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Dee Hunter

Dee Hunter

Washington, District of Columbia

"Dee Hunter" is Managing Director and founder of The NNN Crowd, a national net lease investment and crowdfunding portal.

Hunter is also the Director of Sales, Mergers and Acquisitions for Greater Washington based Expert Business Brokers.

Dee Hunter's experience includes hundreds of leasing and brokerage transactions. Dee has worked as an Associate Broker with Keller Williams Commercial and Remax Commercial. Prior to launching his own company, Commercial Properties Inc., Dee worked at Marcus and Millichap. Hunter specializes net lease retail and office transactions.

Dee has a long history of involvement in national and DC politics, and has held leadership positions in numerous community and civic organizations. He is currently the President of the Small Business and Entrepreneur Council of Greater Washington. He is also the Chairman of The Citizens Advocacy Project, a progressive political organization.

Dee is currently pursuing the Master's of Divinity at Wesley Theological Seminary. A syndication, mergers and acquisitions specialist, Hunter is a graduate of Howard University Law School. He is the author of two upcoming books: The NNN Playbook; Winning Strategies for Net Lease Property Investors and How to Sell Your Company For More Than You Expect.

Dee was born in New York City. He attended Wilmington Friends High School in Wilmington, Delaware. Dee moved to Washington, D.C. to attend American University. He graduated from the University of The District of Columbia where he majored in political science.

Hunter is active in numerous organizations including, ICSC, the IBBA, and the U.S. Black Chamber of Commerce. Dee is an avid golfer, and former member of the Golf Channel Amatuer Tour. He has been a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. since 1986.

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The Triple Net Playbook

Winning Strategies For NNN Property Investors

A book about the benefits and strategies of buying and investing in single tenant, triple net lease commercial properties.

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Single Tenant Net leased properties are some of today's most desired commercial real estate investments. Stable long term income, high appreciation and few maintenance requirements have helped make these properties highly prized. The combination of high demand and little inventory has limited the acquisition of these properties to high very net worth individuals and investment institutions.

My book will educate the public about commercial real estate in general and about Triple-Net Properties specifically.

“The Triple Net Playbook; Winning Strategies for NNN property Investors."

Here are some of the topics covered in the book:·

  • What are the types of NNN properties
  • The benefits and risks of investing in NNN properties.
  • How to find off market NNN properties.
  • What are net leases
  • What are ground leases
  • Commercial Real Estate Math
  • What is a zero-cash transaction
  • Valuation methods of NNN Properties.
  • The complete step-by-step to guide to crowdfunding NNN properties
  • The five biggest mistakes that investors make when purchasing a NNN property.
  • Everything you need to know about building wealth by conducting a successful 1031 Exchange including:
  • What are the requirements of a 1031 Exchange
  • How to find the ideal NNN 1031 Exchange property
  • How to use your IRA to invest in NNN properties
  • How to use crowdfunding and syndication to acquire a 1031 Exchange property even more valuable than the one you sold.·

That is just a small sample of what people will learn in The Triple Net Playbook

Why I wrote this book

Reason One: Commercial real estate investing has long been a closed door - good old boy network. Unless you have family members or close friends who are active in the commercial real estate market, its just not something you even think about. Most people have never heard of triple net properties and would not even know where to begin to start learning about investing. Many people remain stuck dealing with burdensome residential and multi-family properties. I am pulling back the curtains and letting the average investor learn about these unique opportunities.

Reason Two : I have over a decade of experience in commercial real estate investment sales and syndication. Over the course of this period, I have helped hundreds of successful investors purchase hundreds of millions of dollars in income producing properties.

Reason Three: The NNN market is exploding. Hundreds of properties are being traded in private off market deals. Properties that are listed on the market are being sold in days and are receiving multiple offers. 1031 exchange buyers, institutional and even foreign investors are buying NNN Properties for record high prices.

Reason Four: Commercial real estate is the one area where equity crowdfunding has experienced tremendous success. According to the Wall Street Journal over 300 million dollars has been invested in US commercial real estate through crowdfunding.

Who This Book is For

This book is for anyone who wants to learn more about investing in commercial real estate in general and single tenant net lease properties in particular. This book is ideal for most people including:

  • Investors - Who want long term highly safe investments in trophy properties
  • Retirees - looking for safe long term investments
  • Parents - searching for a vehicle to finance the kid's future education
  • Real estate agents - who want to learn about selling and investing in commercial real estate
  • Residential Investors - who want transition into passive income producing properties
  • Stock Investors - looking to diversify their portfolio
  • Employees looking for alternatives to their 401k

Who This book is not For

This book is not for anyone looking for the next get rich quick program. This book is a collection of substantive information about investing in commercial real estate.

Marketing Campaign:

With your help, The Triple Net Playbook will become a best seller. The book will be available for purchase through all major retailers including Amazon, Apple IBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo, and CreateSpace. In addition to this crowdfunding campaign we are planning, a major launch. We are producing a book trailer and a webinar, There will be a launch party, and displays at the commercial real estate industry trade shows. We are constructing an author website and designing a dynamic and engaging social media and press campaign.

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Triple-Net properties are some of the most highly sought after commercial real estate investments in the country. Net leased properties are appealing to a wide variety of buyers, from high net worth individuals to partnerships to large institutional investors like real estate
investment trusts, life insurance companies and pension funds.

Net leased properties also are very attractive to investors who need to do 1031 tax-deferred exchanges. Net lease assets give investors a stable safe alternative to the highly unpredictable and volatile stock market. Net lease properties are often referred to as, “a bond wrapped in real estate." Net lease investments are stable, predictable and have very little risk.

A single-tenant, net lease property is typically described as a free-standing office, industrial or retail building that is leased and occupied by one user or one company. Ideally, the tenant has committed to a long-term lease of 10 years or more with increasing rent over the lease term. The single-tenant occupier is responsible for paying rent plus some or all of the operating expenses of the building such as taxes, insurance premiums, repairs and utilities.

What Is A Triple Net Lease?

In order to appreciate a net lease one must have an understanding of a full service lease. With a full service lease, the landlord or owner is responsible for all maintenance related to the building. For example, the plumbing breaks or the roof develops a leak, the owner must pay for the repairs in a full service lease.

The tenant with a net lease is responsible for paying rent as well as some of the
operating expenses of the property, i.e. taxes and utilities. A tenant with a triple net lease, also known as NNN leases, pays rent plus ALL of the operating expenses. In a NNN lease
the tenant pays the taxes, insurance, maintenance and rent.

What are the benefits of investing in single-tenant, net-leased properties?

There are many benefits to investing in single tenant net leased (“STNL') properties.
STNL properties provide a steady and dependable cash flow because the tenants
sign long term leases. Additionally, the extended nature of the leases make it very unlikely the property will sit vacant when a tenant does not renew. A property would have to be located in a very bad location for a leasing agent not to find a replacement tenant with five
years notice that a lease is expiring.

One of the other major benefits of net leased properties is the security of the initial
investment. For example, when you purchase a net lease property you will get the payments during the lease term and the added benefit of likely appreciation of the property. In part because of their location and long term leases, NNN properties are not subjected to the same risk of depreciation as other commercial properties.

Unlike in the stock market where you are subject to continuous fluctuations, you are assured to get the rental payments from your long term lease and you are more than likely to see your property appreciate in market value. Net lease properties allow you to preserve your investment capital.

Net lease properties are passive investments. A passive investment is one where you get paid and you are not required to do any additional work. In comparison, an active investment requires your time and money. For example, owning anapartment building or even a shopping center requires a lot of work. You have to deal with repairs, lease negotiations, rent collections, and other tenant issues. Many owners are wisely transitioning from multi-family to net lease properties.

Another benefit of net lease properties is that they can be used to build and pass wealth to
future generations. With the assistance of estate planners, an owner can pass on the property and the income associated with it to future generations. By utilizing the benefit of the 1031 exchange an owner can build generational wealth and reinvest gains into new properties that
produce even more income.

What are the risks associated with investing in net-leased properties?

There are very fewrisks related to investing in net-leased properties. One risk is the credit
rating of the tenant. An owner with a tenant with investment grade credit is unlikely to have any issue with receipt of rental payments on time. If the tenant is not an investment grade tenant then it's an entirely different ball game. A non- investment grade tenant could be late in payments or even default entirely. Another risk is in the ability to re-use of the property itself. A
space that has been used as a drug store or dollar store has a wide range of
potential new uses. A property that has been used as a fast food restaurant or an auto repair shop will not have as many potential new uses.

Compare single-tenant net-leased investments to multi-tenant investments?

Multi-tenant buildings have more than one tenant, and as a result, owners and landlords must juggle multiple leases that begin and end at different times. These leases are rarely longer than seven years. That means that the building's financial performance is vulnerable to the ups and downs of the market.

Many net-lease investors have previously owned other types of real estate but are
looking for an investment that requires less maintenance and supervision. For example, many owners of apartment buildings end up selling their high-maintenance properties and then reinvesting the sale proceeds in single-tenant, net-leased retail properties, as do many land owners who have previously never received any income or tax benefits from their property.

What are the major factors to consider when investing in NNN properties?

Single tenant triple net properties are some of the most reliable forms of income- producing real estate ownership. There are four major factors that should be examined when evaluating
a NNN property:

1) The location;

2) The property;

3) The tenant; and

4) The lease.

1) Location, location, location still reigns supreme as the primary consideration in real estate investing. Is the property in the city or the suburbs, what city is it located in? Is it on a prime corner or a highly trafficked street? The right location includes the concepts of "replace-ability" and tenant demand. Often, triple-net investors ignore the importance of location, relying most heavily on the strength of the primary tenant to offset a weaker location. While location
risk can be diminished by a strong, national tenant, the better investment choice includes a strong tenant in a strong location. The cost of the asset often will be higher for the better location, but the ability to replace a tenant in a location that provides greater demand can provide irreplaceable downside protection.

2) The Property: The right property includes the right type and condition of the
asset as well as the price paid for the asset. Cost and condition are interdependent in real estate. An asset in poor or fair condition may make a great purchase at a severely discounted
price, whereas the best real estate location in the world may make a bad purchase if the buyer pays too much. The major consideration as it relates to the right type of asset is the ability to place a new tenants in the space in case a lease is not renewed.

A property uniquely customized to one particular tenant can be very difficult to fill in the event that the original tenant defaults or does not renew their lease. For example it is much easier to find a replacement tenant for a building that has housed retail clothing or
goods than one that has been built out to serve as a Jiffy Lube.

3)Tenant: Who is a good tenant? The best tenants are national companies with little or no debt and investment grade credit ratings. When looking for the right tenant, an investor must be careful to distinguish between corporate and franchise-backed leases. There is a big difference between the security provided by a national corporation when compared to an individual franchisee. The NNN property market is diverse and provides a broad array of tenant options for a client to customize their investment portfolio.

4)The Lease: Information pertaining to selecting the right lease is provided ingreater detail in the chapter Leasing 101. The bottom line is that the best leases requires a lease term long enough to provide stability, has regularly scheduled rent increases ("lease bumps"), and is free from unfair early termination clauses.

These are the major factors to be considered when searching for an acquisition. There are numerous types of NNN properties that an investor may choose from.

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