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Michael Louis Jr Ovsen

Michael Louis Jr Ovsen

Austin, Texas

With an instinctive mode of operation as an investigative researcher of technologies focusing on sustainably implementable solutions, Michael Louis has evolved from a healer and builder into a blockchain banker

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About the author

A lifetime solo-preneur operating in the cash economy as a man who went his own way, Michael Louis Jr. brings a unique perspective to educating those who wish to bank for themselves in the virtual, the physical, and the contractual realms. Having operated outside the box for decades his perspective as a creative problem-solver focused on implementation of sustainable solutions at the street level is very different than that of young tech entrepreneurs and old big money administrators. 

Combining a lifetime of speed reading and an instinct for investigative research with decades of experience boycotting banks, credit, cable television and social status, he is sacrificing his anonymity by sharing the tools to bridge the legacy asset protection strategies with the modern blockchain banking solutions now available with cryptocurrency and the token economy. His lifetime practice of privacy is being left behind as he is called to share his voice as an obligation to protect all of our children's futures from this technology being used to enslave rather than liberate humankind.  

No longer able to sit idly by and operate as a vegetarian lone-wolf, he is not called to act as a shepherd, but instead to inspire his kindred spirits; those wolves that have been wearing sheep's clothing,  and are ready to shed their costumes and form a pack of hunters of real wealth called to create real and lasting impact on the world.

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The Tao of Sailing the Crypto Seas

A Crypto Captain's navigational guide

Bridging the gap between legacy hard-money wealth protection strategies and modern virtual-money wealth protection technologies using the language of Taoist philosophy and international merchant mariners communicating a new monetary paradigm.

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Technology & the Future Finance
50,000 words
75% complete
5 publishers interested


By creating and publicly sharing this work, I am sacrificing my lifetime practice of privacy as a priority. Called to surrender my anonymity by sharing this information because this technology can be used to either liberate productive individuals by providing monetary freedom of choice without need of any 3rd party, or to enslave the uninformed within an inescapable financial surveillance state.

Knowledge is power, yet a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing, and personal responsibility for the custody of one's wealth can easily lead to losing it, if a full understanding of the operational security protocols is not acquired and practiced with impeccable discipline.

Safe operations of one's blockchain bank requires not just understanding of crypto security but also physical safety and regulatory compliance. One mistake is all it takes to lose one's life's work, and often that mistake is made at the beginning of the journey.

This path is for those that ask for neither permission nor forgiveness for keeping what they create.

Now to be clear this information is not intended to suggest anyone should evade taxation nor ignore government regulation, I am not training Pirates that wish to prey upon people and keep their 'booty'. This is designed for those that have earned their wealth through legitimate business endeavors and simply wish to keep as much of the wealth they have created as possible. 

The strategies and business tools taught here are designed to follow the patterns set forth by existing mutli-generational legacy-wealth (precious metals, fine arts, and real estate) holding families and businesses. 

I am training 'Privateers'; meaning that we have acquired a 'Writ of Authority' from the appropriate jurisdictions for each of our entities, are authorized to keep any 'booty' we confiscate from Pirates, and are free to spend it without fear of reprisal from any Nation-State. 

By operating as international blockchain bankers we can take control of our wealth and make the most of jurisdictional competition for our business choosing the locations that provide the opportunity for tax avoidance, not tax evasion...

By making informed choices as to which entity to use, where to register our business, and what business entities to use for what purposes we can not only keep any centralized authority from claiming it, we can avoid the predatory lawsuits that almost inevitably happen to those that are publicly known to own any real assets . Separating our need to own, from the desire to control the assets, allows for maintaining our financial privacy and simply avoid having to fight many battles; with governments, the general public, our past and present business associates, and/or family members...

I respect and appreciate the effort it takes to create impact in the world as an entrepreneur, so I have curated this information as a guide to allow us to take control of our wealth. These new technologies allow new possibilities for doing so, and applying the tools and strategies that have worked for generations may give informed individuals monetary freedom as had never been known to our forefathers. 


Plotting one's course on the Crypto-Seas:

  1. The View from the Crypto-Captain's Cabin-Understand the mindset, tool-sets, and tactics necessary to safely bank for oneself by making use of newly evolved blockchain technology to exercise freedom of monetary choice
  2. Codes of Conduct for Safe Sailing- Security protocols, tools, and tactics to implement when exchanging digital assets person-to-person or on-exchange
  3. -Invisible Structuring- Business and asset protection strategies, when to use them, where to use them, and how to arrange them in nearly impenetrable layers
  4. Keeping what you Create- Taxable liability mitigation strategies making use of jurisdictional competition and legacy wealth tactics and solutions
  5. Prophylactic Virtual Hygiene- Cyber & crypto security operational protocols, tactics, and tools to use for digital defense of one's virtual assets 
  6. Currency of Kings and Gentlemen- Precious Metal purchasing of Gold and Silver purchased with cryptocurrency on as many as 8 different platforms, held in at least 4 different countries, and/or kept at home or as a commodity token
  7. Secrecy as Self-Defense- Privately buying and selling crypto-assets safely Person-to-Person, in large or small amounts Over-The-Counter
  8. Retailing Arbitrage- Earn as much as 15% or more when buying real goods with cryptocurrency on Amazon or almost any the big box retail stores
  9. Hedging your Bets- Creating and managing self-managed hedge funds to manage the risk of loss of purchasing power of your cryptocurrency
  10. Profiting from Market Inefficiencies- Take advantage of arbitrage, low-risk, plays either Market-to-Market or Market-to-Main Street
  11. Surfing the Waves of Change- Volatility management of crypto-asset holdings for speculators or for retail businesses accepting cryptocurrency as payment for goods and services
  12. Making Money with Money- Virtual wealth growth strategies that earn weekly residual income through capital staking platforms
  13. Leveraging the Reputation Economy- Make use of relational capital on staking platforms to allow your company to earn from your marketing rather than pay for your marketing, even allowing for daily compounding of the value created by doing so!

and more...

  • Blockchain Banker's Toolkit- Hardware, Software, & Paper solutions for safe self-banking
  • Monitoring Market Weather Patterns- Public and private platforms and channels to use to tune in to your fellow Crypto Captains
  • Recommended Resources- Listing of videos, additional reading material, and podcasts/twitter feeds of recognized experts in the industry
  • Trader's resources- Recommended traders to follow to learn technical analysis, fundamentals research, what tools and platforms to use, and how to use them


It is for those that are committed to building a multi-generational legacy of impact and wealth.

Those understanding that real money is the measurement of the impact created in the lives of our brethren and is a reward granted to allow even greater impact in the future.

Recognizing that financial privacy is the foundation of liberty and must be actively defended!

This book is written for those willing to accept the responsibility of learning how to bank for themselves, managing the security of their treasury, leaving behind the comfort of the herd. The existing bankers will tell us that the average individual is not capable of safely managing custody of their own digital assets, and they are right. The average individual is not ready for the responsibility of monetary freedom.

Yet, there are many self-made high net worth individuals, and professional managers of other peoples money, that will be happy to be liberated from having to trust anyone else to maintain custody of the wealth they have created.

There are literally Trillions of dollars waiting for regulatory certainty before moving their custodial funds into the crypto realm as the entire stock market moves into tokenized assets.The legacy realm of money management is attempting to bring their antiquated mindset into the current financial space-age. But these new capabilities require a new paradigm and those that have spent their entire lives inside a box can not see outside the box even when the lid has been removed.

The crypto realm is much bigger than simply currency, there are tokenized commodities, securities, and utilities on the horizon. This is not a bubble, it is a new way of structuring all asset classes and is not even in its infancy, it is still in an embryonic stage. The entire crypto realm has a market capitalization that is barely the size of Amazon stocks alone, being this small of a pool of wealth it is subject to great volatility when big money players move into the pond. But given time it will resemble the size of the ocean and the volatility that is currently scaring many off will dissipate, and so will the opportunity.


This information is not being shared publicly by anyone in part because it is hardly known by anyone, even those that have been in the crypto realm for years and are riding their early gains. And many of the technologists do not have an understanding of street level business nor legacy business structuring strategies so simply are not able to create implementable solutions to be used by real people in the real world.

These strategies, tools, and tactics are a means of aligning a decentralized fleet of strategic allies. Any lone vessel is vulnerable, but as a tribe of true-believers, we can change the world sharing an idea whose time has come.

This evolution will not be televised, it will be tokenized on the blockchain.

I am inviting those that are ready to get on board before the ship leaves the dock...

Having already attended multiple major crypto conferences this year, I have been networking with many leaders in the industry, not just getting to know them but getting them to know me and to verify the quality of my information. There are another 3-6 conferences around the world over the rest of this year that I expect to attend in order to promote this book and videos/workshops soon to come. 

I will be reaching out to these leaders in the realm for their endorsement of the quality of this information and to have them share this book with their very large audiences. I will also be seeking my own time on stage at these events to discuss the ideas in this book, as well as seeking out as many interviews as possible with all the media that will be in attendance at events happening in Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, NYC, Las Vegas, Malta and Monaco.

I have also been actively networking on the messaging forums with those that have been attending the events I've not been able to attend in Singapore, Dubai, and a large Mediterranean Crypto Cruise ship. And am organizing my hosting of my own Caribbean Crypto Cruise next Spring with more than a few experts in their fields of taxation, cyber security, crypto regulations, and trading that I am bringing on board as presenters of this curriculum.


Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor's Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond – October 19, 2017

by Chris Burniske  & Jack Tatar  (Author)

     The innovative investor’s guide to an entirely new asset class:

With the rise of bitcoin and blockchain technology, investors can capitalize on the greatest investment opportunity since the Internet.  This clear, concise, and accessible guide from two industry insiders shows you how to navigate this brave new blockchain world and how to invest in these emerging assets to secure your financial future.

-This book goes into the trading and investing opportunities but does not address operational & cyber security, business structuring, privacy, nor taxation

Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain 2nd Edition

by Andreas M. Antonopoulos  (Author)

Join the technological revolution that's taking the world of finance by storm. Mastering Bitcoin is your guide through the seemingly complex world of bitcoin, providing the knowledge you need to participate in the internet of money. A broad introduction to bitcoin--ideal for non-technical users, investors, and business executives

  • An explanation of the technical foundations of bitcoin and cryptographic currencies for developers, engineers, and software and systems architects
  • Details of the bitcoin decentralized network, peer-to-peer architecture, transaction life-cycle, and security principles
  • New developments such as Segregated Witness, Payment Channels, and Lightning Network
  • Improved explanations of keys, addresses and wallets
  • User stories, analogies, examples, and code snippets illustrating key technical concepts

-Considered the bible regarding Bitcoin and the #1 seller in the field it still does not address specific solutions for integration into one's business structure, volatility management, nor bypassing banking capital blockades, or investment tactics for growth of capital.

Blockchain Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction in 25 Steps 1st ed. Edition

by Daniel Drescher  (Author)

This book bridges the gap that exists between purely technical books about the blockchain and purely business-focused books. It does so by explaining both the technical concepts that make up the blockchain and their role in business-relevant applications.

What You'll Learn

  • What the blockchain is
  • Why it is needed and what problem it solves
  • Why there is so much excitement about the blockchain and its potential
  • Major components and their purpose
  • How various components of the blockchain work and interact
  • Limitations, why they exist, and what has been done to overcome them
  • Major application scenarios

Who This Book Is For

Everyone who wants to get a general idea of what blockchain technology is, how it works, and how it will potentially change the financial system as we know it

-Probably my closest competitor, it still doesn't address the business structuring, tax mitigation, and privacy concerns that my focus is upon. It spends more time on beginner concepts of how it all works rather than on how to use it as a street level entrepreneur or as a retail business.

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The reality is that if any of us are impoverished and enslaved then we all are! These tools properly used have the potential to either set us all free, or bring us farther into financial enslavement. I believe that the root cause of humanities problems today stems from imagining that value can be created simply by ‘Government Decree’ and by allowing Corporate “Paper Entities” to remove the liability of the individuals within it.

Only by accepting that real money requires real value be provided to our fellow man and that we are all personally responsible for our business endeavors, can we possibly shrug this Corporate Monkey from our collective backs. The good news is that the monopoly on the issuance of currency has been broken and it is an economic law (Greshem’s Law) that ‘Good Money drives out Bad Money’. Meaning that individuals will always choose to hold onto, and value more, any currency that maintains its value over time, making it ‘Good Money’, and spend quickly any currency that doesn’t hold its value over time eventually falling out of use entirely due to lack of demand for it, i.e ‘bad money’.

All of this means that each individual must learn to take responsibility for managing, protecting, and growing their own finances, discerning for themselves which currency is “Good Money”, rather than delegating that decision to the ‘Nanny State’, the Corporations, and Banksters that exist only for the love of profit above all else.

This particular idea is often misquoted, and the distinction is especially relevant within the Crypto Realm; It is not the ‘Love of Money’ that is the ‘root of all Evil’ it is the ‘Love of Money above All Else’ that is the true source of all Evil.

This is heart of the issue within ‘Corporate Person-hood’, as these ‘Paper Entities’ have no motive but for potential value manifest as currency, (I refuse to call it money as it simply does not qualify as such). Not having any Life these artificial creations have no way to measure the value of the improvement in the Quality of Life that matters most to actual Living Beings.

We hear the phrase that ‘Time is Money’, & perhaps that understanding comes from realizing that ‘Real Money’ only comes into existence through the investment of someone’s ‘Life-Time’, as that truly creates the value we attempt to measure, store, and transmit as currency. Money is essentially a language of communicating value which must first be created through voluntary exchange of materials, services, or ideas. Hence the inevitable collision with Natural Law when attempting to grant some people the right to print wealth into existence through debt creation, real value cannot come into the world just by wishing it so.

It would be wise for us to remember that when considering the true value of any and all of the 1000+ of crypto-currencies already available in the digital marketplace.

I call this the ‘Tao of Sailing the Crypto-Seas' because I see the need for us to balance our personae that manifest both publicly and privately in all three realms, that I compare to the various phase states of water; solid, liquid, and gas. It is simply prudent to acknowledge that we have both a public ‘face’ that exists above the table in the Light, and a private ‘face’ that operates under the table in the Shadows. I use the metaphor of Sailing the Crypto-Seas to represent the virtual realm as it is an ever-changing landscape with the majority of our vessel appearing in the Light above the water line with a portion of our ‘hold’ existing in the Shadows below the waterline.

I consider those activities neither private nor anonymous that have both our names and our numbers attached to them, as they are immutably and publicly recorded on a public open-source record for all time. Given enough motivation to spend the time and resources, anyone that chooses to, can track all of our monetary activities. Accordingly, the opposite is true for our ‘below the waterline’ activities that are not attached to our names, our numbers, or our locations and are not recorded anywhere.

This is most easily accomplished in the physical realm as there are not yet cameras and microphones everywhere recording our physical activities, so physical cash, precious metals, and paper wallet exchanges are more easily kept in the shadows, assuming that proper operational security measures have been taken to acquire these assets privately and anonymously. This book has been created to disseminate those OpSec procedures and to collate the various tools used to transact in all 3 realms, managing both our White Knight and our Dark Knight selves.

On becoming a Crypto-Privateer that can handle all the risks of the open seas:

A good Captain of his vessel will recognize these risks and diversify everything, trusting only one backup (1 is none, & 2 is 1); isolating knowledge of what is held where by whom, having back up plans in place for his heirs in case the vessel is seized or sunk, and he 'goes down with the ship'; some assets kept in his cabin, the majority in the hold, local backups in the bilge, or dragged behind the keel, and with deep storage kept in buried ‘treasure troves’ kept on land and/or under water with hidden maps and ‘keys’ necessary to access them.

The most realistic target to strive for is confidence in our finances, as certainty is not possible when dealing with the deep blue sea, and freedom comes not with having a hold full of assets but from having the knowledge of how to move freely about without restriction or oversight. And from knowing how to use one’s stored reserves to craft another vessel, if any one of your ships is taken by a storm, by Pirates, or by Agents of the Crown who may choose to ignore our ‘writ of authority’ if given the opportunity to do so.

By controlling access to information; what we are carrying, how much of it, from where to where, the route we intend to travel, and how to access our holdings we can minimize the risks of seizure by any above the waterline groups of predators, with or without uniforms and badges. Managing the risks of storms, hidden reefs, and sharks, whales, or killer whales can only come from experience, attention to your surroundings, and careful selection of where to be when and selectively choosing if and when to enter the waters. Having a team of trusted associates that you maintain regular contact with can help keep you up to date, as to the weather, fair or foul, the rocks to avoid, and the underwater predators to avoid.

This curriculum is intended to guide aspiring Crypto-Captains, effectively becoming 'International Blockchain Bankers’, in creating their own private crypto-vessels assessing the quality of each possible vessel to take out to sea, the tools, weapons, and supplies to stock the vessel with. Sharing strategies to use to weather any storms encountered, to defend one's holdings if they comes under attack, and to avoid risk of mutiny by carefully selecting crew members. Provide a current map of known obstacles and safe passages, of what the current weather forecast looks like, and where the known underwater predators like to congregate. But as these are constantly changing scenarios, certainty is not possible and only promised by either the inexperienced or the deceitful.

I hope that this inspires a deeper understanding of how it is now possible to take control of your wealth, in all 3 realms operating confidently both in the Light and the Dark, and achieve certainty in your ability to safely take advantage of our newly evolved freedoms in international finance. And I look forward to further interactions, conversations, and exchange of value with at least a select few of you that encounter this information. Those that have the eyes and ears to see and hear, may gain an understanding of the power that we all now possess if we choose to accept the responsibility of managing our wealth without need of any custodians to hold it for us, permission to exchange it freely, nor forgiveness for doing so.

Now that the monopoly on issuance of currency has been broken, the International Banking Empire is exposed as the Naked and Powerless paper entities they are! Only the Fear and Financial ignorance of the populace has ever given them power over the people and when we become informed and courageously take control of own wealth their ‘New Robe’ is exposed as the Lie that it has always been. Real Wealth cannot be created simply by government decree, only by the real work and value created due to someone’s time, sweat, blood, and inspired action.

As one of the most important innovations now arrived with cryptocurrencies is ‘trustless transactions’, it would be hypocritical to suggest that anyone trust my information, these hardware devices, software options, and risk management strategies just because I ‘say so’…

Accordingly, it is strongly recommended that everyone DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, I am not a licensed financial planner, CPA, or lawyer and do not take as of this information as financial, tax or legal advice, or endorsement of any company's solutions.

The main lesson here is:

Act in these realms at your own risk assuming personal responsibility for the consequences of your choices and actions. 

So, keeping in mind that principle;

 Only buy hardware directly from the manufacturer, download software from trusted and verified sources, and use newly purchased, dedicated, and 'hardened' devices to operate your blockchain bank. 

Varying from these protocols creates risk, a fool and his money are soon parted, so do not blame anyone if you make foolish choices.

Strategies to Remember:

Diversification of assets;

When it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies this means do not become a ‘maximalist’ that only focuses on any one crypto asset platform. That each has it's own Pros and Cons, as well as use-case-scenarios, or marketplace values. 

There are not only currency coins. Some virtual tokens are more of what is called a ‘utility token’ that has value as long as people are interested in utilizing a particular service or platform, such as the BNB coin that is used to pay the exchange fees on Binance at a discount over paying with other coins. Others such as ETH are more of an ‘infrastructure token’ that is similar to the electrical grid which powers all of our appliances, as it is the foundation upon which many other cryptocurrencies are built upon. As well, there are many ‘commodity tokens’ that are correlated in value upon a certain amount of a precious metal such as gold or silver, or even the so-called ‘stable coins’ that have their value tied to a Nation-State currency such as the USD.

The entire realm has evolved to effectively treat Bitcoin as the reserve currency of all the digital assets, in large part because many of the exchanges price the other currencies in BTC and often only accept withdrawals or deposits in BTC. Also benefiting from the brand recognition coming with first mover advantage, it is the first of the cryptocurrencies and is still the only one known by many of the ‘no- coiners’ in the mainstream. The nature of this realm is that all things change, and often very quickly, so it would be a mistake to hold all of one’s digital assets as only BTC.

It would be a mistake to carry over the antiquated paradigm of monetary monopolies, imagining that there will ever be simply ‘one coin to rule them all’, even though to-date most of the crypto assets are following the wake of Bitcoin’s price movements. This may not always be the case, and fluidity in our virtual capital is important to maintain as a means of staying flexible enough to adapt quickly to changing market conditions.

Diversification of location;

Never hold all of your assets in any one wallet, any single device, or vault (physical or virtual), nor kept in only one country, hole in the ground, or certainly not any single bank. 

The essence of this message is that for the first time, we now have freedom of monetary choice. Do not fail to exercise it, or it may lost. 

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