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George P

George P

United States

George is a best-selling author, serial online entrepreneur, and founder of Finally A Nomad, which allows individuals to build their online business empire and thrive from anywhere in the world.

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About the author

George is a serial internet entrepreneur who has coached others to see their setbacks as opportunities for growth and motivates others to stay persistent until they see business success. He is the founder of Finally A Nomad, which helps novice entrepreneurs make a full-time income online through his writing, blog, web applications, podcast, and courses.

After self-publishing several books, he plans to publish You’re Doing Too Much in hopes of inspiring and encouraging entrepreneurs that financial freedom, along with mental and emotional wellbeing, is possible! George has built business ranging from copywriting to Shopify apps that allow store merchants to growth-hack their store and sell 3x more products without any additional effort.

His writing his works on a balance between (smart) hustle and keeping your body and mind healthy because if you burn out, it’s a sign You’re Doing Too Much and not working efficiently (don’t worry, this book will show you how to fix that!)

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You're Doing Too Much

A Practical Guide to Automate Life, Restore Your Sanity, and Claim Your Riches

An inspiring step-by-step blueprint for entrepreneurs that reveals the secrets for how to stress less, make more, and break free from the mold for mental, emotional, and financial entrepreneurial success.

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Business & Money Entrepreneurship
55,000 words
50% complete
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Are you working too hard, for too little?

Do you want to make a change in your life, earn more and do less for it?

You’re Doing Too Much is an inspiring blue print for all entrepreneurs to use financial, health, or business setbacks as fuel to break the mold of average and become a champion in every area of your life.

Most business books focus on specific ways to grow your business, but ignore the fact that entrepreneurs, more than anyone, can feel frustrated, lonely, or depressed while trying to build a business.

This book is a holistic blueprint for getting out of your own head, getting rid of the excuses, and using every failure or obstacle you’ve encountered to actually accelerate your future success and separate you from the 9-5 worker.

I went from living with mysterious and serious infections and health issues, where I had doctors telling me I could die, to learning the ins-and-outs of online business, marketing, and growth hacking. I have learned the proven tactics to answer:

·       How to be more productive, stop being distracted, and have more freedom

·       How to literally program your brain for success

·       How to be calmer than ever before consistently

·       How to prioritize your life and business to run on auto-pilot

·       How to growth-hack your way to 10,000 customers

·       How to build a million-dollar business solely on Instagram

·       How to profit big just from your ideas and side hustles within a week

And much more…

You’ve found the book which is going to help you not have to sacrifice your sanity or wellbeing for financial success. The book is crammed full of great advice, useful tips and amazing strategies to help you maximize your earnings and minimize the time you have to spend working.

This powerful book is part story, part resource toolkit, and part blueprint to help entrepreneurs build their online empires.

It could seriously change the way you live and work and could have an amazing impact on your life.

Get You’re Doing Too Much now and thanks for being part of the journey!


Part 1: Automate Life

Chapter 1 – Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Chapter 2 – Your Secret Achilles Heel You Don’t Know About

Chapter 3 –Utilize your Introvert or Extrovert Superpower

Chapter 4 – The 1 Minute Decision Breakthrough Technique

Chapter 5 - Engineering Your Perfect Subconscious Mind

Chapter 6 – Routine Hacking

Part 2: Restore Your Sanity

Chapter 7- The Gut-Wrenching Question

Chapter 8 - The #1 Mistake That’s Harming Your Mental Health and Business

Chapter 9- Are You Under The Influence?

Chapter 10 -  Getting Sane

Chapter 11- Failure is The Fuel

Chapter 12- You’re Kind of a Big Deal

Part 3: Let’s Make Some Money

Chapter 13 – Your First Step to Freedom

Chapter 14 – Maybe You Aren’t An Expert (Yet)

Chapter 15  - Give Your Children Away (It’s Easier Than You Think)

Chapter 16- How to Use Your Voice to Make (Serious) Money

Chapter 17  - E-books, Webinars, and Courses, Oh My

Chapter 18- Ask, Ask, Ask (And Then Sell)

Chapter 19- No Ideas For A New Product? No Problem

Chapter 20- Making $5,000/day on Instagram

Chapter 21- Getting 100K Instagram Followers Overnight

Chapter 22- Twitter is Keeping Your #1 Customer A Secret (Until Now)

Chapter 23- Hacking PR: Getting Millions of Eyeballs on Your Product

Chapter 24- Be The Bouncer of Your Tribe (And Bribes Are Good Too)

Chapter 25- Smart Partners = Passive Income

Chapter 25- The Formula For Making Thousands On Auto-Pilot From Your Side Hustles

Chapter 26: Being Resilient, Getting a New Brain, and Final Thoughts 

Educational or corporate bulk orders are welcome to utilize as part of a business/entrepreneurship curriculum. Contact George at


This book is primarily for novice entrepreneurs who are stuck and know they want to become in charge of their life and pioneer their path to online business success but don’t know where to start.

It is for those who have been consuming similar content about how to make an online business successful, but are tired of “gurus” not really showing them the specific tools, apps, and resources that can help them launch and validate product ideas within 1 day. George’s goal is not to pile more work or guilt for not working hard enough, it is to cut through the noise and help you truly become successful in your primary goals for your dream business.

A recent report by UC Berkeley management professor Morten Hansen reveals that many of us do in fact work too much, which can lead to serious burnout. Hansen recommends to develop an optimal amount of hours needed for your particular role —which is extremely important for entrepreneurs to take care of since they handle most roles—and stick to it.

The book also focuses on current trends for escaping the 9-5 lifestyle and living life independently through online businesses, and specifically how to use online tools and social media networks like Instagram to gain massive traction quickly. 

Instagram has over 800 million active monthly users overall and  70.7% of US businesses are active on Instagram according to recent reports.

Additionally, this same report reveals that "59% of Instagram users are 18 to 29 years old" and this book shows the exact steps needed to capitalize on these markets, and even outside this demographic, to get customers directly from Instagram. 

The book aims to educate millennials and baby boomers how to use the changing landscape of digital media to build online businesses. The book teaches how to use the following statistics to market their products online.

  1. Millennials spend 27 hours consuming online media (Fortune, 2017)

2. Millennials also spend about 25 hours per week online (Wired, 2016)

Research specifically done on the topic of entrepreneurship, as researcher Hans Landstrom states, has “grown significantly” since the 1980s in particular (Hans, 1).

Landstrom goes further to explain how entrepreneurship is a topic that has encountered numerous changes in the dynamic of research as well as the landscape of how startups and newer, more scrappy companies have emerged as the trend compared to the traditional large corporations that nobody would imagine competing against. He states that a core part of changing our society’s mindset towards entrepreneurship is introducing new theories and frameworks for defining entrepreneurial success and innovation, and without hesitation dismissing old traditional research that was theoretically based on specific abstract ideas and not as concrete as research began to emerge as with the rise of technology and additional tools for entrepreneurs to begin companies.


George is backed by his several businesses, including his Shopify application clients, his Finally A Nomad blog, email list, social media channels, and podcast. 

Collectively this community is comprised of thousands of entrepreneurs who are hustling and grinding daily.

He is also a member of countless Facebook groups with collectively over 1 million members that he engages in and is part of the community, sharing and learning from fellow entrepreneurs.

His Instagram reach of about 25K followers is rapidly growing, while his Twitter following has reached up to 1 million impressions a month.

He also has relationships with PR outlets that push his content to over 100 different media outlets, including popular blogs, podcasts, journalists, etc. 


DotCome Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online
By Russell Brunson
Published by Morgan James Publishing (April 28, 2015)
This book focuses on utilizing effective funnels to grow your online business. You’re Doing Too Much complements this by explaining how to effectively build successful funnels, but also goes into depth about the actual product creation and content creation that helps you sustain your funnel and also how you can growth-hack press to get millions of extra eyeballs on your content outside of the work of your funnel. 

Social Media Made Me Rich: Here's How It Can Do the Same for You

By Matthew Loop 
Published by  Morgan James Publishing (January 5, 2016)

Social Media Made Me Rich offers a broad variety of topics to help online entrepreneurs use social media as major leverage to kick start their brand or business. You’re Doing Too Much goes a little deeper to provide step-by-step instructions that walk entrepreneurs through exactly, for example, how to find customers on Twitter in 2 minutes that will pay you to solve their problem. You’re Doing Too Much also emphasizes the importance of helping individuals realize they are indeed content-creating machines, even if they don’t realize it, and will walk them through how to never run out of valuable content that will exponentially increase their earnings from their audience. 

The 4-Hour Work Week

By Timothy Ferriss

Published by Harmony; Expanded, Updated edition (December 15, 2009)

This standout book helps guide individuals to join the “New Rich,” travel the world, and outsourcing parts of your life. Adding to these ideas, You’re Doing Too Much adds more concrete practices to dramatically change your mindset to accomplish even your larger-than-life goals. Compared to Ferriss's focus on traveling, George motivates individuals to do whatever makes them feel the most fulfilled, and freeing you from an awful boss and job you might hate so you can focus more on your passions and hobbies.  

The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future

By Chris Guillebeau

Published by Currency; 1 edition (May 8, 2012)

This entrepreneurship book is all about beginning a side business on almost no budget, and growing it to a full-time business. Rather than focusing on case studies and examples of individuals who have been successful at this approach, You’re Doing Too Much is meant for beginningers to literally go through the step-by-step proven formula for success for whatever interests you the most, whether it be becoming an Instagram or YouTube, influencer, drop shipping master, affiliate marketing guru,  making $100,000 in one day from webinars, and in the process, master your strengths as well as your weaknesses as your ultimate tools for success.

The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure –Grant Cordone

Published by Wiley; 1 edition (April 26, 2011)

This book teaches a shift in mindset for individuals to outwork and outcompete their competitors, and to ultimately do ten times the amount of work and put in ten times the amount of effort compared to everyone else. You’re Doing Too Much is for those who feel like they have tried it all, bought the online programs, attended seminars, etc., and have realized those philosophies just don’t work and need help seeing what actually works to work on a business they are passionate about.

The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime!

By M. J. DeMarco

Published by Viperion Publishing; 1 edition (January 4, 2011)

The Millionaire Fastlane promises to help readers realize the keys to success and how to get rid of the “slow lane” mentality, meaning you must work somewhere for forty years, retire, and if you managed your money right, you could have enough to live comfortably. Complementing this idea of becoming wealthy quickly, You’re Doing Too Much is built on specific tools, practices, tactics, and resources that can get you testing your ideas in one day, and scaling them to six figure businesses soon after that. The book’s first section will help you identify the hidden excuses and voices in your head that you never realized were keeping you in bondage, and after you understand yourself more, the book launches into how to seriously take action and be able to build side projects and grow or sell them for major profits within weeks!

Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs

By Hal Elrod

Published by Miracle Morning Publishing (November 14, 2016)

This book focuses on how entrepreneurs can be more successful by owning their mornings and discusses specific techniques for tacking the day to be more in control of your thoughts. Along with this, You’re Doing Too Much teaches how to program your mind and thoughts for success day and night, and how to catch yourself from running into the same mistakes that held you back in the past. It combines practice guidance to take care of yourself emotionally and mentally with hands-on business strategies to crush your goals permanently. George shows you exactly how to break free from your old self not just in the mornings but to conquer every area in your life 24/7 and ultimately be in awe of the success you will be able to have very soon!

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Chapter 14 – Maybe You Aren’t An Expert (Yet)

For seven years, I could not get out of bed most days. Suffering from everything from parasitic infections, mold exposure, countless doctor visits, inflammation all throughout my body, severe allergies, and chronic fatigue, I felt like nothing. I certainly did not feel like an expert on anything. Despite my pain, I tried everything to create my own success online. I wanted to become an expert in digital marketing to add as much value to other people's lives as possible. I wasn't an expert then, but I began devouring content, reading books, conducting micro-experiments, and researching how people, specifically millennials, think so I could understand the best psychological methods to persuade and grow my following. You might not be an expert, but that's about to change.

Companies have understood that millennials shop online, on their phone, and now even directly through social media. However, with how fast our society is changing, brands are realizing they must keep up with these trends or they will simply leave money on the table and risk sacrificing market share to competitors and rivals who are extremely focused on capturing this age group. At this point in time, Facebook advertisements have become one of the most efficient ways to capture an impressive return on investment. 

This is because millennials are checking the social website every single day, and the reason advertisements work so well on the platform is that they are strategically placed within a user’s “feed,” without having to be interrupted. This differs from other platforms such as Youtube, when the user is forced to watch an advertisement that interrupts them from watching a video. Therefore, brands can experiment with each of these channels for advertisements, but in most cases, testing advertisements on Facebook or Instagram will be most efficient because of their seamless integration into users’ experience.

Additionally, brands have to understand that just setting up social media profiles and running several advertisements is not enough to capture this age group, which is constantly switching their behavior and jumping on the next big thing. One of today’s most popular and effective forms of advertising is influencer marketing. This form of marketing is especially popular on the visual platform Instagram, where “influencers,” or popular figures on the social media platform, post pictures with captions describing products they are wearing, using, reading, etc, to their thousands or even millions of followers. 

This kind of exposure is quite effective if done correctly. 

For example, if a brand sells shirts that have a unique athletic feature, they would likely receive an impressive return on their investment by partnering with an online influencer that has a massive audience of athletes and people who are interested in running, exercise, etc. Truly impressive and confident brands will even offer an exclusive discount for the influencer’s audience, such as free shipping or a certain percentage off of the ticket price for their items, tempting their audience even more to visit their website and convert to paying customers, all from a simple post on social media. 

It should be stated that these forms of advertising go against traditional means of marketing, and that it should be exciting to live in a society in which the barriers to starting, and growing, a business are the lowest in history.
What is a vital part of advertising in today’s society is the emotions that a brand’s message evokes in their target consumer. Moreover, it is the aim for advertisers to promote positive thoughts towards their products (Sălceanu 2014). Additionally, further research has proven that individuals’ personalities play a large role in how they will react to a certain advertisement. This is important because certain personalities can be easier persuaded to purchase products than others. These different personalities include individuals with different levels of aggressiveness, openness, and responsibility (Sălceanu 2014).

Millennials in particular love challenging themselves and learning new skills. This is especially evident with many college students and individuals who are new to the workforce actively pursuing side jobs and online business projects. As a result of reading publications such as Inc and Entrepreneur, as well as countless online business blogs and podcasts, one can learn substantial new skills in a quick amount of time. Not only that, but we can learn that we live in an exciting time to experiment with starting a business online. 

Business magazines showcase the countless ways for  individuals to use sociology trends and data to figure out what might be profitable and marketable niches to fill voids in. For example, it is easier than ever to self-publish books on Amazon, begin a dropshipping company using platforms such as Shopify, or hire freelance developers to publish iPhone applications. Knowing this about millennials is important because it means they are much more business savvy, and that means they can easily tell if a product is worth the price that is being asked for, and their demand for quality in products is higher.
Thus, advertisers can use this knowledge to more efficiently target this demographic by relating to them through their business stories and connecting with them via social media. To further understand modern forms of advertising and media to reach millennials, research has been done that has stated direct mail is no longer an efficient means of marketing, and businesses need to be more creative in converting online social media followers into customers, visitors, buyers, etc, through constant interaction and repeating a strategic formula for running marketing campaigns and increasing brand visibility (Janeczek 2013). 

Additionally, millennials are consuming these informational and content-based products like business podcasts, websites, books, magazines, etc, in hopes of developing an entrepreneurial mind in hopes that they can start their own business in the future as well. Heidi Neck outlines the mental shift that many individuals try to make from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. A fixed mindset is one where an individual assumes they have certain skills, but also have certain weaknesses that they can do nothing about. On the other hand, a growth mindset is one where an individual believes they can learn any new skill or knowledge needed, and they emphasize being able to do whatever is needed to grow personally or professionally. A fixed mindset is where someone says that “I have certain traits” but a growth mindset says “I can develop new skills.”
Neck also highlights five vital skills for both millennials, or any individual of any age demographic, to develop and strengthen to be more successful entrepreneurs. These skills include the skills of play, experimentation, empathy, creativity, and reflection. Play is important because it allows for individuals to become more creative and it mimics the practice of entrepreneurship in that play is usually team based and lets you utilize your imagination to solve puzzles or win at a certain objective.

Additionally, experimentation is important to learn as it emphasizes acting in order to learn something. For example, if a new millennial entrepreneur wanted to start a food business for pancakes, he would likely begin experimenting with different recipes and try to inexpensively validate his idea before investing large amounts of money into the venture.
Also, empathy is a skill that Neck highlights as important to develop as it centers around being able to understand and share feelings with others, and actually realize what they are feeling. Especially in today’s society in which automation and technology plays such a large role, we must remember the importance of valuable connections and emotional relationships with other individuals. Next, creativity is important as it allows you to come up with original ideas and to think outside of the box. Many people consider themselves creative, and there can be numerous ways to measure creativity. Lastly, reflection is vital for not just entrepreneurs but for everyone, as it allows time for serious understanding of past events or outcomes and to to learn and build from those results in order to grow and make more progress in the future.

Marketing can mean a hundred different things depending on who you are asking.  Some people immediately connect marketing with sales or advertising.  Others may refer to the term “growth hacking” or branding when thinking about marketing.  All of those are connected to a certain extent, but marketing is really about the actions in the time between coming up with a product idea and putting that product into customers hands. Now with the Internet at our disposal, there are countless tools and resources to help us understand marketing better. I have highlighted some really great marketing tools that have gained massive popularity among novice millennial entrepreneurs market and validate their product, idea, and/or business.  

Marketing Tools
1. Inside SaaS Sales:1000+ sales emails and voicemails from top SaaS companies
2. Incoming Feedback by Hotjar:Instant visual feedback for your website or app!
3. Foo Fighters Sky:Explore the sky in your neighborhood with Foo Fighters
4. Startup Marketing Playbook:The how-to guide for new B2B marketing leaders
5. Social Book:AI-powered data analytics for any YouTube Influencer
6. Latka SaaS Database:SaaS company growth, customer counts, churn, ARR & more
7. free url shortener with A/B testing features
8. LeadsFinder by Reply:Free crowdsourced database of business emails
9. Smartmockups App 2.0:Create stunning product screenshots without using Photoshop
10.  SwipeFile:A proven collection of copy formulas, sales pages, & adverts
11.  The Digital Volcano from GE :Source code from an active volcano
12.  Slik:Get automated leads from a database of 70 million people
13.  How to launch like Harry's:Easily create a referral program with this handy tool 💪
14. a landing page into a chatbot
15.  ARMACAD:A simple way to find scholarships and fellowships
16.  Drift for Enterprise:Automatically turn website traffic into sales meetings
17.  Hunter TechLookup:Create lists of websites by technology for free
18.  Keynote Stash:A collection of awesome talks, launches and keynotes
19.  Growbots Email Timing Optimizer:Find the perfect time to send your email
20.  Slidebean 3.0:Create stunning, professional presentations in minutes
21.  Cold Email Rating:Write your cold email, and get advices on how to improve it.
22.  SaaS 1000:Free exportable list of the fastest growing SaaS companies
23.  Multi Copy Paste:Unlock 10 additional copy and paste
24. interactive chatbot widget for your website
25.  Instawork:Find great restaurant jobs for free.
26.  Leadpages Checkouts:Take payments and deliver products from your landing pages.
27.  SEOtooList:Find the best SEO tool for the right job (community curated)
28.  Poptin:Free lead capture platform for your website
29.  2048 Ether : New version of the MillionDollarHomepage with using ETH 💎
30.  Promo: The easiest way to create marketing videos, from Slidely
31.  Beamer: The best way to notify users about your product updates
32.  SEO Audit:A simple, beautiful SEO audit tool that tells all you need
33.  PaveAI 2.0:Turn Google Analytics into actionable insights using A.I.
34.  Crisp Livechat:The most modern experience to talk to website visitors
35. marketing performance across your customer journey
36. for iOS:The community for marketers
37.  QuoteArtist:Helps you make images and videos for social networks in bulk
38.  Faces:Create a people directory for your community 👫
39.  HackerMetrics:Turn your Google Analytics into beautiful reports
40.  SERPWatcher:SEO tool for tracking keyword positions in Google SERP.
41.  Alice:Create a customized shortened URL for any custom domain
42.  The Brand Grader:Analyze any brand online in seconds
43. HTML e-mails easily
44.  Rage Grade by FullStory:Benchmark your customer frustration
45.  Logolix:Free, exclusive & custom logos for startups
46.  Keyword Tool & Content Assistant:Content optimization tool to boost your rankings
47. 41 point checklist to make your website convert better
48. way to gather all your messengers with one link
49.  Assembly :All your influencer marketing campaigns under one roof
50.  Popsters:Analyze your social media pages and spy on your competitors

Chapter 25- The Formula For Making Thousands On Auto-Pilot From Your Side Hustles

More prevalent than ever is the importance of a side hustle for millions of novice entrepreneurs around the world. The advancements made in technology and breakthroughs in the abilities to accomplish difficult and oftentimes lucrative tasks solely online has allowed countless individuals to earn significant income on the side and in many cases, replace their primary income through an online side hustles. These side hustles can include selling ebooks through Amazon, online courses through platforms like Podia, Udemy, Highbrow, Skillshare, or Teachable, freelance writing or web development through Upwork, or simple tasks through Fiverr. 

One of the most rewarding aspects of a side hustle is that you can develop a formula for success for your certain skill. For example, if you are an app developer, you can develop several different iPhone applications, and market it for free along with in-app purchases or advertisements. Then, after you see revenue beginning to trickle in, you can sell the app through Flippa, Sideprojector, or Transferslot. Of course, you could continue working to increase downloads and app use, but there are so many opportunities to quickly ideate, build, and sell your side projects strictly online for a sizeable income on that basis alone. Millenials in particular are always on the lookout for the next side hustle they can begin, whether it is copywriting, social media management, or developing a software as a service (SAAS) business and quickly marketing it on places like Product Hunt, Techcrunch, etc. 

One of the great skills you develop with side hustles is the ability to build something that becomes automated and grows without you having to babysit the project every minute. At that point, it becomes easier to outsource the main administrative or development tasks to a virtual assistant, leaving you even more room to begin your next hustle. Along with this, you develop the skills of delegation. 

In The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It, Michael Gerber warns entrepreneur of working a technician's role instead of the entrepreneur/manager’s role. In other words, he discusses the importance of working on your business, not in it. Gerber uses an excellent example of opening a pie shop and the entrepreneur seeing herself working all day and night solely baking pies, instead of running and growing the business. Gerber excellently points out the importance of developing skills like hiring the right employees, making them motivated by your background and story, and working to develop a fool-proof system so your business runs smoothly. 

Side hustles can be so rewarding because they can ironically help you develop needed skills to gain traction quickly and think fast on your feet without having to work 12 hour days just to keep your project alive. Of course an online side hustle differs greatly from a retail pie shop, but Gerber’s advice applies universally for entrepreneurs who want to see a system in place for their businesses to grow and blossom. 

Last but not least, side hustles can become addicting. And that’s good. That’s really good. You know that are cut out for something when it becomes all you think about and it doesn’t feel like work at all. Whatever your side hustle is, be it copywriting, developing websites, coding iPhone apps, building software, or just building up your blog, the most rewarding part is the actual process. The process of starting from scratch and being scrappy, and figuring it out on your own is one of the best feelings ever. More often than not, the entrepreneurs who end up quitting their day jobs to focus on their side projects are usually the ones that have become so in love with the process of building, creating, and sharing valuable content to the world where they can no longer imagine themselves doing anything else. And most of the time, these are the entrepreneurs that can financially afford to quit their day jobs. 

They are smart and wise to grow their side projects to even revenue per month where quitting their job would not be as large of a risk compared to someone who just had an idea for a blog to start and then the next day quit their job. When your focus is not on the end goal—quitting your job, making $10,000 in passive income per month, or buying your dream car with the revenue from your blog—but instead on the process of adding value to other people’s lives through your work, you’ll find it surprisingly easy to gain traction much quicker.

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