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Ken Foster

Ken Foster

San Diego, California

Intuitive Business Mentor, Entrepreneur Coach, Strategist, Author, Keynote Speaker, Advancing Courage & Greatness Within

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About the author

Ken D Foster is a Philosopher, Author and Visionary Educator who is a #1 Best-Selling Author, Syndicated Co-Host of Transition Radio and National Expert in the field of Business and Life Coaching. He has spent the last 23 years empowering entrepreneurs, business owners and executives to stretch out of their comfort zones, dream bigger dreams and do things they thought were impossible. 

In 1997 Ken founded the first Chapter of the International Coach Federation in San Diego which eventually became known as the San Diego Professional Coach Alliance. Later that year he founded Premier Coaching a Life and Business Coaching Organization. In 1999 Ken co-founded Shared Vision Network a world-wide networking organization with his wife Judy Ann Foster. In 2016 he founded The Stars of Courage a 501c3 nonprofit that brings Life Coaches to those who are living in poverty.

Foster is a sought-after keynote speaker and has spoken at hundreds of live events, been on over 500 Teleseminars, Webinars, Radio and TV. He has shared the stage with some of America’s top Speakers and business experts including Steven MR Covey, Jay Abraham, Loral Langemeier, Les Brown, Debbie Ford, Jill Bolt Taylor, Robert Allen, Sharon Lechter, Mark Victor Hansen, Cynthia Kersey, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, T Harv Ecker, Marci Shimoff, John Assaraf, Greg Reed, Lisa Sasovich and hundreds more.

He lives in Southern California with his wife of 19 years Judy Foster.  Together they have three daughters and a large extended family.  Ken loves participating in triathlons, snow skiing, hiking, eating vegan, yoga, meditation, studying the scriptures, and constantly learning. He conducts personal consultations with families and individual clients throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
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The Courage to Change Everything

Strategies and Wisdom to Transform Your Life One Day At a Time

Daily strategies to confront your fears, accomplish your goals and live a life of freedom and peace.

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Business Self Help
90,300 words
75% complete
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 “The Courage to Change Everything is filled with time-honored wisdom along with easy to implement daily strategies for authentic success. This book offers a journey into excellence, showing you how to live in courageous and magical ways."

–Marci Shimoff, NY Times bestselling author,Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul 

 “The Courage to Change Everything is not just for business leaders and entrepreneurs, but for every individual who is choosing to grow their life. This book will help anyone stay highly motivated, living their dreams, and generating wealth in all areas of life.” I encourage you to pick up this book and start living your potential.”

–John Assaraf, NY Times bestselling author, Chairman & CEO NeuroGym

“Ken D Foster’s book bridges the gap between fear and fearless living. He shows you how to tap into your inner wisdom, increase courage, build on it, and bring it into every aspect of your business and life. He provides a roadmap for accelerating success by helping you tap into your deeper soulful self to find the courage to change what you thought was impossible to change."

–Bill Bartmann, Best-Selling Author, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, CEO of CFS2

“The Courage to Change Everything will guide you on what may be the most important journey of your life - the inner journey to find out who you are, what you want your business and life to be about, and what is possible if you live a life of courage. This book shows you how courage makes the invisible visible, the unknown known, and the impossible possible.”

–Helice “Sparky” Bridges, Founder Difference Makers International, Empowered 40 million people so far

“True success doesn’t come at the expense of yourself or others. It’s the result of aligning with your highest values and implementing strategies that are for the highest good of all. Ken D Foster has beautifully aligned head and heart with daily words of wisdom that we all can use. If you apply the principals in this book, true success is guaranteed.”

–Cynthia Kersey, Best Selling Author, Unstoppable, Founder & CEO, Unstoppable Foundation

“Ken gives courage a whole new meaning in this wonderful book as he sincerely shares thoughts about his life and learnings. His determination to be in a high state of consciousness every day inspires us and his deep reflections give us insights and encouragement to apply his findings to our own lives. The Courage to Change Everything is a compelling read that will make a difference in your life.”

–Bobbi DePorter, Author, President - Quantum Learning Network / SuperCamp, Excellence in Teaching / The Quantum Learning System

“The Courage to Change Everything” is a great find for anyone who wants to have more wealth, happiness and prosperity in their business and life. It provides a road map to peak performance, both for individuals and organizations. This is a must read for all aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs who want to make their dreams come true and contribute in a big way.” 

–Lisa Sasevich, Best Selling Author, America’s Top Women Mentor

"What life wouldn’t be better by studying the daily courage reminders in Ken D Fosters excellent new book The Courage to Change Everything?  Courage is a quality we ALL need in today’s changing world and Ken reminds you every day how to achieve it."

–Robert Allen, #1 New York Times bestselling author, Creating Wealth, Nothing Down, Multiple Streams of Income, The One Minute Millionaire


The "Courage to Change to Everything" is a simple book that can help readers tap into their inner reservoir of innate wisdom and create the life they want to live. With easy to understand daily exercises, passages and techniques, finding the courage to change your life is as easy as turning the first few pages of Ken D. Foster's exciting new book!

The book was inspired by observing and documenting hundreds of clients over a period of years. What became clear, is that having a daily plan of action, combined with time-tested success principles, and purpose driven motivation is essential for consistent focus, effective productivity, goal achievement, and personal and professional advancement. 

Having personally devoted his life’s work to understanding human behavior by researching and studying the greatest minds of human history Ken read thousands of books, attended and spoke at hundreds of personal and professional development conferences. He has also coached and mentored thousands of people, and has truly lived the principles in this book. It has given him unique insights into what truly works in creating success and fulfilment in businesses and life.

"Along the way of writing this book, I was encouraged to share my own personal journey through my dark and bright times," says Foster. "It took some soul searching and courage to share the darker times, but the result is a relatable book that inspires readers to make their own changes."

In today's’ society, courage is lost.  We are surrounded by deception, deceit, denial, delusion and illusions that are being projected. If you doubt this, just turn on the news! Every day we hear news about another corporate or political leader lying or taking advantage of their power. Or worse, turning their back on the real issues of the day. Did you know there are 47 million people living under the federal guidelines for poverty in America today? 22% of these are children. Where are the courageous leaders to change this?

Courage is the missing factor in so many people’s lives. It is the next movement toward a greater society. We all need more courage and we need to be courageous, no matter how life is going.  We need to remember we are blessed to be here, to have this day, and this life.  We need to grow deep in wisdom so we can be the very best we can be.  We need to remember who we are, and know what our purpose is for being here. 

The issue becomes most people are not taught the principles and wisdom that is found in The Courage to Change Everything, so they struggle needlessly. But this simple book, with these daily exercises, will instill courage and awaken the reader to their maximum potential. Why? Because this book gives the reader the formula to be brave and fearless, to allow for prosperity, abundance, happiness and health, in all areas of life. 

It is a win-win-win for us all: for me/you, our clients, and our community.  When we are courageous we see more, we do more, we raise our self-esteem, we become fearless, committed and powerful. Everyone around us feels it, and it is infectious!  I believe it is time we all step into our power, and The Courage to Change Everything is the guideline for today’s world to be able to do it in a short amount of time, connecting to our brilliance, and all the while, being compassionate to ourselves and others.  

Join our movement in sharing this powerful information with the world!


Table of Contents

1. Early Praise for The Courage to Change Everything from Industry Leaders

2. Overview

3. Introduction

4. Sample Of The Daily Essays

5. Meet Ken D. Foster

6. The Marketing Plan

6.1 Marketing Teams

6.2 Marketing and Sales Goals

7. Brand Extension

8. Steven M.R. Covey Forward

9. Endorsement from Senator Steven Thayn of Idaho


Although this book will be beneficial to all of society, the target markets for  are entrepreneurs, small business owners, solopreneurs, corporate executives, managers, workers, and professionals who want to increase the speed of their success while living a balanced life. These are individuals and companies who need courage, want to expand their creativity, connect soulfully to the workplace, feel empowered to make better choices, and be inspired to achieve their personal and professional life goals.


Ken D. Foster will leverage his network of over 370,000 connections to market his third successful book . During his 25 years in business, Ken D. Foster has established strong relationships with many companies, other best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, affiliates, and public.


Mr. Foster has identified the following markets as ideal outlets for : Businesses and Entrepreneurs; Personal Development and Self-Help; Corporations; Trade Associations; Professional Associations; Women’s Organizations; Lifestyle Magazines & Radio Shows; Military Transition; Sales Organizations including Network Marketers and Direct Sales Companies; Seminar Companies; Colleges and Universities; U.S Military, Welfare-to-Work and Other Government Agencies and Programs; and Educator Groups and School Business Officials. All marketing materials will be customized for these individual markets.

According to the 2015 Kauffman Index, more entrepreneurs launched their own businesses in what is the largest year-over-year increase in the past 20 years. Findings show that 310 out of 100,000 adults, or 0.31%, started new businesses each month, on average an increase over the previous year’s 0.28% of the adult population. That translates to just over half a million (530,000) new business owners a month.

“Entrepreneurs starting new businesses because they saw market opportunities is back to historical norms,” said Arnobio Morelix, research analyst at the Kauffman Foundation.
Entrepreneurs are most successful when supported by guidance. 

According to Nielsen, the top 10 sales of entrepreneurial-based and personal growth books in 2015 were best-selling authors Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Stephen Covey, Dave Ramsey and David Brooks among others. The common thread among these authors combined business acumen, leadership and personal fulfillment with clear action steps. There is a growing audience hungry for a detailed action plan on how to obtain more courage in their life, and traditional and nontraditional media whom are looking for experts to provide that content. The Courage to Change provides an educational and practical approach to meet the demand.


Trust in politics is greatly needed, but highly discouraged. Self-interest, special interests, personal egos, and mass media searching for and encouraging controversy undermining the trust needed to govern effectively.

While Ken Foster’s book is aimed at entrepreneurs, The Courage to Change Everything has universal applicability. It can help someone in poverty, a housewife, a worker, a youth, a senior, and, yes, even politicians.

A new generation of political and corporate leaders is needed. A generation that seeks for solutions, sets aside egos, absorbs unfair insults and misrepresentations, and creates win-win solutions that empower the people. This is only possible with great courage. The path to discovering this courage is artfully charted by Ken Foster.

He shows how to listen to “the voice of Wisdom Self”, how to use reason, compassion, and feeling to create amazing relationships and solve intractable problems. Ken teaches that our suffering is often a call back to the path of our own personal destiny from which we have strayed. This is an amazing thought.

Ken Foster’s book The Courage to Change Everything opens many mind-doors needed for success so that every page is a joy, a discovery, and a challenge. This is a must read for anyone who desires to reach their full potential, improve themselves, improve their relationships with others, and eventually improve the world.

Have the courage to listen to the voice within you. Ken Foster shows you how to begin.

–Steven Thayn, State Senator Idah



Ken D. Foster is Host  of Transition Radio Show, now getting 2000+ downloads per week with a listening audience of about 3,000 on 54 am/fm stations. Facebook followers over 40,000 

Ken is also founder of Premier Coaching, a coaching and training company. He currently has over 

  • Premier Coaching email database - 70,000+ 
  • Active affiliate partners - 2,500+
  • Social media connections - 300,000+

According to the 2015 Kauffman Index, more entrepreneurs launched their own businesses in what is the largest year-over-year increase in the past 20 years.  Findings show that 310 out of 100,000 adults, or 0.31%, started new businesses each month, on average an increase over the previous year’s 0.28% of the adult population.  That translates to just over half a million (530,000) new business owners a month.  “Entrepreneurs starting new businesses because they saw market opportunities is back to historical norms,” said Arnobio Morelix, research analyst at the Kauffman Foundation.

Entrepreneurs are most successful when supported by guidance.  According to Nielsen, the top 10 sales of entrepreneurial-based and personal growth books in 2015 were best-selling authors Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Stephen Covey, Dave Ramsey and David Brooks among others.   The common thread among these authors combined business acumen, leadership and personal fulfillment with clear action steps.  There is a growing audience hungry for a detailed action plan on how to obtain more courage in their life, and traditional and nontraditional media whom are looking for experts to provide that content.  The Courage to Change Everything provides an educational and practical approach to meet the demand.

Through a stellar marketing team and MASTER strategy, Ken Foster’s The Courage to Change Everything is primed to be a best-seller through a targeted approach to executives, entrepreneurs, small businesses and individuals seeking success and balance in their life. 


§  Media

§  Advertising

§  Social Media

§  Targeted Content, Articles & Blogs

§  Events and Speaking Engagements

§  Reviews & Endorsements

1.1       Marketing Teams


8 DEGREES PR:  Kristi Roehm

Ken has retained the Founder and CEO of 8 DEGREES PR, Kristi Roehm.

Kristi leads a sports, lifestyle and entertainment PR firm specialized in creating integrated marketing campaigns for professional athletes, personalities and brands who want to make a difference in the world.  With close to 20 years of experience, Roehm has held roles with the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers, Life Sports Management, Corporate America and PR agencies.  

In the past several years, she has secured national coverage for celebrity and brand clients in PEOPLE, US Weekly, Sports Illustrated, O, The Oprah Magazine, Good Housekeeping, New York Times, USA Today and multiple segments on Oprah, ESPN, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, Today, Fox Business, CNN among others.   She is a member of the Steering Committee for the Sports PR Summit, Women in Sports and Events (WISE) and supports a number of non-profit organizations.    

8 DEGREES PR will play an integral role in creating the public relations strategy for media relations and integration opportunities with leading mainstream lifestyle media properties, such as O, The Oprah Magazine.  8 DEGREES will maximize efforts through crafting a media blitz around Ken as a thought leader through various storytelling opportunities around the release of the book along with the launch of the Courage Awards and the collective online movement.    She has conducted several successful media tours with best-selling author/actress Valerie Bertinelli, securing coverage in Good Morning America, Oprah, Ladies Home Journal, PEOPLE among many others.


Right Source Digital Marketing

Ken is teaming with the Co-Founder of Right Source Digital Marketing, Christopher Dilts.

Christopher is a successful entrepreneur & innovator in the field of computer technology and online training. His technology career began when he was recruited from computer science school for TRW’s Space Systems Division. 

Christopher founded and lead three software companies, from startup to successful business ventures that were acquired or licensed by leading companies. He created a series of successful software products and online learning systems, which were acquired or licensed by leading companies. He has produced sophisticated e-Learning and online leadership development systems used by clients including Harvard University, American Express, and U.S. Government.

He planned and led over 200 executive seminars co-sponsored by IBM, Unisys and AT&T.

Clients include IBM, TRW, Unisys, Kimberly-Clark, Johnson & Johnson, Eastman Kodak, Eli Lilly & Company, Johns Hopkins, Harvard University, American Express, U.S. Treasury Department.

Right Source Digital Marketing will play an integral role in positioning the best-selling campaign.

The company will position Ken for maximum exposure. The team will create a comprehensive plan to “get the word out”, create buzz, measure the campaign reach, make adjustments based on the findings.  And repeat what works and gets the desired results.  The company will ensure that the message will reach our highly targeted audience to increase engagement and drive book sales.  

The company will use a multi-media approach to market across multiple channels such as - Social Media Content Based Marketing, Landing Pages, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Analytics and Strategic Planning, Marketing Automation Systems, Customer Relationship Management, Branding, Design and Packaging, Product Development and Positioning and possibly a Crowdfunding campaign.

The company will ensure that every aspect of marketing is aimed directly at our target market. Our campaign will have a customized branding which will reflect our unique selling proposition as a Thought Leader to leave a lasting legacy behind.


Launch Moxie - Christopher Van Buren, President

Our specialty is partner development and Joint Venture marketing campaigns for information products (books, courses, online programs) in the body-mind-spirit and crossover markets. We have strategic partner development strategies and we run an affiliate network of over 4,000 JV partners in the Personal and Business Development industry.

We implement unique and creative campaign models for maximum opens, opt-ins and conversions that fill the funnel with quality traffic from our Joint Venture partner base and lead-generation traffic channels.

Launch Moxie developed the partner marketing strategies and systems for Gaiam TV, Panache Desai, LLC; Dr. Sara Gottfried; The Aware Show; Tapping - The Source; Waterfront Digital Press and many others in the personal development and related industries.

I help companies with Joint Venture & Affiliate marketing and promotions and consult on marketing strategies and sales funnels. I founded Launch Moxie and Van Haren Publishing to help entrepreneurs, coaches, trainers and authors get better ROI from their marketing investments.

My background is in Online Advertising, Affiliate Network Building, and Campaign Management. Prior to founding these companies, I helped build and run an advertising network in the health & wellness niche, then was a senior partner in a boutique ad agency, specializing in CPA offers.

Here's what I do...

§  Brand and package content to educate users, build trust, and drive sales.

§  Leverage data, mailing lists, and Joint Venture partnerships.

§  Engage users through compelling imagery, creative messaging and unique online experiences. 

§  Work a product's positioning until it's bulletproof and practically guarantees a win. 

§  Extend revenue models and monetization strategies for additional revenue.

§  Optimize, change, reinvent, scale, and never give up.

I have published over 15 books and numerous articles in many languages and helped many authors and specialists publish and market their work. I have helped take several books to bestseller status.


Conscious Media Relations – Jackie Lapin President

We are is especially known for pairing authors, speakers and coaches with more than 2000+ radio hosts who seek interviews with leaders in the personal development industry. 

Conscious Media Relations has the nation’s most comprehensive media lists covering the personal growth, mind/body/spirit sector. We bridge the gap between transformational personal growth sectors and the mainstream media.

Jackie will book the author on 40+ Radio Shows. She will also: 

§  Evaluate the most efficient way to deliver the Ken’s message to the widest audience.

§  Write compelling pitch letters & press materials defining and positioning the author.

§  Develop speaking one-sheets, target specific engagements and pursue them aggressively.

§  Provide full transparency for publicity efforts by tracking activities on shared documents.


1.2       Marketing and Sales Goals

1.2.1      Goals

§  Industry Advance Goal:                            15,000 copies

§  Sales Goal Months 1 thru 3:                       50,000 copies

§  Sales Goal 3 years:                                      1,000,000 copies

§  NY Times Bestsellers list sales goal:         15,000 copies  PR Goal:

30 interviews per month for the first 2 months in the top 50 markets, then 5 a

month with National and Local TV  Best Sellers lists:

§  Weekly Wall Street Journal Business Bestsellers list

§  Weekly USA Today General Bestsellers list

§  Weekly USA Today Money Bestsellers list

§  Weekly New York Times How To/Advise list

§  Monthly Business Week Bestsellers list

§  Monthly New York Times Business Bestsellers list  Team Members

§  Author:                                         Ken D. Foster

§  Agent:                                          Bill Gladstone

§  Project Manager:                       Christopher Dilts

§  Publisher:                         TBD

§  Marketing Director:                    Chris Van Buren

§  Radio/TV Media Tour:               Jackie Lapin

§  Internet Marketing:                    Christopher Van Buren

§  Social Media Marketing:           Christopher Dilts

§  Attorney:                                      Robert Steinberger

§  Media Coach:                            Sandra Dee Robinson

§  Media Relations:            Kristie Rome

§  Web Master:                              Debra Auger

§  Affiliate Manager:                      Christopher Van Buren

§  Executive Assistant:                    Adrian Rose 

2.        Brand Extension

A. The Courage to Change Everything is not just a book - it is a business. Once The Courage to Change Everything has been released, Ken D. Foster will build a brand with related products and services for specific markets based on demand, similar to his existing line of successful, inspirational products (as listed below). Each related product or service will be branded with the same branding image as the book to create brand awareness, loyalty and a dedicated following.

B. Ken D Foster’s marketing teams have already scheduled several webinars, and tele-seminars to launch with the book. A local book launching event at a large Church in the San Diego Area, Seaside Community for Spiritual Living Center is planned, plus a 12-week book tour combined with a radio and online media tour.

C. The “Voices of Courage” ITunes show will kick off with the book launch. Currently Ken has recorded 25 of some of the most courageous people of our time. This is a 20-minute show designed to develop book sales and promote the 40 million acts of courage.

D. Ken has developed a social media movement called “40 Million Acts of Courage” We are challenging readers and followers to around the world to share their courageous acts via the social media community. When they share an act, we will give them a portion of the book The Courage to Change Everything, the complete book titled “The Code of Courage”, along with other benefits to inspire them to post courageous acts.

E. The “National Courage Awards” an annual event that focuses on awarding entrepreneurs and individuals in communities across the United States who have courageously brought new services or products to market that primarily benefit those who fall under the Federal guidelines for poverty. The first event will kick off in September 2016. Proceeds will benefit the STARS of Courage Foundation, a non-profit organization. All ticket holders will receive a The Courage to Change Everything book

F. The Stars of Courage Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to coaching and training those under the federal guidelines for poverty will use The Courage to Change Everything in it Curriculum. Each participant will be buy or be given a book. This will assure ongoing book sales for years to come. 

G. Ken will develop products and programs to support the book sales.

Some Examples of current products and programs


The author is currently building celebrity endorsements from well-known colleagues who are best-selling authors, speakers, and trainers, who will enthusiastically recommend, endorse, and will market The Courage to Change Everything to their extensive customer bases.

These individuals include: Government leaders, Hollywood celebrities, NY Times Best-Selling Authors, corporate leaders in Fortune 100 companies, and multi-level marketing companies. Associations and organizations will have the option to purchase multiple copies of the book to sell to their customer bases.

Target Market

Although this book will be beneficial to all of society, the target markets for The Courage to Change Everything are entrepreneurs, small business owners, solopreneurs, corporate executives, managers, workers, and professionals who want to increase the speed of their success while living a balanced life. These are individuals and companies who need a boost of courage, want to expand their creativity, connect soulfully in the workplace, create new possibilities, feel empowered to make better choices, and are inspired to achieve their personal and professional life goals.

Current Market Posture

Mr. Foster is an enthusiastic, proactive marketer who will leverage his network of over 350,000 connections to market his 3rd successful book The Courage to Change Everything. During his 25 years in business, Ken D. Foster has established strong relationships with many companies, other best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, affiliates, and public figures who have expressed a deep interest in promoting his books to their customer bases and several have done so successfully with his previous 2 books.

Ken D. Foster is the founder of Premier Coaching, a coaching and training company. He currently has over 70,000+ people in his database subscribing to his blog and newsletter. In addition to its subscribers, there are over 2,500 people who are active Affiliate Partners. Many of these affiliates will enthusiastically support the promotion of this book. He also has over 300,000 connections via social media channels in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, in which to actively market and promote this book.

Anticipated Market

Mr. Foster has identified the following markets as ideal outlets for The Courage to Change Everything: Businesses and Entrepreneurs; Personal Development and Self-Help; Corporations; Trade Associations; Professional Associations; Women’s Organizations; Lifestyle Magazines & Radio Shows; Military Transition; Sales Organizations including Network Marketers and Direct Sales Companies; Seminar Companies; Colleges and Universities; U.S Military, Welfare-to-Work and Other Government Agencies and Programs; and Educator Groups and School Business Officials. All marketing materials will be customized for these individual markets.

Brand Identity and Image

In today’s competitive marketplace, it is essential to position your business and your brand uniqueness in such a way that it gets noticed, recognized, and remembered. Ken D. Foster is a master at positioning his business, services, and books in front of the target markets that will embrace, respond, and purchase the resources he provides through his recent book The Courage to Change Everything.

Ken D. Foster has coached, mentored, trained, and supported thousands of entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, and professionals.  They came to him seeking change in order to achieve breakthrough results in their businesses and lives, yet needed the courage, guidance, and know-how to achieve it.

As a master strategist and business coach, and an amazing track record for getting proven results, Ken has earned the loyalty of his fan base and attracted some of the country’s top internet marketers including: Lisa Sasovich, Marci Shimoff, Peggy McColl, Chris Van Buren, Launch Moxie, John Assaraf, Neuro Gym, Declan Dunn, and Dunn Direct Media, Arielle Ford, Alex Mendossian, Steve Olsher, Ted McGrath, Joe Vitale and   many more.

The Courage to Change Everything will be positioned to appeal to entrepreneurs and corporate employees who need to develop courage in order to make the changes they desire to experience the success they deserve, and the fulfillment they have dreamed of professionally and personally. This book is an easy to use guideline that will train them to develop the habit of courage daily, and to take the actions that will enable them to transform their lives, matching their dreams, vision and desires.

The benefits of The Courage to Change Everything brand identity include:

§  Recognition of the company’s expertise in the area of personal development products.

§  A loyal consumer base that eagerly awaits the next product or service.

§  Brand name recognition in the field of entrepreneur and business development resources, as well as personal-growth, where the consumer has become more aware of our presence. If consumers don’t buy the first or second time, they will eventually buy due to the constant exposure of our ongoing marketing efforts.

§  We will leverage joint ventures and affiliate marketing from colleagues to promote the The Courage to Change Everything brand to grow at an exponential rate.

§  We will create packages, special promotions, and affiliate opportunities to cross promote The Courage to Change Everything through multiple marketing channels.

§  Through specialization we will create trust and customer loyalty for the brand and cultivate multi-media promotions.

Radio and Television

Ken D. Foster will participate in all radio promotional activity arranged by the publisher. He will also coordinate additional radio and television appearances through his own marketing team resources (as listed in the Marketing Team section). He will leverage his marketing team to create pitch sheets to deliver to television producers, guest bookers, and interviewers for maximum appearances and increased bookstore sales. Once a guest, Ken D. Foster will set his intention specifically to drive bookstore sales while on-air by mentioning local retail outlets from up-to date lists received from the publisher and his marketing teams.

Promotional Events & Media Attention

In conjunction with the publisher’s official book launch, book signings, and other promotional events, Ken D. Foster will actively seek out and schedule workshops and keynote speaking opportunities through his network of over 300,000 friends, fans, and followers across all marketing media platforms.

Editorial Content

Ken D. Foster will be positioned as the foremost expert on empowering entrepreneurs to live their lives from the foundation of courage, in order to realize their dreams of success in business and life.

Mr. Foster will work with freelance writers to generate query letters and submit articles to National Magazines, Internet e-zines, and local Newspapers, in the areas of interest to the publisher. The end of each article will direct readers to the website, a toll-free ordering phone number, and local and nationwide bookstores.


Charity Fundraisers and Sponsorships

As an experienced fundraiser, the author has raised thousands of dollars for charities by hosting and gathering nationally recognized authors, speakers, and trainers to appear at fund-raising events. He will leverage his charity affiliations to schedule speaking opportunities and book promotion exposure.

Book Signings

The author is prepared to embark on an extensive media tour to be arranged by the publisher. Whenever possible, Ken D. Foster will arrange for success icons and/or celebrities to appear with the author on his tours. In addition to the book signings and media events scheduled by the publisher, Ken D. Foster will arrange his own off-schedule book signings and media events at non-traditional locations. Local bookstores will be encouraged to sell books at speaking engagements or conferences whenever possible, as a way to boost bookstore sales.


The website will become an extension of The Courage to Change Everything, along with his other published books, providing a resource center with links, free newsletters, articles, and e-books on Personal and Business Development. It will provide locations of the nearest booksellers for consumers and buy buttons directly on the website. Ken D. Foster will incorporate several database-building techniques such as pop-up windows, opt-in newsletter registrations, and special giveaway promotions. A special members-only section will be included to promote additional support, a sense of community, and bonus materials.

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Direct Mail will be used primarily to promote volume purchasing of The Courage to Change Everything books. A direct mail package will be sent to decision makers of trade associations, conferences, and corporations with the incentive to purchase a minimum number of books in exchange for mini-trainings. Postcard direct marketing may also be used to promote book sales of The Courage to Change Everything to specific target markets. Direct mail efforts will be utilized to open new markets and generate new leads.

Speaking Engagements and Back of Room Marketing

With the support of his marketing teams, Ken D. Foster will arrange speaking tours nationwide to coincide with book signings and sales. During the speaking engagements, the author will implement several back-of-room marketing techniques to capture contact information, email addresses, and names of potential book buyers. The author will also sell packages that include The Courage to Change Everything to sell directly to consumers. Ken D. Foster will also seek to further his relationship with each speaking engagement client to promote future on-going sales opportunities for The Courage to Change Everything.

Live Seminars, Annual Conferences and Tele-Seminars

In addition to a promotional speaking tour, the author will host his own live seminars to promote the The Courage to Change Everything brand and book. Through his coaching business, networking organization, and affiliate partnerships, Ken D. Foster will promote The Courage to Change Everything through tele-seminars, webinars, seminars, workshops, and speaking opportunities.

Internet Marketing

Ken’s marketing teams will use marketing automation systems to develop aggressive email, social media, and internet marketing campaigns.  This will increase his exposure and expand his market reach, growing his client and contact lists of prospective book buyers.

To expand his reach and exposure to national and international markets, the author will also invest in targeted online advertising via social media and internet based ad campaigns such as Google AdWords, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, and affiliate marketing through online marketplaces like

Affiliate Marketing

Ken D. Foster is a Joint Venture Specialist with over 2,500 affiliate partnerships that have expressed an interest in marketing and selling his next book The Courage to Change Everything through internet marketing campaigns.


Proven Market and Competitive Comparison

Simple Abundance provides women a special place to meet themselves and remember what their fundamental truth is, to live life on their own terms by boldly being themselves. The daily essays empower women to trust themselves by confidently living an authentic life that invites them to shift their perspective and find abundance in the simplest pleasures of daily living, from finding a vintage hat at a flea market to finding time to meditate or just enjoy their favorite music.

Simple Abundance is practical spiritual wisdom that gives women permission to be who they are and learn to trust that they are enough to attract all that they need or desire to live a happy, healthy, fulfilling abundant life.

Author Brené Brown is the leading expert of vulnerability and has written several
books on the subject. In this book she discusses how courage is the companion
required for someone to be vulnerable. She presents a case for how absolutely
necessary being vulnerable is in order to have meaningful connections with others.

Courage is the foundation on which vulnerability is built. Vulnerability could not exist without courage. When she speaks and writes books on the subject of vulnerability courage is always part of the conversation. However, it is not the focus. Ken D Foster is the Brené Brown of courage empowering entrepreneurs to use courage, like Brené Brown encourages people to use vulnerability to connect on a deeper level with each other. This is only one of several books she has written on the subject. She has been a guest more than once on the Oprah Winfrey Show discussing the merits of being vulnerable.

Ken D Foster was inspired by this very book to have the courage to change his own life when he surrendered and step into his first Alcoholic Anonymous meeting.

This book helped Ken keep marching through the dark nights of the soul to recovery. This book empowers people with addictions to use courage one
day at a time to confront their demons in order to live a fulfilling life free of
addictions. This is a classic favorite for millions of people around the world who battle with addictions and the ones they love who have addictions. Copyright © 2016 ● Ken D Foster ● All rights reserved ● 10

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Now that you know a little about me, I want to thank you for purchasing this book! I am honored that you have.

So, are you ready to increase your awareness, evolve and allow your business and life to expand exponentially? Will you commit to living from your highest values, develop your intuition and bring forth your brilliance in a greater way?

Are you willing to see how taking 100% responsibility for everything that is showing up in your world will completely change your life for the better? Will you do whatever it takes to gently master yourself?

If so, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the ride of your life. I know at this very moment you are capable of achieving extraordinary feats by harnessing the unlimited power of courage. I know this because even though we haven’t met yet, we have a lot in common as spiritual beings who are truly courageous just for being born on this planet during this time.

Most likely, just like me, you underwent trying times and overcome many challenges. And just like me, sometimes you forget just how far you’ve come. You are a work in progress, still growing and evolving. And just like me, you want to make a bigger impact on those you love and have a positive effect on the world.
And, you probably want to experience more joy, prosperity, and success in your life. Right? And just like me, you forget from time to time that you are a magnificent, brilliant being, who has the power to shape your destiny.

Like many millions of entrepreneurs my daily demands became a balance between my business, family, health, and spiritual life. It was a tug-of-war between my dreams and my daily commitments. Every day there was stressful situations that were taking me out of my brilliance and causing me anxiety and fear.

I knew I needed something to keep me centered when things got tough. What I didn’t realize it that I needed encouragement even in the good times, because the gifts of the soul must be cultivated daily.

I asked the question: “What if I could speed up my learning curve, increase my capacity for to stay calm, increase my wisdom, strengthen my will power, be more receptive to making my mark on the world and feel connected beyond what I have ever imagined? The result of asking this question and others like it are the daily essays and strategies you will find in this amazingly simple yet powerful book.

I was determined to be in a high state of consciousness every day. Being calm, focused and joyful throughout the day, in this state I knew I made good choices and was highly productive. I also knew that when I was fearful, stressed out, or out of balance, I made poor choices. I found that when I connected to my Soul or maybe we call it my highly intuitive Wisdom-Self, I was continually in the flow of life.

In fact, so much so, I would joke with my wife Judy that we have what everyone is looking for, Health, Peace, Happiness and Prosperity. We live in a “Happy Bubble.” In this bubble, everything flows in harmony, peace and abundance. It is quite amazing! By the way, I am not saying we don’t have challenges, but we do overcome those challenges with peace in our hearts and wisdom filling our minds.

Sadly, it doesn’t take a genius to see how most entrepreneurs and people in general are not living in a “Happy Bubble” and are starved for daily inspiration. Even though there are many resources out there, most of them are not grounded in wisdom.

There are many superficial self-help books and programs that give readers the 10 or 12 step way to fix your business or life instantly. There are many newly appointed coaches and self-appointed consultants giving quick fix blanket solutions to challenges that take contemplation, understanding and individualized actions to overcome. Although quick-fixes exist sometimes, I have found you must do your own inner work if you are to find lasting success.

My success in business and life didn’t come by quick fixes, luck or by accident. They were chosen and created. I did the work, tuned into courage and learned to master myself. Permanent success won’t come to you either unless you set your intention to master your mind and yourself.

When you do, you can realize your magnificence and highest potential. This is done by focused consistent efforts. Success cannot be purchased or given, it must be acquired by patient daily actions. Then all you desire will be yours in time. The daily strategies in this book will help you achieve this end.

I should give you a warning though. As you read, I can assure you that some of your beliefs will be challenged. Some of your emotional upsets may disappear. Some of your disempowering habits will no longer be useful. As your inner state of being transforms, you may start to perceive the world differently.

Why? Because, the more brilliant your thoughts become, the brighter the world will look and the more charismatic you will be. In fact, daily doses of the courage found by tapping into the Wisdom Self may uplift you to see the unseen, know the unknown, and make the impossible possible.

My prayer for you my dear brilliant readers, is that you will be comforted in the challenging times and turn the pages daily to open up your genius and help make the world a better place for all.

This book is intended as a daily guide to living. Each morning read the essay for the day. Then find a quiet place to sit and meditate upon the thoughts contained within the essays to embrace the meaning. Contemplate how to apply the daily essays in your own life. Strive to attune your mind to the deep meanings in the messages.

Then tune into the feeling of courage. If you can feel courageous every day, it will help you when things are challenging. In fact, your life will change for the better because when courage is developed it empowers greatness to come forth.
During the day recall the thoughts from the daily essays as often as you can. Try to find one line in the essay that you can hold onto during the day to inspire courageous actions. Be determined to make the ideals work for you and others during the day.

At the bottom of the daily essays are questions. Ask the questions over and over again until you realize how to apply them in a practical way. Some of the questions are difficult to answer, but don’t give up. If you keep asking, eventually you will receive the answers.

At night before retiring, mentally repeat the thoughts that brought you courage and inspiration during the day. Then record the thoughts in a diary so you will remember the beliefs that empower you.

Also ask each evening; What worked for me today? What didn’t work for me today? Where can I improve tomorrow? By doing this you will be setting a foundation to notice what needs to change and improving on a daily basis.
By dwelling on the truths contained in these essays and by striving to put these essays into practice every day, you will find your awareness expanding and your consciousness transforming.

Right thinking is the fountain of success. When you think right, you make the right choices. The right choices will lead to right actions and right actions lead to right results. This is the formula for ongoing success and the unfoldment of your own realization.

Make a fundamental shift in consciousness and instead of using courage from time to time, make it at the forefront of your life. Let courage permeate your thinking. Tap into your courage before you make decisions. Commune with it during challenging times. Contemplate daily what living a courageous life is for you.

Allow courage to infuse your being and help you make powerful choices that will move you forward in all areas that matter to you the most. Have the courage to feel your fears, feel your desires, feel your anxiety. Then ask courage to come forth and help you see the truth.

Give up the stories of your old self-image and who you thought you were and open the doors of unstoppable courageous you to emerge. Let courage move you closer to your divinity and express all that you were meant to be.
Make this a daily habit and enjoy the benefits!

Make sure to get the app which is included with the purchase of the book: or on ITunes and download it on your Smart Phone. This way the daily strategies will be easy to access and you can have them sent to you daily. Also, join our community at and post your courageous acts.

Sample of Daily Essays

January 1
“The most courageous act you can do is to master your mind and master yourself.” –Ken D. Foster

The New Year is a time for renewal and rebirth. It is a time to let go of the past and those things that have not served you well. It is time to throw off the portals of limitations and open to new possibilities. And it is the time to set intentions and goals to bring new life to your greatest dreams.

Every human being is here to contribute and to help make each other’s lives better. But how can you make a large contribution in the world if you are not actually putting your unique gifts, talents and skills into the world? This is an amazing day to make a resolution to bring more of “you” into the world. It is time to align your mind, body, spirit and emotions you’re your greatest dreams to generate an amazing life.

♣ Try taking on this new point of view: “Beginning today, I will create a new future by creating a new me. I will do what it takes to remold my thinking and become all I was meant to be. I will bring forth my brilliance and create excellence in all areas of my life. I will change my perceptions, words and actions again and again until I have found the road to success by evolving myself into being the change I want to see in this world.”

Then giving time for each question, today ask:
♣ “What is the core of who I am?”
♣ “What am I being called to do differently?”
♣ “How will my business and life evolve so that I have the greatest year ever?

♣ Try taking on this new point of view: “Beginning today, I will create a new future by creating a new me. I will do what it takes to remold my thinking and become all I was meant to be. I will bring forth my brilliance and create excellence in all areas of my life. I will change my perceptions, words and actions again and again until I have found the road to success.”

Then giving time for each question, today ask:
♣ “What is the core of who I am?”
♣ “What am I being called to do differently?”
♣ “How will my I evolve, so that I have the greatest year ever?

January 2
“There is within you, waiting to be called, a great source of power called courage. Call its name and it will give you the strength to overcome fear and uncertainty, and the heart to continue with bold confidence despite the pain of disappointment and even tragedy.” –Michael Josephson

It is not what you have done that holds you back, it is what you have not acknowledged and changed. As a child you may have been afraid of the dark, but now you may be afraid of the light – your light, your brilliance.

Acknowledgement is the first step in making changes. When you can recognize that you have the power to overcome all challenges and then commit to overcoming them, your life will get better and better.

♣ Notice with a calm mind the changes you are committed to making. Then make a list and decide which challenge you will take on first. Now is the time to rise up and be the hero in your own life.

Giving time for each question, today ask:
♣ “What am I committed to overcoming that will increase the quality of my work and life?”
♣ “What do I truly know must change, for me to be more successful?”
♣ “What is a new belief am I willing to embrace which will substantially improve me?”

January 3
“Why trust others for your answers? Why not summon up courage, delve deep into the unknown parts of yourself, and realize what is possible?” –Ken D. Foster

If you have not tried to do the impossible, you will never know your limits. Great things have been accomplished by people who have stretched themselves past their limits. Think about what it took to build companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google, or structures like the Golden Gate Bridge, Statue of Liberty, or the Taj Mahal.

These are great feats that started with an idea in the minds of the originators. You too have amazing ideas that the world is waiting for! Does this sound odd to you? If so, then it is time to rethink what is possible for you. No matter what you station in life, there are opportunities waiting for you to explore. So why not start now!

♣ Think of two ideas that would truly stretch your limits if you worked them out. In other words, determine two large goals that you cannot possibly do on your own. Journal about these ideas and use the power of your creative mind and ask how you can expand these ideas until you get clarity on what the next steps will be.

Then giving time for each question ask:
♣ “What has been holding me back from bringing my greatest gifts and talents into the world?
♣ “What am I determined to do, no matter what happens?”
♣ “What will make the biggest difference in determining whether or not I succeed?

March 1
“May we muster courage at the crossroads – courage for the conflicts – courage to say "No"; courage to say "Yes"; for courage counts.” –Thomas S. Monson

You cannot grow without resistance, nor create success without growth. Weight training is a good example of this concept. If there were no weights to lift, the body-builder would not grow the muscle.

The same is true in business or your personal life. If you are not experiencing struggles and growing past them, you are not building the necessary career muscle to move you from today into tomorrow’s victories.

Therefore, each difficulty you have comes with a guarantee. It promises you the opportunity to become all you can be as you overcome it.

So where do you start? Most people think doing more and more is the answer… The wise ones bring in more awareness, information, and understanding, before beginning anything. They, in fact, tap into their intuition. This leaves them open to receive new tactics and approaches for overcoming the challenge well before they proceed. By doing this first they assure their success.

♣ Think about the challenges facing you and then, bring introspection into the equation to gain wisdom.
Then, giving time for each question, also ask yourself:
♣ “What is possible for me when I prevail against my biggest challenges?”
♣ “What can happen for me if I tap into my awareness before engaging with challenging areas?”
♣ “How can it get better than this?”

March 2
“Cast out any negative thought, and replace it with the courage to overcome.” –Ken D. Foster

How courageous are you? Do you have what it takes to create your greatest dreams or have you let your circumstances dictate how your life will be?

The wisdom of the ages and the courage of a hero are within you. But you must pursue these qualities or they will lay dormant. The only barriers standing between you and your unlimited success are the conclusions you have come to. It is your points of view that you think are real, that are actually holding you back.

If you were to let go of your judgments and stories about what you need to do to succeed, you would be much further along the road to success. It is your rigid adherence regarding how things are supposed to be that keeps you stuck. When you stop judging and start asking you will bring in a wealth of new possibilities.

Success is in the questions you ask. So today ask questions like:
♣ “What is possible for me that will change the course of my life in a positive direction?”
♣ “If I were able to stop judging right now, how would my life improve?”
♣ “How can I profit by thinking less of what is not possible and more of what is possible?”

♣ Set your inner compass for success by taking courageous actions.

March 3
“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” –Vincent Van Gogh

When problems arise, most people get into the drama of the problem. This clouds the issue and shuts down their creativity. Instead, find a space where you can quiet your mind before you contemplate the problem.

Think of a glass full of water and dirt. When you mix the water with the dirt, it turns to mud, clouding the water. However, if you set the glass down, the mud will sink to the bottom and the water will become clear.

The same is true of your mind. There are infinitely more solutions than problems, but you must approach them with an empty mind.

Today, think of one problem that has evaded solutions for a while. Take time to meditate, quiet your mind, and then ask:
♣ “How can I connect with peace before I solve this problem?”
♣ “Where have I been stuck thinking about this problem?”
♣ “What am I willing to let go of thinking about this problem?”
♣ “What are five solutions that will solve this challenge, forever?” (Make sure you use the word “forever” in your solutions, so the problem is permanently solved.)

Many of you have become great problem solvers. You may want to consider why you create problems to solve? What do you get out of solving problems? When you figure this out, most likely you will have fewer problems to solve!

July 1
“When you let courage permeate your mind and tap into the field of unlimited possibilities, you will generate an unlimited life for yourself.” –Ken D Foster

Bringing out the best in ourselves is as much an art as a discipline. It is important to know when to push and when to relax and enjoy our growth. With all work and no play, we become brittle and too focused on outcomes. With all play and no work, we lose our willpower and productivity.

It is through walking the razor’s edge of balanced living that consistent growth takes place. There is no better way to balance your mind and therefore, your life, than by meditating. I have realized this in my own life and have been fortunate to be around many self-made millionaires who meditate daily for a harmonious and balanced life.

By consistently setting your intention to concentrate deeper in your meditations, you will find that you can focus your attention on your goals more easily and attain greater success. You’ll see steady improvement with this consistent commitment.

Today, spend extra time going deeper in your meditation and then ask:
♣ “What has to happen for me to create a space for my meditations to go deeper every day?”
♣ “How can I allow myself the time and space on a consistent basis to meditate morning and evening?”
♣ “As I feel peace in meditation, how can I allow this peace to permeate all my activities to bring forth my greatness?”

Steven M.R. Covey Forward

I’ll never forget listening to my father consistently repeat an expression about courage that, over time, became extremely meaningful and inspiring to me:
Courage is the quality of every quality at its highest testing point.

He also would quote Winston Churchill:
Courage is the first of the human qualities . . . because it is the quality which guarantees all of the others.

So when my friend Ken Foster asked me to write the foreword to this book on courage, I asked myself is this a book I can fully embrace? Will it help those who read it detect, discover and develop their own courage?

Will it increase self-trust and build confidence in entrepreneurs? Can it truly impact positive change within the readers themselves as well as within the organizations they work? The answers came back a resounding yes!

We live in a world that is increasingly over-managed and under-led. The kind of leadership needed today not only requires us to understand how to lead from the head; it also requires us to lead from the heart as our starting place. Such leadership requires great courage. Indeed, the root of the word courage comes from the Latin word cor, which means heart.

So courage could originally be seen as “To speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.” And this is where Ken’s book starts—he wonderfully creates the conditions for each of us to focus deeply on personal and professional courage and, in so doing, we begin to tap into the deeper well of power and wisdom that lies within us.

When we combine this courage with sound leadership strategies, we’re then better prepared to conquer the biggest challenges and seize the greatest opportunities in both business and life.

My life’s work has been focused on one of the collaborators and partners of courage: trust. In my books, The Speed of Trust and Smart Trust, I illustrate how trust is the one thing that changes everything and how extending trust is the defining skill that transforms managers into leaders.

Why? Because high-trust relationships and cultures not only create greater economic prosperity, they also create greater levels of energy and joy. When trust goes up in relationships and within organizations, creativity flourishes, collaboration increases, communication flows easier, fulfillment grows, speed goes up and costs go down.

And for trust to increase someone needs to start it, someone needs to go first. That’s what leaders do. Leaders go first. Indeed, the first job of a leader is to inspire trust; the second job is to extend trust.

As Ken points out, trust and courage go hand in hand. When there is high trust in a culture, people become more courageous. They become more open and authentic. They’re not afraid to take appropriate risks—helping them become more creative and innovative. They exercise courage in talking straight, confronting reality, and making and keeping commitments—all of which, in turn, reinforces the trust.

Similarly, it takes courage to trust another person. Indeed, to trust is to take a risk. But not to trust is also to take a risk. I find that in today’s collaborative, interdependent world, not trusting is more often the greater risk.

Courage is required not only to extend trust to others but also to learn to trust ourselves. Self-trust is the foundation from which all other levels of trust emerge. For example, at the end of the day, we’ll have a hard time sustaining trust with others if we don’t trust ourselves as that distrust of self will inevitably project out into our relationships. As Emerson put it, “Self-trust is the first secret of success…the essence of heroism….In self-trust, all the virtues are comprehended.”

Ken makes a strong argument that through courage and trust we can better tap into our own creative genius, which opens the doors to innovation. Innovation occurs when there is a collision of differences in an environment of trust.

When leaders create a culture of courage, trust and creativity starting with themselves and extending to their teams, they can achieve breakthrough results, higher productivity and increased prosperity.

This kind of creativity is a catalyst for getting sustained results. Indeed, today’s challenges can be far better solved through creative collaboration than through unhealthy conflict. But for real collaboration to occur, we need courage and trust. It’s simply hard to collaborate with people you don’t trust.

For Ken, there is no shortage of solutions—there is only a shortage of courage, trust, and creativity. Organizations and leaders who establish a high-trust culture of courage and innovation are able to create a space for authentic entrepreneurial thinking, effectively leveraging new ideas, developing highly effective teams, and generating an unprecedented level of collaboration. The net result is sustained superior performance.

Yet too many organizations have unwittingly separated people from their creative selves by inadvertently (or sometimes deliberately) fostering environments characterized by unhealthy competition, infighting, turf wars, politics and misaligned priorities.

These actions ultimately lead to low morale, turnover, disengagement, bureaucracy, and toxic micromanagement. Such low-trust organizations fall short of their achieving targeted objectives time after time. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Nowhere is the need for courage more apparent than for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs at all levels have unique responsibilities, challenges and daily demands. The fast and agile companies of the future will be a direct reflection of how much trust and courage entrepreneurs have developed in their organizational cultures—and in their personal leadership.

In a low-courage, low-trust environment, most individuals are struggling and hurting inside because they instinctively know the benefits of high-courage, high-trust cultures—and they know what they’re missing.

They intuitively understand that having the courage to live their highest values, and being congruent with who they really are, will increase their self-trust which, in turn, will help them build relationship, team and organizational trust. They can sense how their lives and relationships would be far more fulfilling if they could bridge the gap of low courage and low trust.

Finally, I also find that the best kind of courage has an interesting and often paradoxical companion—humility. The combination of humility and courage enables us to be open, and openness is vital to trust. Indeed, to be open inspires credibility and trust; to be closed fosters suspicion and mistrust.

Humility enables us to acknowledge that there are principles out there we may not currently be aware of, and courage enables us to follow them once we discover them. Throughout history, most paradigm shifts in science and in life have been shifts from conventional thinking—shifts that require this simultaneous blend of humility and courage.

But none of this can happen if there is a lack of courage to explore greater trust. It takes courage to pave new ground and approach leaders with ideas that may be foreign to them. It takes courage to step out and speak up when old systems are not working.

It takes courage to look within yourself and notice what you are tolerating or where you have been playing small and not living your own values or purpose. It takes trust to confront issues during turbulent times.

Without courage there will always be a diminishment of trust, but with it you can get real and see what is working—and what is not—and you can increase your influence and accelerate your success.

Gandhi gave us all a beautiful challenge: “Let us become the change we seek in this world.” To that I add, “Let us model the courage we seek in our world.” It is my hope that this book will help us recognize, develop and exercise far greater courage and creativity in growing prosperity, energy and joy in all dimensions of life to the end that this world may be a better place for all of us.

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