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Minhas Tejani

Minhas Tejani

Karachi, Pakistan

Minhas Tejani (M Ed) has a highly diversified and progressive career over 3 decades at reputed National and International educational institutions. Currently serving as Education Consultant and Leadership Coach.

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About the author

An accomplished educator and leader who has worked on projects with prestigious organisations like The World Bank, American Institute of Research, Norwegian and Netherland Embassies in Pakistan.

Purpose, Progress and Perseverance are the keys of his success and these have helped in sustaining change at various educational institutions. An extremely passionate reader, learner and aims to facilitate the continuous development of educators all over the world.

"I am this beacon of Light that will inspire in transcending millions of educators to make a positive difference in the world." is the overall vision.
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The Transcendent Educator

The 4 elements to thrive

Educators could transcend by nurturing the 4 key elements of Spirituality, Humility, Innovation and Action. This book goes deep into strategies, sayings and stories for practitioners to help them thrive.

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Many a times, educators are self centered and approach teaching and learning like a quack prescribing medicine to the sick people. Their focus is very narrow and mainly on developing a few skills and some knowledge to equip the child to survive in the society with a reasonable living and status. There is a need for Paradigm shift in the approach towards educating a “Holistic Child”. The Education fraternity needs to change first as they are the role models. They do not have a choice but to transcend and play a pivotal role in making this shift happen.

it is very important to share the experiences on self transcendence with the "Global Community of Educators”. This book shares personal reflections and anecdotes that helped the author in his substantial growth as an educator. The core focus of the book is on nurturing the 4 core elements of Spirituality, Humility, Innovation and Action. The unique "S312" framework in the book will give a deeper understanding of the 4 elements with the relevant strategies, sayings and stories that the educators can apply in their own context.

In the words of Jack Canfield “Don’t run the risk of dying with your message inside you”. After spending decades in the field of education and experiencing my own transcendence, it is significantly important to share the unique experiences and reflections for a better and brighter future generation.

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  • Dr. Neslyn Watson Druee (OBE) is writing the foreword for the book
  • All the inspirational teachers and teacher educators will benefit from it
  • Mindvalley Community will be reading the book

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For all the Educators who want to bring in a positive change in this world.

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