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Kio Briggs

Kio Briggs

London, United Kingdom

Kio is an Author, Artist and Entertainer.

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About the author

Born in Nigeria, raised between Port Harcourt, the United Kingdom and the U.S, Kio took up a lot of interests growing up. During the childhood of his vastly multicultural upbringing, he trained in the Arts, principally in Painting and the Piano. During his adolescence, whilst excelling in his artistic and musical techniques, he also gravitated towards sporting interests, including a distinct thrill for Track & Field, Basketball, Football and Polo.

"It’s funny, as a teenager I remember being interested in everything outside the typical classroom; I loved sports, I played any Sport. I loved Music. I loved my art classes, and Painting. I believe my earliest memories as a child is of using crayons, water colours and colouring pencils in colouring books my mother bought me. It was also so much fun learning to play a new instrument. But I found school itself quite boring, as it never seemed challenging to me; it wasn’t unless I was playing a sport, painting, performing with my school band, or simply expressing myself in some way that I was truly challenged."

It wasn’t until his move to the United Kingdom for his B.A and MSc degrees that he took a real interest in being in front of camera, as a Model and Actor. Subsequently, he discovered Philosophy; he explains that not the study of Philosophy, but the experience of Philosophy is what led him to it.

“Of course, one can study Philosophy but that is not what makes a Philosopher. The beauty of Philosophy, from my point of view, is in ones experience of it: to have a hypothesis on life, to take action by experimenting with one’s own life, then to observe natural results and report back in beautiful honesty; to experience the beautiful truths of absolute freedom, the processes of Nature - God itself; to understand, and to express all that beauty back to the world... I now see why it was always the path I was meant to be brave enough to take.”

As an Author, Artist, and Entertainer; Briggs recognises himself as a Philosopher firstly, stating that he is the evolution of a Philosophy of life, and that all else he continues to achieve within Arts & Entertainment is as a result of the Philosophy - “Living Free”.
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Understanding God

An Odyssey Through the Natural Evolution of Absolute Freedom

What truths might you too discover, on the other-side of the fear of death?

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By detailing, and further building up on the very well known, and very influential Biblical story of Eve and Adam's choice in the Garden of Eden to eat the "forbidden fruit" - I smoothly guide you, the reader, through the greater concept of this book. I effortlessly illustrate the impact of different choices, freely made in different scenarios, on a single individual's life - yours. 

Assuming that the famous "forbidden fruit" from the Garden of Eden were in front of you too, right now, would you also be bold enough to freely eat it, and find out  what adventures wait for you on the other side of the fear of death? In the Bible's story of creation, "God" tells Adam and Eve that if they eat from "the tree of the knowledge of good and evil", they shall surely die, yet, when both Eve and Adam eat "the fruit" in the book of Genesis, they do not die. Why is that? 

So, if truly, one does not die once they have tasted the forbidden fruit, then ask yourself - what truths might you too discover waiting on the other side of the fear of death?

Building further on the essential principle of "the power of choice" - as a means to create, and so to experience a life of "absolute freedom" and true happiness; this book, at its core, is an expression of the understanding that each and every individual has the absolute freedom to choose any path in life, always and at any time - either from a perspective of faith, or fear. Whichever path we choose affects the story of our lives, either for "absolute freedom" and happiness - to always and forever enjoy our lives in its entirety (faith). Or, our choices lead to "part time freedom" and sorrow - a life lived as a result of never truly being bold enough to leap for the greatest things we desire (fear). Imagine what could be, if the individual (you), always made choices in faith of the potential great things that could be, and not from a fear of what might, or might not be? 

Using this principle, I navigate you through the experiences on the other side - having tasted "the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil". As such, this book creates an odyssey. An epic journey of facing challenges, overcoming them, and experiencing victories along the way - naturally, many things shall then reveal themselves to you on this path. An understanding of "good" and "evil", karma, faith, time, wealth, the moment, love, habits, spirituality, energy, gratefulness - and so many more essential truths which clearly affect our day-to-day experiences of life, yet are difficult to observe with unclear eyes - will be better understood by you. Through the use of dynamic illustrations, you, the reader, may easier grasp an understanding of these essential truths, and in turn, may then make the best possibly choices to live the rest of your life in absolute freedom, and in true, honest happiness. 

As the reader, you shall be required to take a leap of faith - firstly in yourself - and continue on the epic journey within this book. You shall feel fear, but you must leap anyway into the unknown, to keep moving forward; to continue experiencing what lays on the other side of fear. 

Perhaps it is absolute freedom and true happiness that lays on the other side of the fear of death, if it is, then ask yourself this - "what might absolute freedom mean for me?"

Why support this book?

  • It is a guide to understanding personal freedom; and how to appreciate every moment, while achieving your greatest self.
  • It addresses and simplifies some of the most puzzling questions of life experience, including, "what is my greatest purpose?"
  • It is an answer to the question, "how do I experience true peace, and honest life-long happiness in my life, everyday?"
  • To truly understand how to spend your entire life in absolute freedom; creating the life you want by "Living Free".
  • For honest spiritual guidance, and understanding what it means to be aware, that "you are as Gods".

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Written primarily for all people; this book is for those who are naturally very curios about the greatest "experience of life". It is for those who often ask themselves questions about "the meaning of life". For those who are already in the pursuit of a dream, and those who are considering taking the leap of faith towards a dream, to live their greatest, best possible lives.

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