nutshell by doing the following you can go 80% of the way in less than 12 months:

1) Breathe Properly and with quality.

2) Sleep deep, dark and cold. 

3) Eat unprocessed most of the time.

4) Move your body more and stretch like a cat.

5) Exercise less but like Leonidas from the 300.

6) Relax more often and connect with humans easily.

I still have a lot to process and a lot to learn from mistakes and new science coming up every 5 years to change some things. But I strongly believe that we should apply these fundamental truths that stay pretty consistent in the medical literature. 

If we get these "5 Pillars Of Male Health" right 80% of the time, we will enjoy a happy, vibrant and strong life. 

We deserve to be strong as males. 

Be proud of yourself as a modern man as you must. Take ownership of your situation as a modern man should. Now, act and be the lion you can be.
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The 5 Pillars of Male Health

Avoid Your Personal Health Kryptonites and be the Ultimate Superman!

The simplest health guide ever created for men who want to achieve greatness. Take action on these 5 pillars and you will gain a strong body, mind and soul!

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Like all men, I've experienced some changes with my body the past 15 years. Since I entered adolescence, the world changed. My priorities changed. I felt different. It seemed like a freedom. I had more urge to search the world and like a young man, to develop deep relationships with other people. Also, my body starts to develop itself and my sexuality emerged... Al that made adolescence an interesting time, but... 

My father was absent. He just wasn't there and when he was, he was not able to deliver the proper guidance for this new unknown world of a young adolescent man. 

I was growing as a body, but even that was not in the proper way. I was fat and with too much pimples. Everyone in my family and friendly families said it was normal. The doctors said the same and just prescribed me a dozen of medicines and expensive cremes for my pimples. 

Don't get me started with my teenager fat! Eveyrone said "Eat with moderation Dean!" But I couldn' t eat with moderation and for some reason moderation didn't seem logical to me..

Then there where the men tribes. I wasn't able to fit into tribes of cool guys in high school and the only guys that "tolerate" my presence were not exactly the guys I would choose to ... hang with! Except for a dude, I had no friends basically.

Finally, girls. Or should I say porn? The honest truth is that I was a virgin until my 19th birthday. Yes, I said it and I'm not ashamed of it. But is this normal...? Hell no! It isn't and it shouldn't be considered as normal. But I had no guidance. None. Nothing to give me honest feedback and give me the honest truth on how to respect my sexual masculine energy, and have a proper understanding of the female sexuality too! 

My communications skills were tragic and I had no confidence until my early 20's. I couldn't form real friendships with other men and form smart tribes to hang with. I had always friends that stuck with me and I with them... I wasn't happy but I had no guidance to get over these obstacles.

Of course, the same holds true for my nutrition, exercise, sleep, skin and hair health. No proper guidance. 

My mother was trying to help with food and she is a great amateur chef, but her foods were mostly unhealthy and fattening. Tasty though! And when I told her on my pimples she gave me the classic cremes and other "therapies" for this issue. Unsuccesfully of course with minimal effect on my issue. 

My father? 

He was in his early 40's, overweight without being to a gym like... never! He is a little bit muscular, but nothing spectacular and never had the training philosophy. His ignorance on nutrition was the same, although I credit him to love a lot of fruits and some veggies, even though he ate a lot of fruits and of course he got a belly. 

So, his advice for nutrition was "Eat everythng with moderation!" and for exercise "Just do 5 pushups everyday and you 're good!" 

And regarding his advice on sexual relationships or friendships, let me say it blunlty. He never succeeded having strong relationships with people and his marriage was never happy. 

So his advice on friends was "just go out and hang out with whoever you can!" and on girls .... well nothing.

Why I'm saying all this? 

Because I believe that every man builds his health foundations while in adolescence. 

If you don't make it right there, then you will always chasing the train. 

But if you have proper guidance there, you can build strong foundations of character and health as a man. 

Of course, you can still find your way to health when you 're into your adult years. But I want especially young men to take notice and get this toolbox to build strong foundations.

That's the only reason I'm writing this book. I want to provide a simple pocket guide for young men, so that they can follow proper guidance in health! I know the 5 pillars of health and I want to give mankind a very simple to use guide where he can find whatever he needs and wants for his health in a couple of seconds.
Proper sexual relationships and proper frienshps are also a part of a holistic health plan and 1 of the 5 pillars just in case you wonder...

The book is easy to read also because I don't like big fluffly books, where the author repeats the same things over and over. Only useful information in a pocket size book that everyman can take with him wherever he travels! 

Let's get into it.


Here I open up about my journey regarding the health department. I will share all my failures and the few successes of mine. I will be as transparent as it gets, because I want you first to understand that NOBODY has reached his maximum potential. Have faith in knowing that I too still struggle with a few stuff myself. 

I want you to set proper expectations. That's why I ask you some pretty harsh questions here about your life, your health and your immediate environment. Take a breath and consider answering them honestly. Being honest is the first part. Admitting your wrong route is the second. The third? Lets set some proper goals and expectations for your health, so that you achieve greatness as a modern succesfull man!

The most important thing in the world. You breathe thousand times each day. But do you breathe right? And is the air you 're breathing the proper quality one your ancestors had the luxury of breathing?
Here I will show you how to breathe properly and how to ensure a high quality air around you. Simple ancient techniques that are lost in the books. The best part? It can be almost free, but lifechanging...!

4) THE 2ND PILLAR OF MALE HEALTH - SLEEPINGSleeping is the 2nd most important habit you need to take care of! I will show you how to implement succesfully pre sleep habits, post-sleep habits, bedroom imrpovements, supplements, and many other tools and techinques that are as costly as your lack of health is! (ask your insurance!)

I'm a Nutritionist. So that's my experties and I storngly believe that food can be medicine. But it can be also a toxin! So here I share the fundamental nutrition guidelines I believe will help the modern man balance his fast, stressful and demanding life! I'm not into dieting, but I like the ide of doing things in the Parreto way. Being right 80% of the time will do the trick... My most important guidelines: 
a) Unprocessed + Organic + Grass Fed
b) Grains and Dairy: Not your first choice!
c) Implement Fasting and Seasonal Foods!

Do you walk often and vigorously?
Do you stretch...bro?
Do you mobilize your glutes after sitting for hours?
Do you move some pretty heavy stuff up and down?
Do you enjoy life while getting a pretty good workout, as in a tennis match or a basketball 2 on 2?
Do you even just hang from pull up bars... bro???

This is a very important pillar, yet many times not respected. You can't be a succesfull man if you deny the existence of your psychi (soul). Psychology is not some strange thing reserved for the weak. Without proper psychology you won't achieve proper muscle growth, proper DNA repair and you will waste your time.

8) SET BULLETPROOF SYSTEMS TO WIN ALL PILLARS!  Organization is boring, but sometimes is needed. I'm not a big believer in being 100% organized like a robocop, but at least having some systems and routines in place can help you go a long way with your progress in soul, mind and body! The systems will help you set self experimentation without risk and to be able to hold yourself accountable when you have no personal trainer 24/7 monitoring you! Also I will provide blood tests, and other diagnostic tools to be able to measure success/failure with each of your 5 pillars.

Your health is of uttmost importance if you want to leave your mark in this world and have abundance in your life - strong experiences, strong relationships and a crazy mission!

A short list of mentors that helped me directly or indirectly, and further resources/tools to gain the ultimate advantage as a man.


This book is not for everyone. "The 5 Pillars Of Male Health" guide is not for men that: 

- Use many hours every week to watch TV. 

- Don't take ownership of their problems.

- Spend their weekends drinking alcohol until passing out.

- Are into just getting through the day.

- Working 9-5 without having a plan in mind to develop and master their art.

- Are writing nasty comments in the social media to other people that try to change the world. 

- Think that Mc Donalds is a healthy option. 

- Are arrogant and lazy.

If you 're not that, then I'm glad you 're still here.

If you are a man 18 - 44 yrs old, that is confused by the huge amount of information in the web, then you are in my target group..
Each week they are bombarded with "new" articles on health. These articles of course are just different versions of the same articles. 

The man I'm targeting is thirsty for success in business, gym and life in general. Sadly he has no time to read countless pages and pages of health books that contradict each other.

With my book, I will serve your need for speed, efficiency and an entertaining way of presenting it. No fancy words, just male language. I'll try to exclude curseing words, but I will keep it real. No chit chat and messing around. I like being to the point. 

So in a sentence, if you are 18 - 44 years young and a have sense of urgency to succeed things in life, then welcome to our tribe! 


Well I have my own few hundred clients in Greece as a nutritionist. My aim is to first contact them. Then I will contact their friends, with a referral from these clients of course.

After that, I will pull some strings with health experts in Greece, because I'm building (as we are speaking) a huge network of holistic health experts in Greece, Europe and India (you can check my Linkedin for this, and see my connections that are daily growing and it's just a matter of 6-12 months to be one of the most connected nutritionists in Europe. I PERSONALLY CONTACT DAILY 50 PEOPLE ON LINKEDIN AND BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS, ESPECIALLY WITH INFLUENCERS.

I will promote my book to them personally. 

To do these connections and refer my book, I will do the following: 

1) Ask them the favor to just read random 10-15 pages of my book that I will show them for free. I will do that via a landing page I will create through my newly founded brand called BIO-KINGS. There they will put their email and take for free some pieces of my book. Not the best of them of course, but just good enough that their curiosity is heightened!

2) Then, I will have a preorder campaing with my email list and add the bonuses etc. 

3)  I will also strategically give big bonuses to people that refer friends and their friends buy the book. Maybe even 50% price reduction or I will add e-books/free-coaching via my platform for a specific period of time. 

4) Needless to say that I will use the power of social media and especially other health influencers to market my book. I don't have yet a strong social media following but I justa started building it. It will take some time, so for the next 6-12 months I will have to rely on other influencers and relationships I build now in Linkedin. 

Of course, if I see traction with the book from friends and family members, I will focus getting the book to the right hands for free.

Meaning I will send the book with my own costs to people that are important in the health industry. I will pick and choose the 100 most influencial men in the health industry on Earth and cover the costs of sending them the book along with a letter. 

It will probably cost me 1500 dollars but if the book is a form of art, and I have proof of concept with my small percentage of believers, then it's worth it. 

But this will be my last shot of course, regarding influencers in the social media space.  

Last but not least, my own Youtube Channel (Dean Plassaras) will grow in the next 12 months to around 10.000 - 20.000 suscribers, so that will be also a helpful tool to market this book!



I don't believe in "competition" in the traditional sense.

I'm more into Blue Ocean Strategy guy. "The 5 Pillars Of Male Health" is different because it saves you time, it is real talk only and it serves as a health guide. 

Simple stuff, clearly presented and without too much fluff just to make the book look bigger. (LOL for you New York Best Selling authors...)

But I will present to you 5 books that inspired me in the health department and I'm honored to say that these could be my competitors: 

1) Dave Asprey's "Head Strong"
In Head Strong, Asprey shows us that all of this is possible-and more. Using his simple lifestyle modifications (or "hacks") to take advantage of how the structure of your brain works, readers will learn how to take their mental performance to the next level. 

2) Ben Greenfield's "Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life"
Ironically, many people who appear to be fit and healthy on the outside struggle with health and lifestyle issues like insomnia, gas, bloating, low libido, aging too fast, injuries, performance plateaus, brain fog, and a basic lack of time for career, family, and friends. So this book supplies a step-by-step, done-for-you guide to eliminating all these issues, helping you get the most out of life while still achieving amazing feats of physical performance. 

3) Mark Manson's "The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck"
There are only so many things we can give a f**k about so we need to figure out which ones really matter, Manson makes clear. While money is nice, caring about what you do with your life is better, because true wealth is about experience. A much-needed grab-you-by-the-shoulders-and-look-you-in-the-eye moment of real-talk, filled with entertaining stories and profane, ruthless humor, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k is a refreshing slap for a generation to help them lead contented, grounded lives.

4) Mark Hyman's "The Ultramind Solution"
Like all of Dr. Hyman's work, this latest instalment in the "Ultra" series teaches the reader how to use the body to heal the body, this time making lifestyle changes that will foster brain function, including memory, mood, and attention span as well as battle everything from brain fatigue to depression. 

5) Arthur De Vany's :The New Evolution Diet"
The New Evolution Diet by Arthur De Vany, PhD is a roadmap back to the better health our ancestors once enjoyed. By eliminating modern foods, including carbohydrates, dairy, and all processed foods from our diets, we can undo much of the damage caused by our modern food environment.

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