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Balazs Nemeth

Balazs Nemeth

Balatonalmádi, Hungary

He is a M.A. teacher of English, he was born in Veszprém in 1969. he also worked as a journalist and a webdisgner. He is keen on creative writing, travelling.

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About the author

He started creative writing in his teenage period, in 1986 he wrote a historic, 16th century novel titled, The Golden Cup of Örvényes in Hungarian. He was a journalist in secondary grammar school, at the Janus Pannus University of Pécs and later he was a webeditor of Pannon Pages Ltd. in Veszprém. In 1999-2004 he wrote another 16th story: The Magic of Venice I-III: The Magic of Venice, Enchanted by the North, Coming Home.

He had critics and friends of Arthúr Perleberg Sibelka, Bulcsú Berta in the 1980s who promoted and help him deal with novel writing. He gratuadetd from JPTE University in 1997 and he had worked from 1994 to 2004 at the University Veszprém, at the University Language Scool. He finished 8 semester on the Hungarian Language and Literature, he is interested in the UK's literaure, too. He is fluent in English, speaks French, Italian, German and Russian at a basic level.

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The Last Hope

It's an interstellar voyage to Sirius tripe star-sytem with Xylanthia around Sirius C, András Berzeviczy in a car-sized spaceship, invented by Richard McKnight Prof. of the University of Edinburgh.

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Science Fiction & Fantasy
60,000 words
50% complete
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Xylanthia, the Last Hope I-III

Book One, Book Two, Book Three: Xylanthia, the Last Hope, Blossoms of an Almond Garden, The Kingdom of Eternity

The novel starts on 21st June 2029 and continues on 21 June 2049 and finishes on 22th December 2049, it is sci-fi story. András Berzeviczy, a teacher of English, webdesigner and a journalist recalls his memories of his youth being 49 years old at the time the novel  begins. He writes articles to a scientific monthly in Hungary, Life&Science and travel to Graz University to write an article about the L.I.Z.A. space project. The Prof. at Graz University advises him to travel to the University of Edinburgh, to take part in Richard’s McKnight team of a special antigravitational engine, the A.G.E. The Prof. uses two hybrid Honda Civic cars to be altered to space vehicles, jet plane, motorboat and a car. András meets Adrienne at McKnight’s Laboratory and he falls in love with her. Several missions to be followed by XA1-XA2 space vehicles or spaceships: travel to Hungary, to Fűzfő by Lake Balaton, a mission to Los Angeles by jet mode, then a mission to ISS  then an interstellar mission to Xylanthia, around the triple star system of Sirius, Sirius C, a black dwarf around which Xylanthia, the planet of our Atlentean ancestors, who had visited the Earth at around 10549 B.C., which is done by a gravitational tunnel over Shetland Islands, Scotland. The mission proves to be successful, András, Adrienne and András’ parents take part in a 3-day voyage to Xylanthia and land on the planet. The Xylanthians’ world is 120 thousand years old, their ethics and technology are far beyond mankind’s achievement. This society is depicted as a kind of Utopia of harmony. The XA1-XA2 vehicles return to the planet of the Earth but 20 years have passed so far but they haven’t aged at all. The family reunion with András’ elderbrother, his niece and nephew in Hungary at Fűtzfő by Lake Balaton, at the Red Stone Cottage. András proposes to Adrienne and marries her at Pécs Cathedral, Hungary, the he is given mission of Várpalota Military Headquarters in Hungary to travel with XA-vehicle to England, Scotland, ISS, Moon and the Mars as well by a car-size spaceship with revolutionary technology.

On 21 December 2049 András has a dream about the Book of Revelation of the Bible and tell the essence to his wife, Adrienne. A supernova appears in the sky on that day when they are spending their honeymoon at Silver Residence Space Hotel. Tremendous change occurs, a meteor hits Los Angeles, area 51 and Las Vegas, hunger, poverty, local wars kill millions of humans all around the World. The Atlantean beings, Alpha and Omega and 150 others arrive to the Earth to help mankind survive the catastrophes like the magnetic pole swap in 2029, when András, Adrienne and András’ parents had to leave Earth for Xylanthia. The last pages of Book Three is a metaphor of the Revelation Book and God appears in the sign of the supernova, a lot of meteors radiate from the Moon which are the space vehicles of the 150 Xylanthian mentors of the mankind. At last, the Earth is saved, a new object comes to Solar System, another star, a red dwarf so the Solar system becomes a twin system, and constant daylight appears on the Earth, time ceases to be exist, and the Kingdom of Eternity arrives to humans who have strong faith in God, the Golden Age, a new phase of mankind starts onwards...

This is for sci-fi, young adult, and for anyone who still believes in a better future of the world and interested in space exploration and scientific inventions. Also the novel enlightens the responsibility of the humans and deals with the ethics of mankind, which is key issue of humanity to survive in the 21st century.


The novels starts on 21st June 2029 and continues on 21 June 2049 and finishes on 22th December 2049, it is sci-fi story. András Berzeviczy, a teacher of English, webdesigner and a journalist recalls his memories of his youth being 49 years old at the time the novel  begins. He writes articles to a scientific monthly in Hungary, Life&Science and travel to Graz University to write an article about the L.I.Z.A. space project. The Prof. at Graz University advises him to travel to the University of Edinburgh, to take part in Richard’s McKnight team of a special antigravitational engine, the A.G.E.

Extraction, Chapter Five

One secret in Egyptian civilization is the rise of Sirius, the brightest star in the dark sky, which signed the flood of the Nile, the longest river on Earth. András determined that once he would meet his loved on the star Sirius would be their star chosen forever.

Scientists counted Sirius a two-star system composing of Sirius A and B, but it turned it to be a triple star-system including Sirius C, a black dwarf and a planet orbiting around it, this planned was called Xylanthia. András wanted to know more about this planet and searched for information in the net, and that is why he wanted to meet Prof. Andreotti in Graz.

The travel conditions to Austria were normal, average, he arrived at about 10.30 to the buildings of the University. After having checked in the reception, a lady told him he could find Prof. Andreotti’s office at building ‘C’, floor 2, room 201.

He knocked the door twice and a pleasant female voice told him to come in. She was the secretary of the Prof., she said to him he should wait some minutes, somebody was speaking to the Prof., be he waiting for you.

‘That’s fine I’m looking forward to meeting Prof Andreotti.’

In some minutes the guest of Signore Andreotti left the premise and he greeted András Berzeviczy.

‘Nice to meet you, Mr. Berzeviczy’, ‘ My spies have warned about you and your arrival’, and he wank at his secretary, a pretty young lady.

‘It’s a great pleasure to meet you, too. My intention is to interview you as I signed in my letter and by phone about the L.I.Z.A. space project to start ‘in medias res’, András added.

‘Please, take a seat. I have about a 40-50 minutes for you to answer your questions then I have to deliver a lecture to my students in Building A.’

‘ Sure, I’ll will be quick to put on my questions’, András told him. ‘As you are the leader of L.I.Z.A. project, please describe the essence of this programme.’

‘It is not a very easy question. You know, that gravitation varies from planet to planet according the size and weight of them. We also know that even the light is affected by gravitation of the Sun, it changes its lineal way of spread. But we know very little of its mechanism, we assume that gravitation is a wave structure, and has particle of gravitons. As technology became advanced, the ESA (European Space Agency) has determined to examine this issue. So the agency have sent three modules orbiting around the Sun with making a triangle with equal length among them. They have special sensors, and produce laser light to make a precise triangle it this device may detect  curving of gravitational waves. It a very difficult process and we analyse the data transmitted to our centre here, in Graz and the University of Edinburgh. If my prove the existence of graviton particles, we have moved a giant step in astrophysics.’

‘What can be the practical result of such a scientific invention?’, András put the key question to the Prof.

‘We assume gravitons are paired particles, as a quark have two spins. There might be positive and negative gravitons, we might produce and assembly a new anti-gravitational engine for cars, jets and spaceships, which would revolutionalise jet and space industry.’

‘Are there any concrete experiments on Earth upon these results?, András asked.

‘If you want to know more you should travel to the centre of our lab at the University of Edinburgh led by Prof Richard Mc. Knight, who is the leader of the engine project, he were able to show some interesting devices, hardwares, but it is difficult to contact him, it is secret project by ESA. If I suggested you to him it would be possible to speak to him, otherwise it is not probable.’


Asimov: I'm the Robot

Asimov: The Foundation

Arthur C. Clark: The Garden of Rama

Charles Platt: The Silicon Man

Kim Stanley Robinson: 2312

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Year 2029 on Earth

8.9 billion human beings from different genetic origins, Caucasian white, black, Asian, Indian, tribal people and aboriginates were living on Earth, the planet which seems to a fragile blue sphere from the window  of the International Space Station, ISS orbiting around it.

Human race, called Homo Sapiens had at least 260 million-year history from the first step of walking, staring upon the sky in the night and wondering about the hundreds of bright stars above him.

First settlement, first civilisation, first empire, first war and not speaking of the first astonishment upon blazes of fire. First drawing, first letter, first alphabet, our written history can only be traced back just 7-8 thousand years B.C.

Ancient pyramids in Egypt, Hebrew, Mesopotamian, African civilisations followed each other but it was in 2029 when mankind did not see its future, though technically the 21st century proved to be a dramatic era.

6 billion people were connected to the Internet with different devices, smart TVs, mobile phones, watches, tablets and computers, even intelligent clothes, shoes, and electronic ankle strips, for example.

On 1st January 2029 a manmade space device, the New Horizons space capsulate reached  the 2014 MU69 object in the Kuypier Belt and began to transmit the first data to the NASA centre at the speed of only 1 Kbyte/sec.

This image was sent to the artificial satellites and ISS orbiting the Earth and soon 6.7 billion humans  were able to watch it  by different electronic gadgets, such as smart mobiles, tablets, watches, hologram and amoled tellies, which were all connected to the wide range speed internet. The image came from 40 AU (Astronomical Unit), about 6 billion kms distance from the centre of our solar system.

A new world became visible in this way, structures of great rocks and wide dry canyons could be noticed of an unknown planet.

Fortunate habitants of our planet were able to wonder about this new object, and could feel somewhat pride about mankind achievement in science. Like in July 1969, when Neil Armstrong were speaking about a small step and giant leap in human history touching the surface of the Moon for the first time.

2.2 billion people around the world did not know about this significant event. Total population of the Earth was estimated to 8.9 billion ones and the planet was divided into two main parts: a high-tech, rich and middle and upper class part and a poor one. This part, billions of humans were lack of clean water, nutritious food, energy and physical and mental health. They had no devices like smart wristwatch, Google-specs and they had not heard of Virtual Reality Nausea, they were living outside the welfare Western-type societies and countries. Floods, hurricanes, tsunamis had been quite frequent in the 21st century, especially from the year of 2012. Climate change, earthquakes, erosion, worldwide pollution were the main reasons why life started to become unbearable for billions of men, women and children.

Science reached its highest peak like the quantum computer which had been invented several years before, not speaking about the experiments in CERN, Switzerland, where in 2015 scientists proved the evidence of the Higgs-boson in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), an essential ingredient of the famous  ‘dark matter’, which was considered to be responsible for 78 percent of our Universe.

The Chandra X-ray Observatory Project in the US also examined the existence of dark matter and dark energy. Thousand of inventions, explorations, discoveries could be mentioned but human character, personality, attitude remained as mysterious as the Holy Grail to be found by no one in history, even king Arthur and his knights failed to find it.

Venice, St. Mark’s Square was under water, only the roof of the Clock Tower could be noticed from the magical city, full of canals, churches, chapels, narrow streets, bridges, and legendary history. No honeymoon couples could stay here for a romantic short brake or a week holiday anymore...

Chapter One

He ordered a ristretto and a bottle of mineral water and was sitting on a comfortable wooden chair waiting for the waitress to fetch them. András Brezeviczy was thinking about the meaning of happiness in the meantime. Soon he tasted the bittersweet coffee, had some water and glazed into the distance. He was sitting at the terrace, outside the Neptune Café. The view was splendid, strong wind came from North-West, it had made huge waves in the Bay which had white peaks, drops of water torn by one of the ancient forces like fire, earth, and 5th element, the soul which one he had seen in the movie in the 1990s with Bruce Willies in the main role. How one of our ancestors had been astonished by looking at blazes of fire, he must surely have been happy, when he had been able to roast some meat for diner for his family.

Sipping again into the cup with tasty coffee, he put a question to himself, ‘What is absolute happiness?’, sipping again into the cup he felt had had only very short periods of time which he would have classified as peaceful, content periods or happy eras.

Merely, he realised he had some moments in life, magical seconds or minutes resembling pure harmony or happiness. One of these moments were vivid, when he was sitting on a bench with his girlfriend, slowly reaching each other’s hands, touching and caressing their little fingers, the holding them firmly, and András smelt the sweet breeze of Bernie, and they kissed each other, saying nothing. ‘Let us leave scientific classification to philosophers, such as Heidegger and Plato or Kant. Happiness should be as simple as love, as about 2000 years ago when Jesus, the Son of God was speaking about it, it can be read in the Holy Bible. I had plenty moments of happiness, also sad moments such as realising the fact of unrequited love. At the moment he was single, his Bernie had told him to delete her phone number saying ‘Do not give me a call anymore and forget me forever.’

It was 21st June 2029, his first morning of his payed holiday, fortunately he had been offered a new job with significant perks. He remembered when on 3rd February he had managed to get this job as a journalist of a monthly, called Life & Science, published in Budapest, the capital of Hungary.

‘Kékkút mineral water, l’eau de vie’, well, he was still contemplating. He had ancestor, near Lake Balaton, a pearl of her country. His grand-grand father moved to a small village, namely to Vigánt and hired eighty acres of land and with hard work, efforts, tears and wounds his family had a better life, in the 1930s, in the 20th century, somewhere in the Valley of Bakony Mountains. A sound of low music he was listening to, it  was a Hungarian singer, called Rúzsa Magdi, he also remembered its title, April.

He was extremely fond of music, especially in which a female voice was heard in a song. Avril Lavigne, a Canadian singer was one of his favourites, not speaking about of ‘Beetlemania’ teenage period, he liked several bands of lads as well, like the Queen. The most important factor for him was the quality of a tune. Actual hits, like young Hungarian bands in the 2010s, music of Y-generation inspired him also. Pop, jazz, folk, funky, country, even alternative and classic music also helped to soothe his soul.

After having had a good time in the café for  a quarter of an hour, he gave 1 euro tip for the pretty brunette girl, the waitress, who rushed back to the premise inside. András payed by his mobile phone, a swift movement to the waitress’ gadget was enough, by NFC function. People generally used credit and debit cards as well with pay-pass function, used bank notes and coins but not for big payments, usually below 40 euros. Online buying, ordering and delivering electronic goods, food, clothes, medicine was estimated to 75 percent of trading in Hungary, like in the EU countries and US, UK, South Korea, Japan or even in Siberia and big cities of Russia. Three years passed, since UK stepped out of EU in July 2016 by a referendum, after Brexit a lot of changes occurred. Economy of Hungary and other Western states seemed to be stabile, the stock exchange index of Budapest, the BUX showed a 2.9 point rise on the Saturday of June. FTSE, NYSE, Dow Jones index, DAX, CAC in Paris increased 3 to 5 percent. Euro was introduced in Hungary from 1st January 2019. On one side of one euro coin the Hungarian coat of arms with the Saint Crown was engraved. András considered himself a proud Hungarian citizen, her country in the Carpathian Basin was located and this member of EEU continued to grow into a direction of  a real welfare state.

Political situation outside the EU and around the world varied according to country and country. But local wars continued in Africa, Asia, Central and Sothern America.

This turmoil enforced from 11th September 2011, when the two high jacked jets demolished towers of World Trade Centre in New York. Actually, modernised part of the planet was guided by concrete walls, bribed NATO fences, infrared cameras, drones and security forces both on ground and throughout the coastline of seas and oceans. He remembered and had regretful feelings about Venice which had almost sunk in the Mediterraian Sea. He had visited this magical city five times, when he was in the twenties, thirties, once in his forties, in 2013. Actually, this city, a symbol of European civilisation, a jackpot of pairs in love disappeared from the map of Italy, seawater spread Venezia, villages off the coast and half of the great plains of river Po.

He rushed to his car with petrol-fuelled engine, though electric Tesla cars, hybrid vehicles, even BMW-Intel made autonomous motorcars which did not need any drivers were available. In the Netherlands lorries carried loads of supplies each day and they were controlled by artificial intelligence and sensors, no drivers were needed.

It was before Brexit, when UK left the EU in 2016, when British MP, Jo Cox was shot and stabbed to death. Her political idea was that UK should stay in Europe, and an extremist killed her. Extreme political views, terrorism, the opposition of Christians and so called warriors of IS, the Islamic State, a religious-military terror organisation threatened  the so called Western-type societies, where GDP was usually above at least 4000 USD, like in US and its allies. On 12 June 2016 a gunman shot 49 people in an Orlando gay nightclub, it was one the worst mass shooting in US history. World, in its complexity was going to a direction of hatred, racism, segregation, poverty, new problems arose day by day, since the planet was overpopulated but our human character had not changed basically. World began to alter, so many conflicts, problems arose, it proved to be a difficult task to prognose what would happen the following year, month and even day. Actually, EU was divide into two, WEU and EEU, Western and Easter European Union, likewise when the Roman Empire had been divided into two parts with centres of Rome and Constantinople after 476 A.D. Brussels, the capital of WEU, Budapest, the capital of EEU was the main centres of dived Europe.

András twisted the ignition key anti-clockwise, pushed the clutch, released the handbrake and put some force to the accelerator pedal. He pushed the radio button and the engine started to roar, music was in the air, Radio Petőfi’s old hit from 2013 was played, Odett’s song was heard.

He was driving home with half-opened windows, and some fresh air got into the car, he thought it might be a moment of happiness, but long-range harmony is a difficult task to achieve for him. ‘I should find somebody, a girl as  a real partner’, but he still felt sorrow of the past love affair for Bernie and Katalin in the past from 2001, a 24-year old assistant who had travelled to London in February 2018. Their relationship broke up on 1st January 2018 when András was refused and she said, ‘You’re a kind man but I’m celebrating New Year’s Eve with my friends, sorry to say.’

András knew that was a final decision, something had ruined his dreams about her. He felt  a strong emotion of desire and this answer dashed his hope about their mutual future.

András Berzeviczy, aged 49 had skills of languages, teaching, webpage design, computer programming and was fond of jobs around the house he was living his elderly parents. His father, 79, his mother 77 had several health problems but the most important fact it was three of them loved each other apart from periods of short quarrels and disputes.

It is true that during his lifetime he had been able to pin his hope on a girl just thrice, eventually every relationship with ladies went wrong somehow.

‘Voulez-vous venire aux cinema ce soir?’, he asked Katalin when first-year student at the university in the 1990s but he was too shy, his voice trembled a little bit. He rued that moment in his life when Katalin refused him, as Berni did on 13th February 2028.

According to his age, he was ten years younger than Colin Firth but his face radiated a hidden sorrow. ‘It would be good to smile at her again, or to be able to smile from inside, thus if you smile another will smile at you, do not forget’, he thought.

Colin Forth was born in 1960, András was born in 1969, when a man stepped on the ground of the Moon, as JFK planned and promised to US people, though his assassination in 1963 remained an unsolved crime till today.

A 10-minute drive to home, he arrived to the cottage in the vicinity of the shore of the North-East region of Lake Balaton. Then the radio was playing Sigala’s song, a high-pitched voice was heard,’ Love is as easy as ABC’, he put the gearshift to rear level and switched the music off in the garage  beside his house.

He had a quick lunch at 11.30 a.m., some cheese, ham, tomato slices on two pieces of bread and also drank some diet coke what he preferred. One of his colleagues told him once, ‘If you put a human tooth into a bottle of coke with sugar it will be dissolved by tomorrow.’ She had a dentist husband so she must have been right.

A bad feature of his personality was that he was not always able to live as a close friend of him, who suggested him a good advice on 7th January 2000, ‘Just take it easy, don’t worry be happy.’ In 2016 his friend managed to open a café in Sydney, Australia from the amount of AUD he had been earning in the past eleven years working  as a waiter in a restaurant of Hungarian owner. ‘He must be 54 with a nice wife’, he knew and thought that he might have a last chance to find his other part in a girl or woman with whom he would be able to live till death.

He was too romantic type of character, somebody remarked about him as a hero of Don Quixote, Knight of da la Mancha referring to his idealistic ideas. Basically, he was honest and sincere person with some spleen attitudes in his twenties, and he was not as humble as in his teenage period. Blazes of anger, jealousy, misanthropy appeared in András’ soul but he tried to overcome his bad part of his personality. Actually, he believed in God but he did not go to the local church on every Sunday in his former lifetime but in 2018 and 2019 he did so. He wanted to be Christened at Easter Monday but life is like a game of cards, he was taken to hospital at that time  with a double fracture in his shoulder bone. On 13th February 2019 he got into hospital, one guy had a radio in the ward and he heard Berni’s sweet laughing voice on radio before Valentine’s Day, ‘ You’ve won the title of the best couple with Krisztián today.’, and it was one hundred percent sure for him that he had lost her, as easy as ABC was... 

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