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Alexia Melocchi

Alexia Melocchi

California, United States

Alexia Melocchi is a prominent executive of the Film Industry who has produced and sold award-winning movies and documentaries while shepherding the careers of emerging talent worldwide.

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About the author

Alexia Melocchi is an accomplished entertainment industry professional with a long proven track record of success within both the domestic and international arenas. A vital contributor to the LITTLE STUDIO FILMS brand, Alexia Melocchi ‘s footing in the Entertainment Industry began in the international marketplace in the 1990s, as both a sales agent and buyer’s representative for eleven theatrical distributors. As a consultant, she leverages her relationships and expertise in screenplay development, film and television packaging, and arranging for the US and International Distribution and Marketing of indie films.

A regular participant at most major film and television markets as well as Festivals around the world, Alexia Melocchi is fluent in French, Greek, Italian, and Spanish and is also an Advisory Board Member of the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival and the Italian Television Festival. She is frequently invited as an expert to discuss her expertise in Show Business and the mindset to succeed in it, through webinars, blogs and Entertainment Industry events.
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The Heart of Show Business

Where Art meets Mindset

How does one truly succeed in Show Business? Is it connections? Expertise? Attitude? I show you how to bridge the gap between the What and the How to successfully navigate Hollywood to turn your passion projects into a viable commodity.
Gain clarity in sales, pitching, and insider knowledge of the Entertainment Industry.

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What has Film School got to do with it? Nothing, when it comes to having a prolific career in Film and Television. It all boils down to a harmonic balance between art and mindset. This book is about bridging the What with How Hollywood truly works. Many business professionals get overwhelmed and confused on technique and access routes to pitch their projects so they are produced and sold. Having been part of the producing and selling process of movies that made over 900 million worldwide, I have a proven framework that will create a clear and easy-to-follow path for your creative endeavors and how to bust those doors open for your creative dream to become a reality.

There are many books out there about screenwriting, directing, producing, acting, but none has been created yet to help you understand the process of the Hollywood machine from inception to completion. Have you always wanted to get your book, script, or project in the hands of decision-makers but confused and unclear on how to use the effective words and right format? Are you scared at the thought of “pitching yourself or your art in the room”? Do you know the "essentials" of the Film and Tv Industry?

I have put together the exact framework to help build confidence in your work and yourself and give you the steps to convert your idea into a rock-solid, easy, and business-focused plan that will have maximum impact. I have sat in rooms where multi-million dollar movies and shows came to life to become Award winners and box office hits. I produced some of them and discovered the visionaries that created those hits. I even interviewed some on my five-star rated podcast THE HEART OF SHOW BUSINESS. If you are ready to transform your show business dream into a profitable mission, this book is for you.
The Heart of Show Business will take you on a journey of mastery in sales, creativity, pitching, business, networking, and the vital information on how to enter the Film and Television world.

We will cover these topics:
- The 3 Keys to gain control over your Hollywood journey
- The difference between selling and influencing
- What is a purpose-driven creative entrepreneur
- The 5 necessary Steps to pitch like a pro
- You have a story, now what happens?
- Nobody says NO for no Reason
- Finding your audience, your business partners, and your Emotional Juice.
- The single mistake all writers make
- The Art of Deep Listening
- Buyers- What do they really want?
- Crossing Boundaries to access the Show Business world
- Getting from Maybe to a Yes
- Pitch Perfect – what does it mean?
- The path of a story from script to script to screen
- Set Life- a typical day of filming
- Enter the Mastermind- The role of the Producer
- The Hollywood decision-makers- where do they hide?
- Secrets of Success from Past Celebrity Podcast Guests

Sales arguments
• The Author is a 25 year veteran of the Film and Television GLOBAL industry with over 25 films produced and distributed around the world.
• The Author is the Host The Heart of Show Business Podcast, which is ranked top 5% in the world by listen notes and is 5 stars rated.
• The Author has been attending Film Festivals and Conventions around the Word, speaking on industrious Panels about all aspects of the Film and Television landscape, attended by thousands, from the art of networking to mastering a pitch, to how to succeed in creative endeavors.
• The Author is an Industry Mentor and Educator for Stage 32, the largest Entertainment\ Industry social platform for networking in the world.
• The Heart of Show Business is packaged in a way that shows the convergence between art and mindset, how Hollywood truly works and allows you to avoid the pitfalls of having learned theory but lacking the knowledge of how to leverage it, with clarity and simplicity and told from the perspective of an insider.
• In traditional bookstores and retail outlets, The Heart of Show Business will have crossover potential on psychology, self-help, Entertainment Industry education, business, and career shelves.
• Hollywood is still seen as the ultimate destination for success in film and television from all over the world. Therefore, the book will have enormous potential for foreign rights sales and within book clubs.

Sales arguments

  • Pitching Companies and Script competions make thousands of dollars promising access and chances to those want to make it in Hollywood. But they do not prepare you for the rejection, or the handicap of not being business savy or truly knowing who are those that have your Show Business fate in their hands.
  • Podcast- The Heart of Show Business- top 5 percent in the world. Featured multiple times on Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Screen International and several Media Magazines around the world. Contributor and Communications Director of The Eden Magazine (2 million readers). Educator for Stage 32 plaftorm. Panelist at the Cannes Film Festival, SEE Fest, LA Greek Film Festival. 2500 Followers on Clubhouse.
  • Author’s Personal Mailing list :140000 – worldwide. Linkedin Connections 7002. Facebook Connections 3895. Instagram 2500. Twitter 1725. Company Followers (LITTLE STUDIO FILMS) 6000 across Social Media. Clubhouse Followers :2600.

Similar titles

  • Steal The Show- By Michael Port- publisher Mariner books-published 2015- this book helps the confidence building process but does not explain what it is like to be pitching to the specific decision makers in Film and Television and the acceptable formats/style.
  • The Business of Film- Paula Landry-Publisher Routeledge- Publishing Date 2018- this education book is solely focused on technical information but does not include mindset strategies to success.
  • The Best Story Wins - Matthew Luhn- Publisher Morgan James- Published in 2018- this Book is focused on storytelling and its value overall however does not cover the landscape of how Hollywood and the Global Entertainment Industry operates.


Every aspiring wants to make it in Hollywood and not go broke in the process. This book tells you all that you need to know to enter Show Business with confidence and insider access to the information you need and the skills to master to actually be a working artist and creative entrepreneur. it's never too late or too soon to start and you can do this from anywhere.

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Atmosphere Press

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  • Nikki Cole
    on June 2, 2021, 12:30 a.m.

    Great idea! Looking forward to it :)

    on June 2, 2021, 4:21 p.m.

    Looking forward to reading your book and having a 30 min chat! Exciting times ahead

  • Maeve Quinlan
    on June 4, 2021, 1:20 a.m.

    You are amazing Partner!
    Cannot wait to read this.
    Love you Filmmaker, Producer, Podcast Star ans now Author ✍️ ⭐️

  • Dror Soref
    on June 9, 2021, 6:24 p.m.

    Hello Alexia,

    As a film writer director I know firsthand how knowledgeable and effective you are in making our dreams a reality. Can’t wait to read your book. I’m sure sure I will learn a great deal.

    To many more successes!

    Dror Soref

  • Leslie Brennan
    on June 10, 2021, 1:09 a.m.

    Congratulations.... this will be invaluable to me as you have always had faith in me to pen a book. Blessings dear friend

  • Maura Colarelli
    on June 10, 2021, 1:35 p.m.

    Sono emozionantissima di leggere il tuo libro e di imparare da una donna esemplare come te! Maura

  • Monica Mal
    on June 12, 2021, 7:32 a.m.

    With pleasure my dear, looking forward to read your book 😁🙏

    With love,
    Monica Mal