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Jacqueline Calvert

Jacqueline Calvert

Victoria, Australia

Jacqui Calvert is an awakened energy healer, coach and Law of Attraction teacher. She is passionate about living in alignment and applying the teachings of the Law of Attraction.

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About the author

Jacqui Calvert is an energy healer, coach and Law of Attraction teacher, and has been messing around with manifesting since sometime in 2012. Her mission in life is to free minds - by helping people understand and use the full extent of their creative abilities and be able to understand and apply the Law of Attraction - simply and easily. 

Jacqui's background was far removed from spirituality or anything 'woo-woo' - she was an accountant for over a decade and lived a very normal, run-of-the-mill kind of life. She resonates with bringing Law of Attraction teachings to the more intellectual, questioning types - much like herself. 

In 2012 her world started to shift - visits from spirit guides, feeling 'called' to leave the accounting world and pursue energy healing and experiencing a spontaneous Kundalini awakening a few years later. It was after this that her interest in the Law of Attraction fully blossomed, and she has been on the path of mastery ever since, with ever-increasing satisfaction at her conscious creations.

Jacqui is currently studying psychology as she follows her passion of bridging the real world with the spiritual world.
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The Book of Alignment

How to live the teachings of the law of attraction to create the life that you dream of

The Book of Alignment teaches readers how the Law of Attraction really works, and more importantly, how they can apply it in their everyday life - no secrets, real manifesting.

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The Law of Attraction has gained significant attention over the past 25 years, and has become more widely accepted, despite ongoing lack of true understanding around it's application. Most people do not yet understand the true intricacies of energy and emotions, and how they tie in with the Law of Attraction. The consequence is that when people try to 'manifest' using the law of attraction, they don't get what they want because they have neither the understanding of how to manage their energy to successfully manifest, and they don't know what true manifesting really looks like - when living in alignment.

Despite many, many books being written around the Law of Attraction, they tend to be generalist in nature and don't offer the true depth of understanding required to master the teachings of Law of Attraction. As a result, many people give up in frustration and assume that the Law of Attraction doesn't work (in fact it is always working; it is never not working).

This book is the bridge in understanding. It explains explicitly how energy and emotions are fundamental to successfully manifesting the life that they dream of, and it explains how to consciously manage, change and manipulate both energy and emotions to create desired outcomes in life. It then offers demonstrated examples of what living in alignment looks like - from my own experience and those of my clients - real people who are successfully living in alignment with what they desire and who are applying the Law of Attraction on a daily basis, to create exactly the life they dream of. 

This book is all about making the Law of Attraction less woo-woo and more 'can do' - especially for those who have been skeptical of the teachings in the past due to lack of true understanding of an intellectual nature. It appeals to those who question and approach life from a logical, intellectual framework, and who demand more substantial teachings than simply being asked to blindly trust in affirmations and visualisations. Added to that is a deep thread of spiritual insight and awareness of the author, taking readers on a journey of awakening and discovering lasting wellbeing, satisfaction and true happiness. Readers will come back to this book time and again, and gain new insight and deeper awareness with each subsequent reading. 


The book is in two parts. 

Part 1: How To Be In Alignment - explains the intricacies of the Law of Attraction, how to use it every day, how to know when it's working for you - essentially a 'how to' guide designed to bring clarity and understanding to people who are looking for that.

Part 2: Living In Alignment - examples of real stories of living in alignment - the types of things that manifest, how they manifest and show up, gives readers a deep sense of the energy of 'ease' through which aligned manifestations tend to occur.

Chapter Summary Part 1: How To Be In Alignment

Before you start, read this

What's with alignment?

It's not them, it's you

Everything is within your power

It's not a one-time thing

What you need to know about energy

The bit most people don't get

Change other people by changing yourself

Myths about manifesting




Allowing and receiving 

Signs that you're in alignment

It's not about the stuff

Consistency is key to manifesting anything

Choosing your vibrations deliberately

What to do when it's going wrong

What to do when it's going right

You're in alignment - now what?

Part 2: Living In Alignment

This is a collection of stories about manifesting from my own life experience and that of my clients, numbered 1 to 55. Some very short snippets, others longer stories. Sprinkled with humour to keep the mood light and engaging for readers, and intentionally showing the everyday life aspects of manifesting (since it's not all about sports cars and mansions). 


There are two main groups that this book is designed to appeal to. The first audience is those people who have seen or been drawn to the Law of Attraction teachings, but who have not got the results they thought they would get, and so end up discouraged and assume the Law of Attraction doesn't work. This book offers those people deeper insight into how their underlying energy is affecting their manifestations, and why the things they want aren't showing up for them (so that can make adjustments and start getting results they want).

The second audience is those people from a more academic/intellectual background who have been drawn to the Law of Attraction teachings but who remain skeptical about it and/or seek a deeper understanding if they are to commit to applying it in their own lives. I personally fall into this category, coming from a very rational, logical upbringing without much scope for the spiritual side of life, let alone 'manifesting'.

Top Law of Attraction books have consistently been bestsellers, with many prominent authors such as Esther and Jerry Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield and Doreen Virtue to mention only a few. Despite the many books written on the Law of Attraction, there remains a gap - why do people still struggle to apply the teachings and fully live the Law of Attraction?

Relevant statistics

Facebook audience insights show the following numbers:

- Dr. Wayne W. Dyer - 456k page likes, 2.7 million monthly active people 

- The Law of Attraction - 2.5m page likes, 6 million monthly active people

- Manifesting - The Law of Attraction and The Secret - 285k page likes, 1 million monthly active people

- Mike Dooley - 285k page likes

This demonstrates that manifesting and the Law of Attraction is a huge and still growing market.


My intention is to market this book by growing my own email list and social media following as well as seeking promotion opportunities on larger, more established sites. This includes guest post blogging, guest interviews on relevant podcasts and potentially guest speaking opportunities. I have just finished creating a 30-page e-book as an opt in to my email list that I will be marketing via the methods mentioned above as well as through paid forms of advertising (mainly Facebook ads). This is all very new.

Current Stats:

Email list - 81 subscribers

Instagram - 3000+ followers

Facebook page - 47 followers

Past Performance:

Guest Speaker at a local womens networking event in Ballarat, Vic, Australia - February 2018


Of my 30-page e-book Mastering Manifesting, an opt-in I created to grow my email list that I will use to promote my full book: 

"Your e-book is beautifully written and the perfect length; a sorely needed 'user manual' for people who are very familiar with the Law of Attraction, and how damn tricky it can be to master and manifest at times! I love that you structured your guide around key sticking points and burning questions - clarity is a beautiful thing.

'Light bulb moments' for me, included

- The Law of Attraction is always working (it's not about switching it on)

- There's a version of you who already has all of the stuff you want (v. cool)

- The 5 signs manifest is working (great for slow burning results); and 

- Last thoughts (this is so insightful, you really could reiterate the points in a foreword if you wanted).

"At last, a definitive user-guide for the Law of Attraction! For someone like me, who loves 30 page 'How to Instructions' this was the perfect afternoon read. This e-book is for those of us who have read about the Law of Attraction or watched 'The Secret' and felt inspired to create our very own success stories! If you need a practical, how-to-guide for achieving results with the Law of Attraction, Jacqui Calvert's 30 page user manual simplifies the process and fills in the missing blanks. I highly recommend it."

~ Kerry Scott, a subscriber to my email list, July 2018

Current e-book opt in:

E-book: https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amaz...

Opt-in page:


Ask and It Is Given

By Esther and Jerry Hicks

Published by Hay House (2004)

One of the most influential and powerful books published on the Law of Attraction, this book includes 22 different 'processes' that people can use to manifest their desires as well as many teachings on the subject of manifesting. This is an uplifting book upon reading and offers a perspective from 'spirit' about the Law of Attraction. Jacqui Calvert's book The Book of Alignment takes this teaching a step further by bringing these more 'spiritual' concepts into language and teachings that appeal to the more intellectual, conceptual, scientific minds among us, as well as offering real life, lived and documented examples of living in alignment and manifesting desires.

Think and Grow Rich

By Napoleon Hill

Originally published by The Ralston Society (1937)

One of the earliest books teaching the methods of the Law of Attraction to manifest desires (in this case, riches) without explicitly stating Law of Attraction. This book is still extremely popular with those wanting to increase their prosperity and success. Jacqui Calvert's book The Book of Alignment extends on the teachings in this book - while Think and Grow Rich is very much about following a specific process, which teaches people nothing about the underlying energy and alignment that is taking place, The Book of Alignment takes readers on a journey of being able to know in any moment the next step in manifesting their desires (including riches) by knowing how to manage their energetic vibration and their emotions. 

Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting

By Lynn Grabhorn

First published by Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc. (2000)

This book is focused on a very important aspect of alignment and manifesting using the Law of Attraction - the power of positive feeling. The author demonstrates how her own life changed significantly through positive feeling. Jacqui Calvert's book The Book of Alignment takes the reader much deeper into why positive feelings create powerful manifestations, and offers practical steps to consistently find and maintain positive feelings, day in and day out, even in the most challenging life circumstances. 

The Secret

By Rhonda Byrne

Published by Atria Publishing Group, Beyond Words Publishing Group (2006)

This book is based on the Law of Attraction teaching that our thoughts create our lives, and by thinking positive thoughts we can manifest the life we dream of. Jacqui Calvert's book The Book of Alignment extends on this further and dives into the biggest difficulty most people have when trying to 'think positive thoughts' and why it doesn't always work - it shows how the energy underlying the thoughts (and emotions) is the most important tool and guide in manifesting. 

The Biology of Belief

By Bruce Lipton

Published by Hay House, 10th anniversary edition (originally published 2005)

Written by a former medical school professor and research scientist, this book establishes scientific grounds for the link between thoughts and responses to those thoughts by our cells. Jacqui Calvert's book The Book of Alignment offers a more everyday application of how to manage thoughts, consistently and persistently, so that everyday people can apply these principles to create the life they dream of. 

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It's not about the stuff

If there is one idea that I wish I could get across it is this – manifesting is not about the stuff. It’s not about getting the car, or the guy, or the girl, or the money. But hang on, isn’t the whole point of manifesting so that you can get the ‘stuff’ you want? In my opinion, no. It’s about living in alignment – consistently, consciously – with who you really are, with the version of you that already hasall of the stuff you want. Stuff comes and stuff goes. But when you can master manifestingyour stuff, you don’t have so much ‘need’ for stuff – because you can manifest anything you need. See? And the energy of needing, and even of wanting, is very far removed from the energy of having. Manifesting is all about managing your energy. When you can master your energy, your vibration, how you show up in the world, regardless of what you can physically see with your eyes in front of you, then you will master manifesting. And, it takes time.

Let me give you a little story to help make this point. In the last days of 2007, when my life was a bit – messy, let’s say – I took myself on a 3-day meditation retreat with a Tibetan Buddhist Society. I had never meditated before, and it was somewhere between torturous and thrilling – hard work but also finding access to a part of me I had never discovered before – quiet, still, knowing. In truth, I only started meditating because my life and my job was stressful, and I wanted a reprieve. I wanted to cope. So I kept meditating after that. I was not looking for anything to happen with meditation, it was simply that I felt less stressed and more calm when I did it every day. It was hard to drag myself to my mat and to sit still for a whole 20 minutes. But it was helping me to feel better, so I kept doing it.

Fast forward 7 years from that meditation retreat, and I experienced a spontaneous Kundalini awakening – a profound energetic shift, an explosion of energy, an intense state of alignment and seeing the world through the eyes of source. I won’t go into details of that, but the point I want to make is this. A Kundalini awakening is a prized experience. Many people have developed many practices to try to achieve it. There is a whole school of yoga based around working with the Kundalini energy. There are meditation practices, tantric practices, breathing practices and crystals you can work with that help to activate the Kundalini energy. And most people who try, never experience it. But there was little old me, just doing my meditation most days (and even having big breaks from it at times), not looking for anything to happen (I didn’t even know about awakenings) but instead just living the practice and BOOM – the experience found me. 

Can you see my point? There is a HUGE difference between the energy of seeking and the energy of being. When you are seeking something, you are telling the Universe, through your vibration, that you don’t have it. And so via the Law of Attraction, the Universe can only bring you more of what you’re vibrating – seeking, and not having. Flip that over then to a simple dedication to living – being – what you want, without anything around you having to change, without any conditions having to be met, without anything actually having to manifest for you, and you will offer a vibration that says I am, I have – and the Law of Attraction will bring you MORE of what you are already saying you have. And so you most certainly will have what you want, through being what you want. The doing part is in the middle, and depends entirely on firstly being.

I found this to hold true for me when I started consciously manifesting. The more I focused on the ‘stuff’ I wanted, the further it slipped away from me (because I was unknowingly telling the Universe that I didn’t have it, so I got more of ‘not having it’). The more I shifted my focus to getting into a better feeling place, every single day, noticing my energy, my moods and emotions and making how I feltmy biggest priority every day, doing whatever I could every day to shift into a positive mindset, into feeling happy, uplifted and enjoying my life, the more I noticed things start to show up for me. Little things like helpful people, delightful strangers, things going my way – getting the good carpark, having great timing, being in the right place at the right time. And big things, like new business opportunities, a steady stream of clients, peaceful parenting. Under the Law of Attraction there are not little and big things, they’re all just things.

Can you do that? Can you shift your focus away from trying to get the stuff, to simply living, being, enjoying your life, no matter what may or may not be going on in the physical world around you? This is the path. It is not the glamorous path, it is not trying to instantly manifest a million dollars or the fancy car or the amazing relationship or the new clients or whatever you want. It is the path of showing up for yourself consistently, living as best you can in alignment with already having what you want, and truly appreciating what you already have to appreciate. 

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