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Elizabeth Frisch

Elizabeth Frisch

Austin, Texas

25 year business leader across 50+ differerent business sectors impacting hundreds of thousands of people at every level of business and local, state, & federal government & the U.S. military.

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About the author

ELIZABETH FRISCH is a keynote speaker, best-selling author, and business performance consultant to Fortune 500 companies, local, state, and federal government agencies, cities, non-profits and the U.S. Military. She is a ‘recovering engineer’ having graduated in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University. In 2002, she was diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases, a failing thyroid, horribly overweight, and trying to help her son who was diagnosed with various disorders (OCD, Autism, Tourettes and Aspergers). Through that experience, Elizabeth realized ‘you can’t engineer humans’. She quit her job, lost 100 pounds, put both diseases into remission, helped her son achieve academic and social success and and launched her first company. Fast forward 14 years, and her work with different organizations, cultures, and personalities allows her to bring a broad and unique perspective on life and the habits that make us ‘sink like
a stone’ or succeed beyond our wildest expectations. She brings to every group she works with a diverse and often humorous perspective on our very human nature and the unpredictable behaviors that happen in organizations to drive performance (or not).
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You Can't Engineer Human

Or Can You?

Unlock the success codes from any person's mind to enable them (and you) to achieve big things no matter what. Based on author's personal journey with her son and daughter.

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Management & Leadership
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We live in a quick fix, take the pill, diagnosis focused society that accepts certain outcomes as inevitable because some expert states 'that is the way it is'. From personality typing to DNA analysis to management tests. How does it feel to be defined by these 'tests' and your success or failure predicted in health, career, relationships - all the key areas of your life like you are destined for certain 'fate' in life.

Elizabeth's experiences raising her son and daughter to be successful against all odds and predicted outcomes led her to birth her epiphany that all this time she was trying to engineer them into her view of a 'normal' and she had accepted the diagnoses as true and accurate on his future and challenges. And the reality is you can't engineer human.

The author began her journey cross-training from engineering and systems to psychology and brain science and a pursuit of how to make her son, her employees, her company and her relationships produce unpredictable outcomes instead of the predictable ones she was being handed by experts, doctors, therapists, and coaches.

This book provides the reader a guide on how to create change and success for people in the face of nature, nurture, and incredible resistances in your life by embracing the incredible complexity of human nature and not trying to simplify humanity to formulas and labels.

Since 2002, Elizabeth has worked with hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals, leaders, and all types of organizations helping them embrace 'human' and drive change without 'engineering' them into molds or stereotypes, creating amazing results from situations destined for 'failure'.

This book acknowledges how you can't engineer human, but you can engineer creating opportunities and pathways to make every human being successful.

Why support this book?

  • 99.8% of Elizabeth's clients recommend her to others and over 90% of her business comes from referrals
  • Her son is now a straight A high school student from a child hiding under tables unable to process his external environment
  • Her first book made best-seller in 2014 on Amazon in three categories the day it was released
  • More than 500 companies have hired her company to support, train, keynote and help them succeednferences (see, for clients)
  • What she shares in this book, even if they only adopt one or two, will allow them to change the path or their lives and others

Similar titles

  • "Switch" by Chip and Dan Heath, published by Penguin Random House, Feb 2o10 - Unlike "Switch", Elizabeth offers 8 practices for people to master so they can change vs. read about how others changed.
  • "The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business" by Charles Duhigg, published by Crown Business, Jan 2014 - This book touches on habits to change behavior, while Elizabeth's book touches on how every human 'changes' in their own pathway.
  • "Atomic Habits" by James Clear, published by Penguin Random House, Oct 2018 - A similar approach as "You Can't Engineer Human" in that it offers steps to change habits, although Elizabeth's book is different in that the author is not changing habits but improving ability to succeed.


Parents or business leaders - stuck in an outcome they don't want or something they need to change. Gives a bit by bit approach to transforming any circumstance and person into a trajectory of success.

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