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Nayan Kumar Ujala

Nayan Kumar Ujala

Siliguri, India

Published in couple of anthologies, online literary magazines and newspapers, Nayan Kumar Ujala is a poet from North Eastern part of India.

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About the author

Published in couple of anthologies, online literary magazines and newspapers, Nayan Kumar Ujala is a poet from North Eastern part of India. He is a father of two daughters. Currently separated, he lives with his grandfather taking care of him and writing poetry. He loves to write philosophical poems and topics overlooked by many. Writing has always been his way of venting out things in forms of poetry. He also loves writing about nature, social and political conditions, thinking it will make a difference in the long run. During his teenage, his love for poetry grew stronger and started writing for every inexplicable situations and thoughts. Words have power is what he thinks and tries to convey message through thought provoking poems. Wanting to become a full time poet and help the society through his words, Nayan has quit his job and is currently working on his upcoming book titled ,"Words of Society".
Not of a specific style of person when it comes to writing poetry but loves Haiku. One of his haiku reads like this "You came in my life, like spring showering love, now I am content", which binds the season and love to complete oneself. He has written on topics of heartbreak, love, struggle, rape and different everyday emotions. His praise for the moon and nature can be read in his poems.
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Words of Society

Poems about Love, Politics and Society

Simple yet complex topics which melts our heart like love, rape, corruption, socio conditions, are described through poems drawing pictures from real life situation of our degrading society.

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"Words have power". Writing is venting out in silence and poems are the fastest way of travelling different emotions in shortest time. It can make us cry, smile, laugh, introspect once connected to the emotions of the words. To help see the conditions we live everyday and relate to it in a different level, this book brings you 'Words of Society' through poems, which are tranquil to connect and live the emotions.

Where are we heading towards as a society? Are we supposed to do what we are doing? Introspection has always been the consequence of our emotional state and realization. Realizing and perceiving the situation of our current society, "Words of Society" talks about different conditions of society through topics like war, struggle, pain, love, heartbreak, nature, introspection believing it will help us realize the situation and try to change it. Talking about society, rape has become one of the most heinous crime and we are heading nowhere to bring the chart down. 'For the devil no one is restricted' is a real life incident poem which talks about how an innocent girl was raped by five monstrous men and didn't stop even she pleaded bleeding. If we even try to feel the kind of physical and emotional pain a person goes through, how'd we feel? Trying to picture the pain of different socio-conditions and personal conditions through poems, you'll find relative topics to read about.

After writing for years, living different stages of life, dealing with different emotions and agony, this book provides you with real life situation poems which while reading, you'll surely start living the moments and learn to grow from them.

Sample Poems:

1) "Landscapes inside me"

Travelling has been my muse lately
Eyes open, seeing emotions
Struggling on every turns
Yet surrender to the thoughts
Actions, they don't speak louder now
And I'm scared of using words
So, I love travelling in my world
See the beauty and the ugly both
Creating landscapes inside me
Which I believe no one would love to see.

2) "Stop the Mess"

Stop the mess I am stressed
Already on my chest I carry distress
Of your mistakes
Fooling people with false promises
Same old stories
Water on crisis corruption on the rise.
Different plot but the same writers 
Game changers mind washers, 
No love for the masses
What to expect from a beggar?
We need a fix for out ideologies
No one can drive my theories
Surely my ways will effect someday
No love, all they do use as stairway. 

International summits to curb the ISIS
Unfortunately another rises
How many we are dealing? Number changes 
Then suddenly tocket launches
You know the story ends as always
News channels, radio waves 
Newspaper, Facebook page,
Save Syria, send relief package
Then suddenly mortar falls
Breaking the walls, 
Yemen on their own downfall
So many wars, 
Internal and external
For power for more border
Come as one no more separation
We are dealing situations
Deadlier than natural calamities 
Political game, Street violence, 
Bodies lay dead
Loss for some win for some. 
Hope you understand 
We can't be used for your up-gradation
So stop the mess come as one 
If you love us give up you brands
We don't need parties for we do on weekends
Instead we need reforms, Welfare, benefits and no division.
Take my advice,
Serve first profit later
Nothing can suffice 
Your hunger your desires
Mess you've created
Since fight for freedom started
You revolted against them
Now we revolt against you
Tit for tat
And now we've become brave heart. 
So be true of whatever you do
We're ready against all feuds
Don't make it worse
Price surge, no jobs 
No proper laws, what is even worst 
We've become animals performers of social circus
Living in misery sweating and bleeding
off our insecurity
You make us bleed off our needs
Stop playing the good
For we know your bait 
This is the time change your mind
Come as one no brands
We need change in actions 
Stop giving assurance
Don't prove your innocence
You just make sound pollution. 
Active during voting season
Then busy solving corruption
Black and white on papers
Stop Manipulating Facts & spreading rumors
For one day later or sooner you'll lie underground
What is the worth?
Your mother giving you birth
When you can't with your power
Make our earth
A better place to live and love.

Why support this book?

  • If you have fallen in and out of Love, then this book offers you beautiful poems both love and heartbreak
  • We are the society, so lets see our society in simpler way through poems
  • Poems are the quickest way of activating one's emotion, this book can make you think, laugh, cry and introspect.
  • This book can be the best companion as it gives you topics to read from, for almost every situation.
  • Poems from this book can be turned into songs and I can agree with anyone.


This book is for all the beautiful people who have always wanted to see change in the society. Anyone who is a teenager or maybe retired can read this book and realize the conditions of our society and help bring change in it. I wish everyone to learn and grow.

1 publisher interested
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