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Stefania Dinklage

Stefania Dinklage

Montreux, Switzerland

Careers integrating elements and practicum in education, psychology and business have provided me with important and various perspective of the challenges facing modern markets, in particular vocational and professional organizations.

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About the author

At the beginning of the new century, the author was drawn into the implementation of competence-based training at a hotel management school. As a Polymath navigating through various types of businesses and industries, the author's knowledge of personnel issues and employment was further expanded. The author's insight into competency management deepened further through various work assignments, such as a consultant for a Credit Management Association providing training to Shared Service Centers in aligning efficient strategies in their O2C cycle. More recently the author's knowledge on the topic intensified further as project manager for a United Nations development program designed to optimize resource allocation processes, linking and aligning competency frameworks from partners, private companies and UN organizations. Today, the author is developing competency frameworks based on business processes for learning and development teams at large multinationals.
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James Bradley Mueller

Global Leader experienced in Turnarounds, Business Startups, Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestments, and Selling businesses for profit. Diverse, international experience in marketing, sales, operations, engineering, finance and information systems in the consumer products, nuclear, office supplies, lamination and plastics, capital equipment, packaging, software, security, scientific instrumentation, and X-Ray industries. Sixteen years proven P & L results. Designed, built, staffed and started up 3 businesses in the US and Korea. Negotiated Joint Ventures, Customer Contracts and large supplier agreements. Entrepreneurial executive with a proven track record recruiting, training and developing self-directed work teams.




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Transitioning from a Function-Centric to a GIG-Centric, Competency-Directed Organization did not hit its pre-orders goal.

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Transitioning from a Function-Centric to a GIG-Centric, Competency-Directed Organization

Embracing a new concept of business guidance in a changing world

A paradigm shift. Migrate away from enterprises with rigid, often haphazard talent recognition structures to a competency-based assessment, talent inventory, training and development model supporting optimally efficient career-long learning environments.
Recognizing the current market tendency towards Gig-oriented talent acquisition and process execution, the model suggested moves towards an enterprise capability to fully and economically utilize its current inventory of resources.

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Management & Leadership
50,000 words
75% complete
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As a work of non-fiction, the book incorporates three essential observations:
1) that the problem identified reside in every enterprise in every market regardless of size or maturity,
2) that the book presents a solution process that is operational in every circumstance, and
3) positions the author to introduce the process and solution to markets.
The book is the expression of my two years of research into how we presently attract, hire, retain, assess and grow organizational competence and its adequacy for the future. The model described in the book introduces a methodology to select and optimize resources of current and continuing value to enterprises, a most cost-effective solution highlighting the value and substance of a program to more effectively utilize competencies. Aligning enterprise needs with competencies will reduce the overall turnover rate for enterprises, direct compensation towards a pool of talent more essential, effective and productive without constantly expanding human capital resources without a confirmation of capacity.

Some of the more “twitch-agile” organizations have already demonstrated an ability to configure and reconfigure themselves to market needs in the new “Gig-driven” marketplace, while more fully utilizing internal and external resources in order to meet specific market challenges, becoming increasingly more important to 21st Century organizational success.

The time has come to abandon previous archaic forms of business practice driven by job descriptions and the hopeful selection of talent, in favor of the development of a competency-based resource pool ready to deliver and that stands effective at the moment, capable of restructuring and redirecting momentum on a moment’s notice in order to establish and maintain competitive advantage for the enterprise and value for stakeholders.

Sales arguments

  • Organizations such as CEDEFOP is already gaining insights in how to align skills European wide focusing on VET (Vocational and Educational Training)
  • Covid has shown the rigid structures businesses have employed individuals. Contractually bound to employees in fixed positions. Covid has shown that businesses had to massively dismiss employees contributing to an increase in the unemployment rate. This book provides a path how to avoid such disruptive methods for businesses and human beings.
  • ● Imagine the ease with which the "" will be able to gather, structure and align skills, knowledge and employability. This book provides a unique method describing world's biggest issue on Talent Management and how to create a common ground towards a distinction of skills
  • Learning and Development Professionals from Multinationals such as PMI, Novartis, Nestle, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, LinkedIn etc are coping with the new generation Z - the digital nomads. This book will ease the work of every L&D Business Leader
  • Prof. Patrick O Connelly: "This book proposes a shift from a defunct paradigm. Ease of hiring through archaic process of jobs and job descriptions will give way to a search for talent, specific and experienced, that may be directed towards solutions and directions essential to the enterprise. Tao institute

Similar titles

  • Deeper Competency-Based Learning Making Equitable Student-Centered Sustainable Shifts, Karin J. Hess; Rose L. Colby; Publisher Corwin; 1st Edition (June 11, 2020). The book is a comprehensive guide for districts and schools to use in plotting their journey to competency education. Simultaneously it concentrates only on educational competencies relevant for schools (K12) and has no association with competency matrixes used in professional business but the approach is similar as mine.
  • Competency-Based Human Resource Management, David D Dubois, William J Rothwell, Deborah Jo King, Linda K Kemp; NBP ; This book describes a new model of performance management focusing on the critical competencies that distinguish star performers, HR professionals can transform the way they recruit, train, develop, and compensate top-performing employees. Unfortunately, the competencies are position related and do not allow flexibility nor acknowledge the complete pool of competencies within an individual.
  • The Art and Science of Competency Models, Anntoinette D Lucia and Richard Lepsinger Pfeiffer; 1st Edition (March 5, 1999); This book is describing the creation and development of using competency models. It touches same topic of competencies created around a job and its description. It differentiates from mine as I intend to create a common ground for all businesses and not limit competency models to positions, titles nor jobs.


HR Business Management and Education

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