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K.J. Moullen

K.J. Moullen

Dallas, Texas

K.J. Moullen Is an aspiring author who has lived a life full of adventures, allowing her to create imaginative worlds that draw readers into their enticing storylines.

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About the author

K.J Moullen started her life as an adventurer. Always loving the outdoors, whether it was playing king of the hill with her pet goat in southern California, playing hockey on the frozen lakes of the Kenai peninsula of Alaska or snorkeling and surfing off the shores of Maui. Amongst the breathtaking places she lived her imagination and love for writing knew no limitations allowing for a lifetime of plotlines and characters to be created and written about. She now shares her life's adventures with her husband and two children in their home in North Texas.

The Telling is the first in a planned series of YA fantasy books.K.J spins a world of magic and adventure as draws on her lifetime experiences of imagination and fun. She looks forward to sharing these special worlds with her readers. 

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The Telling

As evil surges in the heart of the universe, an unexpecting 16 year old is thrust into a mystical realm to conquer not only her mounting doubt but destiny itself.

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Science Fiction & Fantasy YA
83,831 words
100% complete
15 publishers interested


The Telling follows a teenage girl as she realizes that the world she knows is not her home. Blaine struggles with the deception from her mother about their past as she is transported to a mystical world of magic and creatures she had only read about in books. She is set upon a harrowing pathway that is highlighted in faith and bound with prophecies. The pathway traveled leads her on a destined collision course with a dark evil that she alone must defeat, all while grappling with self-doubt and an overwhelming emptiness that has plagued her from the start. The Universe's balance hinges on the brink for Blaine to connect with the inner energy that flows through all living things.

  The Telling was written with a deeper thought behind it, As we go through life it is so easy to lose our pathway and make decisions based on the wrong emotions. Keeping our connections to what really matters can make all the difference in the outcome of our ultimate goal and allowing us to stay connected to the universal energy that connects us all.



Chapter 1- Blaine and Sairah, Blaine's mother, are introduced as they go about their daily routines until Blaine begins to experience some strange phenomenons.

Chapter 2- Blaine learns that her life is not what it appears to be and she is not from this world but from Renault.

Chapter 3- Sairah and Blaine flee in an attempt to run from the possibility of danger that may be lurking in the recurring phenomenon but it is all in vain.

Chapter 4- Blaine finds herself in a different world, Renault, with her mother nowhere to be found. She is being "protected" by a stranger- the boy, that won't answer any of Blaine's questions.

Chapter 5- They travel into the surrounding forest. Blaine witnesses magic for the first time and has a glimpse at the evil that occupies Renault.

Chapter 6- Blaine's frustration snowballs with no answers to her now growing mountain of questions, but the light at the end of a tunnel brings hope.

Chapter 7- Blaine meets Alderon and she learns she possesses magic. She learns the meaning behind pathways and a few questions are answered as Elian, the boy, takes his leave.

Chapter 8- After being showed to her sleeping quarters, Blaine is haunted by a gruesome nightmare of her mother. In the morning she meets with Alderon in the garden, she learns how Renault is a gateway world to many destination in the universe. An evil presence runs rampant Renault and is trying to gain control over the gateways.  Their conversation is interrupted by an attack. Using magic, Elian appears and whisks her to safety.

Chapter 9- In refuge with Elian, Blaine discovers that their pathways are intertwined. She experiences her first "telling", vision, that involves Sairah's dark pathway of actions and her association with Tevis. The evil army captures them. Elian and Blaine escape with the help of Blaine's growing magic and help from an outside source.

Chapter 10- The source reveals himself as Blaine and Elian realize they are no longer in Renault. Kern, a mystical unicorn, explains more about Tevis, the evil person that plaques Renault and the implications of what could happen if he gets control of the gateways to other worlds. Eludes to the important role that Blaine must play to help defeat Tevis.

Chapter 11- Kern escorts Blaine and Elian into the elven city of Roe. They meet the elven Queen, Lyra and are introduced to many of the inhabitants of Roe and the United council of Alatis. They also learn that they will not be returning to Renault anytime soon.

Chapter 12- Blaine and Elian are taken to the "guest house", along the way they learn more of Tevis and his evil intentions. "The book of death" is brought into play. Blaine inquires about her mother, Kern confirms things Blaine already knew. Anger and contempt for her mother grows. 

Chapter 13- Blaine and Elian reflect on the day's events. Elian tells Blaine that one of the elven elders is to remove the binding spell that had been placed on her when she was little also she will teach Blaine in the art of magic. She must learn her given talent.

Chapter 14- Armel the general of the elven army  pays a visit. Elian shows a bit of jealousy when Blaine agrees to escort Armel for an evening stroll. Blaine drifts off to sleep looking over numerous books of magic.

Chapter 15-  Blaine wakes early to await training from the elven elder. Elian and her share an emotional moment as they realize they are more connected than they originally thought. Fayendra, the elven elder release Blaine from the remains of the  binding spell and begins magic training. Fayendra also mentions that Blaine may have elven lineage.

Chapter 16- Blaine and Elian share a meal and recount their day's events. Blaine's magic training/Elian's combat training with the elven army. Invitation to dine at the royal residence with Queen Lyra and General Armel, the queen's son.

Chapter 17- Kern escorts them to the royal residence for dinner. Baine learns of her true lineage. The background of Kern is discussed.

Chapter 18- Blaine continues magic training the next morning. The principles of magic are discussed more in depth. Fayendra shares a devastating "telling" with Blaine. Fayendra cuts training short for the day.

Chapter 19- Feeling overwhelmed by uncertainty that she is unable to fulfill expectations and consumed by a growing emptiness, Blaine takes a walk to clear her thoughts.  She is filled with a growing strength of what her true pathway is. She has a powerful Telling about her mother and forgiveness for Sairah washes over her.

Chapter 20- Blaine joins Elian's combat training. Elian and Blaine's connection grows stronger. They spend the evening together not focusing on the future and the destined pathway they both travel. Their time together is short as Fayendra sends for Blaine to continue her training at Fayendra's cottage outside of Roe.

Chapter 21- Blaine travels with the Centaur, Savor to Fayendra's cottage.

Chapter 22-Blaine's grasp on Magic and the ability to weld it grows. Day 2, Blaine surprises Fayendra with her abilities and erases any question that Fayendra has on what pathway Blaine was destined for.

Chapter 23- Protection spells exposes Blaine's weakness, frustrating both Blaine and Fayendra. Blaine's presence is requested back in Renault. She learns Elian has already returned. Fayendra gifts Blaine an ancient crystal. Blaine learns her true pathway is not to defeat Tevis but to retrieve the Book of Death, the true evil behind Tevis's power.

Chapter 24- Blaine returns to Renault and is met by Alderon. Renault is transformed and ravaged by the destruction of war. She is taken to a safe haven where she learns that her mother has taken up with Tevis once more. She plans her next course of action by locating her mother, which will possibly allow her to find The Book Of Death, that is assumed to be in Tevis's possession.

Chapter 25- Using a new found gift of magic, Blaine reunites with her mother. Who is helping Tevis in a misguided attempt to secure the wellbeing of herself and Blaine by performing a spell from The Book of Death. Blaine tries to convince her mother that Tevis isn't true to his word but she refuses to see the truth.

Chapter 26- Blaine witness' magic at it's darkest as other souls are extinguished for the fulfillment of the spell from The Book of Death, Completing Tevis's ultimate desire to possess magic.

Chapter 27- Blaine retrieves The Book of Death and get a glimpse into the full evil it posses. 

Chapter 28- Blaine rejoins Elian and the small rebel army that opposes Tevis. Alderon joins Blaine and Elian as they discuss what Blaine witnessed. Alderon shares his theory that the Book of Death originated from the enchanted realm of Vestia. The conversation is interrupted by mass confusion in the rebel camp.

Chapter 29-  Tevis attacks the rebels with his newly acquired powers. Sairah is forced to remain at his side. Blaine and Tevis face off. Many lives are lost during the battle. Elian falls.

Chapter 30- Blaine devastated by her losses grieves at Elian's side. They are transported by an outside source to an unfamiliar world. Blaine is greeted by a tree nymph and graced by the visit of a Phoenix who bestows a miraculous gift. Blaine contemplates the journey ahead to hide away The Book of Death, but for a brief moment she chooses to bask in the glory of the new world she is in, Vestia.  




YA Fantasy is my targeted focal group. Ages ranging from 12-25.


My beginning marketing plan is to use my personal facebook page to promote and inform people about my project. I have a long list of book lovers that are friends. From there as awareness grows I will start a page specifically for the book and my other ventures that allows me to target those who show interest in my writing. 


1-Faeriewalker Series- Glimmerglass

By  Jenna Black

Published by St.Martin's Griffen in 2010

     Glimmerglass is about a teenage girl who struggles with problems with her alcoholic mom so she travels to find her father in Avalon, a magical world of Faerie. There she struggles to fit in as things seem to go wrong at every turn. The Telling is also about a teenage girl who is disillusioned by her mother's actions however she does not knowingly seek out another world and once she arrives in the unfamiliar world, She seeming hits her stride figuring out her true pathway.

2-The Spiderwick Chronicles- The Ironwood Tree

By Holly Black

Published by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers in 2004

In The Ironwood Tree, The story chronicles the adventures of 3 siblings who are dealing with mystical beings such as fairies and dwarfs. Their worlds being linked through special passageways and entrances that would be seen as ordinary objects, such as trees and hidden closets. In the earlier books the children come into possession of a book referred to as The Field Guide to fantastic creatures. Whereas in The Telling, Blaine has no siblings but she is dealing with interactions with mystical creatures such as Griffins, unicorns and elves. Blaine also is trying to protect Gateways that are entrances into other worlds throughout the universe.

3-The Iron Fey Series-The Iron King

By Julie Kagawa

Published by Harlequin Teen in 2010

Meghan Chase is the main character of The Iron King. She proceeds on a quest to find her little brother who was kidnapped by Faeries. Her best friend accompanies her on this quest after revealing his true identity and they travel through a passage in his closet to Faeryland. The adventure continues as they meet several different creatures running into danger and peril. Ultimately defeating the evil king that has a stronghold on the land. In The Telling, Blaine also travels with a companion on her pathway, however they meet as strangers in the beginning but their bond quickly grows forming a lasting relationship that Blaine can not imagine having.

4-The Orphan Queen     

By Jodi Meadows

Published by Katherine Tegen Books in 2016

In The Orphan Queen the main Character was a young  princess before her homeland was conquered by the Indigo kingdom. 10 years later Wilhelmina plots to take back her kingdom. She spies on her enemies while the toxic byproduct of magic, wraith surges across the land threatening to destroy The Indigo kingdom. Wilhelmina's magic may be the only thing that can stop the wraith. In comparison  in The Telling Blaine also strives to conquer an evil that besieges the land. The magic she possesses also holds a key in defeating the evil however she first must  learn to believe in herself and let go of the growing doubt that plagues her.

15 publishers interested
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     Blaine was awakened by the rumblings of hunger in the pit of her stomach. Rolling over on her back she opened her eyes and stared up at the sky. Dawn was just breaking over the horizon. She squinted her eyes then blinked a few times. She couldn’t believe what she saw. The sky was a pale violet color. Why wasn’t it blue? Remembering her present circumstances her thoughts quickly turned to the mysterious man from the night before.

     She jumped up and scanned the surrounding forest. The light was still very dim, only allowing her to make out the slightest of shapes. She walked around the ashes of last night’s fire to the place the stranger had occupied. There was a backpack sitting next to a neatly folded blanket. There was no sign of the stranger.

“Good Daughter of Sairah, you have awakened,” a voice came from behind her.

    Blaine jumped with fright and quickly turned toward the voice. She could barely make out the figure of a man walking toward her. As the figure drew near her, every muscle in her body tensed. To her surprise instinct took over and Blaine found herself assuming a defensive stance. Though she had never had formal training in hand to hand combat, she somehow knew she had the skill to defend herself were the stranger to attack.

     “I have some loafed bread and berries that I gathered this morning for you. I am positive that your hunger has made a strong presence in you.” He set a bowl down on a rock near the fire and made his way over to the blanket where Blaine had slept the night before. As the man sat down she felt her body relax. It was only when she let out a sigh did she realize she had been holding her breath.

     “Eat! Dawn is breaking.” The stranger’s mention of dawn once again made Blaine aware of the color of the sky which was growing brighter by the minute. The violet was now darkening into a bluish violet. The color was the same as the flowers on her grandmother’s butterfly bush. Blaine continued staring up at the sky mesmerized by the color.

     The spell was broken when the stranger once again demanded, “Eat. We must make way before the dawn is fully upon us.” His voice was deep and gentle – almost calming. His dialect seemed foreign to Blaine. Then she remembered there had been times her mom used the same odd dialect.  She recalled that only yesterday Sairah had used the phrase make way, the same as the stranger.

     This similarity in speech prompted Blaine to ask, “Do you know my mother?” As with her other questions she was met with silence. She was becoming very annoyed with this strangers obvious avoidance of answering her questions -which were escalating in number with each passing minute!

    Her question did; however, seem to at least catch his attention. He turned and her gaze locked with his. There was enough light for her to see him clearly. With shock she realized the stranger was not a man, but a boy who appeared to be about two years older than she.

“If you wish not to eat then we should make our journey’s way.” With that Blaine turned her attention to the bowl containing the bread and berries. She moved to the rock where the bowl was perched and picked it up. At that moment Blaine became aware that movement was now effortless. All previous obstacles and pain had faded. She picked up the bowl; quickly emptying it and quieting the earlier demanding rumble in her stomach.

     Now gaining strength with each minute she was determined to get answers. “Where is my mother?”

     “That is a question, as before said, I still remain with no answer, Daughter of Sairah.”

     “Okay, how about an easy one for you. Where are we? Obviously were not in Kansas anymore.”

     “This Kansas I know not. To answer your question of our whereabouts would consume the remainder of the safety of dawn. It is an answer that holds no relevance to our journey.” His tone was still emotionless. It was as matter of fact as if he were telling the time of day to a passerby.

     “That answer holds plenty of relevance to our journey. What makes you think I’m going to just wander off into some strange forest with some guy who has taken me against my will? For all I know you are responsible for my mother’s disappearance.” She glared at him. Her annoyance at his avoiding her questions was becoming hot anger. He knew the answers but was refusing to disclose the information. “I refuse to go with you until you at least tell me where we are!” The anger reflected in her voice.

Even as she spoke these words the wind began to pick up. Its vicious strength and fury beat against the trees. Blaine’s eyes flashed with disdain as she glared at the boy. It seemed for a moment his façade had been breached as a flicker of emotion briefly crossed the boy’s face. This quickly gave way to the emotional mask he had donned previously. He spoke a word that Blaine could not understand. Immediately the wind around them began to subside retreating ominously to the treetops.

    “Daughter of Sairah, it is not my wish to anger you. We must make our journeys way now. This side of Renault is untamed and deemed unsafe.” With that he bent down and folded up the blanket that had been her bed the night before. Walking past her he gathered up his backpack and his blanket all in one motion. He then made his way out of the clearing.

     She sat there dumbfounded for a moment. “Renault!” He had said as if that should explain everything. Now he expected her to blindly follow him into the woods like a lost puppy dog. What arrogance she thought to herself. With further evaluation of her present circumstances she decided it would be in the best interest of everyone involved to follow this boy. Someone needed to keep an eye on him. As she turned to begin her pursuit of the boy she spied a canteen carelessly left behind by the boy. She realized at that moment she was extremely thirsty. She picked up the canteen, opened it, and brought it to her lips. There were only a few swallows of liquid left in the canister. To Blaine’s surprise it wasn’t water but some kind of sweet nectar. She had never tasted anything like it before. Even though her thirst was extreme, those few swallows left her completely satisfied. She slung the canteen over her shoulder and swiftly tracked the boy into the forest

     As soon as she stepped from the clearing into the darkness of the forest, a feeling of panic overcame her. She realized the forest was denser than she had expected and she was unable to find any path.

     “This way Daughter of Sairah.” The voice startled her but served to diminish her panic. She turned toward the voice. The boy stood there leaning on a tree. There had been an inpatient tone in his voice but his face remained emotionless. As soon as he was sure Blaine had seen him he turned and made his way deeper into the darkness of the forest.

    “Hey that’s okay. Go on ahead. Right behind you.” Blaine called out sarcastically – silently relieved not to have to face the dark forest on her own. She certainly didn’t trust this boy but following him blindly into the forest was her best option, Actually her only option at this moment.

     Blaine knew the sun was beginning to brighten the sky with every step they took. She looked up trying to confirm the color. She was still in disbelief that it was really the violet shade she had seen earlier at the campsite. Most of the time the forest was thick and the treetops blocked the sky. Once in a while there was a break in the giant trees allowing the sunlight to find its way into the darkness. The sunlight would then flood the forest floor. Its brightness would dance on the leaves creating a rainbow of brilliant color. With her attention focused on the beauty around her she tripped and stumbled over  an exposed tree root. Luckily she managed to catch her balance before sprawling out on the forest floor. The commotion caught the attention of the boy. He stopped quickly and spun around. After concluding no injury was evident he turned in silence and continued the journey into the forest.

    “No – I’m okay, really. Don’t worry about me,” Blaine called out, her sarcasm falling on deaf ears.

     The forest grew denser and footing became very tricky. Blaine, impressed with herself, had no problem keeping up with the boy. She found herself falling behind only when something would catch her eye. The forest buzzed with life. The leaves of certain trees seemed to shimmer with shades of pink and purple. Of course, that was impossible. It was, she decided, some sort of optical illusion caused by the morning light. Blaine prided herself on the vast knowledge she knew about flowers and plants; However with every step she took she spotted something else she had never seen before. The temptation to slow her pace to admire the beauty around her caused her to constantly fall behind. She would then pick up her pace and catch up with the boy who forged mechanically ahead of her.

     Blaine’s watch had stopped so she had no idea how long they had been walking but it seemed like forever. Her desire to stop and rest was overridden by her pride. She was determined, this boy who obviously thought himself superior to her, would never know she was having difficulty keeping up with his pace. Blaine’s thirst, however, was beginning to get the best of her. She wished the empty canteen she carried still contained even a few drops of that miraculous nectar.

     “Do you long for a drink?” The boy questioned.

   “What?” She heard herself asking even though she had clearly heard his question.

    “Water. Are you in need of water?” The tone of his voice still sounded flat. There was no hint of arrogance or sarcasm. This puzzled and troubled Blaine. She had tried baiting him with sarcasm and challenging his arrogance by matching his endurance. She was engaged in a spirited battle of wits, but the boy was not even aware of the game. His perception of the situation was different and somehow surprisingly admirable. She unexpectedly felt her defenses lesson.

   Grateful he was aware of her discomfort she replied, “Yes, I am. Thank you.” Puzzled, Blaine watched as the boy kept up his pace ahead of her. “Okay, he was just curious,” she mumbled under her breath. He glanced back at her briefly but didn’t miss a step. “You’ve got to be kidding,” she snorted and began walking again just keeping him insight making no effort to catch up with him. The boy walked on a while then suddenly cut off to the right vanishing from her line of sight. She hesitated a moment then picked up her pace in an effort not to lose track of him. She came to the spot where he had disappeared and discovered it was an embankment. She cautiously slid down the heavily treed slope. As she reached the bottom, the trees began to thin out. She stood up and quickly scanned the area looking for the boy.

     Becoming aware of the spectacular view before her she ceased her search. There was a river which  wound its way through the clearing in the forest. In the riverbed, blue diamond’s seemed to dance about creating an illusion of water. The banks of the river were lined with the most beautiful red wildflowers. They looked as though they had been hand dipped in paint. Creating a pattern around the red blossoms were patches of purple flowers. The morning sun shining down on the purple flowers made them seem iridescent. The thickness of the blossoms that populated the banks of the river created an illusion of a carpet. A carpet fit for royalty Blaine thought to herself.

     Standing there surveying the majestic scene Blaine became aware of the fragrance of honeysuckle and butterscotch. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Their scent was intoxicating. As Blaine stood there with her eyes closed taking in deep breaths she began to feel very relaxed. All sense of worry and anxiety were gone. A welcome wave of calmness washed over her.

     Then somewhere far away Blaine heard the boy’s voice, “They are named Everanders. The fairies of the blossoms use them in their freedom dust. Many oracles use them in meditation and vision travel. They are extremely powerful and therefore much desired. They bloom two days a year and only along this river.”

     Blaine stood there with her eyes closed for several minutes. The boy’s voice now seem to come from inside her mind. She slowly opened her eyes and stared once again at the carpet of flowers. The purple pattern of flowers were moving.  “Did you say fairies?” She questioned as she walked toward the boy. She felt as if she were in a dream. Even though her head felt very light her mind was alive and lucid. She half laughed. “Do you think I’m high?” Having spoken the words Blaine half wondered if she was high.

     A look of puzzlement flashed across the boy’s face as he responded, “I do not understand your question and therefore cannot answer you, Daughter of Sairah.”

“What I’m saying is, do you think I’m naïve enough to believe in fairies and such?”

      The boy turned his focus back to Blaine she was surprised to see a grin appear across his lips. Then he turned and walked toward the carpet of flowers. As he moved closer to the edge of the carpet Blaine followed him until she stood at his side. Now she could see the flowers were buzzing with life. Hundreds of butterflies lofted over the tops of the blossoms displaying beautiful brilliant colors on their wings. She stepped closer and watched as these beautiful creatures gracefully danced amongst the field of majestic red flowers. They were playfully moving from blossom to blossom. She stopped for a moment fascinated by their carefully orchestrated dance. Suddenly she gasped and dropped to her knees in utter disbelief as a fairy fluttered by her. She tried blinking to clear her vision but soon realize these were not butterflies. These were truly fairies dancing their magical ballet above the blossoms.

     She felt the boy’s presence next to her. They both stood there in silence. Suddenly several fairies stopped their dance above the flowers to gracefully encircled them.

“They are beautiful,” Blaine said whispering so she would not scare them all the way. " I’ve always daydreamed about fairies but never imagined I would actually see one. Now here they are dancing all around me. They are real.”

     “They have always been real in this existence,” the boy said softly.

     Blaine quickly shifted her gaze from the miracle she was witnessing to the boy. “What you mean by this existence?”

     Ignoring her question the boy walked to the river’s edge and pulled out a leather canteen. It was identical to the one Blaine had slung over her shoulder early this morning. Kneeling down he immersed his canteen and filled it with river water. He then began splashing water on his face causing his olive skin to glisten in the sun. As he stood Blaine could not help notice how fluid his motions were. A breeze blew, disturbing a strand of black hair in his carelessly pulled back ponytail. When Blaine moved toward the water’s edge she realized for the first time how tall he was.

     As the boy had done Blaine knelt down and filled her canteen. She brought the canteen to her lips and immediately took a drink. The water was cold and refreshing. In fact she could never remember water ever tasting so wonderful.

     “We must make way. Our journey together will soon be to an end. My quest shall be fulfilled, but yours will continue. Answers shall be had at that time.”

     She stared at him hoping he would volunteer more information. She searched the boy’s face discovering to her surprise deep wisdom reflected in his eyes. The calmness displayed in his entire face, however, somehow made her feel uneasy.

Blaine dipped her canteen in the river again. She examined the leather canister more closely realizing that it seemed to have its own cooling system. Like so many things in this strange place this simple canister was much more complex than it seemed.  The movement of the fairies once more caught Blaine’s attention. Blaine tried desperately to think of an explanation for the unbelievable events she was experiencing. “Maybe I fell in the forest and hit my head. I could be in some sort of a coma,” Blaine heard herself saying out loud.

     Her ponderings were interrupted when she heard the boy say, “We must go, Daughter of Sairah.” His tone was softer than usual but Blaine detected a hint of anxiety.

     “I have a name you know,” Blaine declared. Again he didn’t respond but she thought she saw another smile. He turned and started upstream. “It’s Blaine!” She stated loudly. The boy just kept walking. Blaine sighed in frustration and took her place behind him on the path. They had only traveled a few feet when Blaine bravely inquired, “What is your name?”

     To her surprise he turned and started to reply, “They call me…” Just then bringing his finger to his lips he froze. He darted quickly into the closest cover of trees and tall brush beckoning her to follow. Blaine didn’t hesitate for even a moment. The very instant he had sought cover every hair on her body stood on end. Her stomach flipped and she felt she was about to get sick.

     They crouched silently in the underbrush. Blaine tried desperately to keep her breathing steady. She could feel her heart beating rapidly. Suddenly the distant rhythm of running horses caused the earth to rumble under her feet. She looked at the boy, her eyes wide with terror. “You must not speak or move at all. By the spirit of all greatness – hear me well, Blaine!” Blaine heard him but realized he never spoke. He made his wishes known without moving his lips. Not sure how she felt at this invasion of her mind, Blaine quietly nodded in complete compliance.

     The thunderous roar caused by the pounding of the horse’s hoofs was coming closer. Blaine listened to the sound as they navigated the forest floor she estimated there were 20 or 30 horses. Her attention was suddenly directed toward the boy as she heard him quietly speak two words, “Atie  Besoonie.” As the second word left his lips they suddenly became engulfed in some sort of bubble. The sound of the horses hooves softened and her clarity of vision became diminished, as if she were looking through warped plastic.

     The horses and riders came extremely close to their hiding place. Blaine held her breath as they passed daring not even to blink. The majestic beasts were all black in color, and each was draped in purple, green, and yellow silks. Their nostrils flared and their polished hooves kicked up loose debris as they passed Blaine and the boy. A small dust cloud rose like smoke and surrounded the thundering herd. Blaine couldn’t fully see the riders, but she could sense their menacing evil.

     Most of the horses and riders continued downstream. A small group, however, stopped in the middle of the field of flowers where only minutes ago fairies had danced about. One of the riders dismounted and began walking around. Blaine wondered if the fragrance of the wildflowers had any effect on him. Somehow she doubted it. The man appeared to be close to 7 feet tall and very muscular. He wore body armor. It was not the medieval armor one would associate with King Arthur. Instead it resembled a mix of modern police body armor and a metal mesh foreign to Blaine. He wore a protective metal helmet which revealed only his eyes and mouth.

 The dismounted rider took several steps in the direction of their hiding place. His eyes scanned the area as if searching for something; perhaps searching for them. Blaine suddenly became aware her previously distorted vision had become extremely acute. Even though the rider was several yards from them she could see his piercing green eyes. They scanned the entire embankment and then seemed to move upstream until they locked onto the brush that was giving Blaine and the boy sanctuary.

     He moved closer,Blaine felt her heart leap into her throat. His glare seemed to pierce her very soul. Her mind was suddenly filled with horrific images of death, torture, and devastating destruction. Blaine was completely repulsed by the pure vibration of evil that was being emitted from this man.

     “Sir, what is it?” Another rider had dismounted and joined the first rider who now appeared to be staring directly at Blaine and the boy.

     “A disturbance, there is Something  powerful,” came the strong voice of the first rider cutting through the morning air like a knife.

     The other rider surveyed the area. Unable to pinpoint any reason for concern and hoping not to offend his commanding officer he meekly offered an explanation. “Sir, I’m sure it is just those pesky fairies from the flower field.”

     As Blaine observed this exchange it confirmed her impression that these men were members of some sort of military unit.

     “No it’s more than just that. It is like nothing I have ever experienced before – magic, strength, extreme power.” As he spoke Blaine detected a hint of fear in his voice and observed a flash of uncertainty in his eyes. Then the uncertainty was quickly replaced by a look of determination.

     Though a bit bewildered by his commander’s concerns, the second soldier perceived his determination. “Sir, do you want me to bring the men back to search the area?”

     Hearing that request Blaine’s heart dropped. There would be no hiding from such a thorough search. In spite of the magical props the boy possessed, they would be discovered. She looked expectantly in the direction of the boy. His eyes were peacefully shut as if he were asleep.

    Gaining his composure the commander turned to his subordinate, “Perhaps you’re right. Fairies are known to possess magical abilities but somehow it seems so powerful. No need to waste more time here.”

     They both stood there a moment longer. Turning, the second soldier mounted his horse and rode in the direction the other riders had taken. The commanding officer looked over his shoulder as he mounted his steed. Making a sign in the air he spoke a strange word. Suddenly suspended over his palm, a ball of fire appeared. He began riding upstream. As he approached the field of flowers he released the fireball. In that instant the once beautiful carpet of color was consumed by fire. The destruction was complete. The horse and its rider soon disappeared as they rode to catch up with the others.

     Blaine and the boy remained in their hiding place in silence for what seemed to Blaine an eternity. “Demos Atillia.” The boy’s voice shattered the silence and startled Blaine. It rang loudly and seemed to echo in Blaine’s ears. The bubble in which they had been encased was now gone.

     As the boy tried to stand up Blaine reached up and grabbed his arm to stop him. “Wait! Are you sure they’re gone? Is it really safe?”

     “Do you feel HIS presence any longer?” It came out more as a statement than a question.

     Blaine realized the boy was right. She no longer felt the overwhelming evil. The boy effortlessly exited their hiding place, but Blaine remained there a few moments longer. She watched the boy walk to the place the first rider last stood. Her mind was filled with questions. What had just occurred? Who were those riders and why didn’t they see us? What kind of magic was that? She stood up. “I’m going to get some answers once and for all,” she spoke out loud. “Okay. Enough is enough! You owe me explanations! And you are going to give them to me, now!” she fumed as she emerged from her hiding place. She stormed up behind him. The boy was down on one knee holding something in his hand. She looked over his shoulder and came to a sudden stop. Gasping, Blaine fell to her knees next to him.

     In the boy’s hand lay the most beautiful creature Blaine had ever seen. The features of the fairy’s face were perfect, appearing as if they had been painted on. Her skin was iridescent and sparkled as if she had been dusted with glitter. Her beauty would outshine that of any supermodel that Blaine had ever seen. Sadness overwhelmed Blaine as she realized the fairy lay motionless in the boy’s hands. Her wings were illuminated by light that was dimming with every passing second. Then all at once it was completely gone. Blaine’s heart filled with immense sorrow.

     “Is she dead?” Blaine asked already knowing the answer to her question. Suddenly a wind whirled around them gently lifting the tiny body and suspending it in the air. There was a small burst of light and the fairy’s body turned to dust. The dust lingered in the air glittering in the sun then was forever lost in the swirling breeze.

     Fighting back the tears Blaine shifted her attention to the field of flowers that previously had buzzed with activity and majestic beauty. Nothing remained but scorched, smoldering earth. She turned to look at the boy. His head was bowed and a single tear rolled down his cheek.

     “Why?” Blaine searched her mind and was unable to find words to express what she was feeling.

     The boy let out a deep sigh as he turned and locked eyes with hers. They sat there in silence for a moment. Then he spoke, “There are answers to your questions. I am absolute when I say look to your heart Daughter of Sairah – Blaine. Within are many answers known to you already.” His voice was gentle and kind but the sadness reflected there brought tears to Blaine’s eyes. She continued staring intensely into his eyes seeking comfort and some reasonable explanation for all that had happened. Reflected there was such depth and wisdom that for a moment she no longer saw him as a boy. He was a man. A man who knew the sorrows of many souls. She could feel the weight of the burden he carried. A burden so great it involved an entire civilization which at the moment lingered in the balance. She did not know why this knowledge was given to her, but in her heart she knew a great truth had been revealed. All the contempt and suspicion she previously felt faded. It was as if their souls touched as these words were burned into her heart.

     “In a person’s eyes you see one soul’s world but in his lies the pain of many souls.

     One of the destined ones. The circle is almost complete.”

     These words echoed in Blaine’s head with such force and certainty, it brought excitement to her heart and yet in the depths of her soul she wept.


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