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Asher Lewis Stam

Asher Lewis Stam


As an adult he became intrigued with ethics and sociology. Infused with enthusiasm for classical satire, such as Samuel Butler and Jonathan Swift, he has numerous ideas for stories to be told as eye openers about current issues, such as the effect of globalism on healthcare and proposed systems in China for social points to be awarded to 'good' citizens. He wants to explore ethical conflicts and to warn of the dangers before they turn into a reality.

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About the author

A keen sociologist who writes stories set in realistic settings to explore important issues such as medical ethics, the pros and cons of globalism and the sad reality of terrorists upbringing, such as told in his first book The Contrivance.

He is currently writing a book concerning proposed plans by the Chinese authorities to introduce full scale social points for 'good citizens.'

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The Contrivance

Imagine the near future where increased collectivism has led to full on globalism, specifically global governance, of which feeds the ever hungry pharmaceutical companies, who were originally in place to provide honest and reliable healthcare.

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Literary Fiction Thriller
90,000 words
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In 2035 a young graduate of medical school, and nephew of a wealthy businessman and politician, moves to Korea to kick off his career and ends up joining the medical assessment team responsible for making important global decisions on new medical innovation, where he discovers a sinister implication.

An experienced worker in Geneva with ties to the World Health Organization loses his job and is recruited by an unusual German investigative bureau. After a minor detour he joins a colleague on a mission to gather intel on the possible contrivers of a plot that will damage health of citizens. Slowly but surely they unfold what turns out to be a well planned operation by a group of religious fundamentalists. He must take risks to lay bare the sickening plan, despite the all pervasive grip of surveillance by a section of the global government.

Go back to 1713, where Scotland is newly wed to the British Union, and where men of both sides must choose their loyalties. Follow a family man who betrays his English heritage to assist the Scots in planning control of society via newly established banks and trade routes to secure their supremacy, despite the Protestant efforts. Would he be proud of the world of 2035?


'The Contrivance' contains 43 Chapters

The book starts with Mr Bob Chandall, a mysterious forlorn figure whose father recently died. Follow his movements as he hops from place to place. Will he return to his secretive employer.

Then we are introduced to graduate Mr Richard van Solteren, who is offered a job via a friend of his as Junior assistant in Korea. Will he accept it or will he follow in the footsteps of his politically driven uncle and his devout follower, his very own younger brother? Follow his journey of discovery, dismay and hope. Was he right to follow his guts? Will reliable medicine prevail?

Meet Mr Greenshaw who hears he has lost his job. He joins a German group of investigators, unbeknown to his wife. Watch him be led astray only to discover a more sinister plot than he could of imagined.  In a world where men have to tread carefully will he stop the culprits or will corruption win the day?

Lastly, go back in time to the early 18th Century where an English traitor is soft for the cause of the banished Stuart dynasty and does anything for it to prevail.  


Young adults will appreciate the honest approach, such as threats of terrorism within their own circles. Who of them hasn't been aware of what is going on?

Adult's minds will be expanded as they digest the complex world where good and bad becomes increasingly difficult. Adults are concerned about welfare and safety for their families. The threat of super powered pharmaceuticals stealing healthcare will speak to their heart.

Professionals in the medical field might be open to the lay out of plausible future situations, albeit fictitious but highly based on the current Pharma situation. The strength of the FDA is real and so is the WHO. The profits of pharmaceuticals cannot be ignored as fictitious.


Some journalists are aware of the book, such as Global research, based in Ottawa Canada, and columnist and investigative journalist Andrew Orlowski.

The book needs exposure to readers who are casual enjoyers of thriller books and those who are concerned about the specific issues contained in the book.

Book is currently undergoing a grammar edit to replace the first edition and will be finished before the end of the summer.


'En route to Global Occupation' by Gary H. Kah:

This book goes back in time and exposes decades, generations and centuries of real life collaboration by certain groups and individuals to form a unified world where smaller independant states lose power in favour of one large global government. 'The Contrivance' however focuses specifically on the effect it can have on healthcare, including factions formed centuries ago that are pitching against each other.

'Nineteen Eighty-Four' by George Orwell:

Individualism is persecuted by the main party in power. It is based in the future.

Although handling a similar time period 'The Contrivance' in contrast focuses on powers that actually exist at this very moment, meaning it is extremely timely and not to be taken lightly.

'The Spy Who Came in Form the Cold' by John le Carre:

Foucsing on western espionage, the writer portrays a gim and bleak life of a spy adn his network. The readers develop guilt and sympathy for this individual. How far does one go to curry political favour?

'The Contrivance' covers similar themes of struggles against the authorities and the giving up of prestige for a better conscience. In John le Carres book the main character is a spy. Ironically and impressive is the fact that Mr Greenshaw, in the book 'The Contrivance', experiences similar challenges and yet is not a spy against the enemy. He is merely a citizen who take son investigative work simply for wanting to find the perpertrator and attain justice.

'The Da Vinci code' by Dan Brown:

This book has achieved cult status exposing secret societies hands in day to day happenings, including the Vatican.

Although lightly touching on the Vatican, the book 'The Contrivance' proposes a much bigger scheme that is centuries old, namely to infiltrate, manipulate and destroy using factions such as the real Jesuits. The book doesn't tear down the faith of Catholic believers but presents a realistic rhetoric of 'divine' ambitions of the Church and some of its most fundamental followers that had grounds in the early 18th century.


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