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Renata Brown

Renata Brown

Atlanta, Georgia

Renata’s zeal for the arts and motivational speaking comes from being an artist. She is the publisher of two online magazines and founder of an award show for the arts.

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Renata’s zeal for the arts and motivational speaking comes from being an artist. She is the publisher of two online magazines and founder of an award show that highlights the arts. Renata also is an accomplished songstress, poet and speaker who began writing poetry at eight years old.  “At the heart of me” she states “I am a creative”.  Renata is featured in several anthologies and has appeared on numerous Radio and Television talk shows. She self -published ‘Simply Life is a Poem’ in 2010. In her own words “Artistry is not a hobby for me. The arts are my passion and ministry. Helping other release their creativity is my mission.” 

Renata's journey includes being a teen parent at the age of 14. Three years later finding out that her daughter had a genetic incurable disease Sickle Cell Anemia, that she would eventually succumb from complications. Much of her story is colored by these traumatic experiences. 

Renata holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. She also received a certification in graphic design from Kennesaw State University of Georgia. Renata served as marketing and advertising director for the Hopewell Baptist Church Drama Guild. In 2013, she booked talent for the show Spoken Sound of Soul on independent artists, station 

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Things I learned While Packing 21 Life lessons

To move you into alignment with your purposes

I have moved over 40 times in my life. Moving is the perfect metaphor for living. The lessons I learned will help you move into alignment with your true self.

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I have moved over 40 times in my life. A pattern my parents established. I never spent a year in the same school growing up. The book is an easy read of antidotes and metaphors. That weaves in my  compelling story of being a child prodigy. My IQ was tested around 10 and found to be somewhere around 140. I audited high school classes at that age and college at 11. My path was interrupted after being raped at 13 by an acquaintance, that led to a pregnancy. I found myself a teen parent at 14 whose daughter battled a incurable disease and succumbs to that disease as a young adult. I've gone on to run two publications and an award show I founded.   

The book will be accompanied by a workbook/journal. This not a novel, but bare bones boiled down glimpses into my world and the lessons that have propelled me to own my own businesses and be a motivational speaker.  My poetic flair is present. I want readers come back to the lessons over and over again.

It's my earnest desire that "Lessons learned while packing" will help you navigate through your everyday experiences with a new perspective and insight of how life is just one moving journey. This book is about self-care. The paradigm is not in getting to the destination put how we navigate the road or airways.  True alignment comes from who you are not where you you might find yourself.


This book is an easy read that is not sequential. Each antidote in the book is written in away that you can draw your own conclusions. This book is about self-care. Bits and peeks into my riveting story are weaved into each metaphorical lesson. Ultimately the goal is to for the reader to un-pack, purge and release the stuff that is holding them down and keeping them from soaring into their purposes. It can be read daily as a motivational tool.

  • Don’t pack away your dreams and put them in storage.
  • Every container has a capacity. Don’t accept more than you can handle.
  • Good bye is always hello, on the next.
  • Remember where you tucked away your courage, you’ll certainly want it handy.
  • You got to purge. Stop holding on to your stuff.
  • Eviction can lead to elevation
  • Your old keys won’t fit your new doors.
  • It’s easy to throw everything into the box, until it comes time to lift it.
  • Stop treasuring stuff that belongs on the donation truck.
  •  Put a label on it…call it what it is. You’ll thank yourself later.
  • Big moves require the right vehicle. Everyone is not equipped to take you to your next level.
  • Secure the box-starting from the bottom up
  • Eventually you’ll have to unpack your stuff and figure out where it belongs.
  • Once you decide not to renew the lease, start preparing for the move.   It's going to happen
  • Like things belong with like things –toaster don’t go with silk gowns 
  • Don’t let anybody else label your box!
  • Every move big or small requires preparation
  • know when it’s time to call Tyrone, getting rid of other’s stuff
  • Home resides in you
  • The hardest part of the move is the move that’s where things get shifted.
  • You got to clean-up after you move if you want to get your deposit back.
  • The Wrap Up


So the answer is not everybody? Well this book is for anybody that has ever moved. However; the primary audience is African American women entrepreneurs between the ages of 35-60. This book is about self-care. This emergent market is exploding. demographic is a little past youth and find themselves both able to reflect and pivot into their true purposes. 

Woman tend to have a lot of baggage. As caregivers, teachers, leaders both at home and in business. We are taught to just solider through. We often sacrifice our visions in and put ourselves at the back of the line. This book acts as a chiropractic alignment giving them a nudge in the right directions.


I feel like I have a little head start being in the publishing arena with two magazines and a third launching soon. I also executive produce and award show I created in 2014. My social media is robust consisting of a combine total of roughly 100,000. 

So why am I here one might ask. My stage is set to reach millions. Being a certified web and graphic designer I have the tools to create stunning visuals. The reaction to the drafts of my books has elicited tears and collective head nods. The message in this book is personal. Everyone has moved. We all have goal. We all want to know how to actualize them without being preached to or joining the next sure thing. I have appeared on several radio and internet television shows. My network includes several celebrities and thought leaders. 

My perk game is to offer free or discounted advertising in my publications for pre-orders of my book. I will also do a book launch and continue public appearances. I'm working on putting together a tour that will bring several dynamic women together on a holistic platform. 


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My book differs because it's my story. It's compelling and very unique.  My IQ was tested at 10 and was somewhere around 140. I audited high school classes at 10 years-old and college at 11. My path was interrupted by being raped at 13, that led to a pregnancy. I found myself a teen parent at 14 whose daughter battled a incurable disease and succumbs to that disease. I go on to run two publications and an award show.  All while overcoming a life of what is tantamount to a gypsy moving over 40 times to discover true alignment comes from who you are not where you are. 

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Things I learned while packing, don’t pack away your dreams and put them in storage.

Tomorrow never comes, yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard that before. So why are you living as if you got a lock on the future.  From the time I was a child I was considered gifted. I audited High School classes in the fifth grade and college in the sixth. I was set on a path early for greatest. I began singing at four and writing poetry at eight-years-old. By the time I was 11 I’d written my first unpublished book of poems. Even having a child at 14 didn’t stop my trajectory. I joined the church shortly after my daughter’s birth and began what I called my career in ministry. I preached my first sermon at 16 and had read the bible through twice at that age.

 People spoke great things into my life. I was supposed to be the next great fill in the blank. Somewhere life happened. I can’t pin point when or where I neatly folded away my dreams and started living without them. I can say it was on one of the countless hospital visits, or watching my daughter suffer with Sickle Cell Anemia. Hardly any can say for certain the exact moment where the daily routine of getting up going to work, paying bills, cooking, cleaning or whatever the routine supplemented our hopes and desires. Have you asked yourself where did I leave my aspirations? What did I trade in return for my dreams? Go back and find that spark, finish that book, get that degree, climb that mountain. Give yourself permission to be great!

Things I’ve learned while packing, every container has a capacity. Don’t accept more than you can handle.

I’ve had enough! I can’t take it anymore! I’ve exclaimed more than once in my life. Life seems to heap on, yet we keep stuffing and stuffing things down. Our health, relationships suffer. When I was a child my sister used to call me twin-bull because I was born on the cusp of Gemini and Taurus. I often joke I do the work of three people. My circle swears I don’t sleep. I must confess I’m writing this chapter at 12:25 am. When I tell people all that I do it sounds fantastic even to me, not in a good way, but in the way like really?  I have a problem with limits however, I’m learning the power of no. What one would call procrastination, I call waiting for marching orders. Don’t get ahead of the process. Each time I do I end up doubling back or starting over. Things bust like an overfilled container. The lesson is STOP (Serenity, Transparency, Optimism, Patience). Don’t give up your serenity for anyone. Remain transparent, don’t do it because it is expected of you. Let people know your limitation and ask for help when needed. Optimism will carry you through the rough patches. Literally and figuratively pack your patience.

Things I’ve learned while packing, good bye is always hello, on to the next.

In order to move forward you must leave somethings behind for good. No looking back. Good-bye can often seem bitter-sweet. You are anticipating your new place, job or adventure. However; leaving the known for the unknown comes with a set of anxiety. I moved from California to Atlanta site unseen. I’ve never set one pinkie toe in Georgia before the day I arrived. I researched my move for two whole years and had a plan in place. We made the drive in a little over 2-days only stopping to sleep for about five hours in Texas. This by far was my biggest move. I knew that I could not easily return to Long Beach. This move had a finality that my other moves have not. I had to make a commitment to make this work.  I remember arriving just as the sun was coming up. The city lights still sparkling on the horizon. My first thoughts were hello to the Southern way of life and goodbye to sunny California beaches. Sixteen years later with too many ups and downs to count I’m still here. Saying new hellos and goodbyes.

Lessons I learned while packing. Remember where you tucked away your courage, you’ll certainly want it handy.

Standing in the middle of a room filled with boxes desperately pulling things out. Waterfalls of clothes, papers and such cascading through the air. Where the heck is it. I know it’s somewhere mumbled or even shouted. Courage is one of the items we need to mark in bold red letters. Leaving corporate was my declaration of independence so I thought. I had a little nest egg and a couple of business ventures. I almost laugh at what I didn’t know back then, well it hasn’t been that long ago. I’m still summoning courage from places in my soul I didn’t know existed. Courage and fearlessness are not the same. Finding away to fight through fear, disappointment and down right heartache takes bravery and a certain audacity to believe in the face of overwhelming odds. Being resolute in your belief of your vision when very few around you seem to get it. Standing in agreement that the Universe will bring you exactly what you believe.

Things I learned while packing, you got to purge. Stop holding on to your stuff.

Have you ever heard the saying “wherever you go, there you are.” Time and again you’ve found yourself caught up in a vicious cycle? Making same mistakes repeatedly. You say this time will be different. I’m a pro at moving. I’ve done it enough times. Each time I leave something behind that is no longer of value or I simply don’t have room to keep. Yet I keep bringing the same bad habits and way of thinking with me. You can throw away a dozen pair of shoes, but what difference does it make if you go out and buy 15 more. Purging is not just getting rid of things. You must change your whole perspective about the stuff you need and the stuff that no longer serves you.

After the purge then what?

When a house is clean and swept, we want to immediately re-fill the space, left dormant dust, varmints and vagrants will occupy. What are you going to do different? How do you break the cycle? CHANGE -(Customs, Habits, Actions, Notions, Goals, Efforts) My mama did it this way so I’m going to do it this way. We take on CUSTOMS as cooking foods that aren’t healthy because that’s what we grew up eating. Breaking HABITS like over spending, eating and partying or even worrying will cause a different outcome. ACTIONS speak for themselves. NOTIONS are tricky, they govern so much, once we get an idea in our head it’s not the easiest thing to release. Set new GOALS like saving, drinking more water for example. Things are not going to magically change; EFFORT is required.

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