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Arthur Gonzalez

Arthur Gonzalez

Los Angeles, California

Born in: Miami, FL
Live in: Los Angeles, CA
Obsessed with: Coffee, Chocolate, Chocolate, Coffee
Pets: Proud father of a Miniature Schnoodle (Schnauzer-poodle). Her name is Sookie.
Quirks: I make up lyrics to songs.

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Update #1 - Cover Update! Oct. 13, 2017

Hi, everyone!!

I'm so excited to reveal the new cover. I have had an extraordinary illustrator from Spain hand-digitally paint and craft this cover. It pulls from many elements of the novel's plot and I am tremendously excited to see it in the flesh, printed in ink or glowing alive on an eBook. 

The last portions remaining are the spine design and back cover, which are both generally a breeze to complete. Then, the book will sent to creation and readied for you all to read, review, and post your 5 star reviews (right? right?)  :: smiley :: 

I'm hoping to have it all ready by the beginning on November, so hang tight. 

And, I know I mentioned this before... but thank you. Thank you for believing in me, or for being kind and friendly, or for supporting my creativity, or for being a friend. To have one idea come to life is a creator's dream. Just... thank you. 

I do hope you get to read it. These are the many tales and conversations that occurred in my head while I slept or day dreamt, and I went on to retain.

Find your star,
Arthur J. Gonzalez