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Gene Hsu

Gene Hsu

Irvine, California

Gene is American Born Chinese with 20+ years of experience leading people, projects, and cross-cultural teams in Greater China (from Country Manager to Consultant and Sales Director to Entrepreneur)

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About the author

Gene is as American as football and apple pie while also 100% fluent in Mandarin Chinese, so he fully immerses himself in every cross-cultural interaction where he discovered the critical importance of EMPATHY and SELF-AWARENESS as the primary gateways into social acceptance and long-term success.

He believes the world would be a better place if China and America got along, and his MISSION is to help Americans and Chinese get along better by creating content that triggers positive imagination and purpose-driven curiosity for his podcast listeners, YouTube viewers, webinar attendees, and Meetup members.

From teaching cross-cultural management to Chinese executives in Chinese, mentoring Chinese MBA students, partnering with local Chinese, and hosting Meetup events in China, to marrying a traditional Chinese lady and raising his ABC son in America, the personal stakes for Gene are as high as the impact on his business that he can reach more people with his unifying message and blueprint for achieving harmony across the dichotomies of Chinese and American culture.
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The China Leadership Dilemma

Improving US-China relations one cross-cultural relationship at a time

Reimagining when my China partner lied, cheated, and stole from me as GOODWILL EXTRACTION completely reversed my fortunes doing business in China, and it can for you as well.

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Management & Leadership
60,000 words
25% complete
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What you don't know you don't know (unknown unknowns) can have significant ramifications doing business across cultures. Unfortunately, most Westerners never acquire enough cultural awareness to avoid disappointment. America's strategic engagement since Nixon has elevated China's economy, influence, and assertiveness on the global stage. Still, it has not made China more democratic, nor have most Chinese adopted our Western values.

As Chinese attitudes evolve with China's rise, so too must we adjust our approach to achieve our desired outcomes. A China Leadership Dilemma (CLD) is an unexpected disappointment that all foreigners in China encounter after their HONEYMOON PERIOD ends. The Chinese culture of giving Face in the form of extending goodwill and lavishing praise creates a false sense of agreement that does not exist in reality.

Gene J. Hsu is an American who lived and worked in China as a leader, manager, instructor, consultant, entrepreneur, mentor, and husband for over 15 years. He is 100% fluent in Mandarin Chinese and discovered that knowing how to speak Chinese doesn't mean you know what to say in Chinese, but knowing what to say is a win in any language. Gene's INNER VOICE is the antagonist whose comments and perceptions slowly change after each China Leadership Dilemma.

Sales arguments

  • The China Leadership Dilemma analyzes the fundamental reasons why America's strategic engagement with China since Nixon has not led it towards greater democracy or a shared system of values and provides the reader a blueprint to achieve more favorable outcomes across all business endeavors in China.
  • Innate cultural biases, mistrust, and xenophobia are leading us towards a devastating clash of civilizations. This book will enable individuals across this cultural divide to achieve greater harmony with each other and become a grassroots movement to heal the wounds between China and America that the COVID-19 pandemic as exposed.
  • Gene hosts free virtual Meetups to 10K+ members and is growing a community to socialize how to bridge the cultural differences between America and China rather than use them as an excuse for failure.

Similar titles

  • How to Manage a Successful Business in China, Johan Bjorksten, World Scientific Publishing, 2010, this book provides a lot of great information about doing business in China, but it doesn't address the attitude and mindset adjustments necessary to address your own emotions (EQ), cultural biases, nor the psychology or biases of Chinese people.
  • One Billion Customers: Lessons from the Front Lines of Doing Business in China, James McGregor, A Wall Street Journal Book Published by Free Press, 2005, this book provides good historical context, but is outdated relative to the rapidly evolving attitudes of everyday Chinese people, especially the attitudes toward America.
  • Culture Hacks: Deciphering Differences in American, Chinese, and Japanese Thinking, Richard Conrad, Lioncrest Publishing, 2019, this book is more academic and does not have direct applications for business.


The reader for The China Leadership Dilemma is an English-speaking businessperson who travels frequently and/or is assigned to work in Mainland China who says, "I have great Chinese friends, but I am frustrated with my Chinese employees, partners, and government officials. Employees lack loyalty and can't provide me straight answers to direct questions, partners say on thing and do another, and government bureaucracies are vague and frustratingly slow, which makes it difficult to move forward."

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  • Chung Kun Lu
    on May 21, 2020, 9:57 p.m.

    Looking forward to reading the book. Dream come true, Great job!