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Rachel Jackson

Rachel Jackson

Rachel's evocative writing brings together a background in Psychology and NLP, a career coaching adults in emotional intelligence and resilience and 7 years parenting two boys - one with HFA.

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Success! The Thing sold 101 pre-orders by Jan. 18, 2018, was pitched to 45 publishers, and will be self published.

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$5 Friends and Family

13 readers

Ok so you don’t have any connection to Autism or Aspergers besides me, and you don’t want a book or a print or a call....but you’d like to show your support anyway. This is for you.

The system works in $ but don’t fret - your faithful £ and € will do just as well. Xx


Ebook included

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$9 Early Bird draft Sold out

46 readers

So the book is written...but it's in draft awaiting your support to get it into a nice pretty cover with beautiful picture so you can buy it for your families.

If you are prepared to put down a small donation to the cause, I'll let you read the copy...and would appreciate your feedback, advocacy and support in moving me towards my target. You may even know some people who know some people.

Ebook included

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$10 Last orders please!!!!

13 readers

So - the $9 Early Bird offer has sold out!

So I’m introducing a latecomers “Last Orders offer” - put your $10 on the table to help me past the finish post and I will send you draft of the full final text via email plus a signed picture of The Thing for your wall on publication.

NB - don't panic about paying in dollars - its just how the site works. the total cost of $12 is about $8.75.

1 copy + ebook included

$2 shipping

20 of 40 left

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$20 Signed Copy

16 readers

A signed copy of the book will be delivered to your door beautifully wrapped for your enjoyment.

NB - don't panic about paying in dollars - its just how the site works. the total cost of $25 is about $18.20.

1 copy + ebook included

$5 shipping

34 of 50 left

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$30 15 minute Skype call

1 reader

This book is about my own personal experience with my son. Yours will inevitably be different. I'd love to hear your story and share my own learning about High Functioning Autism.

Ebook included

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$70 Personalised Content

0 readers

Given the huge variation in behaviours on the Autistic Spectrum, and my own experience of switching out words and skipping bits for a son who is rapidly learning to read well enough to challenge me...I would like to offer 20 purchasers of my book the chance to receive an individually tailored version of the book with your own behaviour examples and a photo and inscription in the front cover for your to share with your child.

1 copy + ebook included

$5 shipping

10 of 10 left

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$500 ! Named patron !

0 readers

If you really believe in this, be part of it.
For $500 you will receive 25 signed copies of the book for use with your audience.
Your name will appear in the opening pages as one of the key people/companies who made this happen.
If you’re in the UK I will come and deliver the book in person and talk about why I wrote it - or further afield I’ll do a live chat.
Come on - help me to help so many other children and their parents or carers .

25 copies + ebook included

$10 shipping

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Update #6 - Refer a Friend - The Final Countdown Jan. 14, 2018

Thankyou all so much for your support, for parting with your money, for sharing with others. 

I have a special gift...just for you. 

If you can persuade one other person to pre-order a copy in the next 5 days, I will upgrade your purchase to a signed copy FOR NO EXTRA CHARGE! 

All you need to do is to ask them to comment your name as the referrer when they check out. 

Thankyou xxx