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Danny Flood

Danny Flood

İstanbul, Türkiye

Danny Flood is a multiple best-selling author editor, founder @ the School of Growth Hacking, and owner of OpenWorld Magazine.

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About the author

Danny Flood is an accomplished author, adventurer, and entrepreneur, renowned for his expertise in personal growth, productivity, and peak performance. As a multiple best-selling author, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the self-improvement and business realms, inspiring countless individuals to unlock their true potential. With a passion for empowering others, Danny has dedicated his career to helping individuals and businesses achieve exponential growth and success.

As the founder of the School of Growth Hacking, Danny has created a thriving community and online learning platform that provides invaluable resources, courses, and mentorship to individuals seeking to optimize their performance and achieve their goals. Through his innovative teachings and practical methodologies, he has transformed the lives of students and professionals worldwide, equipping them with the necessary tools to unleash their peak potential.

Additionally, Danny is the figure behind OpenWorld Magazine, a prominent publication that covers a wide range of topics, including entrepreneurship, personal development, lifestyle design, and adventure. Through his blog, he has curated a diverse array of thought-provoking content that inspires readers to break free from limitations and embrace a life of purpose and fulfillment.

With his extensive experience, proven track record, and commitment to excellence, Danny Flood is the ideal author to guide readers on their journey toward personal and professional transformation.
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Break the Boundaries and Become Superhuman

10x your performance and create freedom through a holistic system that blends proven practices, technology, AI, and systems to unlock your creativity, productivity and talent to its greatest potential.

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Personal Growth & Self-Improvement #1 in Personal Growth & Self-Improvement
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If you want to unlock new ideas to expand your abilities and capabilities and embark on the path to becoming superhuman, then pre-order this book now and "Unlimit" yourself.

Here are Some of the Secrets You'll Learn in this Informative New Book

Here's a sample of some of the great things you will learn:

  • How to 10x your productivity and double your income using AI and technology within 60 days – if you apply the strategies in the book (this is not a bluff, this is the type of transformative work I specialize in every day).
  • How to use AI as a personal “genie in a bottle” to build your ideas and “become metahuman” by fusing human ingenuity and critical thinking with artificial intelligence (this will change your life)
  • How to validate your idea and start earning money in ONE DAY.
  • I will teach you how to unlock “creativity on command” by mastering flow states – enabling you to finally accomplish your best work (creative block will forever become a thing of the past)
  • How to “hack time” and make time your ally so that you can bring your brilliant ideas to life – and reduce the time you spend working down to a fraction
  • How to accelerate your learning: immediately master ANY topic you choose
  •  13 ways to improve your sleep and refresh your mind – so that you’re always FEELING ALIVE and on top of your game
  • How to “hack travel” using AI and Chat GPT – this one strategy has saved me tens of thousands of dollars
  • The exact framework I’ve used for more than ten years for effortless productivity – this will become your new secret weapon
  • How to achieve peak personal performance with EAP: a multidisciplinary approach to breaking mental barriers and effortlessly achieving your goals
  • How to finally rid yourself FOREVER of those negative "inner demons" that have been sabotaging your success your entire life 
  • How to develop an unshakable confidence – and iron willpower
  • How to optimize your mind and body (like a prized racehorse) based on its natural cycles
  • How to “master your mind” using brainwave entrainment techniques – and amplify the effect using AI 
  • A simple exercise to turn “impossible” tasks into “possible,” and then make them “inevitable”
  • The ONE thing that changed everything for me. On these pages I'll share the single most powerful lesson to create a business and life that you love -- this will change your thinking forever.
  • The deadly mistake that millions make that guarantees they will ALWAYS be dissatisfied and unhappy (if you only read one thing in this book, make sure it's this)
  • And much, much, much more…

Even better, the full edition of "Unlimit" will include over 20% of the material written by EXPERTS in various fields... from neuroscience, hypnotherapy, artificial intelligence, peak performance and much more, including "action step" summaries after every chapter.

The best part is you can be the first to get access to all this groundbreaking information and research as we release it by clicking the "pre-order" button on this page. 

The starter level also includes FOUR bonuses, and the life hacker bundle includes TEN bonuses that you can use immediately.

Who's behind this?

Hey there! 

My name is Danny Flood, author of "Buy Your Own Island," "Dr Growth," and numerous other books, courses, a podcast, and a magazine.

But it's my newest work, with the working title of "Unlimit" that I'm the most excited about.

Right now, we are living in the most exciting time in human history. 

It's never been easier to be, have or do anything that your mind can possibly imagine. You can dream up any idea and make it become reality faster than ever imagined.

The rules of the game have changed in dramatic and radical ways — creating opportunities for many enterprising individuals, but also leaving many dumbfounded.

The Pope himself recently spoke at the G7 Summit about the profound impact of these changes, particularly the rise of artificial intelligence.

He urged that while we stand on the brink of unprecedented technological advancements, it is crucial to ensure that these tools serve to enhance our humanity, not diminish it.

Those who master the "how," will be able to write the future. 

But before we get too into that — a little bit of backstory...

For more than 20 years I have made it my personal mission to discover the best ways to optimize and improve every aspect of my life: health, wealth, career, relationships, productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency.

I've traveled the length and breadth of the globe for the last 15+ years, living and traveling in more than 40 countries, studying different cultures and exploring new and innovative ways of living, working, and doing things.

For more than 15 years, I’ve been a lifestyle designer, digital nomad, adventurer (some people have called me an “adventurepreneur”), and location independent entrepreneur.

I’ve traveled and lived all over the globe in six continents (I’m currently recording this morning at my retreat in Nepal). I’ve learned from a diverse and broad range of unique characters and cultures, and interviewed hundreds of experts on lifestyle design for my blog and my podcast.

I've taught and shared my learnings in dozens of countries around the globe... From Greece to Singapore.

"Met Danny in Bangalore(India) at one of his growth hacking seminars. Didn't take me more than a minute to realise I could learn a lot from him and one seminar was just not going to be enough. Lucky for me, he's put down his years of experience, deep learning and insights into this amazing, comprehensive book.

I didn't expect this.. I thought it was going to be another puff piece, where the author extols his own virtues, waxes philosophical and in the end doesn't really give away anything useful. Wow was I wrong! This is everything you would need and so, so much more. I'm reading, I'm doing and I'm seeing results all at the same time. Not only is the book packed with result oriented how-to's, it's also a super easy and fun read. They say a magician never reveals his secrets. This one just did." 
-Murtaza Ali Siddiqu

I've always been FASCINATED by techniques to optimize every single aspect of my life and business to bring it out to its peak potential... and sharing my learnings with others.

Anything I found that was good, I implemented, tested and tweaked... using myself as the proverbial guinea pig.

And I’ve drawn references and performed research using a variety of sources across a wide spectrum of disciplines, and integrated and experimented with their usage over many years.

I have interviewed hundreds of experts in “lifestyle design” to pick their brain and learn what makes them tick... 

Successful CEOs, vloggers, podcasters, adventurers who traveled the world for decades, people who traveled from side one side of Eurasia to the other, people who crossed the ocean in a row boat, investors, athletes, shamans, authors, digital nomads, and many more...

I've written multiple books teaching "hacks" to help thousands people get "unstuck" and consciously optimize their lives by design to help them break free and get ahead of the pack.

How to work smarter, do more, and be more efficient with their time and their lives. And I have taught these principles and best practices to thousands of students in more than two dozen countries and dozens of cities.

All of this has culminated in my life's work, "Unlimit." 🔥

"This is a book that stands out from the rest. I have read a couple of books written by Danny and love his style and no nonsense style. His attitude to life is great and his approach to marketing is refreshing.

There is some great content in this book and I have no doubt that anyone that reads it will learn from it. It is not a short read but you can dip in and out and go back to it for reference when you need to. His ideas can be implemented fast making this a practical guide.” 
- Lloyd Hester, William Lloyd Associates

This book will be a transformative tool for unlocking your creativity, productivity and talent to achieve your greatest potential.

I want to not only show you how to become more efficient with your time, but also ten times more effective than you currently are. 

After reading this book and learning these new techniques, you will possess the power to achieve any idea or dream that you can imagine, where you can manipulate and distort time to your will as your secret weapon, and where artificial intelligence becomes your personal genie in a bottle that grants your every wish and desire.

If you follow through on what I teach you and take action, you will be able to "become superhuman." 

The book will uncover hundreds of secrets and growth hacks to get more from every area of your life...

Here are some of the core concepts the book will cover, among others.

If you're seeking a holistic system to maximize your life and its potential, then "Unlimit" is a game-changing guide to growth.

AIZEN: A concept to fuse developments in AI with the Japanese concept of "Kaizen" for perpetual improvement. We will uncover how to embrace artificial intelligence to enhance your capabilities.

Specifically, we will discuss the most powerful ways to utilize artificial intelligence to 10x your productivity and output, optimize your personal growth, and earn a lot more money in your career. 

HACK TIME: Discover the incredible power to manipulate time for unparalleled productivity and output.

I will teach you all the ways to “hack” time to make it your ally. Others, looking in from the outside, will not be able to understand the secret to how you are able to accomplish so much so quickly.

You'll maximize efficiency and effectiveness like never before with proven practices and innovative systems to gain an extra edge.

OPTIMO: Unlock the secrets to achieving peak performance with the revolutionary Effortless Action Protocol. Blending NLP, hypnotherapy, and transformative techniques, E.A.P. provides a systematic approach to breaking through mental barriers and eliminating perfectionism.

Learn how to maximize productivity, secure dream clients, and significantly boost your income by reducing internal resistance and enhancing your natural capabilities. This formula is designed to help you effortlessly achieve your goals and transform your life.

FLOWTIVATE: We will cover and discuss the most unconventional strategies for peak personal performance and effortless "flow," drawing inspiration from a variety of cultures and innovative lifestyles around the globe.

You will learn how to reduce internal resistance, while maximizing your willpower, energy, motivation, and effectiveness to live a fully optimized life.

Includes examples and case studies from successful CEOs, adventurers, digital nomads, and influential people from history.

METAVANTAGE - BECOME METAHUMAN: Learn how to fuse the best in technology with the best version of yourself to achieve new and extraordinary milestones. Bring your ideas to life in new and innovative ways. 

Earn recognition, wealth and status in your business and career with the help of emerging technology.

PEAKPRENEUR: Gain mastery of all the techniques and strategies in the book by becoming a "systems engineer" who has mastered the art of creating highly effective plans and blueprints for sustained growth. You'll learn how to translate everything into the book into profitable systems that help you attain wealth, status, recognition and success in your business and career.

Systems provide liberation by ending the struggle finally and permanently. Learn how to make your money and business work for you, and discover how fun, easy, and profitable your work can be using the frameworks from the book.

"Indeed Danny is the real deal, a genuine Growth Hacker who has a deep technical/creative and psychological understanding of the discipline. He is one of the few who understands the law of reciprocity and has excellent soft skills, he genuinely does try to offer value to people.

I have zero reasons to say this other than I have gained a lot of value from his materials!"- Gary O'Toole, Growth Dynasty

My goal with this Publishizer campaign is to hit 100 pre-orders so that this book can become published and get the widespread distribution that it deserves...
My promise to you is that if you commit to the strategies laid out in this book, you'll unleash a profound increase in your performance and unleash your untapped potential. 

During this launch you can also earn a bunch of special perks and rewards 🎁

We have a bunch of crazy freebies and goodies included for those who back this Publishizer launch. At the starter level ($15), you can get an early manuscript of "Unlimit" PLUS an inclusive bundle of FOUR of my popular books.

This is the fast-track to growth. Of these, some reviewers have said that just ONE of my books is more generous with tips, tactics, and takeaways than most expensive five-figure and six-figure courses.

At higher tiers, the rewards keep getting better and you can score exclusive offers for discounted memberships for my website, the School of Growth Hacking with hundreds of hours of training content, plus direct coaching with me to work with you and your team, as well as access to our exclusive in-person retreats. ✨

Your new and exciting journey begins from today ✈️🌍

This book will be a powerful tool in the right hands.

The concepts and innovations you will learn in this book took me decades of practice and experimentation to master. 

I’ve published a number of books and articles about life and business hacks, and am well known for my ruthlessly results-oriented and unorthodox experiments such as forcing peak productivity by turning the Bangkok skytrain into my office, doubling my energy through polyphasic sleep (sleeping four hours at night), and training content creators to perform at an intensity on par with Olympic athletes. 

My entire life has been to devoted to experimentation and study, an effort to discover ways to hack systems and situations that don't make much sense and make them leaner, smarter, and more efficient. 

To defy the mediocre results that most experience and discover the means to ends that are truly extraordinary.

We live in an era of unprecedented change. And there is nothing more uncomfortable to human beings than change.

Today, few of us are able to keep up-to-date with all of the rapid innovations which are reshaping and transforming our world. 

Artificial intelligence is developing quickly... and it’s only just beginning to take off. New innovations are being reported all the time. A few are rushing to cash in and join in this new “gold rush” while everyone else is holding on for dear life as they face the prospect of an unknown future. 

The strongest instinct in people is to stick with what is familiar. Many of us would rather die than change.

To make matters worse, we are in the midst of a constant battle for our attention, bombarded with endless options and promises and we're all understandably a bit skeptical as we try to make sense of it all.

We're all wondering, "who do I trust in the midst of all of this?" 

Unfortunately, many of the articles, blogs, YouTube videos and other resources struggle to make much headway in sharing what is actually important -- the stuff that is actually practical and relevant to you and I.

While a few of these resources are actually helpful, they only suggest small things that provide marginal returns. Or they repurpose the same old ideas, and offer nothing new.

Collecting 10,000 Chat GPT "prompts" is about as much use to us as collecting 10,000 clothes in your closet -- we'll never be able to use them all. 

The emergence of artificial intelligence is like the discovery of fire.

We all, in some sense, understand the enormous potential and implications that AI has for our present and future and yet almost none of us understand yet how to use and leverage artificial intelligence and practical ways that can dramatically improve our lives.

Instead, we ask questions like: Will AI replace us? Will it make us irrelevant? Will it take my job away? How can I cash in?

We ask questions and try to make decisions on the back foot -- concocting a toxic brew of fear tinged with terror -- rather than creating an unsinkable plan to ride the tidal wave of change to limitless abundance, potential, and success.

What we need is a blueprint, one that's tested and proven to work.

This book will teach you how dozens of ways to systematically improve and dramatically upgrade your life using artificial intelligence.

When we discover a new tactic or brainstorm a new idea, we implement it. If it produces results, we keep it and continue using it, reaping the benefits. Anything that doesn’t work based on real-world testing is discarded.

When we break down the overwhelming complexity of artificial intelligence and it's practical applications into a proven process with defined objectives, our chances of success improve dramatically.

Armed with this book, you will have the precise gameplan -- and most importantly, the tools -- you need to succeed.

Even if you know absolutely nothing about artificial intelligence or any of the other topics discussed in the book, you can sit down, follow the instructions, and succeed. 

I hope that you enjoy the book.

The Outline and Table of Contents will be added here in time shortly to give you a good indication of where I want to take this book and corresponding content.

Sales arguments

  • The World Economic Forum estimates that AI will replace 85 million jobs by 2025. For those ahead of the curve, AI could generate 97 million new jobs.
  • I've been on dozens of podcasts and spoken at events in more than 20+ countries fleshing out strategies for the evolution of work in detail.
  • I have launched a course called "Hack Time" ( which was featured on Appsumo and received dozens of rave reviews from students. The book will expand on the fundamental premise.
  • I have a large, extensive network that I built over more than a decade. Tens of thousands of followers on both IG and Twitter. 5,000 contacts on Facebook. Email newsletter, blog and podcast. 1,500+ customers from my website.

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Someone who is interested in growth. Who is dissatisfied with their current situation and wants to improve, and become their ideal version of themselves. They want more time, energy. Profitability, systems that work, hacks, shortcuts, real results, money in the bank, a business that works and earns well they sleep, freedom to have a life, helpful tools that make life easier, to benefit from artificial intelligence, and to be a lifelong student.

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Morgan James

500 copies • Partial manuscript • Looking for entrepreneurship, business, self-help, and personal growth.

Morgan James Publishing has revolutionized book publishing—from the author’s standpoint, earning 29 NY Times and over 100 USA Today and Wall Street Journal best sellers. We teach authors strategies to leverage their books and grow their businesses—adding value while staying out of the way. Evidenced by more Major Media best sellers than most publishers our size. Regularly ranked by Publishers Weekly as the most recognized and one of the fastest-growing publishers in the nation, Morgan James is reported to be “the future of publishing.”

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    I've made a short video this weekend on location in Nepal to express my …

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    I have some exciting news – I’ve started work on a new book project! 

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