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Oumaima Tiguint

Oumaima Tiguint

Kenitra, Morocco

Oumaima Tiguint is an English literacy student who loves writing and running, and is an all-around nice girl

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About the author

Oumaima grew up with her nose in novels and comic books. With her natural writing skills and her love for literature, she changed her career from mathematics studies to English to be able to create worlds, characters, and plots. In early 2016 she started writing her first novel which was for practice, and when she found out how much she loved writing she got an idea for The Heinous Princess, and it led to the birth of her novel.

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The Heinous Princess

The world smokes in the ashes of lies, betrayal, and death; the only person who can save it is dead.

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Fantasy Young Adult
53,000 words
100% complete
10 publishers interested


The Heinous Princess is a Young Adult Fantasy novel that follows a young girl named Miracle. She wants to uncover the truth that had been hidden for thousands of years and play a role in shaping this new world that got introduced to her. However, there are much bigger things she doesn't know about- the first men's prophecy. Those who knew about the prophecy shaped it to serve their own good, and over the years the real oracle was forgotten.

This book examines what could happen if an "ordinary" girl found herself stuck between people who either want to kill her or use her as a weapon. Most Young Adult Fantasy novels normalise the fact that their protagonists are good at everything they're supposed to do, but The Heinous Princess approches these perceptions reallistically.


There are 30 chapters in this book, each either seperating the characters' actions or the different emotional and mental states of the protagonist.

This book is a chronological story told from an omniscient viewpoint, which allows the audience to know everything that's happening in different places at the same time even though the protagonist doesn't know about it yet. This lets readers know the characters and relate to them by dipping into the head of any character and revealing things that have occured in the past or might happen in the future. Having a god-like omnipotent being also helps a lot since there is a lot of lying and manipulating in this book.

Chapters 1 to 4, Miracle knew her true identity and that led her to take a big decision.
Chapters 5 to 12, Miracle is discovering this new world with her new "love interest" and trying to build a new place to call home.
Chapters 13 to 20, just when she thought everything was going as planned, things got more complicated.
Chapters 21 to 30, Miracle decided to solve this mystery on her own without anyone's help.


Fans of mystery, magic, and fantastical worlds are the main audience for this book. Young Adult fantasy novel have always been a popular genre among both teenagers and adults, and as it is obvious in the statistics that show that Fantasy is second after children's books.

the writing style and plot are accessible to a Young Adult audience, as well as to a more mature, adult audience. A young adult reader (18 years old) of The Heinous Princess has said, "I really enjoyed reading this book, to be honest when you told me you were writing a book I didn't expect it to be this good. The plot twists were so unexpected I'm still in shock" an adult reader (31 years old) has said, "I usually don't read this genre of books because I thought they're childish and boring; however, after reading The Heinous Princess I was mind blown, I really enjoyed reading about the betrayal, the lies ... everything. Now I can't wait to read the next book you're working on!".

Readers who enjoyed “Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard, “The Historian” by Elizabeth Kostova, and “A Discovery of Witches” by Deborah Harkness would likely respond to this work.

Regardless of the statictics, I chose this genre out of passion not commercial intents. it's instead inspired by books I've read that are mainly in this genre.


Readers of fantasy fiction rank among the largest consumer groups in traditional bookstores, libraries, and book recommendation sites, like While many fantasy books are categorized as Young Adult, recent research shows that 55% of readers who buy those books are, in fact, 18-years or older.
That's why books like The Heinous Princess have high exposure and sales's success rate.

With the target audience of my book falling mostly in the early teens to mid twenties or thirties, I focus the majority of my marketing and promotion through social media. With 263 followers on twitter- most of them writers and readers that are willing to help me promote my book, 645 followers on my main Instagram account, and 114 followers on an Instagram account dedicated to posts about writing (memes, my progress...) and my artwork. I will be promoting my book to more than 1000 people daily.

I plan to use a three tier strategy to promote The Heinous Princess, covering four of the most popular social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. I plan to post everyday some things about the book: Character bios, pictures, quotes, short videos...
In addition, I will launch my sales campaign as email shots to friends and family.
And to reach my pre-order goal I will reward the readers with exclusive content.
Last but not least, I'll post interviews with myself and beta readers who enjoyed what they've read.


Some books that would deal with the same genre and similar topics would be:

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
Published February 10th 2015 by HarperTeen
This book is similar to The Heinous Princess because it represents a world of betrayal and lies, and Mare- the protagonist- has entered a dangerous game. In Red Queen Reds are against silvers, Prince against Prince, and Mare against her own heart; in The Heinous Princess Vampires are against Witches, brother against brother, and Miracle against everyone who ever cared about her.

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova
Published 2005 by Time Warner Books
This book is about a young woman who found an anciant book that contains the secrets of her father's past and her mother's mysterous fate.

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness
Published February 2011 by Viking Penguin
This book follows a young scholar, Diana Bishop, who unwittingly calls up a bewitched alchemical manuscript in the course of her research. Diana wants nothing to do with magic since she's descended from a witch family, but her discovery sets a fantastical underworld stirring, and a horde of daemons, witches, and vampires soon descends upon the library. And she is the only creature who can break its spell.

As there are many books in this genre, I'm sure I've missed numerous of them.

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chapter 1

Decades ago, after the vampire species were created; they had to find a place to live away from the humans and the witches- a place where they cannot be reached by sunlight. Walter -who was the oldest vampire- was looking every night to find the vampires a place to live in. One night, he was lurking around in the shadows, with his brother on his side and a wooden stick with fire on its end in his hand, to light their way, and found an unusual opening in the rock, so their first instinct was to follow this opening and suddenly they found themselves in a long tunnel-like passage; they continued to move slowly through the tunnel until they noticed a very weak light from distance.
Still walking through the tunnel, they encountered a little boy who was looking at them scared , but once they approached he dropped his light and went away running, they followed him wanting to talk to him until they found themselves in the middle of an underground world.
There was a big castle in the middle of that place; its white stones rising out of the darkness forming walls decorated with stripes of pure gold, shining under the light of fire from the big candles that are planted everywhere to light the city, there was a little river splitting the city in half. The castle was on the left half surrounded by houses, and on the right side there was a big building that looks about the same size of the castle, it had “Diwrat” written on the top of its wooden door; the two brothers were amazed by the view until they were interrupted by the sound of a man screaming.
“Era ka mea eras kwete ale tou Dematash” he said while moving closer to Walter and his brother with the little boy on his side.
I told you do not go out of Dematash
“ke yo erehe bunu rehe?” he turned around facing Walter and his brother.
What are you doing here?
“We were looking for a place to stay hidden from the sun, and we found ourselves here” Walter said without understanding what the question was.
“We don’t want to harm anyone; we just wanted to ask you if we could stay here with you” Walter added after that man was looking at him bewildered.
“Ke site ilikanaka yo ka mea?” he said arching his brows.
What are these surface people saying?
“Bara ale rehe!” he added screaming over his shoulder.
Bara, come here!
The underground man left, leaving the two brothers alone and all of the people looking at them scared, because they were so different from the city’s citizens. The brothers saw a girl with red hair walking into their direction, “My father told me you’re the surface people” she said.
“Finally someone who speaks English” Walter’s brother said releasing a heavy breath.
She moved her light closer to the two brothers to see their faces, she gasped and bowed to them, “Erate yo iveleta!” she screamed and everyone kneeled to Walter and his brother leaving them the only ones on their feet wondering what’s happening.
“Could you please tell us what’s going on” Walter asked Bara under his breath.
“You are the chosen; you will be given anything you wish for, and we are the only witches who survived” Bara said.
“Then tell your people to pack their things and come with me” Walter’s brother told Bara acting like he knew what she was talking about, “You stay here, I’ll tell the vampires to join you” he added turning around to face his brother.
1000 year later
Dematash was a city that accepted everyone with warm hearts and open arms to keep the vampire species alive for longer, their eyes turned into unusual eye colors whenever they smelled blood, they mostly turn into red and grey.
As usual, we all know that vampires cannot give birth. However, this fact changes in Agatha and Ethan’s case who were expecting a baby, which is unheard of. The vampires had their suspicions when they had found out first but eventually they accepted the fact that it wasn’t a hoax or a lie…it was simply “A miracle”.
The baby was born in a cold stormy night, she had jet black straight hair with blue-grey eyes, and she was so beautiful. The parents hesitated on picking a name for their newborn daughter so the vampires of Dematash suggested “Miracle” as a name, because that’s what she was representing to the whole vampire community, Agatha and Ethan liked it so Miracle it is.
The whole city was so thrilled with Miracle due to the fact that they had never witnessed a birth since their transition, which is at least one hundred years ago.
They organized a surprise party in which the whole city was participating; it was made in their party room which took place in the castle that was built by the first underground people, and it was mostly for weddings and birthdays. The entrance was a big arc made out of gypsum, decorated by lines and shapes, and the inside was also decorated by gypsum, the room was lit by huge candles decorating the walls, and as for furniture, fancy gold and brown couches to compliment the beige color of the walls. there were different types of blood to drink on a really big table in the corner of the room, everyone was dressed in their best outfits for this special occasion, beautiful dresses for females and chic tuxedos for males; they took Ethan and Agatha, not telling them where they were heading with their eyes covered with a black cloth, made them sit on two chairs next to each other, and then asked them to open their eyes; to their surprise, they found two girls holding red pillows with gold crowns on top of them; they crowned them king and queen of Dematash, because they thought they were chosen, they were able to do something no other vampire could do, and it was a sign given to them that they should treat them as a royal family.
Agatha and Ethan were so thrilled and honored to have gotten this opportunity, ruling a kingdom is hard and requires a lot of work and responsibilities but they were excited to take care of the people they love, and feel useful for their community.
The birth of Miracle brought so much joy and happiness to the Dematash kingdom, she was the light at the end of a tunnel; she represented a daydream, a reverie, and her birth was accompanied with the rebirth of hope.
Growing up, she was receiving love, affection, and respect from everyone. She went to the vampirism school Diwrat where all the newbie go to in order to learn the vampire culture, to learn how to control their thirst, and have general knowledge about what’s happening in the human world and the witch’s world.
Diwrat School was old and very huge almost the same size as the castle, this school’s classes aren’t what we see in our normal day lives. In Diwrat school age is abstract, due to the fact that vampires are well known for their eternal life, which means there could be a kid studying in the same classroom as an old grey haired grown man. They studied so many subjects like history of the vampire culture, coexistence with humans, how to bite properly, vampire enemies, hunting…and some other optional subjects like arts, literature, science…
They had their normal life too, they had everything humans had, except for being able to go out in the sun; they were convicted to live in the dark. However, they enjoyed life in their own way, and they found simple things that made their life less boring than it was originally.
When it was dark outside in the human world, at midnight exactly, everyone must go out looking for blood to drink in order to survive, but they had a really important law, that whoever breaks it gets executed by the king Ethan and Queen Agatha in front of the eyes of all the vampires to set an example for the others. The law said “A vampire should not harm or drink a human’s blood, nor their pets’ blood; they shall only have wild animals’ blood”
Miracle grew up to be a beautiful young lady with soft long straight black hair long enough to reach her waist, piercing Blue-Grey eyes, and bold thick eyebrows; she was so strong and muscular because she was a sprinter.
She also had three best friends Tobias, Neil and Ania.
Tobias was a doctor, and June who happened to be his girlfriend was also his patient, but unfortunately Tobias got into a car accident while he was drunk and driving, he lost control over his car and it jumped off a bridge at that point Paul who was responsible for growing the vampire community, gave him the choice to live an eternal life or die; he chose life, he wanted to fight for June, but he didn’t know he would never be able to get out of Dematash after that decision was made. As for Neil, he was swimming in the beach and he hit his head with a rock while he was diving from up high, Paul saved him, he didn’t get a choice like the others did, but he didn’t have any problem with it And lastly Ania was a polish girl saved from a deadly disease.
Each one of Miracle’s friends had a story, a nationality, a family and they had lived in both worlds, but Miracle didn’t have any survival story to tell, she didn’t even meet Paul who everyone is saying he’s the reason they became vampires, he was executed before her birth, she didn’t know why, and she didn’t bother to ask; she felt different even from her own kind.
She tried to fill the void she had in her heart about the past and everything she never got the chance to live like everyone else in Dematash, she used to spend most of her time if not playing soccer or hanging out with her friends in professor Walter Datso’s classroom, studying about History, it was her favorite subject in school, Walter Datso was not only her favorite teacher but also her best friend, she trusted him with everything, he knew all of her secrets, but she knew nothing about him, he was a man who didn’t like to share his feelings with others, even if that person was so close to him like with Miracle’s case.
She knew she was the only one who was born in Dematash, and therefore she wanted to have knowledge about everything and anything, it was her identity.
She appreciated every single lesson she had with Walter, especially the famous tragedy, the vampirism’s birth, Mr. Walter Datso told her that a very long time ago, there was no vampires, there was just normal people with no super powers or abilities what so ever living along with the sorcerers; but the sorcerers’ viciousness had put an end to their peaceful life, their jealousy made them commit such a horrible crime, they cursed Mr. Walter Datso, his girlfriend Judy and Paul, Walter’s son, because Paul was participating in a boxing competition against one of the sorcerers; they disallowed him and his parents from being able to go out in sunlight so they’ll miss the game and that’s exactly what happened; but after the curse was made no other creature could unable the curse, and instead of just stopping them from going out, the witch who made the potion accidently cut her finger, and blood fell in the potion, creating a blood-sucker sunless species; and both vampires and witches became the most hated creatures among humankind and between the vampires and witches themselves.
She admired this Paul so much, but she never got the chance to meet him since he’s been executed for breaking one of the most important rules in Dematash.

The author hasn't added any updates, yet.