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Chase Boehringer

Chase Boehringer

New York, New York

Chase is the Founder of The Bucketlist Lifestyle. Traversing the globe in search of Adventure and a few half drunk travelers to swap stories with.

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About the author

Chase is the Founder of The Bucketlist Lifestyle. An international adventure company, based around the concept of taking everyday people on the most epic journey of their lives. This could only be done by a man who has personally spent his life on one big epic adventure. 

As a Guinness World Record holder, an adventure addict and one of the most accomplished adventurers on the planet, he spends all of his time either on an adventure, or planning the next one.

Chase has been featured in Conde' Nast Traveller, The Art of Adventure, Live your Daydream, Side Hustle School and is an international speaker. He talks about how we can all live a life of adventure without dropping everything. As well as creating possibility in our lives.

Chase is the Author of "Young Divorce", a no bullshit guide, from heartbreak to happy." Which is the only book on divorce for young people, written during Chases time as a life coach. He also co-authored the book "Activate Your Life." Which was an international Amazon best seller in seven different countries in the "Self Help" category.

Chase completed 80/100 of his bucketlist items, and now helps other people complete their items. He spent years travelling the world solo with nothing more than a backpack and a bucketlist as his compass. Going to Every cultural festival on Earth, including Running with the Bulls in Spain, Carnival in Rio, Songkran in Thailand, Holi in India and much more. He has been to every wonder of the world and some of them multiple times. 

Currently he is on a mission to complete 95/100 bucketlist items by the time he hits 30 years old. Yes, you read that right, He is only 28 and is almost done with his bucketlist.  

The Bucketlist Lifestyle has been the most important thing in Chase's life for the last 6 and a half years. Helping other people experience what he was lucky enough to experience has been his sole mission from the beginning. He is writing this book to let people in on a secret. That some people are living fascinating lives accross many continents and they can live vicariously through them, without risking malaria, typhoid, broken bones, prison or assassination for courting the princess of Saudi Arabia.

Chase has the passport stamps and scars to prove that there are adventures waiting out there for us all. We just have to get out and take a chance now and then. Or read about the people who say yes a bit too much and live to tell the tale.

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Wild, Crazy and True

Epic stories from the World's most legendary adventurers

Wild, crazy and true is an escape into the experiences that only relentlessly risky adventurers "get" to have. The wildest true stories, from the most accomplished adventurers on Earth.

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Travel stories of adventure #1 in Travel
45,000 words
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There are a select few people in this world that possess a unique combination of reckless, fun and free in every sense of the word. These people are legendary. Not in the sense that they are leaders, or that they are special in any way other than their ability to find situations that only a true legend could capitalize on. A situation so ridiculous, so...stupid, that most people would walk away as fast as possible. But these aren't most people. These are adventurers. The Fifty most accomplished adventurers on Earth. People who have spent decades risking it all for the thrill of it, and a good story. These men and women have an absolute disregard for life, which as in most cases, creates one hell of a good story. 

This book is a compilation of those stories, told by the adventurers themselves. 100% true, unfiltered, raw and wild. From unexpectedly running a marathon across the Gobi Desert in mid summer (while previously never running more than a mile), or finding yourself face to face with Yakuza gangsters in the back alleys of the Tokyo red light district, and end up spending the night drinking snake poison grain alcohol and swapping stories in their secret underground bar.

These are not your everyday people. These are not your everyday stories of adventure. 

People spend their days fantasizing about a life of adventure. A life where risk and your mothers warnings are pushed to the wayside to make room for an experience that pushes the comfort zone of any reader, let alone the adventurers themselves.

Imagine yourself landing in Egypt during the Egyptian revolution, without realizing that there was a revolution going on. Being held at gunpoint, shoved into and out of cars and looked at with general "You need to get the hell out of here" stares, sending a feeling of uncertainty and fear through the body. The flip side to visiting a country during a revolution is, no lines for roller coasters at 1980's theme parks! 

This book is a testament to the wild ones. The freedom seekers that say "yes" when asked if they want to see a pingpong show at 4am in the back alleys of Bangkok.

This book is meant to take people into the lives of living legends. Some well known, others too busy kayaking down waterfalls in the Congo to care if anyone is watching. 

These stories of adventure will capture the readers attention and not let go. With true stories from the most legendary living adventurers on the Planet. 


Each story begins with a title, which acts as a chapter heading. There will be fifty epic stories of adventure, each story being approximately 1500 - 3000 words each.

Example Titles:

"Snake Juice and Yakusa"

Where a story would be told about getting into an argument with a bar manager for double charging his car for drinks, only to be lead to a back alley of the redlight district, where the bar owner, a Yakusa gang member and his Ugandan body guard were waiting. 

"Massimo made me fight"

Massimo is a couchsurfing host in Venice Italy who has a few eccentricities. Not only is he loud, intense and full of steroids. Massimo has a plan. To host two couchsurfers who are both about the same size, have martial arts backgrounds, and who were broke, A.K.A. me. This is the story of two unexpecting couchsurfers being forced to fight in order to not be put on the streets and become great friends in the process. Not to mention creating a plan to keep Massimo full and drunk so he would have us fight less.

"Blind on Everest"

A story of a man who, after summiting the highest mountain on the planet, goes totally blind, and has to make his way down one of the most dangerous mountains on Earth totally blind.

"Marathon over a desert? I don't run, but sure let's do it!"

Traveling through Asia, most people take in the food, the sights, maybe a tuk tuk ride if they're feeling a little wild. Not Scott. Scott is the type who drives tuk tuks across the entirety of india (a story later in this book). Scott doesn't have a normal concept of what is possible, therefore he consistantly does things that blow the average person away, like running across a burning hot desert when he hadn't ran since high school, when he ran the one mile in P.E. This is the wild story of how he just happened to enter this race with only 4 other participants (for good reason) and how he ended up on the front page of a magazine because of it!

Each story begins a new section, and keeps readers entertained with new and exciting stories of adventure.


The target market for this book is people who are currently employed at a corporate job or similar. They have been to one or two countries, but they them selves wouldn't be classified as adventurers, yet. People who want to imagine themselves, almost as a fiction audience, in the same situation the characters in the book are in.

The audience is for mostly males, because they are usually more pulled in by the idea of adventure, and are the majority of those interested in wild and crazy adventures. This hypothesis has been proven in my adventure company with our adventure tours being over 75% male, and our e-mail subscriber list being 67% males between the ages of 18-35.

We will target younger adult males who have just begun their journey of travel, but due to school loans and getting into a corporate job, their dreams of travel and adventure are put on hold. 

Similar to Tucker Max's "I hope they serve beer in hell", where the stories made the reader laugh out loud while also asking themselves "Are you freaking kidding me? Did that really happen?".  This book gives people the ability to live vicariously though the most legendary travelers on the planet, while still making them say "Are you freaking kidding me? Did that seriously happen?"


I have approximately 20,000 followers across social media platforms, that is growing steadily monthly. I have an e-mail subscriber list of 450, with an average open rate of 67%, and a clickthrough rate of 14% on average.

My community is very engaged and loves to share when I put out an offer. This being my first big book on Adventure specifically, they will eat it up.  I was recently on a podcast with over 500,000 weekly downloads and plan to get on as many podcasts as possible while launching the book. Currently I am interviewed about twice a week on podcast. I can easily do 5-10 podcast interviews a week in preparation for launch time. 

Most importantly, the people who's stories will be shared in this book have massive followings, and each of them will be not only sharing and sending it to their lists and followers. I will be doing facebook lives with each of them, to promote the book. 

This book is great for my business, as I lead people on epic adventures, so you can be sure that I will be doing everything in my power to make this book a success.


High Exposure: An Enduring Passion for Everest and Unforgiving Places by David Breashears

This book is about an adventurer and mountaineer, who mostly focuses on the why behind men and women who push themselves to these extreme places like Everest. It has stories of adventure, and is mostly focused on the extreme from a place of curiosity and drama. 

My book is much more focuses on a lighthearted view on adventure travel. We are telling stories that makes people go "No way!" as they laugh in astonishment. This book is more for mountaineers and people who want to hear about near death experience and why people put themselves in a situation like that.

The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small: Kath Stather 

This book is focused on specific places, things and experiences someone can see and do before you die. It is a "coffee table book " someone can flip through at any time. The book contains advice on how to achieve some of the most popular goals for people of all ages and focuses on items you can add to your bucket list.

My book is different because It is taking these experiences and telling the stories of people who have actually done them (and many that would never be on a list like that). It's inspiration through a story instead of a photo and a few descriptive words. It's a popular book, without much depth, similar to scrolling through #adventuretravel on Instagram. Pretty, but easy to put down.

Humans of New York: Brandon Stanto

This book is based on the blog and social media pages of "HONY", a storytelling platform where Brandon walks up to strangers and begins a conversation, usually asking questions that provoke a vulnerability in the participant. Takes one photo of them or a part of them, and combines a short, succinct paragraph of their journey. It is a powerful book because of the humanity he pulls from the people he interviews. It is a #1 NYT bestseller and a very popular read.

My book is different because, although it is still a book of stories, it is specifically about adventure travel. It's similar to HONY except with much more detail and all the stories are unbelievable stories of adventure. It pulls the reader in, and makes them have the feeling of needing to finish the story to know what happens next.

PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives 

This book is a compilation of secrets that people admitted to anonymously through a project where people could write in and admit to something they have never told anyone. Similar to HONY, it is very short and powerful one sentence or paragraph that makes the ready think "wooow".

This book is different from PostSecret because it is not just a book to open, read two sentences and put it back down. This is a book that pulls people in to an adventure and makes them feel like they are a part of something crazy, wild and risky, even if they are ready from the comfort of their bed.

The kid who climbed Everest: Bear Grylls

This book is Bear Grylls story of how he overcame a broken back, to climbing Everest just 18 months later. An incredible story of falling into a crevasse at 19,000 ft and kept climbing. 

It's the type of story that belongs in my book. However this is simply one story, as opposed to 50 epic stories, just as wild as this. It would be as if Bear took this story, cut the fat and fillers and just shared the most impactful parts.

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