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Joel Ong

Joel Ong


Youngest video strategist - with no business, marketing or film background, signed first business at 17.

International work opportunities:
Marriott International
Hard Rock Hotels
World-Championship Wingsuit Athlete
Singapore Jubilee Award-Winner

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Who is Joel Ong?
Travelling around 11 countries for 5 years as a freelancer, he leveraged these exact video strategies to receive international work opportunities with global brands across industries such as Ministries of Tourism, global hotel chains including Marriott International and Hard Rock Hotels, The World's First Global Relocation Company For Professional Online Poker Players, World-Championship Wingsuit Athlete and Artisan.

Joel Ong is best known for being the youngest video strategist, redefining video marketing and business strategy. With no business, marketing or film background, he signed his first business when he was 17 years old with nothing more than an old camera he borrowed from his dad and after thousands of cold-calls.

Today, he runs a video marketing strategy agency which builds Videos for High-Ticket products & service-based businesses to skyrocket their growth in 18 months.
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1) Every business needs more customers, and to keep customers coming back. But let’s address the elephant in the room. Does video work for me? People's attention spans are less than a goldfish and scepticism is at an all-time high. Before we reveal it, here’s a secret that video production agencies don’t tell their clients. Their client’s worst fear: VIDEOS THAT DON’T CONVERT. (Or worse, damaging). Even giant marketing companies make mistakes. Publicis created a racist video for Heineken called “Lighter is better” in 2018, causing a huge public backlash, and had to be withdrawn. Next example. David Miami is a part of the Ogilvy & Mather which was founded by the legendary founding father, David Ogilvy, pioneer of modern advertising. They produced the ad, ‘Burger King – “Eat like Andy” Super Bowl 2019’, which confuses viewers with an unknown man eating a burger. It costs them more than $5 million for 30 seconds of airtime! They mistake ‘Creativity’ for ‘Competence’.

2) How do we prevent this? Producing videos that convert based on battle-hardened principles and consumer’s psychology. A full breakdown of how to customize videos to specific stages of the buyer's journey, how we charm your target audience into liking you, trusting you and writing that paycheck to you. And more….SHOWING them the RESULTS on video before they decide to buy and pay a single dime. Lets put aside all statistics (They are everywhere on Google) and think about it. If it wasn’t for video, and if simple videos weren’t effective, you won’t watch them on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. You see, there is no magic here. It’s about creating videos that appeal to your customers, building trust with them, and getting them to take action. Aside from real-life, the next best way to earning trust is hands down video. As an omnipresent asset unbound by geography and time, video grows authenticity, connected relationships and businesses at scale.

3) Joel Ong is best known for being the youngest video strategist, redefining video marketing and business strategy. He signed his first business when he was 17 years old.

With no business, marketing or film background, he leveraged these exact strategies to receive international work opportunities with global brands across industries such as Ministries of Tourism, global hotel chains including Marriott International and Hard Rock Hotels, The World's First Global Relocation Company For Professional Online Poker Players, World-Championship Wingsuit Athlete and Artisan.

Today, he runs a video marketing agency which builds custom Video Strategies for High-Ticket products & service-based businesses to grow their business in 18 months.

Sales arguments

  • Article: "More than half (55 percent) of all business professionals surveyed for the study said a great story captures their focus and keeps them engaged with the content. One-third (33 percent) of respondents report that visual stimulation is critical to maintaining their attention."
  • Forbes Sara Larsen: "For today’s businesses, video is scalable, which means it can be used for each unique use case. This also means video may expand beyond just sales and marketing and be used within human resources, internal communications, customer success and more. The bottom line is video connects us to one another, so why not leverage it everywhere we can? The key is choosing the right one for your audience based on their needs. 66% of millennials engage with a brand after watching a video, 85% buy."
  • Forbes: "According to a recent study conducted by the McCarthy Group, 84% of millennials stated that did not like traditional marketing and, what’s more, they didn’t trust it. And they really are not viewing or listening to it either. They don’t watch traditional TV, preferring instead livestreaming, video-on-demand on such platforms as Netflix and Anime. And YouTube is actually the most-viewed platform for video."
  • Forbes Michelle Evans: "66% - Professionals who view improving customer journey as top priority...Brands can make use of technology to deliver a truly curated experience, catering to individual preferences, beliefs and lifestyles for absolute consumer centricity."
  • Forbes by Shep Hyken: "findings showed that using paid actors vs real people or participating celebrity endorsers who favor a given product are perceived as deceptive or manipulative in regard to the viewing audience...the “atmosphere of disbelief” in advertising clearly points out that brands need to improve their platforms to bridge the gaps, communicate, and inspire people. Today’s audience is a great deal more sophisticated than previous generations. They “know how the machine works”."

Similar titles

  • Video Marketing Rules: How to Win in a World Gone Video!, Lou Bortone, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, September 15, 2017, book is alike in terms of video marketing strategy, but it is unlike because it is written by a guy who came from the television industry. Advantages are that while this book explains the "How-Tos", my book explains the "Why" and the hidden psychology behind principles of why video works, analogising it to historical cases and synthesising them into principles to apply.
  • Video Marketing in 2019 Made (Stupidly) Easy : How to Achieve YouTube Business Awesomeness (Punk Rock Marketing Collection Book 2), Michael Clarke, Punk Rock Marketing, April 28, 2013, my book is unlike because it doesn't just focus on Youtube, it is channel-agnostic, some business customers are not on youtube, maybe they are offline or on LinkedIn, and that demands a differently designed video strategy. My book teaches you how to THINK so you can create accordingly.
  • How to Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck: Advice to Make Any Amateur Look Like a Pro, Steve Stockman, Workman Publishing Company, 2 June 2011, book is alike in how to think, but different because this book focuses on director, and is more relevant only to people in video production industry. My book teaches how to think about video if you are a business owner, and it features long-term ROI strategies instead of quick "how-to" tactics. It is outdated in 2011, and how to shoot video tactics are on Youtube already


Business owners, leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers in their late 20s to 70s who are interested in knowing how to leverage the power of video in business but don't know how to. Not gender-specific.

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