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Pamela Jasper

Pamela Jasper

North Bergen, New Jersey

As a FinTech manager, pilot and STEM leader Pamela chose to write this book about US President Obama and women to inform, empower and inspire women leaders.

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About the author

Pamela M. Jasper, PMP is an expert global software technology project manager for financial services firms, with over 30 years of experience developing front office capital markets trading and risk management systems for large banks and stock exchanges. Pamela is a non-profit STEM leader and a private airplane pilot. Pam runs STEM programs in aviation (ACE Camps, SantaCopters, etc.) and speaks to young people to inspire them to live their dreams and pursue aviation careers of the future (i.e. Urban Air Mobility). 

Despite the recent increase in the number of women running for US office there remain many barriers to entry. As a trailblazer in traditional STEM careers Pamela became inspired by the Obamas and President Obama’s support of powerful women. Pamela chose to write this book about US President Obama and women to help empower and inspire women (especially African American women of color) to seek careers in politics, and use the lessons learned from the highlighted women in their everyday lives.

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The Obama Chicks

The Women who supported US President Barack H. Obama, and His Legacy to American Women in Politics

The Obama Chicks highlights 44 stories based on data and interviews of women who supported President Obama in his private life, his White House and those impacted by his legacy.

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The Obama Chicks highlights inspirational and informative stories of 44 women who supported US President Barack Obama, worked in his White House and those impacted by his legacy. Interviews are with women from his private life, those who supported his presidential campaigns and those in his administration. The book identifies the traits of Obama that inspired their support, and how these traits informed his White House leadership and presidential policy and platforms. Voter / Election data analytics and data visualization are included to tell the data-story behind Obama’s winning campaign with American women. Finally the book documents Obama’s legacy through interviews with women impacted by his changes. 

Barack Obama opened doors for many women both in and out of the White House. Obama appointed the most women in the history of any US American president. He led groundbreaking legislation to support American women. This book discusses how Obama laid the groundwork for the current surge of American women in politics today, inspiring women to continue this trend and to continue to make progress in their everyday lives. 

Also this book is DOPE and like the Obamas, it has swagger and will be fun and cool to read.


The Obama Chicks book is divided into three main sections.

I. The first section includes summaries of interviews and research on 44 key women from President Obama's personal life, presidential campaigns and white house administration. Profiles of the women will include their background, the path that led to their work with Obama, and Obama's specific traits that inspired their support.

II. The second section focuses on Data Analytics and how Obama won based on women voters "...Chicks swung the vote". It also identifies how the previously mentioned beloved traits of Obama informed his presidential platform, leadership style and outcomes.

III. The third section describes Obama's legacy to women. Readers will learn about his many achievements with women including the White House Council on Women and Girls. This section documents Obama’s legacy and tells the stories of the faces behind the numbers through interviews with women impacted by his changes. 


●  American women with an interest in politics 

●  African American women 

●  American working women

●  Democrats

●  African Americans who supported Obama

●  People who love Michelle Obama

●  People who miss Obama in the white house

●  Republicans who want to learn why women supported Obama

●  Men / people who want to learn how to attract women voters based on lessons from Obama’s success. 

● Millennial democrats

● Other cool people

Women ( and Women of Color ) in Politics. According to the Center for American Women in Politics, the number of American women running for congress has doubled over the past few years. There is a surge of women running for office at the local, state and federal levels. There is a current trend of visible interest in increasing women of color and African American women in office ( 'the Squad', etc ). There is a hunger, a need among many women to ensure that the wins women have made over decades /centuries aren’t overturned and that women’s issues remain in the forefront of American politics.This book would be of interest to these groups.

People who miss Obama. The truth is many Americans miss the Obamas. This book will nurture that need by recounting President Obama’s contributions to women, and provide inspiration based on the profiles of the Obama Chicks. Given Obamas still popularity this book will allow readers to be inspired by women who succeeded in politics in the Obama administration, and understand better the traits that made him successful.  Personal interviews will provide insights that much of the public may not be aware of.

Millennials who liked Obama. The book promises to present information about the presidency and American politics in a fun easy to grasp style that resonates with target readers.


The Obama Chicks will target strategic partnerships with various organizations such as The Obama Foundation, the Center for American Women in Politics, The Congressional Black Caucus, and others sharing a similar mission of empowering African Americans, women in politics and women leaders.  

I work with a professional marketing firm to promote the myself and the book on various podcasts, radio, television and online media platforms. I am developing my blog, focusing on topics related to the book including women in politics, women of color in politics, women in the 2020 elections, what it takes behind the scenes to succeed as a women in politics, working in the White House, and voter election data analytics. 

My promotional campaign will include social media video, text and images, data analytics, research, and behind the scenes journey into the book’s creation, archival video footage, events and speaker engagements.


Books like Michelle Obama's 'Becoming' demonstrate that there is still a large national and international market for books that provide insight and information on the Obamas.

● “Yes She Can: 10 Stories of Hope and Change from Young Female Staffers of The Obama White House”, Molly Dillon, Random House, NYT Bestseller, 2019. This book compiles 10 stories of women white house staffers. The Obama Chicks differs in that it includes senior women in the white-house, women that supported the campaign and his private life, and women impacted by legacy. I also include data analysis and a broader diverse range of women subjects.

● "West Wingers: Stories from the Dream Chasers, Change Makers and Hope Creators inside the Obama White House”, Guatam Raghavan, Penguin Random House, 2018. This book discusses stories of various people in the Obama white house. The Obama Chicks differs in that it focuses on mostly senior women in the white house, along with women in other supporting roles of Obama and those impacted by his legacy.

● “Finding My Voice: My journey to the West Wing and My Path forward”, Valerie Jarrett, NYT Bestseller 2019. The book is a memoir of Ms. Jarrett's life and career progression leading to the Obama white house. The Obama Chicks differs in that while it will include similar profile information on the 44 women, it includes additional features such as 44 women, legacy, data, traits, etc.

● “First Mothers: The Women who shaped the Presidents”, Bonnie Angelo, William Morrow, 2001, Profiles of the thoughts,  feelings and experiences of the mothers of modern presidents. The Obama Chicks will discuss how women in his private life supported and impacted Obama; the book will include additional features such as 44 women, legacy, data, traits, etc.

● “First Women: The grace and power of America’s Modern First Ladies” Kate Brower, Harper, 2017. This book shares stories of 10 First Ladies. The Obama Chicks will include insight into First Lady Michelle Obama, and additional features such as 44 women, legacy, data, traits, etc. 

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