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Shea Richburg

Shea Richburg

New Jersey, United States

Shea is an American entrepreneur, best selling author and keynote speaker based in New Jersey.

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About the author

Shea is an American entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker and the CEO of NJ Family Con.

Shea works with K-12 school and education system leaders in developing their teachers, enhancing classroom learning and improving student outcomes in innovative effective digital schools.
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The Future Family Manifesto

Parenting of the future

The past can not be changed. The future is open for creation.
Make sure your family is in control of their future filled with health, happiness and success!

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Personal Growth & Self-Improvement
50,000 words
25% complete
5 publishers interested


The Future Family Manifesto is the titan of parenting books causing alarming concerns yet influential in guiding parents towards their child’s future success. The ultimate compendium focusing on preparation for the future reality of making the right decisions to best position your child for a balanced lifestyle. This new reality no longer measures success by the schools you attend, basic benchmark standards, who you know or what family you were born into. Reality is transcending into what skills you have, your values and general information your parents equipped you with from birth.

Topics relating to “the future” are tremendously hot subjects, BUT this is the first time we’re combining a parenting book with a futuristic spin on it. America has just entered into the 4th Industrial Revolution leaving everyone curious on how it will affect their jobs, health & family. Between the great debate over technology advancing and humans scrambling, it’s only necessary to create a book that brings both these audiences into a new thrilling arena.

The book will provide tips, advice and more importantly a roadmap for the 21st century parents to help their children become successful in a volatile new world. The landscape of the world is changing, therefore we need to change our artistry on how to help kids succeed in the future by achieving their own personal goals.


Introduction: The World As We Know It Has Changed
The book begins by asking readers, “Is it really possible our fiction will turn into reality?” and explaining what is this statement means and how it relates to families. Lastly the introduction will close by addressing the common misconception, “traditional parenting styles are still relevant,” by showing how the author has encountered families who are struggling to thrive using this mindframe.

Chapter 1-  Love = Compassion
This chapter shows how children deserve love, thrive on love and respond to love. It shows how providing love dedicates how compassionate a child will have towards others in the future. Those who hold this trait will be our future leaders. 

Chapter 2- Health 
This chapter explains the negative external factors leaving children unhealthy psychically and mentally. Provides tips on how to maintain health through our foods. Understanding environmental changes.

Chapter 3- Future Education 
This chapter presents several compelling evidence how schools have not equipped our children with the education needed to thrive in a future society.  Examples of the alternative school options. Which school is best for your child?

Chapter 4-  Creativity
“A good mindset can open up doors that the highest level of education will not” - success begins when you know what it looks like. Creativity is the driving force behind success starting at an early age. This chapter will explore building creativity in children.

Chapter 5- Skills
The two skills that will enable your child to succeed in any field is their personal soft skills and hard skills. The author will show examples on how this should be practiced daily by young children. Soft skills  should be learned at an early age & are connected with interpersonal skills. These skills lead to personal growth and further down the line, leadership skills.

Chapter 6- Augmented Reality
When neglecting our focus on day to day responsibilities, child will unsuspectedly be sucked into technology leaving major problems between parent and child. Children are more motivated to play games  than to engage with others. Parents will gain insight on how to better communicate with their children and have their children engage more with them.

Chapter 7- The Agile Family 
This chapter demonstrates how family stability will be challenged but you can navigate with the changes and still provide your child a healthy environment. Less stability does not mean a lesser than childhood.

About the Author
Recommended Resources


Parents - According to the US Census Bureau there are roughly 80 million parents presumably fully dedicated to their children. The baby development community has been proven successful through blog sites, marketing campaigns & monetized affiliate marketing sites. Prior to starting this project I researched the need for a new parenting book and which questions should be answered. Parenting books typically focus on a very specific topic, but this book focuses on topics that will affect children between the ages 1-15 leading to an amazingly doubled audience.

Educators- Educators such as teachers, principles, professors and homeschool teachers will benefit greatly from reading this book. The Manifesto will provide educators ideas concerning new curriculum that will help students retain information faster. They will also compare the new needs for children mentioned in the book to their outdated current curriculum.

Reader Archetype - This book is very compatible with new aged parents, actively engaged in their child’s life. The audience is middle class, working parents trying to survive the future society changes affecting children. Various reading archetypes are compatible with this reading, habitual book club readers, the emotional reader, those who know real life is more important than fiction, the multitasker, middle class family and non fiction lover.


The promotion of this book will reach across various platforms.

The Future Family Manifesto will be quite exciting for parents, educators, homeschooling enthusiasts  and corporations for example Microsoft, Cognizant, Oracle or Vonage that want to help families adjust to new business practices through the future of work component. 

Plus the author currently has an email list composed of 2,431 subscribers. Each subscriber will get the opportunity to receive a brief summary from the book via email to be encouraged to preorder the book. At the same time, Shea is an added contributor to Garden State Safety Magazine, thus she will be able to have an ad within the quarterly magazine. Her website  www.shearichburg,com will include the link for book preorders.

Shea’s social media platforms include Facebook & Linkedin with a combination of 3,636 followers. Via social media there will be a strategic plan to incorporate live streaming videos of Shea promoting the book and getting people excited about the book release. 

The author also plans on incorporating book sales into her annual convention, NJ Family Con. 

Family Con will promote the purchase of book sales and receive a discount into this event. 

Shea has previously worked with corporate sponsors such as Roku, Babies R Us, Warner Brothers, Home Depot, Boxed Water & Santander Bank. She plans on connecting with the appropriate companies interested in sponsoring The Future Family Manifesto book. Working along with corporations, Shea will be promoting the book in upcoming events. She works closely with the Chamber of Commerce & has direct access to small business owners who are  within the organization.

Below is a list of events Shea scheduled:

- “Women Who Empower Awards”, May 9th 2019, Pines Manor Edison NJ.

- Women of Opulence Dinner, April 8th 2019, Pete’s Restaurant Millburn NJ.

- Women of Wealth Luncheon, May 11th, Paramus NJ.

- North Jersey Women’s Expo, November 2-3rd 2019, Edison NJ


- Parenting 2.0: Think in the Future, Act in the Now by Tricia Ferrara, published by Amazon Digital Services LLC (September 30th, 2014)

Parenting 2.0 shows parents how to stop using old scripts that define their role as a parent and learn to rely on core principles that can dramatically improve relationships, overcome behavioral challenges, and help a family reach its full potential.

The Future Family Manifesto shows parents how to use their role as an empowerment tool when navigating through society’s challenges. It will strongly connect new innovation with new parenting methods.

- The Formula: Unlocking the Secrets to Raising Highly Successful Children by Ronald F. Ferguson & Tatsha Robertson, published by BenBella Books (February 5th, 2019)

The Formula unveils how parenting helped shape some of the most fascinating people you will ever encounter, by doing things that almost any parent can do. It will focus on the philosophy of coming from wealth influences future success for children.

The biggest difference between The Formula and The Manifesto is Shea not discussing wealth as a contributing factor for future success. The theme is completely reversed by emphasizing  that children will have to rely on new skills, thought patterns and health regiment to succeed in life. 

- Raising a Screen-Smart Kid: Embrace the Good and Avoid the Bad in the Digital Age by Julianna Miner, published by TarcherPerigee (July 23rd 2019).

Raising a Screen-Smart Kid highlights a philosophy that will help parents moderate technology in their children's lives, curb their own anxiety, and create room for a happy, healthy family life with and without screens.  

The Future Family Manifesto mentions screen time being an issue for modern parents  but supports methods to help parents in corporate technology in their children’s daily learning, keep control and balance a strong appetite for technology while bonding with their children.

- The Developing Child in the 21st Century: A global perspective on child development 2nd Edition by Sandra Smidt, published by Routledge (June 19th 2013).

This book takes a broad assessment of all children’s roles and experiences, covering a diverse range of topics including: technology and learning in the context of family & society. The book also uses children as symbol users, role-players, investigators and creative thinkers, and follows children's progress in forming their understanding of their environment. 

This publication is contrasting due to it acknowledging that children need to become more creative yet their creativity will help guide them to their path of success and leadership. Understanding your environment will be introduced as a skill learned from the parent.  

- The Tech-Wise Family: Everyday Steps for Putting Technology in Its Proper Place by Andy Crouch & Amy Crouch, published by Baker Books (April 18th 2017)

The Tech-Wise Family focuses on developing wisdom, character, and courage in the way we use digital media rather than accepting technology's promises of ease, instant gratification, and the world's knowledge at our fingertips.

The Family Manifesto dives deeper into the importance of being technologically knowledgeable for success. There will be clear illustration on the importance for children to be ethical when dealing with technology and how families can grow together when investing in technology time together.

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