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Marcus Kirsch

Marcus Kirsch

An award-winning innovation & transformation consultant for over 20 years, his combination of strategic thinking and end-to-end pragmatism represents a fresh angle on today's business challenges and innovation opportunities.

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Success! The Deconstruction Paradigm sold 182 pre-orders by Nov. 4, 2018, was pitched to 80 publishers, and is in discussions with publishers.

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The Deconstruction Paradigm

Forget digital and connectivity, invest in your deconstruction mindset!

We believe technology means success. Since the industrial revolution, we had this simple paradigm. Today industries are failing because of this ignorance. Thinking deconstructed and building deconstructed companies solves this.

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Business design
London, United Kingdom
55,000 words
75% complete
7 publishers interested


“We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.” - Father John Culkin (not Marshal McLuhan)

“We shape our tools the way we see reality. When the tools shape us, they define how we can see the future.”  - That guy who wrote this book

Why are modern companies so much more successful than classic ones? Why is technology not a silver bullet, but people keep investing as if it is?
The answer is a mindset that is inherently different and independent from technology. It has impacted both life and business. This book will explain this mindset through real-world examples and through interviews with business leaders who have adopted this way of understanding the world. Deconstructive thinking will enable you to focus on mindset-tool-world feedback loop needed. It will help you avoid using Agile and Design Thinking as mindless tools that won't bring different results. It will help you get over the innovation blocker the industrial revolution has deeply planted in most businesses.

“I have no special talent.
I am only passionately curious.”
- Albert Einstein.

When Marcus was asked why to write this book his answer was simple: "Some ideas are so stubborn, that they keep popping up and eventually get confirmed by reality. Through positive feedback from friends, peers and in projects, I wanted to get the concept of deconstructive thinking out there to make it available to everyone who wants to understand the future."

Marcus looks back at 20 years of working between design and technology. He has seen many ill-conceived projects and bad investments not because the tools or money weren't there, but because the mindset was not right. It might sound theoretical, but a speedboat won't make much of an impact in a pond and a ferrari alone won't make you win a race. This needs to change. If we understand the mindset that drives the change, we can be part of every opportunity change brings to us.

The book should make it easier for you, to:

- understand what Agile or Design Thinking can drive for your business and what the underlying trend is

- know the difference between old and new ways of structuring what a business does and why and see what old aspects are causing innovation not to happen

- have the ability to use deconstructive thinking to get to the real potential a modern company can have


Part 1 - Don’t look back in anger - Before the paradigm

The frog in the boiling water
How a modern narrative has helped in hiding the disruption.

Death of a travelling Craftswoman
How we lost constant learning and why.

You have been de-skilled!
Why Henry Ford is a problem today.

Just add silo
About the effects of silos on progress in companies and thinking.

Zero Friction
The simple principle that every company needs.

Part 2 - OOPs I did it again - What's new and why

Mind - Tool - World
The critical feedback loop that everyone gets wrong and why that makes projects fail.

OOP your brain in 1000 nutshells
How engineers and designers think alike and how it has affected you when you talk to your mom.

It’s the internet, stupid
How the internet succeeded because of deconstruction, no connectivity.

Sean Parker is the Devil
Why Sean Parker is a big deconstructive thinker.

Pirate Bay is the most Awesome Cancer
Why Pirate Bay is underrated and why Popcorn Time is the better Netflix.
Illegal! This time: Bitcoin
Why new ideas have a habit of running into legal trouble.

IFTTT, Twilio and the APIs
Why APIs are deconstructed tools.

Don’t get me startup-ed
Why startups are not full of geniuses.

Deconstruction is not
How decentralising, outsourcing and collaboration are different.

Part 3 - Things to come - Real-world examples

The biggest show on earth
Why some seasonal trends are likely failing.

Innovation is trivial
Why you should not try to innovate.

How I learned to hate specialists
About the forgotten alternative of the polymath.

1000 Faces of Innovation
How your teams and the people in it need to change or be enabled.

Budgets - a combination of people & opportunities
Here is how budgets need to change.

Tower of Bable
Why we need a particular common language to succeed.

Value Change
Some thoughts on a new way to evaluate or measure.

The Silverback Gorilla
Change has nothing to do with intellect. Here is why.

Business Jiu-Jitsu
Have businesses entered a new era of flexible modelling?

Zero Friction again
Examples and thoughts.

Prototyping Mindsets
Real world examples, I used to trigger deconstructive thinking.

Government is next
Why the government is just another industry.

The conclusion and your next steps.


In companies, CEOs, CIOs, COOs and Managing Directors are looking for new ways to be more competitive and improve their companies. Creative technologists and strategists in various industries are looking for better teamm dynamics and ways if creating innovation. Transformation consultants and service design professionals are looking for how to drive change in their client's companies.

Students, who want to go into starting their own companies, having a future for their learning or want to go into business management and team management should read this.


Marcus is a .com veteran with nearly two decades of award-winning, international and integrated strategy and technology project experience. A Royal College of Art alumni and ex-MIT Europe researcher, he has accumulated an eclectic mix of technology projects in the area of education, luxury, automotive, advertising, smart networks & IoT, telecoms, entertainment, healthcare and fintech.
Through work for clients such as BMW, Natural History Museum, Nissan, Science Museum, Leo Burnett, Mitsubishi, P&G, Kraft, McDonald's, GSK, Guide Dogs, Telekom Italia, Patek Philippe and a variety of startups and SMEs, he has created a very holistic understanding about the change people and businesses need.
He his now consulting both global corporations and startups on innovation processes, service design and end-to-end strategies to elevate business benefits and capabilities.
He believes that the future is deconstructed, horizontal and inclusive.

He has been a speaker at international events and conferences and organised and facilitated workshops for various industries and company levels.

He is the author of dozens of articles for both online and offline publications: e.g. Guardian Media, Wired Insight, Campaign magazine, NY Arts Magazine, etc.

Some of his achievements include:
- leading an award shortlisted (pending win :) transformation project for BT
- an AD&D and Cannes Lion for Mitsubishi
- the winning digital pitch for Telekom Italia’s 2015 €100 million re-branding campaign
- creating an electric bike and its business model for Nissan
- managing a Kickstarter campaign that reached 200% of its pledge value for startup The Things Network which reached 36 countries in 30 days
- building the Science Museum’s first social media and real-time content gallery named Antenna Gallery
- making McDonald’s Piccadilly sign interactive
- creating the first phone with a mobile LoRaWAN gateway
- building art projects with anything from RFID tags to live pigeons
- owning a self-built DL-44 blaster replica


Personal Email List: 3.000+
LinkedIn: 2,300+
Associate Partner Network: 15,000+
Speaking at London Festival
Shortlisted for award mid-campaign
Planned video blog interview
Commercial partner opportunities to email to another 5,000+ people within target audience
Planned LinkedIn articles and other activities
Printed Marketing to use at the conference and speaker events across the month


Everything Bad is Good for You
Author: Steven Johnson
Publisher: Penguin
How referential TV culture is making us smarter.
Also describes a shift in mindset. Similar in tone, similar to defining a phenomenon based on real-world examples.
It is focussed on culture, not business or the way technology structures our lives. More mainstream due to TV theme.

The Inevitable
Author: Kevin Kelly
Publisher: Penguin Books
(A New York Times Bestseller)
Interacting, cognifying, flowing, screening, accessing, sharing, filtering, remixing, tracking, and questioning are Kelly's way to re-label future trends.
Similar audience, style, subject matter regarding technology.
Outdated ideas, just new words to describe the old.
My book is giving actual examples of what to do next, not just new metaphors.

Zero to One
Author: Peter Thiel
Publisher: Virgin Books
Says that companies better have a purpose.
Similar audience but startup focussed. The book does not provide a lot of insight, just opinion or anecdotes that don't offer appropriate steps.
My book shows clear examples what differences in structure and approach a company should take. My book also has a broader audience than just startups.

Author: Malcolm Gladwell
Publisher: Penguin
Malcolm Gladwell looks at everyone from rock stars to scientific geniuses to show that the story of success is more based on context than talent alone.
More mainstream but similar in anecdotal and historical evidencing. More academic with data points. Does not offer steps for action.
My book offers a way to reveal an essence of thought that can be applied to everyone.

Future Shock
Author: Alvin Toffler
Publisher: Bantam USA - original ca.1973
Future Shock is about what is happening today to people and groups who are overwhelmed by change.
My most significant reference in ambition and ability to capture the current paradigm. He is essentially the 50 years older version of my book.
His book is more focused on general culture, where my book is slightly more business leaning.


Book is written and edited by an english editor (I am german) 25,000 words into the currently 51,000. Part 3 of the book (remaining needs some rewriting and 2 CEO interviews are pending)

7 publishers interested Express interest
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  • Update #1 - Successful Campaign! Oct. 9, 2018

    Thank you so much to everyone who supported me. We hit 170 pre-orders and that means I will have 79 potential publishers looking at the ...

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    Way to go Marcus. This looks really interesting and I look forward to reading!!

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    Excellent work Marcus! We need leaders and true leadership has to do with a vison of the future. Something new has to be created. It’s a sign that something greater has to happen. Innovation, creation and invention is our future.

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