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Cara H. Cadwallader

Cara H. Cadwallader

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

MFA, Goddard College;
Creator & Founder, the Mama's (& Papa's) Cooperative, Encinitas, Ca;
Advisor & Volunteer, Tree of Life Birth Center, Encinitas, Ca.

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About the author

Cara H. Cadwallader is an embodiment artist and dance philosopher who dances with the pen on the page as well as her feet on the Earth.
A master of embodiment, Cara has spent over 35 years exploring, studying and performing movement and all of its metaphors. Over the past fifteen years, Cara's main investigation has been in how she can deeply connect to herself, others and our planet.

A creator of joy-filled, diverse and warm spaces, Cara co-founded a community gathering space and dance studio for organic connection in downtown San Diego. With the birth of her only child, Cara shifted her educator lens towards women’s health and well-being as well as in co-creating a village space for families to gather. Now, after having survived miscarriage, her partner’s 4th stage cancer diagnosis and subsequent death, Cara's book The Mama Caravan is a hopeful journey through the stormy waters of loss and grief as well as a maternal mental health map for how other mothers can remember how to prioritize their mental health and emotional bodies.

Driving over 12,000 miles across the USA while embodying her emotions and feelings, Cara worked to better understand how to care for herself and be more present and available to her young son. This is how she has coped with her shock and trauma in finding herself as a lone Mother in this brave new world of Covid, calamity, and chaos.
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Update #4 - The Mama Caravan rides into your e-box again... this past week has been the hardest yet! Aug. 19, 2022

Hello friends,

I just remembered that this coming Monday, August 22, marks 9 years since Burt and I segued our relationship from friends to lovers. And, let me tell you, this week has been the absolutely scariest of emotional roller coaster rides that I have been on yet. 

Navigating the loss of Burt and the advent of Covid was easier for me because I am great at moving. In fact, I am an expert mover. However, always being on the go doesn't necessarily provide the ground for completing my book, The Mama Caravan.  Re-locating here to San Cristobal de las Casas, and into our Cabaña Paraiso on the side of a mountain outside of the city center, has brought up all of my fears and the anxiety that can come with being both the sole provider and the singular individual responsible for making all of the big decisions. I really miss Burt.

Fortunately, I have a tool belt, called Emotional Fitness Dojo for identifying my emotions and working with them as they arise but, to be honest, I have come to feel as though I am nearly drowning in the alone-ness that is lone motherhood. I can't do it alone anymore. I need a village once more. So, I/we have come back around to an idea that was birthed this past winter: Worldschool San Cris.

I am working with a mama sister friend here, Sara, who is originally from Chiapas, in offering a series of 5 week-long, worldschool pop-up experiences. The first one kicks off just in time to celebrate la Dia de los Muertos in Mexico. (You know you want to come!) Our intention is to create accessible adventures for single parents especially (but families are welcome too, of course) because 24/7/365 lone parenting is extremely challenging (dare I say, insane?!) and we need each other to survive - let alone thrive.

I also recently had the pleasure of being profiled on Reverend Jenn Cormier's podcast, Walk through Grief with Grace. Jenn and I both birthed our sons through Tree of Life Birth Center and shared the same mid-wife, Susan Melnikow. Way back then, Susan recommended that we become friends. Jenn helped to close our official memorial service for Burt and she was present when we offered Burt's ashes to the Pacific. It was a privilege to join her on her podcast. I very much appreciate her clarity of voice and vision. Have a listen when you get a chance.

Last but not least, my Insta Live series is simply not working. I tried three different venues here in southern Mexíco and, each time, our conversation had a serious lag. So, I am pivoting our "Conversations with Mama Cara" back towards the Zoom format (which is how I began them earlier this year). They will be available to join live, or watched as a recording at a later date.

Next Wednesday, August 24th, at 10amPST, Heril Vera, a Mama sister friend from Ecuador, will be joining in a conversation with me to talk black magic womanhood, about that which is taboo and other mysterious things. I have inundated you with enough links. If you want to hop on that call, send me a message.

Also, please know that your support of The Mama Caravan: A Maternal Mental Health Map for Life After Loss from seed dream to published reality helps not just me but others who are potentially suffering from loss, unintegrated trauma, and/or the alone-ness of single mother/parenthood. 

I appreciate you,