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Ali Psiuk

Ali Psiuk

California, United States

Ali Psiuk is a licensed psychotherapist honoring the Ohlone Tribe on whose occupied land she is located. She provides virtual therapy for individuals and partners throughout California and conducts mental health evaluations for those seeking asylum in the US.

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About the author

Ali Psiuk is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with the California State Board of Behavioral Sciences.  Her academic studies were through the California Institute of Integral Studies which trains healers and thought-leaders with a holistic and progressive approach to scholarship.  Ali's work focuses on redefining the norm.  

She completed post-graduate training in Global Mental Health through Columbia University and has worked in community mental health, the public school system, integrative health centers, and private practice.  Ali has a background in fine arts and has performed nationally and internationally with modern dance, circus, and theatrical companies.

Ali blogs for Well Clinic in San Francisco, CA, and offers psychotherapy services for clients throughout the state of California.  She was recently a guest on the podcast Rebel Therapist and Rose Aguilar's Your Call on KALW.  

The Therapist Next Door is her first book.  

The opinions expressed in this proposal are her own and do not represent the views of her employers.  

Online publications:

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Update #1 - Top 10 List of what this campaign has evoked: Week 1 Aug. 7, 2019

1. Deep respect and humility for your belief in me and this project. 

2. There is no such thing as failure.  My goal was to land a publisher, and most likely, I will be pitched to non-traditional publishers or self-publish. 

3. Fun fact: Fifty Shades of Grey was self-published and "Shades of Grey" was the original title of this book when I started it back in 2005. 

4. The stickie on my computer reads:  "I will know I'm on track by the sense of aliveness I feel."  Your belief in me is providing vitality and nourishment as I continue to digest and synthesize complicated and challenging material. 

5. One of the saddest experiences traveling this year was seeing the coral dying off the coast of Colombia.  Coming back from the water, I found nearly every person on the beach looking down on their phone. Thank you for being the ones to acknowledge the coral's decay.  

6. Most likely you're reading this on the phone but, you smell what I'm stepping in.

7. My voice feels clear, and I look forward to delivering this work to you in a concise, engaging, and when appropriate, entertaining way. 

8. I love digesting information from multiple sources and weaving together history, politics, art, and the hard and soft sciences with the intention of effective altruism. 

9. That term is new to me:

10. I believe in consciousness around what we spread and share these days.  It will be an honor if you feel this August campaign is worth sharing.  3 weeks remain. 

Pre-order sales end August 31st:

Thank you for being in relationship with me, and I look forward to the next update. 

The deepest of breaths, the grounding of gravity, and a palpable feeling of love to you,