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Nakeya Fields

Nakeya Fields

Los Angeles, California

Nakeya T. Fields is a mental health entrepreneur, author, and speaker. She is a self proclaimed self-care junkie who loves to share the value of a empowerment routine.

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About the author

Nakeya is a licensed clinical social worker that is passionate about exposing under-resourced communities to holistic interventions for wellness that include physical movement, arts based outreach and connection to spirit and environment. There is also a huge focus on mindfulness strategies that empower communities to build resilience and manage the stressful moments when they come.

The Manifest It! Action Planner is intended to offer a warm guiding hand for those feeling stuck or unsure about how to change the things not working for them in their lives. Nakeya, with her experience as a play based clinical provider that works to help clients recover from their experience with trauma and anxiety--brings a fun and interactive guide to building self-awareness and discipline.
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The Manifest It! Action Planner

An accountability tool for those ready to wield the power of their will to make their dreams come true

A guide to building a self-care routine for people seeking to be their healthiest and happiest selves.

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Personal Growth & Self-Improvement
50,000 words
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1) The self-improvement industry is largely dominated by authors with little to no education or professional experience working in mental health. Furthermore, according to self-help books statistics by Goodreads 62.5% of self-help books readers are women however, the majority of self-help book authors are men. A problem in the market for our target reader is that the market is saturated with self-help material however, according to statistics, many readers don't know how to put these concepts into daily practice.

2) This 26 week action planner assists in holding the reader accountable for taking the steps required to attain the lifestyle and feeling of well-being they desire. By developing a targeted action plan toward the manifestation of their goals, the reader can take real, measurable steps forward in their journeys to success. It is set up in 26 week/6 month segments since most therapeutic treatment plans tend to average 6 months to a year of treatment to address a treatment goal. If working on a one year long goal for mental wellness, the reader can simply purchase another planner for their second 26 week/6 month course of empowerment routine building.

This action planner offers opportunities for positive accountability, self-regard, task management, motivation, and reminders for self-care/reflection. It will help those feeling stuck or stagnant and wanting to move, but are unsure of how to start and/or how to keep going. Therapeutic Evidence Based Practices have shown that setting SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-sensitive) goals increases the likelihood of individuals meeting their goals and feeling accomplished. Throughout each week, we educate about the eight dimensions of wellness and help those using the planner practice building routines that target dimensions they are deficient in. There is also exposure to the Five Love Languages to explore how we give and receive love and how our routine around relationships impacts our ability to be well.

The weekly action planner includes: a go-get-it mantra, a weekly goal, a check-in on how your body feels, weekly accomplishments, a weekly task list, and a self-care check-in. The planner provides opportunity for self-reflection that produces self-awareness. With self-awareness comes a powerful ability to curb impulse, engage the pause, and move through the world demanding what we want for ourselves. Because we know what we want, we build routine to follow the path toward manifestation of our greatest dreams.

3) Nakeya T. Fields, LCSW, is a mental health entrepreneur, author, speaker, motivator and president of a non-profit agency, the Therapeutic Play Foundation. Nakeya also has credentials to work in a school setting, as a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor, and Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist. She is also a UCLA-DMH Early Childhood Intervention Fellow.

These experiences have provided her with extensive training and a comprehensive understanding of mental health and wellness for the whole community and this book is based on therapeutic interventions she has found successful in her practice. Nakeya has a passion for the empowerment of others and her foundation seeks to encourage individuals and families along the journey to improving their mental health and wellness.

Sales arguments

  • In 2016, the U.S. self-help industry was worth about $9.9 billion dollars, according to a report from Research and Markets. These researchers predicted that the industry would be worth $12.31 billion dollars by 2022 and with the pandemic this growth will likely be exceeded as people struggle with the mental health concerns that have arisen during this past year.
  • The majority of self help books are written by people without professional degrees, this book will be written by a seasoned mental health professional with over 13 years in running for profit and nonprofit mental health focused corporations. She is involved in the research around the value of self-care and self-awareness as a tool to combat trauma symptoms; thus improving community wellness.
  • Nakeya has a strong social media presence with 1000 posts and 13.5k followers on her Instagram account, @TheFeelWellCoach. She has been featured of Fox Soul's Tammi Mac Show as a mental health expert and is featured on various podcasts and conferences related to her expertise in family wellness.
  • Most self-help books provide readers with a guide or theoretical knowledge of how to improve their mental health, this book is different because it is acts as a self-directed and self-timed interactive 6 month guide that puts theory into practice. The digital e-courses available to supplement the planner also sets it apart from others in the journal/planner market.

Similar titles

  • Unfu*k Yourself, Gary John Bishop, HarperCollins Publishers, 2017
  • The More of Less Definitive Guide to Self-Care, Anna Borges, Workman Publishing , 2019
  • How to Change: The Science of Getting to Where you are to Where you want to be, Katy Milkman, Penguin Publishing, 2021


This book is being written for anyone that wants empower themselves and change their routine.

Advance praise

"I sought therapy with Nakeya when I was struggling with anxiety. A problem with which I have been trying to cope for decades with varying degrees of success. As I was engaged to be married, navigating painful family circumstances, and in need of a career change, my anxiety was peaking. She has been instrumental in my growth and recovery since the Fall of 2016. The nuances one can receive during therapy are difficult to both share and/or describe but let me give you what I can:

Nakeya helped me to identify certain facts in my stories and my life that I was not able to see; perhaps due to my denial and other internal resistances. She was patient and nurturing while we unraveled various root causes and underlying limiting beliefs.

Furthermore, she was able to guide me to re-frame various outlooks I described to her so that I would be able to move forward in my journey with more confidence, positivity, and hope. This includes a re-frame of my long-battled diagnosis of anxiety. We were able to re-frame my anxiety into not purely my defining identification but rather a trait I can use to the benefit of myself and others. Worry, as tough as it may be, is not always bad. I have seen various practitioners throughout my journey so far, including PhD psychologists, and I found Nakeya to be most effective. She is highly qualified, professional, and kind."

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A therapeutic prompt is a verbal or written directive that instructs action intended to be restorative or healing in nature for the participant invited to engage. Usually this therapeutic prompt is offered by a mental health professional, but some community support groups or yoga practitioners, reiki practitioners, life coaches, meditation leaders and other holistic providers often use these types of strategies to support calming stress symptoms by engaging the parasympathetic nervous system. Educating about how to lead their bodies out of an escalating and inflamed reaction to stressful situations improves overall health and life satisfaction.

The following is a script to assist in supporting the practice of a regular routine for de-stressing. This prompt encourages mindfulness. Once the skill set of mindfulness becomes habit, we are able to access that ability to pause when we need it in a crisis situation.

The Pause Prompt
"Take this moment to notice ourselves. We invite a softening of the gaze here, or if its comfortable, a closing of the eyes. Are we breathing? Notice if our bodies need to stretch, or take a break or get some fresh air. Do take that moment if it is needed and come back when you are ready to continue.

Then, while in stillness, we focus on noticing the feel of the surface beneath us. Pausing now for a beat. We then inhale deeply and acknowledge the scents in the space we are in. Then the temperature of the air around us, feeling any shifts in the air or breeze. Pausing and breathing. Opening our eyes if they are closed, we look around. We notice 3 things, hold those three items in our mind, and then intentionally-- clenching our fists on an inhale and releasing, on an exhale...we let go of those things we visualized...just letting them float away. Breathing in and out. 1.....2......3....Now, just noticing the stillness and sounds in the space. Listening to any rustling or tiny movements. The shuffle of life being lived. Breathe in, blink once, Breathe out, blink once, Breathe in...Breathe out. In and Out. And slowly come back to present, maybe adding a head roll before arriving at stillness. Thanking ourselves for taking this pause and choosing self-love. Repeat as needed. "

The Pause prompt can be an accountability tool that serves to help us take care of ourselves. Document exactly what we noticed from taking the pause in this moment and throughout the week. This would be a great time to incorporate our action planner or another a physical or digital journal to track mood and severity/frequency of symptoms. It would also be beneficial to simply write or draw out what thoughts and feelings and sensations came up for us during the experience so that we can reference it later when it is not so recent for us. This will be useful to track stressors and triggers; which can be barriers to action steps toward being our best selves.

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