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Ali Psiuk

Ali Psiuk

California, United States

Ali Psiuk is a licensed psychotherapist practicing in the Bay Area. She is a graduate of the California Institute of Integral Studies and received post-graduate training through Columbia University. Learn more about her work at and

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About the author

Ali Psiuk is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with the California State Board of Behavioral Sciences and Florida Department of Health.  Her academic studies were through the California Institute of Integral Studies which trains healers and thought-leaders with a holistic and progressive approach to scholarship.  Ali's work focuses on radical self acceptance, rewriting our narratives and redefining the norm.  

She completed post-graduate training in Global Mental Health through Columbia University and has worked in community mental health, the public school system, integrative health centers and private practice.  

Ali blogs for Well Clinic in San Francisco, CA, and provides online psychotherapy throughout the state of California.  She has been a guest on the podcast Rebel Therapist and Rose Aguilar's Your Call on KALW.  

The Therapist Next Door is her first book.  

The opinions expressed in this proposal are her own and do not represent the views of her employers.  

Online publications:

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Update #15 - We are so close! Jan. 27, 2021

The book is coming along, friends! 
  1. Editing: check 
  2. Proofreading: check 
  3. Still to do: Layout and cover design

Thank you so much for all of your support- whether you've purchased, posted or propped me up along the way, I am so grateful for all of it! 

I am now looking for folks who are interested in being a part of my Advanced Reader Team (ART). 

This entails reading an early copy in exchange for posting a review on Amazon. 

(I don't 100% love Amazon but it's one of the best for self-publishing) 

If you have already purchased the book and/or agreed to this process, thank you! 
I regret I'm asking more of you in throwing down an additional 99 cents to post a verified review but the self-publishing game takes a village! 

Please see the information below. 

  • If you'd like to receive an advanced copy in exchange for a review, please email me at 
  • You can also send me a message at the book's FB page:

For those of you who have purchased, your reviews matter! 

Because pre-sales were through another company (Publishizer) the reviews will not be 'verified.'  But I still welcome them whole-heartedly! 

For those who want in on the ART, you can start reading the book that I will send as a .epub or .docx file to your inbox, and once the book is uploaded onto Amazon (mid-February/fingers crossed), I will my Advanced Reader Team know. 

That's because the book will be priced at .99 for the 3 days before the release so that each of you can purchase at that price, download it and then write your review. 

  • Keep in mind: these reviews do not need to be long or take a lot of time to write; just a few sentences can do!

On the official release date, the price will go back up and THAT's when we tell the world it's out there.

Why do all this? 
Amazon has a “verified review” policy that holds much more weight than a non-verified review (meaning what your review would be if you DIDN'T purchase the book). 

If every one of you does your review, we have a great chance of this book hitting the top of some Amazon lists and, in turn, a lot more people discovering the book.

So you would start reading and think about what you'd like to write in your review but again you won't put it on Amazon until the release date, when I send you the link.

Please let me know if you're interested. 

And while I'm a busy bee, I would love to support your creative endeavors! 

Please fill me in with what is doing on your end.