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Glenn Valentin

Glenn Valentin


Glenn Valentin is a competitive triathlete and journalist for the local newspaper. In 2017, he quit a secure but unfulfilling job to embark on a 3-month bicycle trip through Morocco, Italy, and Slovenia. He has finished 3th in the Bearman XTreme Triathlon, climbed the Col du Tourmalet on a space hopper, hiked the Pyrenees from coast to coast, and is currently preparing himself for his next adventure: Stand Up Paddling 5000 km across Europe.

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Glenn Valentin has been a competitive triathlete and a journalist for the local newspaper in his late teens and early twenties. In 2017 he went on a 3-month bicycle trip in Morocco, Italy and Slovenia. It was the beginning of a gradual shift from sports to adventure.

Currently, Glenn is mostly trailrunning, climbing mountains and bikepacking. He has finished 3th in the Bearman XTreme Triathlon, climbed the Col du Tourmalet on a spacehopper, hiked the Pyrenees from coast to coast and is currently preparing himself for the first adventure that really scares the crap out of him: Stand Up Paddling 5000 km across Europe.
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Update #3 - And the winner is... May 2, 2021

The winner of the trip to the Pyrenees is Alexis Baydoun!

Alexis is actually a Lebanese graphic designer who created the cover of my first book 'Stronger Than Me', about the psychology of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I'm currently writing an extension to this book where I dive deeper into the relationship between a healthy lifestyle and susceptibility to covid-19. 

I might also hire Alexis to design the cover of 'We Could Be Heroes', because after talking to the interested hybrid publishers, it has become clear that self-publishing is my best option. I'll keep you posted about when you might expect a copy in your postal box!

In the video above you can see the lottery, in the meantime Alexis has confirmed he wants to enjoy the trip, which is bad news for Nico Savels, the second name drawn. 

Lots of love