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Tamiko Williams

Tamiko Williams

Atlanta, Georgia

Tamiko is an author, entrepreneur, and business coaches with over 20 years of experience in both the corporate and entrepreneurial arena.

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Tamiko's BIO

Tamiko is the CEO and managing member of a technologies company who possesses over 20 years’ experience in management, technology, and coaching. She holds two degrees in business and development along with a master’s degree in computer science. She is a true egalitarian dedicating her life to helping others achieve their dreams.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, she was employed by a diverse range of organizations. During which time she acquired numerous management awards and was recognized for exceptional leadership. It was at that time when
she first discovered her intrinsic knack for leadership and team development.

As she grew professionally, so did her passion for sharing her
knowledge and training with others. She established herself as a trailblazer when she developing a distinctive technique for corporate sensitivity training. Tamiko’s inimitable talent for analyzing and interpreting critical behavioral patterns gives her a competitive edge over other coaches in her field. She believes that a person’s “convinced mindset” governs both their ability and inability to lead. Tamiko’s clients include entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, individuals, and corporate professionals.

In 2018, Tamiko founded “The Human Employee” a
coaching and training program offering services such as sensitivity leadership training and self-actualization coaching. The objective is to assist industry leaders and individuals in having a more humanistic approach. The program is slated to help thousands of people in the coming years.

Sanah's Bio

Sanah is the CEO of an Information Technology company, with experience managing global teams and multi-million-dollar projects. Her background in business strategy, customer-oriented solutions, and staff management emphasize her mindful but competitive approach. Sanah is fueled by her passion for understanding the nuances of cross-functional processes and operations. She considers herself a ‘lifelong student,’ eager to both build on her academic foundations in business and technology and stay in tune with the latest processes and strategies through continued training and personal development.
Her hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has contributed to her most recent success at The Trinigam Technology Group LLC, where she leads teams on technical projects for companies, such as Atlanta VA Hospital, Kroger, and numerous banking institutions. Meanwhile, she vastly improved the productivity of her team by implementing strategic project management methods and a human approach to managing by supporting a work-life balance for her staff.

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Sanah Bittaye Mitchell

Sanah is an author, entrepreneur, and business consultant with over 20 years experience building strong teams and employee relationships.





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Enjoy a full-day workshop where we'll teach the Key HE Principles of our book including;

1. Understanding your HE
2. Management Hell vs. Heaven (Sensitivity Training)
3. P.U.R.E. S.E.L.F.
4. Communication versus Dictation - LRDF (Listen, Relate, Constructively and Calmly Debate, then Formulate)
5. Mastering One's Self
6. Let's Get Naked
7. Building a Better You
8. What would you do? Leadership role-playing activity.

Your HEs will learn how to relate better to their employees, become better trainers, keep a level head in chaos, develop stronger morals, and gain more focus. All while building their confidence and sensitivity language.

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The Effective Management of the Human Employee

How to develop a new way of thinking that leads to becoming a great leader.

Undertake a journey of self-discovery that will mold you into a great leader and human. Create an amazing work environment with productive employees that love their job.

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Management & Leadership
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This self-help book is for leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, and individuals who desire to improve their leadership skills. The effective management of the human employee is our homage to the past. A time when corporations treated their employees like family.

Welcome to the Human Employee (HE)!

I am going to re-familiarize the reader with how to relate and communicate with their employees on a humanistic level. In doing so, they will create a productive thriving work environment that leads to a successful business.

What will be required from the reader?

•    An open mind

•    A lot of soul searching

•    An a commitment to changing

What will be accomplished?

The "Effective Management of the Human Employee" will take the reader's management and social skills to the next level. A must in today's "gimme gimme, me first" generation. We believe that there is an ever-increasing need for corporations to return to a humane way of managing. If their business or office is suffering from bad morale, employee distrust, low productivity, internal conflict, or high turnovers this eye-opening book is the solution.

As this book guides them step-by-step, they’ll learn how to approach everyday complex situations with ease and grace.

Some of what they’ll discover is how to:

  • Redirect and eliminate conflicts.
  • Renew trust.
  • Lower employee turnover.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Develop a stronger management style.
  • Gain respect and admiration.
  • Build a dynamic and creative office culture.
  • Improved moral values such as; integrity, honesty, fairness, accountability, and authenticity.
  • Learn to become a coach and mentor to their employees.

Our Approach

Throughout the journey of writing this book, we have learned that humans are unique individuals worthy of a second look. Our needs are different. Our desires are different. The way we sleep, rise, comb our hair, and eat is all different and so is the way we manage. So, why is it that some leaders rise to greatest while others fail miserably?

An even better question is what makes a person so charismatic that millions would follow them to the end? We believe it all comes down to their management style. And in this book, we divide those styles into two categories, management hell and management heaven. This breakdown shows us why one person can command so much respect while others can’t lead their way out of a paper bag.

That answer is revealed once they begin their journey of self-discovery. And with that knowledge they will be able to build up, instruct, gather, create, persuade, and develop other great leaders, growing beyond their imagined expectations and beliefs.

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The Effective Management of the Human Employee


Chapter 1: The Human Employee
Chapter one dives into the many characteristics that make up the HE (Human Employee).

Chapter 2: Management from Hell
In this chapter, we’ll focus on what poor leadership looks like.   We also examine what causes high turnovers and disengagement in many companies.

Chapter 3: Management from Heaven
Through lessons and stories, the reader will learn what really makes a good leader. They will receive the tools needed to improve such as these five foundational elements; honesty, respect, integrity, honor, and responsiveness. 

Chapter 4: Six Tricks to Mastering One’s Self
Before you can become a great leader you must learn to master yourself. So, we offer six tricks to mastering one’s self along with inspirational stories and assignments.
Chapter 5: P.U.R.E. S.E.L.F.
The term PURE SELF is an acronym for Purpose, Understanding, Resolve, Encouragement, Space, Efficiency, Leadership, and Faith.

Chapter 6: Let’s Get Naked

Let’s get naked is our fun and exciting way of stripping our old self away to make room for the new you. They will evaluate the "person in the mirror" to discover what they were doing wrong. Once stripped, we’ll begin the rebuilding process with our “Rocking the self-improvement boat” training.

Chapter 7: Building a Better You

We will take everything we’ve learned in chapter 6 and put it into action.
The plan will show them how to;  

  • Push past their fears.
  • Move beyond their comfort zone.
  • Write affirmations to stay motivated.
  • Find a strong mentor or coach.
  • Develop a new management style.

Chapter 8: Refining the Atmosphere
This chapter is all about building a better work culture based on their newly learned skills and values. How they can tweak some things to encourage a creative and stress-free environment.

Chapter 9: Setting the Stage
Setting the stage is the methodologies behind finding the right HE for the right job. A unique style of interviewing and screening to find that right employee.

Chapter 10: Grasping the Fundamentals
After we've set the stage for the human employee we'll discover how to provide them with the right tools and training. How to set them up for success from the very start.

Several case studies including, such as "The Chick-fil-a Affect." A look into what makes the service and staff of this franchise far superior to other fast-food restaurants. 


Our Audience

This book is for industry leaders, business and corporate managers, individuals, and entrepreneurs. 

Corporations are struggling more than ever trying to find and keep good leaders. The days of having a loyally committed employee has been replaced by start-up minded millennials. Whose idea of a steady job means they been there for at least a year. Even more so, millennials now make up over a third the market workforce. This has caused a change in the leadership arena.

Corporations are pressed to find good leaders, especially with Baby boomers leaving the workforce and retiring. This has left many corporations with the new generation to serve as industry and corporate leaders. The only problem is many millennials are more suited to the entrepreneurial lifestyle and find it difficult to stay rooted in a 9 to 5 job. As a matter of fact, “the Millennial Economy National Survey found that Millennials have a strong desire to venture on the entrepreneurial path, but that 42 percent of them state that their biggest obstacle is lack of money.” So, loyalty to one company is more of a dirty word than a philosophy.

As should below in the graphs

More Statistics

·         77% of organizations report they’re currently experiencing a leadership gap.

·         US Companies spent $160 billion on employee training and education.

·         89% of executives surveyed believe strengthening organizational leadership is a top priority.

·         63% of Millennials said their leadership skills were not being fully developed.

Statistical resources provided by February 8, 2018 | Ashley Ansari -

“So, what do companies do? They invest huge amounts of money in leadership development. Classes, seminars, workshops, lectures. All told, 83% of organizations say that it is important to develop leaders at all levels.

However, only 5% of companies have fully implemented leadership development at every level, and a quarter of businesses say that less than 10% of their critical leadership positions have ready and willing successors. Indeed, 84% of businesses expect to encounter a leadership shortfall within the next five years.”

Resource by Joy Ruhmann -

What’s the answer? The Effective Management of the Human Employee. This book engages millennials to think more like leaders. It helps them identify with the humans they will be managing in a way that’s never been done before.

Corporate training will no longer be a mundane boring training session. That is given by a dulled face person with no connection to their audience. Our book breathes new life back into leadership training. We incorporate tips, strategies, humor, tough soul searching, moral development and restructuring of the mind set.

When readers pick up our book they will be engaged on every level. All while rebuilding and strengthening new core beliefs and values with calls to action.


Our Current and Future Book Marketing Plans

Our Website

Our website

Online Social Media Marketing Campaigns

The Human Employee Group Fan Page

The Human Employee Facebook page

Twitter page

A Instagram page 

A LinkedIn page to connect with business professionals and industry leaders.

We’re creating a YouTube channel for our HE book trailers, video marketing, and training e-courses.

We’re creating a free book give-away contest for our fans and website visitors using video ads & creative landing pages.

Paid campaigns on social media.


Sponsoring through the below companies and

Email campaign and Amazon select to begin taking per-orders.

Offline Marketing

Hosting a book launch party of up to 100 invited guest.

Holding book readings at

    • Colleges
    • Nearby universities

    • Locally owned bookstores

    • Corporate events

    • Libraries

    • Business Partners Store Fronts

Donating our book to 

  • Libraries
  • Colleges
  • Corporations

Contacting local newspapers and radio host for interviews.

Reaching out to Podcast host for interviews and shut outs.

We will be hosting a leadership work shop for aspiring entrepreneurs, business leaders, and industrious teens.


Leaders eat last: Why some teams pull together and others don't May 23, 2017 by Simon Sinek

Publisher: Portfolio

Simon uses examples from both the military and corporations to show how we are responsible for the people we manage. He speaks about the good and bad circles of safety that help or hurt employees. In the EMOHE we talk about safety in the regards of being honest and intentional in what you do. When employees know what to expect from you there is no fear.

Serve to Lead: 21st Century Leaders Manual Second Edition

by Jame Strock May 10, 2018

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

A 352 page manual for leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, and CEOs. James offers "extensive interviews, business case studies, psychological research, biography, history and literature." Its well written and filled with great advice for new and experienced leaders. The EMOHE offers much of the same but on a more personal human level. Our book is not intimidating at all. Its an easy to follow self-help guide for busy people who want answers fast.

Small Acts of Leadership: 12 Intentional Behaviors That Lead to Big Impact Hardcover – December 19, 2016 by G. Shawn Hunter

Publisher: Routledge;

Shawn has an insightful book that offers advice given by both celebrities and corporate leaders. It is easy to read but more on the academic side. Whereas the EMOHE is more user friendly and interactive. We use a mix of humor, personal experiences, assignments, activities, interviews, and case studies that appeal to everyone.

Bring Your Human to Work: 10 Surefire Ways to Design a Workplace That Is Good for People, Great for Business, and Just Might Change the World 1st Edition, Kindle Edition

by Erica Keswin 

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education Sept 28, 2018

"She distills the key practices of the most human companies into advice that any business leader can use to build a “human workplace.” The lessons in Bring Your Human to Work foster fairness, devotion and joy in the workplace." Tamiko believes in the principles of her book. The EMOHE takes it a step further with personal stories, self reflection, a look at human characteristics and screening techniques.

Humble Leadership: The Power of Relationships, Openness, and Trust Kindle Edition by Edgar H. Schein 

Published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers Aug 14, 2018

The humble Leadership focuses on building trust through open communication and asking. His book deals with things on the level of "complexities of interpersonal, group and intergroup relationships." The EMOHE approaches this topic but focuses more on the manager himself. Our method is more like a workshop in a book. The rewards is a change in the overall values of the person and office culture.

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