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Nadia Bernardy

Nadia Bernardy

Haiku-Pauwela, Hawaii

Founder of Work & Woo and host of The Where Dreams Are Made Podcast. Started online for an unknown StartUp turned $32B International brand all while working from Hawaii.

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About the author

Nadia Bernardy is a Business Coach and Podcast Host living in Hawaii. She helps aspiring entrepreneurs take their dream idea and turn it into a successful online business. With a BA in Graphic Design, Web Design and Marketing she has been working in the online space since 2008. She started online for an unknown StartUp turned $32B International brand all while working from her laptop on Maui.
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Success! The Internet is Always Hiring has already sold 11 pre-orders , was pitched to 2 publishers , and is in discussions with publishers .

$20 Elevated Entrepreneur E-Journal

8 readers

Every order will receive a digital E-Journal to start journaling on their inspired business ideas. This book is meant to encourage you to start taking Action and getting your ideas out is the perfect place to start.

1 physical book copy.

1 copy + ebook included

$2 shipping

$60 Perfect Day Guided Meditation

1 reader

Meditation has been the key to setting up my work days for success. In addition to the Elevated Entrepreneur E-Journal you will also receive a perfect day guided mediation audio file recorded by the author.

3 physical book copies.

3 copies + ebook included

$3 shipping

$100 Visionary Board Workshop

0 readers

Having a vision for what you want your future business to look, feel and sound like is vital. The Visionary Board Workshop is a 3part video series designed to show you how to visualize using vision boards. Key areas of focus include Lifestyle/ Wellness, Work/ Business, and Money/ Wealth. This will be in addition to the Elevated Entrepreneur E-Journal and Perfect Day Guided Meditation.

5 physical book copies.

5 copies + ebook included

$5 shipping

$200 Mood Board Workshop

0 readers

Ready to start branding your business? Creating a Mood Board is the best way to get clarity on your colors, fonts and messaging. This workshop will walk you through the fundamentals of design so that your brand can have the right impression and draw in your dream clients. This is a 4 part workshop with a focus on messaging, fonts, colors and how they all work together.
Author has a BA in Graphic Design, with a focus on Web Design & Marketing, from the Southwest University of Visual Arts.

10 physical book copies.

1 copy + ebook included

$10 shipping

$500 Dream Online Business 101 Course

0 readers

Receive access to the Dream Online Business 101 Course. It will guide you on How to pick a Profitable Niche for your Online Business. You will also receive a Digital Creative Guide to help you work through your Online Business Niche ideas.

25 physical book copies.

25 copies + ebook included

Free shipping

$1000 Power Coaching Session and Podcast Interview

0 readers

45 Minute Power Coaching Session, to help you start your Online Business or Podcast. Once your business is up and running you will be featured on the Where Dreams Are Made Podcast as a guest to share your business story and promote your work. Episode will be promoted on Author's website and social media. Interview date will be scheduled between June-December 2021.

50 physical book copies.

50 copies + ebook included

$50 shipping

The Internet is Always Hiring

Have you applied yet? How to go From Employee to Entrepreneur

The Internet is Always Hiring. Have you applied yet? This book is about showing you what is possible in the online space. Stop looking for a job that drains you and start creating an online business that fulfills you. There is so much opportunity and this book will give you the foundation on how to go from employee to entrepreneur.

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Entrepreneurship & Small Business
60,000 words
25% complete
2 publishers interested


The job market in 2020 is bleak. We are in a global recession and many employees have found themselves without work. The great news is that we live in the time of the internet. Yet so many people are unaware of the incredible opportunity that is happening online or they have no idea where to start.

In The Internet is Always Hiring, Nadia Bernardy teaches us at the foundational level about how to use the power of the internet to create an online business. And why we should stop looking for a 9 to 5 job and start creating an online business! Because no matter the industry there is a market and clients will gladly pay for your expertise. The book will walk you through six key stages to creating your Brilliant Online Business:

- Wisdom into Wealth, use the knowledge and expertise
you already have to develop digital product ideas.
- Power of Personal Branding, Tap into your story and
connect to your ideal client.
- Outstanding Online Program, Use the 21 days to
transformation framework and turn your expertise
into digital products and services.
- Wealthy Website, create your online real estate by
building your own platform that you own and control.
- Elevated Ecosystem, learn how to create your Wealthy
Webinar, Email Sequence, and Sales Pages.

- Super Sales System, use the layering effect on social to
create organic leads. Understand how to use paid
conversions through Facebook Ads.

Start driving conversions to your offerings selling digital products and online workshops. The Future of the online education space is quickly growing into a $133B Market. You can have a successful business by focusing your efforts on the internet as your new employer and not a 9 to 5 job.

Sales arguments

  • Facilitator/ Coach for Airbnb from 2011 until 2020 and helped turn it into an International $32B Brand while working from my laptop in Hawaii. Airbnb Alum Connection.
  • 9 years experience working online remotely which is the major trend in 2020 with COVID-19
  • Online Business Coach with 12 years experience helping Aspiring Entrepreneurs start their Online Business and Podcast
  • BA Graphic Design, Web Design and Marketing from the Southwest University of Visual Arts

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  • She Means Business by Carrie Green published February 21, 2017 Hay House, The focus of this book is also about taking your idea and turning it into a successful online business
  • Vlog Like a Boss by Amy Schmittauer published: January 31, 2017 Author Academy Elite, Discusses using social media, video, to create brand awareness
  • The Big Stretch by Teneshia Jackson Warner Published: November 22, 2019 McGraw-Hill Education, Main topic is around going from Idea to Goal which relates to the foundation of getting started online


Working Professionals ready to transition into Entrepreneurship Age 23-34 Male and Female

Advance praise

Joe, Nate and I want to thank you for not only being part of Airbnb, but for helping build Airbnb as one of our early employees. Few will understand just how different it was back then - it wasn’t as obvious we would be successful, there were fewer processes, and we all had to step up at a a frantic pace. Thank you for helping us build Airbnb. Thank you for carrying the culture forward. And thank you for being a great example for all of those who joined after you.

Airbnb Founders - Brian, Joe and Nate

Nadia is one of the most beautiful souls I've ever met and has built her career working from home on the north shore of Maui. She has proven that you can work from anywhere and have the best kind of success professionally and personally. She has such a balanced life and outlook. On her page, Work & Woo, she shares tips about working from home and how to be productive, shares her success mindset, and provides online business tips. She posts new videos every week. If you've found yourself working from home, this is a great way to leverage the time and invest in your own brand of success.

Marketing Manager at Verizon - Sharman VanLandingham

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  • Aron Medeiros
    on Sept. 2, 2020, 7:52 p.m.

    Just pre-ordered the book. More than happy to support Nadia in her journey that she is so passionate about. She is one of the kindest people in this world and she deserves this success. Can’t wait to see her book being sold at Barnes and Noble. Wishing her all the best and good luck with her book.

    • Nadia Bernardy
      on Sept. 3, 2020, 6:57 p.m.

      Thank you Aron, very kind of you to say. I appreciate your support and well wishes.

  • Genesis Maya
    on Sept. 5, 2020, 9:31 p.m.

    What an exciting project! Wishing you all the success in the world.